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Press Offices / Re: Imperial Arashin Press Office
« Last post by Arkan VII ve Sherkoz on Today at 02:41:45 AM »

Statement on the Attacks in Rokkenjima

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the people of Rokkenjima in the wake of the tragic attacks on their brothers and sisters that rocked their nation. I mourn for those who lost their lives to these cowardly attacks, but also for the families that will now be forced to pick up the pieces left behind. In times such as these, we must work together to banish the darkness at our doorstep. Thus, I am willing to offer any support that may be needed to track down those responsible and swiftly bring them to justice. Make no mistake, we cannot know peace while we are divided, and only by presenting a united front can we get to the root of this issue.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Blue Dragon and the Yellow Dragon
« Last post by Lijiang on Today at 12:40:32 AM »
"For the part of the Majestic Empire we are not looking for total visa free travel. You see what we do not want is huge numbers of people flooding the nation. It is our desire that the Empire welcome back its lost son's and daughter's, not open fully for every person on Mundus to come in unannounced. As such what I am proposing is a sponsered visa system. Should a person produce evidence of ancestry of Lijiang then they will be granted a visa automatically so long as they have no criminal record. This will allow our diaspora an easy route home. Now if you're nation should elect to open up visa free travel from Lijiang to yourselves then that is an issue for you. I believe though a minimum should be that should any citizen of your nation invite a Lijiangian to your nation then they should be permitted to enter Jiāyuán without the need for a formal visa, so long as their trip lasts no longer than 90 days. May I get your thoughts." Tielin asked.
Sporting Hub / Kvinne Cup 2021
« Last post by paralipomena on Today at 12:24:46 AM »
Kvinne Cup 2021

The Kvinne Cup is an international tournament for tennis female players held in Amvkhar, Federal Union of Jugland.

Top seeds:
  • Elizabeth Turner (Tytor)
  • Bertha Petersen (Jugland)
  • Alice Walby (Achkaerin)
  • Michelle Kingman (Tytor)
  • Irene Therkildsen (FOA)
  • Christa Lorentzen (FOA)
  • Melody Cartwright (Achkaerin)
  • Walhafryda Henie (Jugland)
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Culture of Diplomacy (Semi-Open)
« Last post by Lijiang on June 12, 2021, 11:04:06 PM »
Tielin was pleased that King David didn't mess up the opening. While David was readying himself the Dragon-Emperor took himself off to gather the other visitors, he found Lucinda Hadley and the Rokkenjiman delegation and marshalled them towards the front of the crowd before doing likewise with Xiao Mei and the Achkaerin group of visitors. By now King David was completing his slice through the ribbon and then turned to speak with Tielin. "I would be delighted to show you the museum." Tielin pushed open the door allowing everyone to enter. His wife Jing took up a position towards the front of the group.

Jing took over speaking to the group. "We have a great many of the works of art on display that King David graciously donated to us from his former collection." The interior of the museum was ultra modern and large glass cabinets were paired with video screens which displayed in several languages information about the display, most of them would probably never be needed but it was hoped that perhaps one day the museum could become a valuable cultural tourist attraction. The group headed towards the far end of the long main display chamber. There two large solid oak doors stood closed. Above them, first in Lijiangian and then in Morelandish were the words, "The King David Gallery" The Dragon-Emperor pushed the door open to reveal the display that the Morelanders had set up. "Perhaps we can explore what you have sent King David and then talk about some of the reasons that brought some of you here."
10000 Islands / Re: Monthly Updates
« Last post by Wille-Harlia on June 12, 2021, 10:47:30 PM »
Press Offices / Re: Press Office of the Celestial Family of Cassiopeia
« Last post by Cass on June 12, 2021, 09:45:15 PM »

Following the recent spate of bomb and terror attacks in our Ardian neighbors the Realm of Cassiopeia sends our condolences to those effected. We shall be closely monitoring the situation and should we be able to offer support we shall do.

Following several bouts of instability over the last few months our  1st Phalanx of the Celestial Army shall remain on standby to ensure the security of the Realm and if required support our neighbours

From the desk of Queen Atalanta II
Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Toxic Cloud
« Last post by paralipomena on June 12, 2021, 03:59:14 PM »

Private communication

Highly Confidential

To the Department of Agriculture
(classified information)

According to the research, there has been widespread contamination in seventeen of the twenty-eight areas tested. The contamination in the surface seems to be superficial, but enough to have caused serious damage. Many species of insects and birds seem to have suffered a considerable effect, in some cases, bringing them close to the extinction in the area affected. This is likely to have a huge impact in the balance of the ecosystem. In the case of cattle in nearby areas, we can only recommend to initiate large-scale testing and sacrifice those animals affected as the toxicity, while it does not probably pose a direct threat to humans, it is higher that the recommended in health standards.

The contamination is much severe in the underground water, particularly in the  Hivttenvann valley, and in three rivers and several tributaries (see attached document number 2). Without proper treatment, those waters should be allowed for human consumption, for the severe risks that it poses to health. Obviously, the risk may defer depending the level of contamination. Through our analysis, we have detected several substances which are present in the mentioned samples:

Type #1 is a toxicant which is associated with cardiac and central nervous system diseases in humans. Our research has also showed that it can also causes malformations, incomplete ossification of skull, and decreased fetal body weights in rats.

