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Character Guides / People of Alakhwan
« on: February 16, 2021, 06:14:53 PM »
Hassan ibn Hussein Al Idris
Emir of Afayah
President of the United Emirates of Alakhwan
Positions HeldMinister of Defense: 1974-2006
Emir of Afayah: 2006-Present
President of Alakhwan: 2006-Present
FamilyIbrahim ibn Hassan Al Idris - Son
Wilhom Queen Samira of Royal Seleucid - Sister
Links to Important events?-
BiographyBorn in 1950 to the Emir of Afayah, Hassan grew up in a time when Afayah was still a protectorate of Royal Seleucid. Though he himself had no particular animosity to the Seleucids, when his father and the other Emirs rose up in revolt he joined in. Despite not even having reached his 20th year he scored a number of great victories against the Seleucids, although there are some who claim this was thanks to the more experienced commanders under him or even simple luck. But regardless the heir to the throne putting himself in danger fighting on the frontlines earned him the love of his people and he was nicknamed 'the Young Lion' for his age and ferocity. Unfortunately this resulted in a head injury that, while he survived, has resulted in the Sheikh being plagued with headaches & insomnia for most of his life.

Despite this Hassan was always dutiful & diligent, typically throwing himself into his duties to the detriment of all else. A proponent of centralization of Alakhwan, his crowning achievement was the formation of a unified Alakhwani military in 1986. Ever since his father's death in 2006 Hassan has thrown himself into the administration of his country just as he always has, with his reign seeing the country's wealth grow immensely due to the exploitation of petroleum. But in recent years Hassan has been seen less & less in public, and while the administration does its best to make excuses for the public the truth is simple: Sheikh Hassan's health is failing, and only God knows how long he has left for this world.

Factbooks and Maps / Factbook of the United Emirates of Alakhwan
« on: February 13, 2021, 10:52:55 PM »
The United Emirates of Alakhwan
al-ʾImārāt al-Muttaḥidah al-Akhwan

Above All, the Nation. Above the Nation, God


Alakhwan is an island nation in the Gulf of Aaraxis that is home to a surprising diverse population for its comparatively small size. Sometimes referred to as a "Midaranye in Miniature" the archipelago is home to Arabs of both Christian & Muslim faith, Seleucid Anahitaists, Parthian Manists, and a plethora of smaller minorities. For much of its history Alakhwan has been just as fragmented as its people; there have been eras in history where the archipelago was united by a native ruler, but they are the exception rather than the rule. In addition the islands have undergone many periods of influence or even outright dominance by foreign powers, although the extent to outsiders' control varied immensely. In modern times the islands are unified under a single federal government composed of a number of autonomous Emirates, with a council of Emirs ruling over the federal government whilst the Emirs have immense power within their own domains. Alakhwan is for the most part a rather undeveloped country; much of the rural population practices subsistence agriculture and its cities are dwarfed by those of wealthier nations. However with the discovery of exploitable oil deposits in much of Alakhwan nearly a decade ago the country has been slowly dragging itself into the modern world. But despite this there is still a major divide in the nation; over the span of a single day one can travel from a modern city to villages that appear to have been transported from centuries in the past.

Government Type:- Federated Elective Absolute Monarchy
Population:-:- ~11,000,000
Capital City:- Afayah (~1,300,000)
Demonym:- Alakhwani


Currency:- Alakhwani Drachma
GDP per Capita:- ~12,000
Unemployment Rate:- ~2.5%
Main Industries:- Petroleum, Agriculture, Mining


Ethnicity:- 64% Arab, 16% Seleucid, 11% Parthian, 9% Other
Languages:- Arabic, Seleucid, & Parthian are Official Languages throughout the Nation
Religions:- 55% Islam, 17% Christianity, 14% Anahitaism, 12% Manism, 2% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- Male - 70 years, Female - 74 years


Head of State:- Sheikh Hassan ibn Hussein Al Idris, Emir of Afayah
Head of Government:- Sheikh Abd al-Yasu ibn Ya'qub Al Ghassan, Emir of Al Jaliya
Name of Legislative Body:- National Council

Vignettes / Eskild - In the Halls of Power
« on: January 12, 2021, 06:48:03 PM »
January 1st, 2021
Lordsgate, Greater Eskild

Imke was fond of the quiet. So often the Party's headquarters were full of the sounds of people; the muffled & indistinct words of people talking, footfalls as they made their way through the building, the incessant clattering of keyboards. It wasn't awful by any means, and Imke was fond of that too, in its own way. But she appreciated the quiet & stillness even more. And the building was currently *very* still. It was New Years Day after all, and while she had no obligation to let people stay home the boost in morale more than made up for the work wasn't done. She was busy reading over a report from the Burgomaster of Lordsgate, well nominally from the Burgomaster. It was written competently and lacking in inane platitudes so she was certain the man had gotten one of his aides to write it. Then the quiet was broken by the ringing of the phone on her desk, which she picked up immediately.

