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National Emblem

National Peacetime Flag

National Wartime Flag (Controversial)


The Reunified Socialist Federation of New Derusmia/Wiedervereinte Sozialistische Föderation von Neu Druzmya (RSFND/WSFND) or for short, New Derusmia or Derusmia (rarely), is a Federal Constitutional Socialist Republic located in Southeast Ardia. It was founded in the year 1985, 14 years after the collapse of the Unified States of Derusmia. As a highly developed country with a very high standard of living, it upholds a social security and universal health care system, environmental protection, tuition-free education, and free public transport. The main industries of New Derusmia are tourism, agriculture products, and Information and Software Technologies. New Derusmia has a population of 111 million.


NOTE: This section is under review, so expect many changes.

In the beginning, there was a nomadic tribe known only as the Rüs, which had settled in Concordia. The Rüs conquered every tribe in the surrounding area, and was seemingly locked in a state of war with the neighbouring Svåldi, in Nordheit, and the Yōokari (Yukari), in the Süden Territories. All tribes claimed large amounts of territory. Eventually, the wars ended with the Rüs absorption of the Svåldi and Yōokari.

Hundreds of kingdoms that had descended form the Rüs had begun appearing all across the area and began warring for as much territory as possible. This period of time lasted for almost a thousand years, until a deadly plague spread across the region, eradicating much of the warring kingdoms. After the plague had passed, the kingdoms put aside their differences and unified in 1706, under the leadership of Andrew II the Unifier. The new Unified Derusmian Empire was a peaceful, prosperous, civilised and powerful empire, home to major industries, ports, trading centers, and markets, however, as time went on, the monarchs became more hostile and aggressive, and so did the empire. Expansion and strength were prioritised, much at the citizen’s loss. In the year of 1899, Markus IV the Tyrant rose to power, executing anyone who dare speak against the throne. The same year, the citizens launched a large-scale revolution against the monarchy, and after two brutal years of war, a democratic government had been put in its place.

In the Great War, the Republic of Derusmia was on the hostile side, and had a major part in the conflict. There had also been an attempts to harness nuclear power to provide energy for the growing nation and to build powerful bombs. However, the events of the Valter City incident in 1960 had resulted in the closure of any Nuclear Programs operating at the time, and the closure of any Nuclear Programs for the future.

Two years after Valter City incident, Daniel Leoch was elected as Prime Minister. However, just as he was elected, government corruption began to rise, as major corporations grew while the middle and low classes began to starve. The years 1962 to 1966 are known to many as ‘the Dark Days’, due to the extreme poverty and hopelessness of citizens during that time. The Dark Days are also the reason why the civil war began.

The civil war, also known as the winter war or the second revolution had started in the winter of 1967 and had seen over 5 million dead and many more injured. It started with the rebelling of countless local governments against the corrupt government. A ‘Revolutionists Army’ soon was founded, and began capturing and holding military bases, and were often met with brute force. In mid 1971, the ‘Battle for the Capital’ began. The remaining soldiers and forces defended against the Revolutionists Army’s advance into the capital. In the end, the surviving soldiers turned on the government, and along with the Revolutionists Army, stormed the capital building, resulting in a victory for the Revolutionists Army. Afterward, the two revolution leaders had a debate whether the new nation should become capitalist or socialist. Eventually, an agreement was reached, and Derusmia was split into two. In the south was the Southern Socialist States of Derusmia, and in the North was the North Republic.

The three nations entered a 14 year period of extreme isolation, as the three nations began to repair what had once been a powerful nation. There is not much information that can be found during this period, though stories from former citizens of these nations tell stories of heavily nationalist governments, and anti-foreign policies, though these stories should be taken with a grain of salt, as there is not much evidence to prove these claims. In 1985, all of that changed, as the 2 small nations came together to discuss over a new, unified nation. After much negotiation and discussion, the constitution of New Derusmia was formed. The SSSD and the NR merged into one to create New Derusmia.

The aftermath of the ‘Battle for the Capital


The New Derusmian landscape is diverse, ranging from white sand beaches, snowcapped mountains, dense forestry, and wide plains. The highest peak is Mt. Tate, at approximately 3670m, and the lowest point is the town of Whindes, at -8m. The longest river is the Ardem River, which also provides the water supply for the Capital Region and parts of the Süden Teritorries.

