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International News Networks / Re: Sovereign News Network
« Last post by Cool101jr on Today at 04:32:15 AM »
Sovereign News Network

Breaking News
High Regent Evelyn Wesley
Announcment of Regency Promises Stability: It has just been released from the Imperial Palace that Queen Serenity Azurewind has signed an agreement with the former Vice Commandant Evelyn Wesley, daughter of former SC Randy Wesley and Sister of Former SC Isaac Wesley. This agreement will allow Lady Wesley to assume all of the roles and responsibilities of Queen Azurewind and act in her stead as Regent of Revana. The terms of the agreement, learned by a good source within the palace, seems to have two situations in which the Lady Evelyn can lose her powers. First, should she wish it, Queen Azurewind may take up her roles and responsibilities at anytime. Second, upon turning 16 and completing her education, the rightful hair Astrid Azurewind-Wesley, will automatically take over the roles and responsibilities of Queen and Supreme Commandant.

This agreement and new Regency promises to bring about a new term of peace and stability to Revana, which has been in a state of muted chaos since the assassination of Commandant Isaac. With the long string of terrorist attacks by the Remnants of the Enlightenment, and the attempted secession of Tal'Ocia last month, it'll be nice to have a true Revana-born ruler that can focus directly on us and bring this nation back up to scratch.
Character Guides / Re: Notables of Revana
« Last post by Cool101jr on Today at 02:53:21 AM »
Ferral Armon
TitlesLord Minister
EducationSupreme Sovereignty General Education
Sovereigntyian Military command Recruit Training
Sovereigntyian Elite Officer Training
Positions HeldLord High General of the Army
FamilyHusband - Steven Armon
Adopted Daughter - Samantha Armon
Links to Important events?Eugenics War
2nd War of the Enlightenment
BiographyFerral is strict no nonsense man the fills his role perfectly. It known he has somewhat of a rivalry with Erin Michaels as their personalities really clash.
Character Guides / Re: Notables of Revana
« Last post by Cool101jr on Today at 02:41:28 AM »
Erin Michaels
TitlesLady Minster
EducationSupreme Sovereignty General Education
Sovereigntyian Military command Recruit Training
Sovereigntyian Elite Officer Training
Positions HeldLord High Admiral of the Navy
Links to Important events?Eugenics War
2nd War of the Enlightenment
BiographyOverly excited for an Admiral, Erin has a habit of acting way below her rank. She has also been known to be very flirtacious to certain people.
Character Guides / Re: Notables of Revana
« Last post by Cool101jr on Today at 02:15:09 AM »
Serenity Azurewind

TitlesLady Commandant/Queen
EducationStudying part time at College of Law, Valtheim
Officer Graduate Achkaerin Naval Academy
High School Qualifications from Lady Morgana High, Valtheim
Positions Held
Queen of Revana
Crown Princess of Achkaerin
Countess of Midvale
Fifth Secretary General of the CTO (two terms)
Former Chief Councillor of CMA
Founder and Chief Executive Legacy Sport Foundation

Lieutenant (Achkaerin Navy)
Posting: JAG HQ Valtheim
FamilyHusband - Isaac Wesley
Daughter - Astrid Azurewind
Daughter - Lisa Azurewind
Brother - Simon Azurewind
Sister in Law - Lydia Daniels
Sister in Law - Evelyn Wesley
Father - Peter Azurewind
Mother - Iona Azurewind
Father in Law - Randy Wesley
Mother in Law - Revana Wesley
Cousin - Sakura Sheppard
Cousin - Cerys Azurewind
Cousin - Jack Azurewind
Niece - Aeolia Azurewind
Niece - Lamia Azurewind
Aunt - Esme Azurewind
Grandmother - Delores Azurewind
Grandfather - Harry Azurewind
Great Uncle - Arthur Whitaker
Links to Important events?Attended the Cultural Exchange Treaty Summit and hosted the first conference of the CETO
Attended the MCUR Conference
Kidnapped by Borland Separatists
Attended the Commonwealth Conference
Chaired the Second Round Table and attended the third
Mediated the Ardian Diplomatic Convention
Served under CIS Banner in the War of the Enlightenment
Served as CTO Secretary General pushing through measures in respect of several international events.
Created the Mundus Crime Agency
Created LISA
Married Isaac Wesley
Special Advocate and witness Andean Genocide Trial
BiographyFeisty, intelligent and a petrol head with a large collection of sports and super cars, she also has the talent behind the wheel. Intelligent and sharp when it's time to discuss business but otherwise quite friendly.

