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Character Guides / Re: People of Alakhwan
« on: February 16, 2021, 07:12:47 PM »
Osman Samaniyan
RolesEmir of al-Akh al-Saghir
Positions HeldEmir of al-Akh al-Saghir: 2002-Present
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BiographyEmir Osman was born in 1960, and although he was born in land under the protection of the Seleucids can really remember is a free Alakhwan. A free al-Akh al-Saghir. A land molded by the highly orthodox & conservative Manist views of his father. Osman is not, however, a Manist in the vein of his father. He has an ultraconservative & puritanical view of Manism that has resulted in a number of reforms made in al-Akh al-Saghir. The most well known of these are a number of laws that marginalize the non-Manist residents of his Emirate in an attempt to force them into conversion. Osman is a very vocal opponent to any efforts to centralize the United Emirates, and since his ascension has proven to be a constant thorn in the side of those desire such. Though in truth his opposition comes not from a true opposition to centralization, but from the fact that it wouldn't be centralized under a *proper* government & faith.

Character Guides / Re: People of Alakhwan
« on: February 16, 2021, 06:43:07 PM »
Iskandar Etesias
RolesSovereign Prince of Gordion
Positions Held-
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Character Guides / Re: People of Alakhwan
« on: February 16, 2021, 06:41:34 PM »
Abd al-Yasu ibn Ya'qub Al Ghassan
Emir of Al Burazah
Positions HeldTBD
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Character Guides / Re: People of Alakhwan
« on: February 16, 2021, 06:39:13 PM »
Salim ibn Nur al-Din Al Qasim
Emir of Abu Tamar
Positions HeldEmir of Abu Tamar: 2019-Present
FamilyNizam al-Din ibn Nur al-Din Al Qasim - Half Brother
Ja'far ibn Salim Al Qasim - Son
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BiographyBorn in 1988, Salim is the youngest of the Emirs to reign in Alakhwan. Ascending to the position of Emir upon the death of his grandfather in 2019 (as his father Nur al-Din had died several years prior from cancer) Salim has show little aptitude for running his Emirate. However he has shown even *less* desire to do so and so much of the day-to-day running of Abu Tamar is left to his half-brother Nizam al-Dur, while Salim himself enjoys the 'perks' of his station. Because of this he is deeply unpopular with much of his family, who belief him to be a black stain on the honor of the House of Qasim.

Character Guides / People of Alakhwan
« on: February 16, 2021, 06:14:53 PM »
Hassan ibn Hussein Al Idris
Emir of Afayah
President of the United Emirates of Alakhwan
Positions HeldMinister of Defense: 1974-2006
Emir of Afayah: 2006-Present
President of Alakhwan: 2006-Present
FamilyIbrahim ibn Hassan Al Idris - Son
Wilhom Queen Samira of Royal Seleucid - Sister
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BiographyBorn in 1950 to the Emir of Afayah, Hassan grew up in a time when Afayah was still a protectorate of Royal Seleucid. Though he himself had no particular animosity to the Seleucids, when his father and the other Emirs rose up in revolt he joined in. Despite not even having reached his 20th year he scored a number of great victories against the Seleucids, although there are some who claim this was thanks to the more experienced commanders under him or even simple luck. But regardless the heir to the throne putting himself in danger fighting on the frontlines earned him the love of his people and he was nicknamed 'the Young Lion' for his age and ferocity. Unfortunately this resulted in a head injury that, while he survived, has resulted in the Sheikh being plagued with headaches & insomnia for most of his life.

Despite this Hassan was always dutiful & diligent, typically throwing himself into his duties to the detriment of all else. A proponent of centralization of Alakhwan, his crowning achievement was the formation of a unified Alakhwani military in 1986. Ever since his father's death in 2006 Hassan has thrown himself into the administration of his country just as he always has, with his reign seeing the country's wealth grow immensely due to the exploitation of petroleum. But in recent years Hassan has been seen less & less in public, and while the administration does its best to make excuses for the public the truth is simple: Sheikh Hassan's health is failing, and only God knows how long he has left for this world.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Royal Parade (RS - Open to anyone)
« on: February 15, 2021, 06:17:18 PM »
Sheikh Ibrahim ibn Hassan Al Idris, eldest son of the Emir of Afayah & heir to that title, wasn't entirely certain of his feelings regarding his visit to Royal Seleucid. Whilst the Soters were family, as Wilhom Queen Samira was his Aunt and thus King Heydar his first cousin, it wasn't as though he was familiar with them in any capacity. After his father succeeded his own father as Emir of Afayah the man had been focused on the running of Afayah & Alakhwan almost to the exclusion of almost all else. So it had come as a surprise when Ibrahim had been ordered to attend the celebration of Heydar's children's births.

"Are you all right, *habibi?*" asked his wife Dalia al-Sadarri, taking his hand in hers, "You've had that look on your face the entire flight."

Ibrahim gave his wife a smile, "I am fine, *habibi*. Just uncertain of how this meeting will go, and you know how I hate that."

"There's no need to worry, dear. You may not know them as well as your other family, but that doesn't change the fact that they are family," Dalia said with a smile, "Whenever I visit my family, I swear that I've never seen half the people there before. But they treat me no different."

Ibrahim chuckled; that certainly was the Alakhwani way but they weren't going to Alakhwan. But regardless his wife's words did much to put him at ease. Though his thoughts were disrupted by a rustling of pages from across the aisle where his other wife, Shireen Samaniyan, was busy flipping through a magazine. "Are you alright? Not feeling sick, are you?"

Shireen quickly glanced up before just as quickly returning to her magazine, "It's a plane. Not a boat. I'm fine."


The trio arrived without incident and made their way to the temple, Ibrahim locked arms with Shireen while Dalia trailed to his other side. Ibrahim took a gander around at the various people present, waiting patiently until Heydar was free to speak. "As-salaam 'alaykum, your Majesty. From the people of Afayah & all Alakhwan, we wish to extend to you the deepest & warmest of congratulations for the birth of your children. My father wished to attend, but unfortunately God had planned otherwise. He offers his sincerest apologies," Ibrahim said with a polite bow, "We have also brought a pair of goats as gifts as is tradition, to be slaughtered & prepared when & how you see fit. Though they currently remain at our plane, as we have no wish to interrupt the proceedings with live animals."