"The FNB-Brigadelieder has arrived, ma'am," her secretary said.

Imke sighed, she knew the meeting with him was today but she hadn't been looking forward to it. She despised that worthless excuse for a man. "Send him up," she said, then hung up the phone.

She waited patiently for his arrival, growing more impatient as the minutes ticked by. He'd been to her office *many* times before, he couldn't have gotten lost. So why was he taking so long? Five minutes turned into 10 into 15, and by the time he arrived nearly 20 minutes had passed and she was certain he had done it on purpose just to anger her. He was dressed in the green uniform of the FNB and, from the way he was sweating heavily and squeezing his eyes shut when the light from her windows struck his face, hungover. Imke wasn't surprised. Not when it came to him.

"Hail Gebietelieder," Gerrit Lyks said with a salute, "I apologize for the delay."

Imke ignored the insincere apology and saluted back, "Hail, Brigadelieder. Take a seat."

Lyks took the seat across from Imke's desk, with a long moment spent as both stared at the other in disdain. "Lyks, you know why I called you here today."

"Truly, I have no idea Gebietelieder. Though I am sure that it's important, seeing as how you pulled me away from my duties running the Lordsgate's Militia."

"So, are you simply unaware that a gang of yo-"

"Squad," Lyks corrected.

"A *gang* of your men brutally beat a police officer last night? After brutally beating the owner of a bar."

Lyks sighed, "Oh, *that*. Look Gebietelieder I am truly sorry for what happened last night. However, the officer did interfere in official Militia business."

"I am sure the fact that your men had several large tabs at the bar had nothing to do with it."

At this Lyks scowled, "Excuse me? With all due respect, the Miltia help defend Eskild against any threats that may present themselves. Your implications are, to put it frankly, downright insulting to our prestigious organization."

"Then do you care to share what 'official Militia business' they were taking care of?"

"I am sorry but that is information privy only to the Miltia," Lyks shrugged, "And, unfortunately, you are not a member."

Imke fought back the urge to punch Lyks in his smug, sweaty face. She was about to say something further when her phone rang again. She picked it up without sparing a second glance to Lyks.

"Ma'am, the, um, some officers from the Geheime Steatspolysje just arrived and they're, uh, heading up to your office."

Imke was silent for a moment. The secret police? Here? Now? As realization hit her she managed not to grin; she had no idea that she would get to see this in person. "I understand," she said and hung up.

Much to the credit of the State Police, they managed to find their way to her room in less than 5 minutes. There was a knock at the door, which opened before Imke had any chance to say anything. In strode 4 members of the Geheime Steatspolysje: the Secret State Police. With their black coats & sunglasses it was clear who they were even to Lyks, who did a double-take upon their arrival.

"May I ask what business the Geheime Steatspolysje has with me?" Imke asked cordially.

One of the men nodded at Lyks and two of them hoisted the man out of his chair and slammed him onto the floor. "Wh-what the hell ar-" he began to say, before one of the agents punched him square across his face, "You are under arrest for treason against Eskild & conspiracy to assassinate an official of the Party," said the other. Lyks attempted to say something else, but was unable due to a boot connecting with his head.

The agent who was obviously the leader of the group stepped around the commotion and saluted Imke, "Hail Gebietelieder, I am truly sorry for the disruption. But it was imperative that we take the former FNB-Brigadelieder into custody as soon as possible."

Imke acted confused, "Treason? Assassination? What exactly is going on her?"

As Lyks was hauled away the leader gestured to his vacated seat, now lying on the ground, "May I?"

Imke nodded and the man stood the chair back up and took a seat. "In shall be straight to the point. We at the State Police uncovered a plot by senior members of the FNB to assassinate you."

"Assassinate... me?" she feigned shock & surprise at the news, "But... Are you sure?"