Valkyria Medal awarded for "Being wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the Holy Empire of Achkaerin or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces"

(Almost word for word Achkaerin's Who's who post for Serenity, but there's not really anything I could change and I'm not cutting anything about her out because that'd be a disservice.)
OOC Socialisation / Re: Leave of Absence Topic
« Last post by Baal on September 16, 2021, 10:25:01 PM »
I'm taking some time off. IRL stuff is getting pretty crazy I'll be back in like a month or so.
Diplomacy and Events / A Transfer of Power (Altona &Lakhzovia)
« Last post by Altona on September 16, 2021, 09:59:31 PM »

To the Government of Lakhzovia

It has been brought to my attention that your nations media recently reported that your nation has opened its first nuclear power station. With similar projects having taken off successfully in Altona as of late I think that we stand in a strong position to help each other. Our nation has a small population and already utilises substaintail wind and wave power to produce electricity. It is likely that we will produce more electricty than we need in years to come. With our close geographic proximatey I see no reason why we can not explore to possibility of the Altonan electrical grid transferring our surplus into the Lakhzovian system. In addition with your own developments I believe we can work together to make our own nuclear power developments more efficient in the long term.

With this as a foundation for discussion I would like to invite yourself, or a representative to meet with myself and relevant members of our ministries. The Royal Chamber at Kaiserplaza shall be prepared for if and when you wish to discuss the energy proposal and any other matters of interest.

From A Neighbour

King Rutger of Altona
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Lakhzov Amnesty - Lakhzovia, Achkaerin
« Last post by Lakhzovia on September 16, 2021, 09:10:11 PM »
"Thank you for agreeing to see me. I must say, I am honoured to meet with you, when I requested a meeting with a government representative I did not in my wildest dreams expect that I would be given the ear of the Consul." Argan smiled warmly "Now as to why I requested a meeting. As I am sure you have probably been briefed, Kadassa has seen fit to issue an amnesty, one that mentions me by name no less. Now as much as I am the optimist, the fact the other person mentioned by name is Racip Uttaman, the infamous terrorist bogeyman of Lakhzov imagining, leads me to worry that this offer is less than genuine and that should I accept I would find myself promptly in a jail cell.

However, an opportunity such as this does not present itself everyday. Now whether genuine or not, it has been made publicly,  and I find myself tempted to accept it. That said, given my earlier worries I would feel more secure if the regime were subjected to the severest of international scrutiny if I were to return. Kadassa may have sought to bait us into a trap, however if placed under the gaze and pressure of the international community, especially that of fellow members of the CSU, he will likely be forced to honour the terms of the amnesty.

In such a situation I would seek to return to politics at the head of the Democratic Alliance. The regime has recently being trying to portray itself as a humanitarian, reformist, democratising force; a ruse clearly designed to attract investment and ingratiate itself with the international community. It is my intention to use the regimes grandstanding on reform to push for genuine democratic reform, and exert maximum pressure on the Kadassa regime in order to dislodge it from power.

I don't seek to put Achkaerin in a difficult position, I know that you are ostensibly friends with Kadassa's Lakhzovia, however I also know that you are a nation that values freedom, democracy and justice. I know how friendship with the Kadassa regime must cut across the grain, yet you do so out of the recognition of Lakhzovia's true potential under the right leadership. Well my friends, I am that right leadership. I am therefore asking you for whatever help and support you are able to give me."
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Lakhzov Amnesty - Lakhzovia, Achkaerin
« Last post by Achkaerin on September 16, 2021, 08:36:41 PM »
"Mr Tsagari?" a secretary asked upon approaching the thoughtful looking man "If you'd like to follow me your meeting is this way." a few moments later she was leading him through the corridors of Liberty Hall, the home of the Achkaerinese Senate, seat of Achkaerinese democracy, the place where five hundred and thirty elected representatives did their duty. It was a secure location for such a meeting as this, all appropriate measures had been taken, Argan had been brought in via the 'lifeline network' a series of underground passages that crisscrossed the Achkaerinese capital allowing for evacuation of government personnel should it become necessary, bringing him in underground was the easiest way to lose any lingering eyes and considering this was a meeting with government officials it was far less eyebrow raising to not have government ministers depart from schedules that would attract a lot more attention. Fortunately Argan's status as a political refugee plus his high profile meant that it wasn't outside the realms of possibility for him to have a meeting at the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Ministry, so that's how this had been laid out he'd been taken there first and then escorted through the underground tunnel to Liberty Hall, which hopefully meant that anyone who'd been lucky enough to spot Tsagari earlier thought he was about three miles down the road and not where he truly was.