Factbooks and Maps / Re: Factbook of the United Emirates of Alakhwan
« on: February 14, 2021, 01:44:29 AM »
The Emirates


Afayah is the largest and most prestigious of the Emirates that make up Alakhwan. It was under the direction of Sheikh Hussein ibn Idris Al Idris of Afayah that the Emirs banded together and revolted against Royal Seleucid, and as a result the Emir of Afayah had held the position of President of the United Emirates of Alakhwan since the country's founding. Located on a natural harbor on the northwestern coast of al-Akh al-Kabir, the largest of the islands that make up al-Akhwan, Afayah has historically been the island's main connection to the rest of Midaranye. While not the wealthiest of Emirates Afayah comes close, and it is for all these reasons that the city of Afayah has the honor of serving as Alakhwan's federal capital.

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Ibadi Islam
Official Language(s): Arabic
Emir: Hassan ibn Hussein Al Idris
Heir: Ibrahim ibn Hassan Al Idris

Abu Tamar

Abu Tamar has been referred to as the Green Jewel of Alakhwan, and for good reason. While the majority of Alakhwan is hot & arid, the southeast coast upon which Abu Tamar is located receives notably greater rainfall and as a result the Emirate is home to the most extensive agriculture in the nation. However it, like the rest of Alakhwan, is still a net importer of food as much of the fertile land is devoted to cash crops. Owing to it being the largest port on the southern coast as well as a series of reforms making the Emirate friendly to foreign businesses, Abu Tamar has the largest concentration of foreign corporate interests in Alakhwan. This is due in large part thanks to the region's absence of larger oil deposits; formerly the richest & wealthiest of the Emirates, the rulers of Abu Tamar fear a loss of influence due to the rising wealth of the other Emirates thanks to their large petroleum deposits.

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Quranist Islam
Official Language(s): Arabic
Emir: Salim ibn Nur al-Din Al Qasim
Heir: Ja'far ibn Salim Al Qasim

Al Burazah

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Nestorian Christianity
Official Language(s): Arabic
Emir: Abd al-Yasu ibn Ya'qub Al Ghassan
Heir: Butrus ibn Abd al-Yasu Al Ghassan


Population: TBD
Official Religion: Anahitaism
Official Language(s): Seleucid
Emir: Iskandar Etesias
Heir: Armin Etesias

al-Akh al-Saghir

Al-Akh al-Saghir (meaning 'the Little Brother') is the second largest of the islands that make of Alakhwan. However, that says less about the size of al-Akh al-Saghir and more about the immense size of al-Akh al-Kabir & how miniscule the numerous other islands are. Historically the island was granted to the founder of the Samaniyan dynasty after much of the local population died of plague, who promptly began to rebuild and invite immigration of Manists from all over Midaranye. Because of this the island is now the only Emirate to be a majority Manist & Parthian, though there still remains smaller ethnic groups present. It is also unique in that al-Akh al-Saghir is the only place in Alakhwan in which chattel slavery is legalized & openly practiced. Navid Samaniyan, the Emir at the time of the revolt, refused to join in the other Emir's revolt unless he was given free reign to re-legalize slavery after it had been banned by the Seleucids. Previously tolerant of other faiths within the land, since the ascent of Osman Samaniyan a number of laws have been passed aimed at restricting the rights of non-Manists.

Population: TBD
Official Religion: Manism
Official Language(s): Parthian
Emir: Osman Samaniyan
Heir: Arslan Samaniyan

Factbooks and Maps / Factbook of the United Emirates of Alakhwan
« on: February 13, 2021, 10:52:55 PM »
The United Emirates of Alakhwan
al-ʾImārāt al-Muttaḥidah al-Akhwan

Above All, the Nation. Above the Nation, God


Alakhwan is an island nation in the Gulf of Aaraxis that is home to a surprising diverse population for its comparatively small size. Sometimes referred to as a "Midaranye in Miniature" the archipelago is home to Arabs of both Christian & Muslim faith, Seleucid Anahitaists, Parthian Manists, and a plethora of smaller minorities. For much of its history Alakhwan has been just as fragmented as its people; there have been eras in history where the archipelago was united by a native ruler, but they are the exception rather than the rule. In addition the islands have undergone many periods of influence or even outright dominance by foreign powers, although the extent to outsiders' control varied immensely. In modern times the islands are unified under a single federal government composed of a number of autonomous Emirates, with a council of Emirs ruling over the federal government whilst the Emirs have immense power within their own domains. Alakhwan is for the most part a rather undeveloped country; much of the rural population practices subsistence agriculture and its cities are dwarfed by those of wealthier nations. However with the discovery of exploitable oil deposits in much of Alakhwan nearly a decade ago the country has been slowly dragging itself into the modern world. But despite this there is still a major divide in the nation; over the span of a single day one can travel from a modern city to villages that appear to have been transported from centuries in the past.

Government Type:- Federated Elective Absolute Monarchy
Population:-:- ~11,000,000
Capital City:- Afayah (~1,300,000)
Demonym:- Alakhwani


Currency:- Alakhwani Drachma
GDP per Capita:- ~12,000
Unemployment Rate:- ~2.5%
Main Industries:- Petroleum, Agriculture, Mining


Ethnicity:- 64% Arab, 16% Seleucid, 11% Parthian, 9% Other
Languages:- Arabic, Seleucid, & Parthian are Official Languages throughout the Nation
Religions:- 55% Islam, 17% Christianity, 14% Anahitaism, 12% Manism, 2% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- Male - 70 years, Female - 74 years


Head of State:- Sheikh Hassan ibn Hussein Al Idris, Emir of Afayah
Head of Government:- Sheikh Abd al-Yasu ibn Ya'qub Al Ghassan, Emir of Al Jaliya
Name of Legislative Body:- National Council

Map / Re: Claiming Your Spot on the Map
« on: February 13, 2021, 07:47:04 PM »
So, uh, just don't bother with Eskild.

Nation Name: Alakhwan

Nation Link:

Provinces you wish to claim:
1: R89
2: R90

Proposed colour of your nation on the map: Green

I, Xaeth, have read the rules set down above, and agree to follow them.


Former FNB Officers Found Guilty & Sentenced to Execution

The twelve former members of the Frijwilligermilysje foar Nasjonale Beskering (Volunteer Militia for National Defense/FNB) reported as having been arrested for conspiracy to assassinate Gebietelieder Inke fan'e Berch were found guilty of all charges late Saturday night, and sentenced to be executed early Sunday morning. According to official transcripts the judge found there to be "overwhelming evidence of the defendants' intent to murder Gebietelider fan'e Berch for explicitly political reasons". Among the evidence presented was an eye witness account from former FNB-Briagdelieder Gerrit Lyks' wife that she had overheard her husband talking about the plot with his co-conspirators & that he had threatened to use his position in the Party to harm her & her relatives, as well as signed confessions from all twelve of the defendants. As with all verdicts passed by one of the the special courts there is no possibility of appeal. The conspirators are currently being held in Kingsford Detention Center where they await their sentence.