Type #2 is a phosphonate which is typically used in several pesticides, including the MDX-120, which was banned by the National Commission of Health in 2020. Skin exposure to this substance can cause irritation and dermatitis, as well as mild conjuctivitis and corneal injury. It is also found to cause significant mortality in wild bees and bumblebees when sprayed directly on them, as it is estimated that the substance may block the tracheal system of the bees. This gives force to the air hypothesis as main source of the contamination. It is also highly toxic for aquatic species, which explain the highly rate of death in those species in the area.

However, in relation with humans, when diluted in water, the toxicity of Type #2 considerably decreases, and it is not as highly toxic as its direct contact. However, water contaminated by Type #2 may still contribute can still cause corrosive effects in the digestive system, as well as kidney and liver damage. If the toxicity is higher than average, as it was found in nine of the twenty-one samples analyzed, it can also lead to respiratory distress, impaired conscioussness, pulmonary and breath problems, arhythmias, and kidney failure. In the most serious cases, the death is often preceded by bradycardia and ventricular arrhythmias.

Type #3 is a hydrocarbon which was also used in herbidices and insecticides in the past. According to our knowledge, the use of this substance has decreased in the last two decades, and the most common pesticide that was ever approved to use in Jugland stopped to be industrially produced in 2014. Oral exposure to Type #3 has a high toxicity. Its initial effects are likely coughing, eye irritation, suffocation, burning in the respiratory tract, stomach pains, and vomiting. It is three times as dense as air and, therefore, in an open environment has a tendency to fall toward the ground, which increases its toxicity. Higher exposure to Type #3 may increase stillbirth and neonatal mortality. However, its toxicity considerably reduced when diluted in water and other substances. It is not likely that water contaminated with Type #3 is lethal, although its consumption is not recommended.

Type #4 is an organochloride, also found in some variants of pesticide MDX-120. Type #4 may contribute to fatty changes in the livers, hyperexcitability and convlusion, and inhibition of reproduction in animals, as well as interfering with estrogen-mediated functions such as ovulation and pregnancy. Research has showed that also induced liver cancer by interaction with strogen in female rodents. The amount of Type #4 of most samples analysis is, however, moderately low, at least compared to the other substances found. The toxicity in water contaminated by Type #4 is higher for children than for adults.

Type #5 is an organochloride, used in several herbicides, which is highly toxic to mammals, including humans, potentially leading to acute respiratory distress. However, when diluted is much less toxic, and considering the samples analyzed, it does not poses a serious health risk given the low amount in the contaminated water. However, we do not consider that such water recommendable for human or agriculture, particularly combined with the other toxic substances analyzed.

We consider that the sources of the contaminated water are not recommended for human use, particularly in the cases of underground water, where the contamination is more severe, until proper treatment is attained. For that aim, in order to provide safe drinking water to the population in the affected areas it will be required a scheme for improvement of water supply that we proportionate in the following...

Meamwhile, in Midtenstadt, the Office of the National Council, as the National Assembly was to hold an extraordinary session to confirm the creation of a Special Committee to investigate the crisis in Austland, announced that Secretary Grimwaldyna Nygaard will address the situation in a press conference on the afternoon.

Factbooks and Maps / Re: Civil Factbook of the Empire of Arashkai
« Last post by Arkan VII ve Sherkoz on June 12, 2021, 01:40:56 AM »
Important Figures of Arashkai — Part Six — Modern History (Post-1945)

Factbooks and Maps / Re: Civil Factbook of the Empire of Arashkai
« Last post by Arkan VII ve Sherkoz on June 12, 2021, 01:40:25 AM »
Important Figures of Arashkai — Part Five — Late Imperial Period to the Great War (1800 - 1945)

Factbooks and Maps / Re: Civil Factbook of the Empire of Arashkai
« Last post by Arkan VII ve Sherkoz on June 12, 2021, 01:38:48 AM »
Important Figures of Arashkai — Part Four — Early Modern Period (1477 - 1800)

The Vakhet Eshva (1439 - 1498)

The Vakhet Eshva, known to those outside of Arashkai as Arkan I Vahram ve Sherkoz, was the Eshva who reunified Arashkai in the mid-to-late 15th century. Like Khorai before him, he would spend the remaining years of his reign stabilizing the state and consolidating his position, though he would launch an invasion of Rusan as well, bringing the majority of the island under the rule of the Empire before his death, though some holdouts remained into the mid-15th century.

Starting in 1485, Arkan led an army beyond the Feltasi mountains, first striking south before turning his sights to the west, to lands lost by his predecessors. He would prove successful in retaking imperial territories from before the insurrection, but, on the eve of 1490, he dedicated himself to a new goal. He would fulfill the dream of his forebears and establish an Arashin Empire stretching throughout all of Northern Ardia. While he would certainly make significant progress in achieving this goal, his death in the battle of Kanat in 1498 proved to be the end of this goal. His heirs would continue the expansion of the Empire, but mostly to ward off further threats. Modern Arashkai, being a direct continuation of the Empire under the Vakhet Eshva, maintains claims on not insignificant portions of this realm, though it formally abandoned it's claim on lands within Rokkenjima in the 1960s.

The Vakhet Eshva is venerated in many sects of the Vakanist faith as either an incarnation of the war god, Veren, or as a lesser Kani (spirt).
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