"I know this must come as a shock, but yes. We found proof in his home as well testimony from an eye-witness he had intimidated into silence. Now, I know this is a lot to take in but if I could ask you a few questions?"

"Of course."

Imke spent the next hour pretending that she did not utterly despise Lyks, pretending that she thought he was a decent man who only did what he thought was best for the country. Anything to make it seem as though the hatred & disdain only flowed one way. After all, she had been careful to never talk badly about the man outside of private conversations. Anyone who worked here could attest to that. She talked about the numerous incidents that she believed was the FNB overstepping their bounds and how she simply wanted the FNB to rein themselves in, not mentioning her personal opinion that the FNB were thugs in uniform. At the end of the hour she looked beyond reproach whereas Lyks was nothing more than a power-hungry thus with a vendetta. Just how she had planned it *months* ago. Only once the agent left and she was alone did she finally let herself smile. So much time spent planning, the effort of planting evidence, convincing Lyks' poor abused wife to lie to the State Police in return for safety. And everything had gone off without a hitch! She wondered how long it'd take for the State Police to extract a confession from Lyks. And she wondered if it was too much to ask that he implicate any other troublesome FNB officers she hadn't gotten around to framing.

She briefly glanced at the report still sitting on her desk, before putting it away. She had more important things to attend to. Like ordering another investigation into the FNB's "excesses". And hopefully with the disarray that's come from their upper leadership being arrested, they wouldn't be able to stonewall this one. Imke smiled once again at the possibility of finally finding a way to rid herself of the thorn in her side that was the FNB.


High-Ranking Militia Officers Arrested for Conspiracy of Assasination

Official sources in the government and the ruling Nasjonale Folkspartij (National People's Party/NFP) have confirmed that several high ranking members of the Frijwilligermilysje foar Nasjonale Beskering (Volunteer Militia for National Defense/FNB) were arrested & taken into custody around the New Year. These officers for the FNP's paramilitary unit are believed to have taken part in a conspiracy to assassinate Gebietelieder Inke fan'e Berch, head of the Nasjonale Folkspartij in Lordsgate and daughter of our nation's beloved Folkslieder. Local police are said to have stumbled upon evidence of the plot whilst investigating several of the officers in a case involving illegal dog-fighting, at which they turned the evidence over to the Geheime Steatspolysje. Investigations by the State Police then uncovered evidence implicating numerous members of the FNB's officer corps in Lordsgate. The assassins include a dozen of the ranking FNB officers in Lordsgate including the former FNB-Brigadelieder Gerrit Lyks, former head of the FNB contingent in Lordsgate. Sources say that disagreements between Gebietelieder fan'e Berch and former FNB-Brigadelieder Lyks over what the Gebietelieder have referred to as "the FNB's excesses" were a common source friction between the FNB and the main body of the NFP. However the motive behind the assassination plot has yet to be officially announced. The men will be tried in the Folksgerjocht, a special court with jurisdiction of political offenses in the Kingdom of Greater Eskild, on Friday, January 15th.

A reporter managed to ask Gebietelieder fan'e Berch herself about the attempted plot, to which she had this to say: "I must admit that I am truly shocked at the revelation of this plot against my life. We did not see eye-to-eye on many things and had a number of professional disagreements with the man. But I still believed him to be a good & loyal Eskilder citizen. That our disagreements came from different ideas of what was best for our nation. It pains me to find out that he was simply a traitor. A traitor to his people, his nation, and his Party. And that a dozen men in the FNB would go along with such treachery? I weep to see how far deep the rot must go."


Factbooks and Maps / Factbook of the Kingdom of Greater Eskild
« on: December 22, 2020, 05:02:32 AM »
The Kingdom of Greater Eskild
It Keninkryk fan Grutter Eskyld

Morior Invictus

(I Die Unvanquished; motto of the Royal Family)

Leauwe! Harkje! Fjochtsje!
(Believe! Obey! Fight!; motto of the National People's Party)



Government Type:- Constitutional Monarchy under a Fascist One-Party Totalitarian Dictatorship
Population:- ~120,000,000
Capital City:- Lordsgate (Hearnstek) - ~650,000 people
Demonym:- Eskilder


Currency:- Guilder
GDP per Capita:- $27,947
Unemployment Rate:- ~10%
Main Industries:- TBD


Ethnicity:- -% Eskilder, -% Vorstelander, -% Other
Languages:- -% Eskilder, -% Vorstelander, -% Other
Religions:- -% Christianity (-% Protestantism, -% Catholicism), -% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- 74 years