Social Credit System to be Implemented Nation-Wide

Klaes fan'e Berch, Prime Minister of Greater Eskild & Folkslieder of the Nasjonale Folkspartij, announced in a speech early Saturday morning that the nation's experimental "Social Credit" system was to begin a new phase of 'consolidation & expansion'. The Social Credit System is a set of databases & initiatives aimed at monitoring and evaluating the trustworthiness of individuals & corporations in regards to their economic and social reputation. It functions by enacting restrictions for 'untrustworthy' behaviors such as failing to obey traffic laws, failing to comply with waste-sorting rules, or cheating on official while providing rewards for 'trustworthy' behavior such as donating blood, volunteering for community service, or donating to charity. Early versions of the Social Credit System were implemented in a select few regions of Eskild beginning in 2015, and officials say that the results of these pilot tests have been very promising. According to them the System helps to "improve the overall trustworthy of the population, encourage adherence to proper moral values, & promote honest dealings in all facets of society" and "improve cooperation with the state & party on all levels of society". And the upper echelons of the government agree, as evidenced by the Folkslieder's statement that the Social Credit System will be fully implemented in its fully developed form across the whole of Eskild "by decade's end".

Vignettes / Eskild - In the Halls of Power
« on: January 12, 2021, 06:48:03 PM »
January 1st, 2021
Lordsgate, Greater Eskild

Imke was fond of the quiet. So often the Party's headquarters were full of the sounds of people; the muffled & indistinct words of people talking, footfalls as they made their way through the building, the incessant clattering of keyboards. It wasn't awful by any means, and Imke was fond of that too, in its own way. But she appreciated the quiet & stillness even more. And the building was currently *very* still. It was New Years Day after all, and while she had no obligation to let people stay home the boost in morale more than made up for the work wasn't done. She was busy reading over a report from the Burgomaster of Lordsgate, well nominally from the Burgomaster. It was written competently and lacking in inane platitudes so she was certain the man had gotten one of his aides to write it. Then the quiet was broken by the ringing of the phone on her desk, which she picked up immediately.

"The FNB-Brigadelieder has arrived, ma'am," her secretary said.

Imke sighed, she knew the meeting with him was today but she hadn't been looking forward to it. She despised that worthless excuse for a man. "Send him up," she said, then hung up the phone.

She waited patiently for his arrival, growing more impatient as the minutes ticked by. He'd been to her office *many* times before, he couldn't have gotten lost. So why was he taking so long? Five minutes turned into 10 into 15, and by the time he arrived nearly 20 minutes had passed and she was certain he had done it on purpose just to anger her. He was dressed in the green uniform of the FNB and, from the way he was sweating heavily and squeezing his eyes shut when the light from her windows struck his face, hungover. Imke wasn't surprised. Not when it came to him.

"Hail Gebietelieder," Gerrit Lyks said with a salute, "I apologize for the delay."

Imke ignored the insincere apology and saluted back, "Hail, Brigadelieder. Take a seat."

Lyks took the seat across from Imke's desk, with a long moment spent as both stared at the other in disdain. "Lyks, you know why I called you here today."

"Truly, I have no idea Gebietelieder. Though I am sure that it's important, seeing as how you pulled me away from my duties running the Lordsgate's Militia."

"So, are you simply unaware that a gang of yo-"

"Squad," Lyks corrected.

"A *gang* of your men brutally beat a police officer last night? After brutally beating the owner of a bar."

Lyks sighed, "Oh, *that*. Look Gebietelieder I am truly sorry for what happened last night. However, the officer did interfere in official Militia business."

"I am sure the fact that your men had several large tabs at the bar had nothing to do with it."

At this Lyks scowled, "Excuse me? With all due respect, the Miltia help defend Eskild against any threats that may present themselves. Your implications are, to put it frankly, downright insulting to our prestigious organization."

"Then do you care to share what 'official Militia business' they were taking care of?"

"I am sorry but that is information privy only to the Miltia," Lyks shrugged, "And, unfortunately, you are not a member."

Imke fought back the urge to punch Lyks in his smug, sweaty face. She was about to say something further when her phone rang again. She picked it up without sparing a second glance to Lyks.

"Ma'am, the, um, some officers from the Geheime Steatspolysje just arrived and they're, uh, heading up to your office."

Imke was silent for a moment. The secret police? Here? Now? As realization hit her she managed not to grin; she had no idea that she would get to see this in person. "I understand," she said and hung up.

Much to the credit of the State Police, they managed to find their way to her room in less than 5 minutes. There was a knock at the door, which opened before Imke had any chance to say anything. In strode 4 members of the Geheime Steatspolysje: the Secret State Police. With their black coats & sunglasses it was clear who they were even to Lyks, who did a double-take upon their arrival.

"May I ask what business the Geheime Steatspolysje has with me?" Imke asked cordially.

One of the men nodded at Lyks and two of them hoisted the man out of his chair and slammed him onto the floor. "Wh-what the hell ar-" he began to say, before one of the agents punched him square across his face, "You are under arrest for treason against Eskild & conspiracy to assassinate an official of the Party," said the other. Lyks attempted to say something else, but was unable due to a boot connecting with his head.

The agent who was obviously the leader of the group stepped around the commotion and saluted Imke, "Hail Gebietelieder, I am truly sorry for the disruption. But it was imperative that we take the former FNB-Brigadelieder into custody as soon as possible."

Imke acted confused, "Treason? Assassination? What exactly is going on her?"

As Lyks was hauled away the leader gestured to his vacated seat, now lying on the ground, "May I?"

Imke nodded and the man stood the chair back up and took a seat. "In shall be straight to the point. We at the State Police uncovered a plot by senior members of the FNB to assassinate you."

"Assassinate... me?" she feigned shock & surprise at the news, "But... Are you sure?"

"I know this must come as a shock, but yes. We found proof in his home as well testimony from an eye-witness he had intimidated into silence. Now, I know this is a lot to take in but if I could ask you a few questions?"

"Of course."

Imke spent the next hour pretending that she did not utterly despise Lyks, pretending that she thought he was a decent man who only did what he thought was best for the country. Anything to make it seem as though the hatred & disdain only flowed one way. After all, she had been careful to never talk badly about the man outside of private conversations. Anyone who worked here could attest to that. She talked about the numerous incidents that she believed was the FNB overstepping their bounds and how she simply wanted the FNB to rein themselves in, not mentioning her personal opinion that the FNB were thugs in uniform. At the end of the hour she looked beyond reproach whereas Lyks was nothing more than a power-hungry thus with a vendetta. Just how she had planned it *months* ago. Only once the agent left and she was alone did she finally let herself smile. So much time spent planning, the effort of planting evidence, convincing Lyks' poor abused wife to lie to the State Police in return for safety. And everything had gone off without a hitch! She wondered how long it'd take for the State Police to extract a confession from Lyks. And she wondered if it was too much to ask that he implicate any other troublesome FNB officers she hadn't gotten around to framing.

