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Sudmark Federation
« on: May 09, 2021, 11:23:06 PM »
Südmark Federation

Captial: Vrusia | Population: 23.3 Million | Government: Federal Monarchy | Demonym: Sudmarker | Language:Derusmic | GDP per-capita: 11'630

Sudmark, officially the Sudmark Federation (Derusmic: die Südmark Föderation), is a country located in the south of the Continent of Albion. It is bordered to the west by the Bay of Sargon; to the south by the Sea of Antalin, and to the East by the Sea of Alucard*. Far west, Across the Bay of Sargon, lies the Ecclesiastical State (ES), while to the North lies the Empire of Aosta.

Sudmark is slightly larger than the Drenovian Union in total land area and is comprised of continental Sudmark in Albion and the Ebreichnau Iles located in the Bay of Sargon. Sudmark is the southernmost country within Albion and has historically claimed portions of the Arctic continent of Hygelac as its own though these claims have often been unrecognized throughout the Mundus. 

Sudmark has a total estimated population of 23.3 million inhabitants most of whom are descended from Derusmian settlers, a legacy of the regions time as a territory of the Derusmian Empire. Sudmark is officially a federal monarchy comprised of five states while the Strossner family functions as the hereditary Head of State. The capital city of Sudmark is Vilkirch located within continental Sudmark, while the city of Brascroen serves as the largest city within the Ebreichnau Iles. 

Pre-Derursmian Sudmark has been the subject of much speculation. It is generally agreed that pre-Dersumian civilizations once inhabited the area, though, as to whether these people are native to the region or themselves or originating from elsewhere has been the subject of debate amongst scholars. Archeological evidence suggests the possibility of Sudmark once hosting Nordic seafarers as well as possible Drenovian explorers. Though the factuality of such claims has yet to be confirmed. First accounts by Derusmian explorers makes mention of a people today known as the Ikuiat, themselves believed to have eventually been assimilated by the Derusmians. During the mid-17th century Derusmian settlers would establish themselves in Sudmark founding a series of port trading towns Vrusia among them. By the late 17th century, the region would officially be incorporated into the Derusmian Empire from which the country earns its namesake.  Sudmark would remain a part of the Empire until its dissolution, becoming an independent country by the mid-20th century. Post-Independence, Sudmark has struggled to maintain itself in either relevancy or influence. In recent years Sudmark has been known to engage and cooperate with research missions into Hygelac, itself hosting a research facility located in its overseas territory of . 

Sudmark has the lowest nomonial GDP within South Albion with an estimated GDP per captia of 11’630.  The country’s economy is strongly tied to its Natural Gas Industry which dominates both the political and economic spheres of Sudmark. Other contributing industries include Aquaculture and gambling tourism. In particular, the city of Hildfels, has often been remarked as a “vice-city”, the gambling center of Sudmark, and the country’s most profitable municipality.

Sudmark has remained relatively quiet and isolated with regards to the international stage. Though efforts according to political observers, efforts are being made to make Sudmark more present throughout the east Antilin sea and southern Albion. Of note is a research facility within the city of Brascroen sponsored by the Sudmark government that has, reportedly, worked in cooperation with similar research facilities in Hygelac. 

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