Head of State:- King Joris II fan Atert
Head of Government:- Folkslieder Klaes fan'e Berch
Name of Legislative Body:- Parliament of the Kingdom of the Greater Eskild; Upper House - Royal Senate, Lower House - Chamber of the People

Character Guides / The People of Kinkhnland
« on: February 28, 2020, 09:58:39 PM »
Index of Kinkhns

Empress Saowakhon


Terrorist Bombing in Northwest

Late last night a car bomb was detonated outside of a courthouse in the city if Hinsida, capital of northwestern Grand Principality of the same name. Authorities have stated that the bomb was "crude" & "unstable", and had been placed in a delivery van which the perpetrators parked in front of the courthouse. Hinsida's Chief of Police Chai'at Chai'at Mali referred to the attack as "heinous" and an "undeniable attempt to kill innocent civilians" and that those who perpetrated the attack have "no concern in their minds for the people of Hinsida." Chai'at also added that the police had received a warning and had managed to evacuate the area; at present there are no reports of any injuries. The police currently have 2 unidentified men in custody, but have so far declined to release any information regarding their identities. However the police have stated that they believe the attack to have been perpetuated by local minority Nationalists. The Sorrow was a period of rebellion & civil war that lasted from roughly 1963-1976 between Imperial loyalists, Communist rebels, & Nationalist minorities. And while the war ended decades ago tensions still remain & there are several Nationalist terrorist groups that remain in the hinterlands of the Empire.


Millipedes Delay Trains Outside Bawpxm

After several days of abnormally heavy rain, thousands of millipedes have been sighted on railways outside of the city of Bawpxm. This has resulted in the trains being delayed as alternative routes are worked out & labourers work to remove the millipedes from the track. The millipedes typically dwell in wet detritus on the forest floor and are known to swarm after periods of heavy rain. Which can prove dangerous when they swarm on or near railways as the viscera from thousands of crushed millipedes can interfere in a trains ability to brake properly. In mid-2007 two trains collided and injured 21 people due to a millipede swarm. The current delays are not expected to last any longer than a few hours, and are not expected to have any major lasting impact.


Princess Kanda Opens New Homeless Shelter

Her Imperial Highness Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Kanda, daughter of HIH Grand Princess Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Songsuda and granddaughter of our esteemed Empress, has funded the opening of a new homeless shelter in the city of Bangein. The Princess is well known for supporting & funding a large number of charities in Kinkhnland, though most have been concentrated in the Grand Principality of Bawpxm governed by her mother. Bangein, however, is located within Kinkhnland's capital province and has been suffering from a homeless epidemic since the turn of the century, and attempts by the local government have done little to alleviate the problem. When asked why she wished to expand outside her mother's land the Princess said that she has "already done so much for the people of Bawpxm but as a daughter of the Imperial family it is my duty, and my desire, to assist my Kinkhn sisters & brothers wherever they might live." Princess Kanda has grown to be incredibly popular in Bawpxm not only due to her open funding of various charitable institutions but for her active volunteering as well; near a decade ago on the Princess' 16th birthday she made headlines by spending most of the day volunteering at a soup kitchen and instead of throwing a lavish party donating the funds for it to charity.

Factbooks and Maps / Factbook of the Empire of Kinkhnland
« on: November 27, 2019, 10:50:17 PM »

Motto:- We Rightly Feast Upon Our Foes


The Empire of Mueang Kin'khn, known in English as Kinkhnland, is a constitutional monarchy found in the jungles of southern Cotfaranye and born out of the unification of the numerous petty kingdoms of the Kinkhn in the early 1800s. Kinkhnland is a nation with a strong love & veneration for its histories and its ancestors, but it is a nation plagued with division. Division between the sexes because of the strict matriarchy of Kinkhn culture; division between the ethnic Kinkhn and the ethnic minorities treated as second-class citizens; division between the wealthy, industrialized coast and the poor & undeveloped hinterlands; and of course, division between the wealthy and the poor.