She briefly glanced at the report still sitting on her desk, before putting it away. She had more important things to attend to. Like ordering another investigation into the FNB's "excesses". And hopefully with the disarray that's come from their upper leadership being arrested, they wouldn't be able to stonewall this one. Imke smiled once again at the possibility of finally finding a way to rid herself of the thorn in her side that was the FNB.


High-Ranking Militia Officers Arrested for Conspiracy of Assasination

Official sources in the government and the ruling Nasjonale Folkspartij (National People's Party/NFP) have confirmed that several high ranking members of the Frijwilligermilysje foar Nasjonale Beskering (Volunteer Militia for National Defense/FNB) were arrested & taken into custody around the New Year. These officers for the FNP's paramilitary unit are believed to have taken part in a conspiracy to assassinate Gebietelieder Inke fan'e Berch, head of the Nasjonale Folkspartij in Lordsgate and daughter of our nation's beloved Folkslieder. Local police are said to have stumbled upon evidence of the plot whilst investigating several of the officers in a case involving illegal dog-fighting, at which they turned the evidence over to the Geheime Steatspolysje. Investigations by the State Police then uncovered evidence implicating numerous members of the FNB's officer corps in Lordsgate. The assassins include a dozen of the ranking FNB officers in Lordsgate including the former FNB-Brigadelieder Gerrit Lyks, former head of the FNB contingent in Lordsgate. Sources say that disagreements between Gebietelieder fan'e Berch and former FNB-Brigadelieder Lyks over what the Gebietelieder have referred to as "the FNB's excesses" were a common source friction between the FNB and the main body of the NFP. However the motive behind the assassination plot has yet to be officially announced. The men will be tried in the Folksgerjocht, a special court with jurisdiction of political offenses in the Kingdom of Greater Eskild, on Friday, January 15th.

A reporter managed to ask Gebietelieder fan'e Berch herself about the attempted plot, to which she had this to say: "I must admit that I am truly shocked at the revelation of this plot against my life. We did not see eye-to-eye on many things and had a number of professional disagreements with the man. But I still believed him to be a good & loyal Eskilder citizen. That our disagreements came from different ideas of what was best for our nation. It pains me to find out that he was simply a traitor. A traitor to his people, his nation, and his Party. And that a dozen men in the FNB would go along with such treachery? I weep to see how far deep the rot must go."


Factbooks and Maps / Factbook of the Kingdom of Greater Eskild
« on: December 22, 2020, 05:02:32 AM »
The Kingdom of Greater Eskild
It Keninkryk fan Grutter Eskyld

Morior Invictus

(I Die Unvanquished; motto of the Royal Family)

Leauwe! Harkje! Fjochtsje!
(Believe! Obey! Fight!; motto of the National People's Party)



Government Type:- Constitutional Monarchy under a Fascist One-Party Totalitarian Dictatorship
Population:- ~120,000,000
Capital City:- Lordsgate (Hearnstek) - ~650,000 people
Demonym:- Eskilder


Currency:- Guilder
GDP per Capita:- $27,947
Unemployment Rate:- ~10%
Main Industries:- TBD


Ethnicity:- -% Eskilder, -% Vorstelander, -% Other
Languages:- -% Eskilder, -% Vorstelander, -% Other
Religions:- -% Christianity (-% Protestantism, -% Catholicism), -% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- 74 years


Head of State:- King Joris II fan Atert
Head of Government:- Folkslieder Klaes fan'e Berch
Name of Legislative Body:- Parliament of the Kingdom of the Greater Eskild; Upper House - Royal Senate, Lower House - Chamber of the People

Map / Re: Claiming Your Spot on the Map
« on: December 22, 2020, 03:38:44 AM »
So, first things first. Please remove Kinkhnland from the map.

Nation Name: Greater Eskild

Nation Link: N/A

Provinces you wish to claim:
1: B10
2: B11
3: B12
4: G96
5: G99

Proposed colour of your nation on the map: Purple

I, Xaeth, have read the rules set down above, and agree to follow them.

The delegation of Kinkhns was a small one; they hadn't sent very many people to East Moreland to begin with after all. Princess Yu-Phin & Ambassador Wattana were both present; the Princess had wanted to speak to King David alone but the Empress had insisted that the Ambassador be present. Because of course the Empress would want one of her bootlicking lackeys present. But as annoyed as she was, she put that aside for the meeting with King David.

She was smiling as she returned King David's greeting, gratefully taking her drink. She found it rather refreshing that the King was pouring the drinks; he didn't consider doing such things as beneath someone of his station, very much unlike the Empress and indeed most Kinkhn nobility. "Northfort is rather different from what I am used to, however it is a lovely city in its own way," Yu-Phin said politely, "And congratulations on your marriage; it was a wonderful pair of ceremonies."

"It was truly a marriage that would make both of your ancestors very proud," Ambassador Wattana said, taking a sip of tea, "But yes, there is something which we would like to discuss with you, Your Majesty."

"Honestly I am not one for, hmmm, beating around the bush I believe the phrase goes?" Yu-Phin said, glad that King David had asked about business outright; she often found it frustrating that her people considered it rude to talk about business without spending hours talking about nothing over tea first, "Kinkhnland is stepping out onto the world stage for the first time in a long time, and regardless of the efficacy of that policy it has left Kinkhnland's options for foreign policy more open than they likely ever will be again. I think this could be an opportunity for both East Moreland & Kinkhnland to start building ties."

OOC Socialisation / Re: The TIO Book/Film/TV club
« on: April 27, 2020, 08:27:04 PM »
Huh, looks neat. I've always been a fan of alt history.

"Whelp, looks like the Tamorans are on their way from the airport. So far it looks like everythi-," Songprawati On Choi Phanthittra, State Elder of Kinkhnland, said as she turned to look at the Empress. When she saw the Empress standing there, cigarette in one hand and a lighter in the other, she frowned, "The fuck are you doing, Sao?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? It's the first international visit in Ancestors know how long, I deserve to have a good smoke before they get here," Empress Saowakhon said with a shrug, then went to light the cigarette.

"No you don't," Phanthittra took a step forward and swiped the lighter out of her hands, "You know what the doctors said."

Saowakhon scowled, "If I listened to the doctors every time they told me not to smoke, I'd-"

"Your lungs wouldn't be full of cancer, is what."