Ever since the beginning of New Derusmia, the government has been working to create a world class environment. By mid 2018, the government reached it's goal of being one of the top 5 most environmentally friendly nations in the world. Today, New Derusmia boasts an extremely well maintained and beautiful environment.

The climate in New Derusmia is mild, ranging from 4 degrees to 28 degrees, However, in the Southern Territories, the temperature can get as low as 0 degrees.**

**All temperatures in Celcius


Spoiler: show

Bundeskapital Metria - Concordia

Population: 14.2 million

Erejen - Concordia

Population: 10.5 million

Regionalekapital Ardem - Langküst

Population: 10.2 million

Regionalekapital Veena - Wohlküst

Population: 9.6 million

Reigonalekapital Lilleston - Südtenlands

Population: 8.5 million

Erbekapital Neu Kaunderstein - Concordia

Population: 7.9 million

Regionalekapital Neu Tarogga - Nordheit

Population: 7.5 million

Regionalekapital Kagayan-de-Oro - Kagayan

Population: 6.9 million

Erbestadt Kresting - Wohlküst

Population: 6.3million

Regionalekapital Yunshan - Beitu

Population: 5.9 million

(NOTE: The ‘Hub’ Prefix is designated for regional and federal capital cities. The ‘Stadt’ suffix is the Derusmian word for ‘City’.)


New Derusmia is a Federal Constitutional Socialist Republic and sovereign state made up of 5 self-governing regions named Cantons. The President functions as both head of state and head of government and appoints the Commander-In-Chief/Oberfehlsaber, who in turn, appoints the Commanders of the 3 branches of the Defence Forces. The president is elected by direct vote for a single five-year term, during which he or she appoints and presides over the cabinet. The powers of the President are also defined by the constitution.

The Reunified Socialist Federation of New Derusmia was formed on 9 February 1985 when two Derusmian nations united to become the 5 cantons of New Derusmia. Under a federal system, powers are divided between a central government and individual cantons.

An interesting feature of New Derusmian politics is the annual Socialism Referendum, as defined in the constitution of New Derusmia as ‘an annual vote of the people that decide if the nation stays as a socialist state, or reverts to capitalism’. The constitution also states that ‘parties can choose to change when the referendum is held or abolish it completely, thus keeping the nation capitalist or socialist for as long as the party is in power. Never in New Derusmia’s history has the nation been switched to Capitalism.

The Palast der Republik located in the Government district of Metria City.

There are three arms of the Derusmian Government:
* Legislative: The unicameral Domestic General Assembly, makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, has the power of the purse, and has the power of impeachment, by which it can remove sitting members of the government.
* Executive: The President appoints the members of the Cabinet and other officers, who administer and enforce federal laws and policies.
* Judiciary: The legal arm of the federal government. It is independent of the other two arms, and is responsible for enforcing the laws and deciding whether the other two arms are acting within their powers.

The Domestic General Assembly is a unicameral assembly that uses the single transferable vote system. It consists of representatives that originate from the city or major town they represent. Representatives are elected by people who are valid citizens, have completed 12 years of education, and are currently residing in their canton. Representatives meet to discuss matters in the Palast der Republik in the Central Government District of Metria.


Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) (50 seats)

Was founded in 1988 when both the Labor Party and Revolutionists Party combined. The party’s ideology is Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, and Progressivism. It stands Center-Left on the political spectrum, and opposes the Communist and Nationalist/Conservative parties. The party does not have any stance on the Socialism Referendum. The party leader is the Incumbent President Ebston P. Feish.

The Green Party (TGP) (20 seats)

Was one of the many parties founded in 1985 after the reunification. The party’s ideology is environmentalism, ecological sustainability, and peace and non-violence. It leans to the left on the political spectrum and does not oppose any party. The party has no stance on the Socialist Referendum. The party leader is Anais W. Delacruz.