Government Type:- Authoritarian Consitutional Monarchy
Population:- ~63,000,000
Capital City:- Krung Rek (4,000,000)
Demonym:- Kinkhn


Currency:- Kyattha
GDP per Capita:- ~$30,000
Unemployment Rate:- 12%
Main Industries:- Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Electronics, Tourism, Chemical Manufacturing, Agriculture, Mining


Ethnicity:- 77% Kinkhn, 23% Other
Languages:- Official Languages: High Kinkhn
Religions:- 83% Laththi Brrphburuss, 17% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- 73


Head of State:- Tantasatityanon Thikhamphorn Saowakhon, Empress of the Kin'khn
Head of Government:- State Elder Songprawati On Choi Phanthittra
Name of Legislative Body:- The Imperial Assembly

Factbooks and Maps / Factbook of the Kingdom of Oltremaria
« on: October 06, 2019, 01:56:21 AM »
The Kingdom of Oltremaria

Per Dio, Per il Re, Per la Patria


Government Type:- Constitutional Elective Monarchy
Population:- ~62,000,000
Capital City:- de jure None; de facto Raduna
Demonym:- Oltremarian


Currency:- Oltremarian Ducat
GDP per Capita:- ~$40,000
Unemployment Rate:- ~10%
Main Industries:- Machinery, Vehicles, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Clothing, Electronics


Ethnicity:- Oltremarian (Italian)
Languages:- Standard Italian & Various Local Dialects
Religions:- 58% Protestant, 33% Catholic, 9% Irreligion
Average Life Expectancy:- Men-79, Women-84


Head of State:- His Majesty King Stefano II d'Buscemi
Head of Government:- His Majesty King Stefano II d'Buscemi
Name of Legislative Body:- The Corti Generali

Factbooks and Maps / The Factbook of the Kel Twareg Confederation
« on: September 29, 2019, 01:06:43 AM »
The Kel Twareg Confederation

Motto:- God Aids the Willing


Kel Twareg (officially the Kel Twareg Confederation) is a nation in western Midaranye bordering the Empire of Tamora in the East. The various Twareg peoples have made their homes in the Tenere Desert that makes up most of the country for since their migration there in the 4-5th centuries, however the establishment of the modern dates back only to the early 19th century. Prior to that the Twaregs lived as a nomadic people, known for their goat herding, raiding, and trade caravans across the harsh sands. The Kel Twareg Confederation was founded by Mahamadou ag Geda, who united the Twareg clans and lead a war to conquer Kel Denneg, a Twareg confederation that had been conquered by the Tamoran Empire decades earlier.

Kel Twareg is a relatively sparsely populated nation, home to only 12,000,000 people. Twareg rulers have attempted to modernize the country throughout its existence but have been hampered by the comparative lack of population & capital, the isolation of its population centers, the harsh terrain of the nation, and the heavily traditional views of those living outside the rare urban areas. While the number has been decreasing in modern times, nearly a third of the Twareg population still leads a nomadic or seminomadic lifestyle. And furthermore traditional clan and family ties are still the basis for much of Twareg society, although this is breaking down in the urban population.

Government Type:- Absolute Monarchy
Population:- ~12,000,000
Capital City:- Tintasift (1,400,000)
Demonym:- Twareg


Currency:- Twareg Dinar
GDP per Capita:- $5,000,000
Unemployment Rate:- 2.6%
Main Industries:- Mining & Agriculture


The people of Kel Twareg are a people who are simultaneously both staunchly united and bitterly divided. Though small minority groups exist the majority of the population consists of those would identify as ethnic Twaregs, who are united by a common nomadic heritage, Christian religion, and related family of languages. But Twareg society is divided into a total of 39 clans spread across the nation who identify with one another to a greater degree than to other Twareg from outside of their clan.  Beyond this Twareg society is also traditionally stratified into endogamous castes that exist as followed: the free castes of the nobles (imakhagan), herdsmen (imghad), & artisans (inadan) as well as the slave and serf castes (bellah & izeggaghan, respectively). Slavery and serfdom has been illegal since the mid-80s, however in less developed regions the practices continue unabated. In the urban centres of the nation many of the more traditional practices have begun to break down; for example castes were traditionally endogamous (marriage was between members of the same caste) but this restriction has been lessened or even outright ignored more and more in modern times. However residential areas and even businesses in some cities are still segregated by Clan, not by law or statute but simply by tradition.