"Give me back my lighter, Phanthittra. Now."

"Or what?"

"I'll just call in a servant to bring me one of my literal dozens of other lighters, is what I'll do."

Phanthittra sighed, and set the lighter down on a nearby table, "Sao. This isn't a joke, you know. That flu could've killed you, and you're still healing. This is the last thing you need."

"I appreciate your concern, but they're my lungs. And I'll smoke all I damn well please," the Empress moved to grab the lighter.

"All right, fine. I'll have to go talk to Minister Wan about how Tamora knowing that our nation is lead by a feeble, decrepit, old woman might effect relations."

"Excuse me?" Empress Saowakhon's eyes narrowed as she picked up the lighter.

"You're still recovering from the flu; if you smoke then you're liable to have a coughing fit when you're meeting with the Tamorans. Several, in fact. Is that going to give off the impression of a strong leader?"

Saowakhon was still for a moment, before she slammed the lighter back down on the table in anger, "Ancestors damn it all. You're right. But as soon as they leave I am having a smoke, and you cannot stop me."

Phanthittra just sighed and nodded her head, content enough with this victory at least. Plus she knew the Empress; there was nothing she'd be able to say to change her mind on that.


The arrival of the Empress was presaged by a small cough from outside the door, and a few seconds later the Empress arrived alongside Minster Wan. The Empress was an older woman 74, the face lined with deep wrinkles & her hair pure white. But despite her age and elderly appearance, she held herself like a woman decades her junior as she strode into the room.

"Her Imperial Majesty Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Saowakhon, Grand Princess of Krung Rek & Empress of the Kinkhn," Minister Wan said, gesturing to the Empress.

Empress Saowakhon scanned the Tamorans as she made her way to her seat; from what she had heard everything had gone exceedingly well aside from a small disturbance outside the Palace, but it didn't seem as though the Tamaorans had noticed. Saowakhon had high hopes for the visit as she personally preferred to align her nation with the traditional regimes of Midaranye, unlike others in the government.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, I hope that the trip from Tamora was a pleasant one," the Empress said politely, "If you do not mind, I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming marriages of both of your sons. As a mother, I know that there are few days more joyous than the marriage of ones children."

"But I must admit that I was quite glad to receive your offer to visit Kinkhnland. The culture & heritage of a nation are something that belongs uniquely to that nation's people, and ours is something we Kinkhns are rightfully & fiercely proud of. To share it with others, especially as honoured a guest as you, is something we truly delight in. And, Ancestors willing, perhaps we shall find a common ground that can serve as the foundation for any potential future relations."

Krung Rek was something of an oddity among Kinkhn cities: having been founded in the 1800s the city's layout had been planned out as opposed to left to sprawl out over the centuries like most of the other cities in the nation. As a result as the motorcade made its way through Krung Rek it was mostly down straight roads and wide boulevards. There were people going about there morning business; some stopped to watch the motorcade go by despite the tinted windows preventing any from seeing inside while other merely glanced up before returning to their own business. The drive itself did not take any more than 20 minutes, ending in a long & wide boulevard from which the Red Palace was visible. The motorcade pulled up and parked outside of the walls to the palace proper, as there were no automobile-accessible entrances.

Once everyone had left their vehicles Minister Wan smiled and gestured towards a nearby gate onto the palace grounds, where one could see a crowd had already gathered although there was a marked off path so that the delegates could easily walk through. The crowd closest to the path was formed up of members of the media, excitedly taking pictures for the local news. Beyond them were members of the public who had come out to see the foreign delegate in person. Minister Wan smiled and waved politely to the crowd, but said nothing. So far everything had been going smoothly, although the morning was just beginning. Then Minister Wan's mood soured when she noticed a small commotion. A woman, obviously a member of the press, was attempting to enter the area set aside for the media but was being stopped by security. And it wasn't difficult to see why: the woman was barely wearing anything on her torso. Under normal circumstances this would be perfectly acceptable, but the Empress had expressly told all media outlets that any members of the press were to adhere to stricter clothing guidelines for the sake of her Tamoran guests. Minister Wan frowned for a moment when she recognized the woman; she was part of a local right-wing newspaper that opposed the Empress' choice to increase Kinkhnland's involvement in foreign affairs and had accosted Minister Wan several weeks before. And so naturally she put a smile back on her face and ignored the woman; security was handling it and one couldn't even hear her over the rest of the crowd. Engaging with them in any way would be exactly what they wanted. Wan just hoped the Tamorans didn't notice her.

The Red Palace itself was not a single building, but rather a complex containing some 60 acres of land. The complex itself, often full of people due to certain sections of it being open to the public, was today almost entirely empty on account of the Tamorans' visit. The delegation was lead into a large structure. Inside they were lead into an elaborate and ornate sitting room, one wall dominated by a pair of wall scrolls depicting mirrored images of a woman missing one hand and clutching a blade in the other whilst tears streamed down her otherwise stoic face.

Minister Wan gestured at the seats and smiled, "If you don't mind waiting, the Empress should be no more than a few minutes. Please, have a seat and make yourselves comfortable."

To Alya Safavid, Head of Foreign Affairs of the Empire of Tamora;

Speaking on behalf of Her Imperial Majesty Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Saowakhon and the whole of the Empire of Kinkhnland, we would be honoured & delighted to host you and a delegation from illustrious Tamora. Our culture & heritage is something the Kinkhn people care deeply for and keep close to our hearts, and there is little we would care for more than to share it with the world. As we understand it you have been rather busy as of late, and so we must admit that we are appreciative of your willingness to visit our country personally. We shall begin communications with your staff immediately to work out an itinerary for your visit, which we await excitedly.

May your Ancestors watch over you,
Tantasatityanon Wan, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Empire of Kinkhnland


It was a beautiful morning in the Kinkhn capital of Krung Rek, though low in the sky the sun burned brightly and there was barely a cloud in the sky. Something for which Tantasatityanon Wan, the Kinkhn Minister for Foreign Affairs, was most thankful. This was the first official visit by a major member of a foreign government to Kinkhnland in years, and the last thing she needed was to have a rainstorm blow in out of nowhere. She waited patiently in Krung Rek International Airport, in a section that had been set aside for today so that the Tamoran delegates need not be bothered by the general public. She wasn't entirely certain of what to make Tamora; she had to admit that she found the concept of owning another human being uncomfortable, and the Tamorans were unabashed slave owners. But at the same time she knew plenty of foreigners found certain Kinkhn cultural norms wrong so who was she, truly, to judge? And even if Minister Wan hated the Tamorans, her personal feelings on the matter were of no importance. Empress Saowakhon had been very clear that she wished to look for international friends wherever they could be found, whether it be sending her daughter to the Morelander wedding or accepting a delegation of Tamorans.