New Derusmia Liberal Party (NDL) (10 seats)

Founded in late 1985 after the election of the Revolutionists Party. The party’s ideology is Liberal Conservatism, Economic Liberalism, and is sometimes seen as Anti-Socialism, although this is only slightly true. It stands Center-Right on the political spectrum and opposes the Left Wing Parties. The party also opposes the Socialist Referendum, and aim to abolish it along with socialism. The party leader is Sayid Famahad.

Communist Party of New Derusmia (CPN) (6 seats)

Founded in 1985. The party’s ideology is Marxism and Communism. It stands Far-Left on the political spectrum and opposes most of the major parties. The party opposes the Socialist Referendum, and aim to abolish it so that the nation can become a full-leftist state. The party leader is Bjorn C. Benneck.

The Nationalist/Conservative Party (4 seats - Orange)

The Nationalist/Conservative Party was formed from the Nationalist and Conservative parties in 1990 after the nation began opening its borders. The party’s ideology is Nationalism, Conservatism, Protectionism, Economic Nationalism, Anti-Immigration and Anti-Multiculturalism. Because of its stances, the party is seen as racist, but is only slightly true. It stands Mid-Right on the political spectrum and opposes most parties. The party has no stance on the Socialist Referendum. The Party Leader is the controversial Tilda F. Haynes.

8 other independents


Rus and Novaena Tribes: 10,000 years ago

Divided Kingdoms: approx. 800CE

Unified Derusmian Empire: 1706CE

Republic of Derusmia: 1901 CE

The Southern Socialist States of Derusmia, The Central Republic, The Theocracy of Dosnuavia: 1971 CE

RSFND: 1985 CE

Capital: Metria
Largest city: Metria - 14.2 million

Demonym: New Derusmian, Derusmian, Derusmic (rarely)

Government: Federal Constitutional Socialist Republic
• President: Ebston Paul Feish
• Vice president: Deborah Kurt Talline

Legislature: Domestic General Assembly

Approximately 111 million

HDI: 0.949 (Very High)

Currency: Derusmian Kein («•») 100 Krollas = 1 Kein

Time zone: East Ardia Mean Time (EAMT)

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +55

Internet TLD: .nd

Space Program: Shared with SANE

This side panel created by Orioni
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Re: The Reunified Socialist Republic of New Derusmia
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The New Derusmian economy is mostly made up of state owned industry, and a smaller, but not insignificant, private sector. The private sector is mostly made up of small to medium sized businesses. Despite having a mostly socialist economy, New Derusmia is a wealthy nation and has a low poverty rate. The nation also has an extremely high employment rate. The average tax rate is 25%, but differs depending on the wealth of the taxpayer. The tax is high in order to support free healthcare, education, and cheap public transport. The currency used in all RSF territory is the Kein («). 100 Krollas is equal to »1. New Derusmia's main industries are tourism, agriculture, and information technologies. The main exports are agricultural products, (corn, wheat, beef, fish), organic produce, textiles, timber products, and vehicles. The main imports are metals, minerals, bio-fuel, and petrochemicals.

(OOC: »1 = £1)


Ever since the Reunification, immigration in New Derusmia has increased highly. From 1987 to present day, the population of New Derusmia has doubled. The populace is heavily concentrated in urban areas, especially on coastal cities and central capital areas. Only 25% of citizens live in rural areas.

There is no official national language, however the most spoken languages are Derusmian and English, with secondary languages being Yukarese and Svaldish.

Currency: Derusmian Kein («)

(Nominal) GDP: «3.51 Trillion

(Nominal) GDP per capital: «31,681

Labor force: 108225000

Unemployment: 2.5%

2019 Census Data
Germanic: 36%
Nordic: 22%
Caucasian: 15%
Asian: 12%
Slavic: 8%
Middle Eastern: 5%
Others: 3%

???: 34%
Christianity: 20%
N/A: 16%
Roman Catholicism: 11%
Anglican: 9%
Islam: 5%
Others: 5%

Life Expectancy
Male: 85 years
Female: 87.5 years
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Re: The Reunified Socialist Republic of New Derusmia
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New Derusmian Unified Aerospace Defence Force/Wiedervereinte Luftwaffe von Neuen Druzmya

Led by General of the Unified Aerospace Defence Forces/Luftwaffekommandant Iyan Gerhart