The faith of the Twareg people is an interesting one which its practitioners claim as Christian but which has been widely decried by other denominations as heretical at best and heathenry at worst. This is due in large part to it having radically separated from mainline Christianity in the first few centuries of the religions existence. It is known outside the nation as Revelationist Christianity (or simply Revelationism) but it is officially the Most Holy & Apostolic Church of Christ. Though there are numerous minor doctrinal differences the major deviations are as such: they believe that the Gods of the Old & New Testament were two separate entities, and that the Old Testament god was an evil entity and thus that the material world is inherently evil and in opposition to the spiritual; that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was not a deceiver but an agent sent by the true God to guide Adam & Eve towards the wisdom and knowledge that could free them; and that while Christ was the Son of God he was not the last prophet and that further truths will be revealed by future prophets (this belief gave birth to their common name of Revelationists).

Ethnicity:- Twareg
Languages:- Twareg Languages (Tafaghist, Tamahaq, Tamasheq, Tamajeq, Tawellemmet)
Religions:- Revelationist Christianity
Average Life Expectancy:- 70


Head of State:- Amenukal Issouf II ag Geda
Head of Government:- Amenukal Issouf II ag Geda
Name of Legislative Body:- None; ultimate power resides with the Amenukal

Diplomacy and Events / In the Shadow of the Sun (Xæth & Nyx)
« on: July 22, 2019, 09:03:08 PM »

To the Esteemed Members of the Delegation of the Consecrated Nyx Coalition,

It is with great joy that I must inform the most esteemed rulers of the Consecrated Nyx Coalition that Her Imperial Majesty Ælirn XIX xy Thælyrn offers an invitation for a diplomatic visitation to the capital city of Jiloola of the Most Serene and Celestial Empire of Xæth. Her Imperial Majesty was honoured to attend the coronation of Ascendant Natrax, her only regret being that she was unable to speak to the Ascendant herself. She finds herself fascinating by the ancient traditions and culture of your people and is eager for a chance to learn more about your people. Furthermore, with the recent emergence of the Nythmn from their isolation her Imperial Majesty views this as an excellent opportunity to develop and strengthen a mutually beneficial relationship between our two most prestigious nations. It is with great anticipation that we await your respond, so that we may make arrangements for the meeting.

Ithana Tyraa, Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Most Serene and Celestial Empire of Xæth

Diplomacy and Events / Hyllaræ, 2019
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:55:46 PM »
To the Many Esteemed and Sublime Nations of Mundus,

On the 21st of this month of May, the people of Xæth will be celebrating their traditional harvest festivities of Hyllaræ. Hyllaræ is a time of great merriment and celebration amongst the Xæthoon and this year Her Imperial Majesty the Most Serene and Celestial Empress of Xæth Ælirn XIX xy Thælyrn has given an open invitation to the various governments around Mundus to send dignitaries to come and partake in the festivities with her. To foster cohesion and unity across the width and breadth of Xæth it is tradition that for many of Xæth's traditional festivals and holidays the Empress travels outside the Imperial capital of Jiloola to one of the numerous smaller settlements across the whole of the empire. For her first Hyllaræ as Empress Her Imperial Majesty has chosen to celebrate in Xahalla, a seaside town of several thousand people in western Xæth. Any dignitaries arriving by ship will be able to dock in Xahalla itself but the town does not have a proper airport and so any dignitaries arriving by air are asked to land at the airport in the nearby city of Ythirba, roughly a 45 minute drive away from Xahalla itself. The Empress looks forward to sharing the culture of our wondrous and illustrious nation with those who attend.

Ithana Tyraa, Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Most Serene and Celestial Empire of Xæth

Factbooks and Maps / The Imperial Armed Forces of Xæth
« on: March 30, 2019, 10:23:13 PM »
The Imperial Armed Forces of the Most Serene and Celestial Empire of Xæth

Imperial Army of Xæth          Imperial Navy of Xæth         
HeadquartersJiloola, ThælyrnArla Xul, Jalyl
Commanding Officer          General Aalany XivixAdmiral Nyra xy Aalylrn
Active Members
110,000 Soldiers
40,000 Airmen
(33,000 Reservists)
45,000 Seamen
(20,000 Reservists)