But the preparations for the visit were certainly something, the Red Palace was a hive of activity for the last week as everyone prepared for the Tamorans' arrival. And Minister Wan herself hadn't gotten a good night's rest in all that time; there was always something else to plan, something else to prepare, something else to check. It was exhausting. She liked to think her current fully awake state was due in at least some small part to her own willpower, but she knew she was running on nothing but coffee. It was then that she received word that the Tamoran plane was on its way down, and she smiled as she stood to ready herself.

When Alya and the other Tamorans made their way off the plane they would be greeted by Minister Wan, several minor officials, and the translator. Minister Wan was dressed in traditional Kinkhn garb, albeit of a more conservative variety. Kinkhns differed quite radically from the Tamorans in what was considered acceptable dress; a woman was only really expected to keep her thighs covered for propriety's sake and toplessness was exceptionally common. However for the Empress had mandated that everyone expecting to interact with the Tamoran delegation, from the Minister to the palace servants, dress in a manner more accommodating to Tamoran sensibilities.

"Swadee kha," Minister Wan said, giving the traditional Kinkhn greeting of placing her hands together on her chest and respectfully nodding her head.

"It is an immense pleasure to have you visit our nation," she continued via translator, "If you will follow me, there are cars prepared to take us to the Red Palace. Her Imperial Majesty is very much looking forward to making your acquittance."

Factbooks and Maps / Re: Factbook of the Empire of Kinkhnland
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Government of Kinkhnland

Kinkhnland is a constitutional monarchy headed by the Empress of the Kin'khn, currently Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Saowakhon. The Empress enjoys a wide range of powers which include the appointment of the State Elder (Kinkhnland's equivalent to the Prime Minister) & her Ministers, chairing the Supreme Judiciary Council, declaring war & peace, ratify laws & treaties, convene & close legislative sessions, call & postpone elections, dismiss the government, and dissolve the Imperial Assembly. The Head of Government is the unelected State Elder, Songprawati On Choi Phanthittra, who has served in the position since 1992.

The national legislature of Kinkhnland is the Imperial Assembly, divided into two houses: the House of the People & the House of the Nobility (the Lower and Upper Houses of the legislature, respectively). The House of the People consists of 120 Assemblymen, elected via a two-round system for 6 year terms. Votes for the House of the People are not 1 vote to a person, but rather are weighted in favour of the nobility and landowners. While all citizens have the right to vote, citizens receive additional votes for such things as owning a certain amount of land, being the head of a family, or holding a title of nobility, amongst other qualifiers. The House of the Nobility is, unlike the lower house, a body of unelected assembly. They are chosen via sortition, with the selection pool consisting of every titled noble over 30 who does not belong to a political party (the last qualification is intended to prevent any political biases in the House of the Nobility's decisions).

The Rainbow System

Imperial Succession in the Empire of Kinkhnland is not a system in which the throne passes vertically, from parent to child, but horizontally & diagonally from sister to sister or aunt to niece. The basic organizational unit of the Empire is the Grand Principality, of which there are six. These units trace their history back to Kinkhnland's founding in the early 1800s, when Empress Thikhamphorn granted each of her five daughters a region govern underneath her. The term "Rainbow System" is a direct translation of the Kinkhn term for their succession laws, Krabwnkar Rung, and refers to how each of the six Grand Principalities are given a different colour of the rainbow. Each Grand Principality has a place in an order of seniority; the senior-most Grand Principality is ruled by the Empress herself, the second-senior Grand Principality by her direct heir, and so on down the line. Upon the death of an Empress each Grand Princess moves to the next highest Grand Principality, with the junior-most Grand Principality being taken by the next in line.

The only individuals who are able to take their place in the Rainbow System are the daughters of previous Empresses. Should a Grand Princess die before attaining the throne herself, her daughters have no right to take a place in the Rainbow System and will never be Empress; such Imperial Princesses are often referred to as "Orphan" Princesses. Upon the death of an Empress the Princess who takes the junior-most position is not simply the eldest not already in the System, but rather all living daughters of an Empress must take their place as a Grand Princess before the daughters of any of said Empress' successors. The prime example is the current Empress' youngest daughter Yu Phin. Empress Saowakhon's heir is her younger sister Khun Mae, but due to Empress Saowakhon becoming pregnant with Yu Phin late in her life Yu Phin is younger than Khun Mae's daughters. When Empress Saowakhon dies and Khun Mae takes her place as Empress, Yu Phin will take her place in the Rainbow System before Khun Mae's daughters despite being younger than them because Yu Phin is the daughter of an earlier Empress.

The reasoning behind this system is the belief that it prepares the Imperial Princesses to be Empress. They not only receive experience in ruling but will ideally have firsthand knowledge of how the various regions of Kinkhnland differ from one another, so that they may more competently rule all of their people. The downsides to this system is that many Empress do not ascend to the thrones until later in their lives, and while many claim that this means they are wiser and more experienced it also means that they often do not rule as long as many other monarchs.


Empress Saowakhon Hospitalized with Influenza

In the early hours of Wednesday, March 25, 2020 it was officially reported that Her Imperial Majesty Empress Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Saowakhon had been hospitalized the previous day for unspecified respiratory problems. Her Imperial majesty is 74 years old and has a long history of smoking tobacco alongside the various health problems that are often associated with the practice; the Empress has previously suffered two heart attacks as well as lung cancer, although the cancer has been in remission for the past decade. Rumours pertaining to the Empress' hospitalization had began to spread before the official announcement, and some worried that the Empress' cancer had returned. While this has shown to not be the case, there are worries that Her Imperial Majesty's influenza infection may prove deadly. Although most individuals who come down with the flu have no lasting effects from the infection, there are small risks of complications such as pneumonia. The Empress' age, history of tobacco usage, and cancer all increase the chances of her developing potentially lethal complications. However while the hospital within which the Empress is being held has been withheld from the public at this time, official sources have assured the public that the Empress is receiving the best medical treatment available in Kinkhnland and that the attending doctors are prepared for every potential complication that may arise in her care.


Quintelian Tourist Dies Whilst Committing Vandalism

A Quintelian tourist has been found deceased Bi Phan Bay, after they and a group of 3 other Quintelians attempted to deface one of the Bay's limestone karsts. Bi Phan Bay is a popular travel destination in southern Kinkhnland, featuring thousands of limestone karsts and isles in numerous shapes and sizes. The Bay houses over a thousand various islands, with the two largest islands being home to a permanent population as well as various tourist facilities. On the night of Monday, March 23 the four Quintelians, under the influence of psychoactive substances, are believed to have driven a boat out to one of the limestone karsts with the intention of vandalizing the karst with spray paint. It is currently believed that while in the act the deceased Quintelian lost his balance, hitting his head on the rock as he fell into the water, and that afterward his fellow tourists were unable to locate him in the darkness. The Quintelians then returned to their hotel, without informing the authorities of what had inspired.