March of the NDUADF/WLND

Personnel: 47,000

AircraftNumber in ServiceRole
Derusmian Aircraft F-70 'Blitzer'170Multirole Fighter
Tchaikov AirSup-2 / LuftHeit-2 (Upgraded by Nishida Aeronautics)155Air Superiority Fighter
Tchaikov MulRo-3 / Mehrzweck-3250Multirole Fighter
Matteus 420-415AEWCS
Matteus 420-510Tanker/Transport
Matteus 73045Strategic Transport
Derusmian Aircraft H-10200Transport/Utility Helicopter
Derusmian Aircraft H-25150Attack Helicopter
Tcahikov Trainer300Trainer Aircraft
Olwensonn UAV Phoenix / Phönix75Combat UAV
Olwensonn UAV Overseer / Oufseher25SIGINT/Surveillance UAV
Matteus 62050Tactical Transport
Tchaikov 'Wolf'85Bomber

Special 'New Derusmia International Airways' Charter Flights are used for transport of VIPs.
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Re: The Reunified Socialist Republic of New Derusmia
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New Derusmian Unified Maritime Defence Force/Wiedervereinte Marine von Neuen Druzmya

Led by Admiral of the Maritime Defence Forces/Marine Admiral Kiril Hanaway

March of the NDUMDF/WMND

Personnel: 48,200

ShipNumber in ServiceRole
New Derusmia ClassNDDS New Derusmia
NDDS Federation
NDDS Unitas
NDDS Renato
NDSS Democracy
Guided Missile Destroyer
Metria ClassNDDS Metria
NDDS Erejen
NDDS New Kaunderstein
NDDS Veena
NDDS Lilleston
NDDS Ardem
Myactig ClassNDDS Myactig
NDDS Stark
NDDS Koelwen
Air Defense Frigate
Trenton ClassNDDS Trenton
NDDS Lysander
NDDS Valsmakande
Anti Submarine Frigate
Alwin ClassNDDS Alwin Feish
NDDS Jansen Velker
NDDS Hanz Seele
NDDS Neville Ysugan
NDDS Valorant
Sugoi ClassNDDS Sugoi
NDDS Yukari
NDDS Akiyama
NDDS Cascade
NDDS Oishi
Borealis ClassNDDS Borealis
NDDS Luxidn
NDDS Bardur
Erika ClassNDDS Erika
NDDS Monika
NDDS Katyusha
NDDS Kaarina
Light Corvette/Patrol
Lewellyn ClassNDDS Lewellyn
NDDS Northumbria
NDDS Hibernia
NDDS Tomania
NDDS Haruko
Replenishment Oiler
Overseer ClassNDDS Overseer
NDDS Altan
NDDS Siyete
NDDS Atlan
Wissen ClassNDRS Wissen
NDRS Leistung
Research Vessel/Icebreaker

Ship Abbreviation: NDDS (New Derusmian Defence Ship) and NDRS (New Derusmian Research Ship)

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Re: The Reunified Socialist Republic of New Derusmia
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New Derusmian Unified Ground Defence Forces/Wiedervereinte Heer von Neuen Druzmya

Led by General of the Ground Defence Forces/Heerkommandant Lukas Mauss

March of the NDUGDF/WHND

Personnel: 185,000

VehicleNumber in ServiceRole
Vassendean Zwei-Kirei445Main Battle Tank
Gaus-Hatani Lynx 2560Main Battle Tank
Gaus-Hatani VII IFV200Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Gaus-Hatani III MRPV150MRPV
Vassendean + G-H VII APC800Armored Personnel Carrier
Gaus-Hatani I TD200Tank Destroyer
Vassendean LT3 3630Light Armored Transport
Vassendean Dingo 2400Mobility Vehicle
Soyoza 155mm TH180Towed Howitzer
Soyoza 155mm TH Nano90Towed Howitzer
Soyoza 2000 SP150Self Propelled Howitzer
Soyoza 35mm Towed AA Duo-Gun55Towed Anti-Aircraft Gun
Derusmian Aircraft H-2595Attack Helicopter
Derusmian Aircraft H-10115Transport/Utility Helicopter
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