Character Guides / People of Xæth
« on: February 15, 2019, 05:33:38 PM »
NameÆlirn xy Thælyrn
RolesThe Most Serene and Celestial Empress of Xæth; Queen of Thælyrn, of Ynith, of Oova, and of Maashirn; High Queen of Jalyl; Lady-Protector of Maryrn; Sovereign Guardian of the Mountain Queens; Favoured Daughter of the Virgin Sun; Mistress of the Mountains, of the Hills, of the Forests, of the Rivers, and of the Seas; Warden of the Twin-Straits; and Rightful Ruler of all Xæth and its Peoples
Year of Birth1994; Xymyxa, Ynith
EducationBachelor's Degree in History from the Imperial University at Jiloolaa
Positions Held1994-2018: Crown Princess of Xæth
2018- : The Most Serene and Celestial Empress of Xæth
FamilyYphaa xy Thælyrn (deceased) - Mother
Xaan xy Ool (deceased) - Father
Llyri xy Thælyrn - Maternal Aunt
Allan xy Thælyrn - Maternal Uncle
Kallax xy Ool - Paternal Aunt
Yxa xy Ool - Cousin
Aaxa xy Ool - Cousin
Links to Important events?-
BiographyThe only daughter of the previous Empress of Xæth, Ælirn was raised to one day rule her nation as her forebears had before her. However as a shy and introverted girl whose mother doted and spoiled her, she was perhaps not as well prepared for certain facets of Empresshood as she should have been. She cares immensely for her people, and has a great love and pride in the history and traditions of her nation. Collects pens.

Diplomacy and Events / Invitation to a New Empress' Enthronement
« on: November 26, 2018, 06:39:56 AM »
To the Numerous Sublime States of the World,

The heir and Empress to be of our illustrious nation of Xæth, Ælirn xy Thælyrn, has made it her will that representatives and dignitaries of foreign sovereign states be present at her upcoming enthronement. This ceremony marks the formal investiture of Imperial authority in the Crown Princess, and she desires to utilize the day to build and strength relations with the numerous countries of the worlds. It is requested that any who plan to attend arrive the day before as the enthronement ceremony will begin in the morning and the Crown Princess wishes to meet with those present before the ceremony.

~Thillin xy Vyllyn, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Most Serene and Celestial Empire of Xæth

International News Networks / The Xaethoon Imperial Broadcasting Service
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:54:14 AM »
The Beginning of a New Era

It has been nearly a month since the untimely death of our dearly beloved Empress Yphaa, meaning that the month of state mourning has nearly run its course. Yphaa xy Thælyrn drifted from this world at a mere 41 years old, victim of long-outstanding medical problems only a scant few weeks after the death of her most cherished Consort. In the interim month her sister and Prime Minister, Llyri xy Thælyrn, has headed the government as Regent. But a Regency cannot last forever, and Llyri only rules from the Imperial until her niece is enthroned as the Most Serene and Celestial Empress. And such a time is now. Once the mourning period has ended, Crown Princess Ælirn xy Thælyrn, will be officially enthroned upon the Radiant Throne and take her rightful place as Xæth's ruler.

The ceremony is to begin the morning of November 2*, with prestigious and well-respected guests from all over Xæth in attendance. However, Crown Princess Ælirn herself has publicly announced that she desires to invite foreign dignitaries from states all over the world to attend the enthronement. The Crown Princess claims this is the first step in correcting the laxity in Xæthoon diplomacy during her mother's reign. While Regent Llyri has made no public comment on her niece's announcement, it is unlikely that she would refuse a public request of the soon-to-be-Empress. This would make it the first time since the enthronement of Crown Princess Ælirn's great-grandmother 69 years ago that foreign dignitaries will be present for the ceremony. Regardless, the entirety of the country is looking forward to the new Empress' ascension as the beginning of a new era for Xæth.

Factbooks and Maps / The Most Serene and Celestial Empire of Xaeth
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The Most Serene and Celestial Empire of Xæth

Nyl linaa Væthy naa Tyllaash ool Vækæsh
(Look to the Past to Prepare for the Future)


Government Type
Authoritarian Constitutional Monarchy
Capital City
Jiloola (population ~1,800,000)
Largest City
Ællily (population ~6,000,000)


GDP per Capita
Unemployment Rate
Main Industries
Chemical, Agricultural (particularly rubber and tropical lumber), Mining (particularly copper, iron, and diamonds), and Steel


~93% various Xæthoon ethnicities
~3% Noonyan
~2% Maori
~2% Other
Official Language
Imperial Xæthoon
Average Life Expectancy:-
Female - 78 Male - 72


Head of State
Her Imperial Majesty The Most Serene and Celestial Empress Ælirn XIX xy Thælyrn
Head of Government
Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess and Prime Minister Llyri xy Thælyrn
Name of Legislative Body
The National Assembly of Xæth (lower house) and the Council Most Eminent (upper house)

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