However early the next morning a local fishermen discovered the corpse of the deceased Quintelian floating in the bay, and routine questioning from local police resulted in one of the tourists confessing what had happened. The three are currently being held in custody, pending further investigation into the specifics of the event. Recreational usage of psychoactive drugs, while illegal, is common in many parts of Kinkhnland that cater to international tourism and under normal circumstances the tourists would be let off with a simple fine. Even the vandalism of a national natural landmark, while a more serious crime, would merely result in a much harsher fine and potential banning of the individuals from entering Kinkhnland. But due to the death involved the Quintelians in question potentially being faced with reckless endangerment or even manslaughter.

When asked about the incident many natives of Bi Phan Bay expressed very little sympathy for the Quintelians. Many stating that they feel no sympathy for the Quintelians, as the death was the direct result of their own actions. One individual, who asked not to be named, even stated that the "rest of those foreigner addicts should've fallen into the water and drowned too".

"Indeed I am; it has been a long time since any of us Kinkhn royals have visited another nation. Officially, at least," Princess Yu-Phin said with a smile, responding to Archduchess Sophie, "But Ambassador Wattana Sanya has done an admirable job holding down the fort here at our embassy."

The Ambassador furrowed her brow at the Princess' compliment but quickly turned her attention towards the Archduchess, "We are delighted to be able to attend such an auspicious occasion ourselves, your Grace."

"And I must say that East Moreland is a beautiful country," Yu-Phin added, then chuckled, "Albeit much colder than I am used to."

At the sound of the trumpets, the Princess & Ambassador quickly and silently allowed themselves to be shown to their seats. They sat & listened to the Prime Minister's words and while neither quite understood exactly why King David's previous marriage would make the tying awkward they both had the good sense not to ask. "Well I must say it is quite the pity that we won't be able to indulge in the partying," Yu-Phin said with a chuckle, "That is often the most enjoyable part of the wedding."

Character Guides / Re: The People of Kinkhnland
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Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Saowakhon
TitlesEmpress of the Kin'khn
Year of BirthApril 29, 1946
Positions HeldEmpress of the Kin'khn: February 23, 1982 - present
EducationMA in Political Science, Imperial University at Krung Rek
FamilyTantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Khun Mae - Younger Sister
Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Sangwan - Eldest Daughter
Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Songsuda - Middle Daughter
Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Yu-Phin - Youngest Daughter
Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Kanda - Granddaughter
Links to Important events?-

Character Guides / The People of Kinkhnland
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Index of Kinkhns

Empress Saowakhon

Diplomacy and Events / Re: East Moreland Royal Wedding & Coronation 2.0
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Princess Yu-Phin woke from her room in the Kinkhn embassy bright and early, or perhaps 'dark and early' would be more a more accurate term as she awoke several hours before she really needed to. And her reasons for doing so were two-fold: she wanted to get a chance to jog and do her morning exercises and she heard that Wattana Sanya Maliwan, the Kinkhn ambassador to East Moreland, enjoyed sleeping in. Yu-Phin smirked as she prepared for her jog, thinking about the poor ambassador having to wake up early and how it must be so inconvenient for the woman to have to actually do her job. And it also meant that Yu-Phin would be able to eat her breakfast nice and early, and not risk having to dine with ambassador Wattana. Yu-Phin had managed to avoid talking to the empress's fawning sycophant since she arrived in the embassy yesterday, and to be honest the Princess would be perfectly happy to not see the ambassador until they headed off to the King's wedding.

And the Princess's plan went off flawlessly; she had exercised, showered, eaten, and dressed with plenty of time to spare and without so much as a single glance of the ambassador. In fact the Princess began to think that Ambassador Wattana was just as averse to seeing her as she was to seeing the Ambassador. Then the time came to head out to the cars in order to head off to the Temple of Marissa, and Yu-Phin need have only taken a single glance at Ambassador Wattana's face to see that wasn't true. To some measure of credit the Ambassador waited until they were all in their car to speak up.

"Where have you been?" Ambassador Wattana demanded, "I was beginning to think my staff were lying about you even being in the country."

"Your Imperial Highness," Yu-Phin said casually, a dumbstruck look appearing on the Ambassador's face before she realized what the Princess meant and the anger returned.

"Where have you been, You Imperial Highness," the Ambassador practically spat out the words.

"I have been resting in the embassy, waiting for the hour of King David's wedding to arrive. The same as you."

"You know that is not what I meant," the Ambassador said, before quickly amending it with another, "Your Imperial Highness."

"I didn't want to talk to you, of course," Yu-Phin said with a shrug and for a moment Ambassador Wattana simply stared in disbelief at the Princess' blunt candor.

"Your Imperial Highness, we need to speak. About the wedding. And about the meeting with King David. Or did you forget all about that in your efforts to avoid me?"

"Please, Ambassador, I am a great many things but irresponsible is not one of them," Yu-Phin grinned internally as the Ambassador clenched her teeth, "But we have plenty of time in the car. So, let's talk..."

The pair were both dressed in traditional Kinkhn attire: silk skirts and blouses, the skirts brightly coloured whilst the blouses were pure white with a sash of colour matching the skirt. The blouses themselves were what high-ranking Kinkhns wore when on business in nations not as comfortable with skin in formal setting as the Kinkhns are. Princess Yu-Phin outfit was composed of turquoise with golden trim, whilst Ambassador Wattana had chosen a more subdued and simple dark blue. The pair had arrived just after the Maori delegation and they took what time they could to observe those already present. Yu-Phin silently cursed the empress and that her simple-minded policy of not engaging in any international diplomacy beyond what was absolutely necessary to function had steered Kinkhnland for so long. So many powerful people, and so any of them knew one another. All except the Kinkhns, who stood out as complete & total strangers in this place. The pair allowed those who arrived first to get through their own greeting before speaking up.

"Princess Freya, Princess Rhiannon, Archduchess Sophie. I must say that it is an absolute pleasure to be meeting you all," the Princess smiled and gave a respectful nod to each of the individuals in turn, then turned the rest of the assembled individuals, "And I hope to speak with all of you ever further; perhaps I can meet and speak with some of you again at a later date, when we are not all distracted by such a joyous event as a royal wedding, no?"

Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2020 - Socialisation Thread
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By all rights Chalor Mali Kimnai should be nervous; not only was she was in the presence of foreign royalty but she was the only designer present from Kinkhnland. By all rights having to represent her nation in such a way should have been quite the burden, but that was not how Kimnai saw it at all. No, there was no doubt in her mind that this would go exceedingly well for her; socializing with the international elite was always full of opportunities and she relished the success of her show, despite it not having been put on yet. But she knew it would be a success. Some back in Kinkhnland might say that Kimnai's fashion line, Chalor, didn't deserve to be as successful as it was. That she became one of the top fashion designers in Kinkhnland through sheer luck instead of hard work. But Kimnai resented such words, or at least the latter. Even she had to admit that it was pure luck that several of her designs had caught the eye of one of the Grand Princesses all those years ago, but the success of Chalor had come from Kimnai's slavish diligence as much as the patronage of royalty.

Today she was dressed in the traditional dress of her people as anything else would send the wrong message; she was, after all, her to represent her people in a way. The ensemble was of white & golden silk, from the ankle-length skirt to the long strip wrapped around her upper body, weaved with geometric patterns. But in addition to this Kimnai wore both a pair of leather shoes & numerous pieces of ivory jewelry: wristband, necklaces, earrings, and rings all. And this was how Kimnai preferred to make a fashion statement. While something as garish and gaudy as the soon-to-be-Queen's entrance might be well-and-good for some, Kimnai preferred a more subtle approach. And if foreigners knew one thing about the Kinkhns, what was that? That they were cannibals. It was something Kinkhns were very open, and some dare say proud, of. So Kimnai wouldn't hold up a metaphorical sign demanding people look at her, no she would introduce herself and let their minds wander. Were her shoes simple leather? Was that really just ivory decorating her body? The answer was "no" of course; Kimnai wasn't so subtle as to not wear human leather and bone after all. But she wasn't going to go around openly advertising the fact.

After scanning those assembled Kimnai decided to head to Amelia Whitaker & Sam Baxter; the pair weren't engrossed in conversation yet, which was as good a start as any. She grabbed a champagne on the way over and took a sip, giving the pair a polite smile as she introduced herself.

"Lady Whitaker, Mr. Baxter," she nodded respectfully, then gestured at herself, "Lady Chalor Mali Kimnai. From Kinkhnland." She didn't expect the pair would know who she was; Chalor didn't really have any international presence to speak of and she wasn't really of notable blood herself, with her Ladyship having been bought from the government. But that wasn't particularly important at the moment.

"I'm one of the other designers putting on a show here this year, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance," she smiled, "I hear last year's show was quite fortuitous for Black Rose, I pray this year's show is just as successful."

Non Fiction / Re: Mundus Pronunciation Guide
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Kinkhn: KEEN-koon
Kinkhnland: KEEN-koon-land

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Long Road to Marriage
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On behalf of the Empire of Mueang Kin'khn & its people, I wish to offer my most sincerest & heartfelt of congratulation to His Majesty King David & Duchess Stasya. We hope that the union between the couple shall stand firm in the face of whatever adversity may come, and serve as a symbol for East Moreland and its people. And so I have decided that I shall be sending my youngest daughter, Her Imperial Highness Princess Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Yu-Phin, to attend the wedding alongside Kinkhn's Ambassador to East Moreland, Wattana Sanya Maliwan. I also request that my representatives be given a meeting with King David, if his schedule should permit it.

May your ancestors of both your clans bless this union.

Her Imperial Majesty Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Saowakhon, Empress of the Kin'khn

Convention Centre / Re: Royal Nyx Ballet Company World Tour OOC / Sign Ups
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Nation: Kinkhnland
Proposed City: Bawpxm
Special Shows: A private show for Her Imperial Highness Princess Kanda & her family.
Special Requests: A day or two for the Royal Nyx Ballet Company to take a class in local dance, and for the Imperial Classical Company to take a class in ballet.


Terrorist Bombing in Northwest

Late last night a car bomb was detonated outside of a courthouse in the city if Hinsida, capital of northwestern Grand Principality of the same name. Authorities have stated that the bomb was "crude" & "unstable", and had been placed in a delivery van which the perpetrators parked in front of the courthouse. Hinsida's Chief of Police Chai'at Chai'at Mali referred to the attack as "heinous" and an "undeniable attempt to kill innocent civilians" and that those who perpetrated the attack have "no concern in their minds for the people of Hinsida." Chai'at also added that the police had received a warning and had managed to evacuate the area; at present there are no reports of any injuries. The police currently have 2 unidentified men in custody, but have so far declined to release any information regarding their identities. However the police have stated that they believe the attack to have been perpetuated by local minority Nationalists. The Sorrow was a period of rebellion & civil war that lasted from roughly 1963-1976 between Imperial loyalists, Communist rebels, & Nationalist minorities. And while the war ended decades ago tensions still remain & there are several Nationalist terrorist groups that remain in the hinterlands of the Empire.


Millipedes Delay Trains Outside Bawpxm

After several days of abnormally heavy rain, thousands of millipedes have been sighted on railways outside of the city of Bawpxm. This has resulted in the trains being delayed as alternative routes are worked out & labourers work to remove the millipedes from the track. The millipedes typically dwell in wet detritus on the forest floor and are known to swarm after periods of heavy rain. Which can prove dangerous when they swarm on or near railways as the viscera from thousands of crushed millipedes can interfere in a trains ability to brake properly. In mid-2007 two trains collided and injured 21 people due to a millipede swarm. The current delays are not expected to last any longer than a few hours, and are not expected to have any major lasting impact.


Princess Kanda Opens New Homeless Shelter

Her Imperial Highness Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Kanda, daughter of HIH Grand Princess Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Songsuda and granddaughter of our esteemed Empress, has funded the opening of a new homeless shelter in the city of Bangein. The Princess is well known for supporting & funding a large number of charities in Kinkhnland, though most have been concentrated in the Grand Principality of Bawpxm governed by her mother. Bangein, however, is located within Kinkhnland's capital province and has been suffering from a homeless epidemic since the turn of the century, and attempts by the local government have done little to alleviate the problem. When asked why she wished to expand outside her mother's land the Princess said that she has "already done so much for the people of Bawpxm but as a daughter of the Imperial family it is my duty, and my desire, to assist my Kinkhn sisters & brothers wherever they might live." Princess Kanda has grown to be incredibly popular in Bawpxm not only due to her open funding of various charitable institutions but for her active volunteering as well; near a decade ago on the Princess' 16th birthday she made headlines by spending most of the day volunteering at a soup kitchen and instead of throwing a lavish party donating the funds for it to charity.

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