The Consul, or leader of the elected Achkaerinese Government, was Michael Williams, he'd been the Consul since the 2010 general election and after a great many battles in the political arena and in the court of public opinion he was pleased to see that the future they'd laid the foundations for was coming into view. He wore a suit consisting of black trousers, a white shirt, a dark royal blue tie and a black suit jacket, he was joined by Rion Ayanami, the leader of Achkaerin's highly secretive Justicars, her insights would likely be very valuable in this meeting. As smart as Michael was dressed Rion looked far more casual, a dark pair of jeans a black t-shirt and a grey fleece jacket. Neither Michael or Rion were particularly trusting of the Kadassa regime, they didn't make a big song and dance about it but they'd kept a very close eye on that regime, the focus of that had only increased post-war and Rion wasn't particularly impressed with what she'd once derogatorily referred to as an "xbox gamer level assassination attempt." it was also worth noting Rion was the brains behind how Tsagari had been smuggled out of the basement of a Rokkenjiman embassy, through a bloodthirsty mob, escaped a rapidly closing police noose and then flown out posing as a weapons officer on an wasp type helicopter.

"Mr Tsagari Consul." the secretary said opening the door.
"Thanks Rosie." Michael said "Can you sort some refreshments out?"
"Of course." Rosie said

When the door closed and it was just the three of them Michael smiled at Argan "Please have a seat Mr Tsagari." he said before indicating Rion "This is Lieutenant Colonel Ayanami she works with military intelligence."
"Mr Tsagari." Rion said

With the pleasantries exchanged Michael took a moment before sitting down "So how can we help you today?" Michael asked
International News Networks / Re: Imperial News Service (Arashkai)
« Last post by Daitō on September 16, 2021, 06:30:06 AM »

Tokkō confirms suspect in 6/10 Attacks in custody

Jin Hiraishi, Director of the Tokubetsu Kōtō Keisatsu, has confirmed that the agency has arrested a suspect in the investigation into the 6/10 attack. The individual, a man by the name of Kaiji Hatsu, was found to have ties to the organization known as the RAC, had been seen leaving the building where the gunfire came from, and had, according to a source in the organization, his fingerprints on bullet casings in the room where the firearm was found. The Director was quoted as saying "While we have concerns as to how our gunman acquired the rifle used, that being a Yamakawa R73, we have no doubt that 'Hatsu-san' was responsible." The Rifle, whose serial number has not been disclosed to the public, was last checked out by a Rikugun-Chūi by the name of Katsuo Ijima, who went missing shortly before the attacks on the 10th of June. While the Director did not confirm the relation of Ijima-chūi to the attacks, he did say that there was good reason to believe that he was tied to it in some manner.

Director Hiraishi expressed his concern over another finding in the case, that being the discovery of Ijima-chūi's body in Ikijima's Mitane Prefecture in June. This news was reported briefly in the Island's local news outlets shortly after its discovery but was, due to its apparent lack of importance at the time, not reported by national news networks. So far, Director Hiraishi stated he believed that the suspect, Kaiji Hatsu, may have kidnapped the lieutenant during a regular drill and had, after the killing of Prime Minister Anabuki and the Antei Emperor, murdered him in order to tie up any loose ends. However, he stressed that, although the primary suspect has been taken into custody, the case remains far from closed as the investigation into any potential co-conspirators begins. We will update you with any other findings as they arrive.
Vignettes / Re: To Control an Empire...
« Last post by Daitō on September 16, 2021, 06:29:55 AM »
Tokkō HQ, Shinkyō--
15 September, 2021--
1300 Hours--

Jin found himself sat in his office, watching the news as it came in following a press conference he held earlier that day. How he hated those things, much as he enjoyed his job at this point. It was nice, holding an advantage over his opponent. Of course, he knew better than to believe that the arrest he'd made earlier would go unnoticed by Fukushi-Taishō, after all, Kaiji Hatsu was one of his boys. A member of the RAC, but only so far as to keep an eye on the group. More importantly, he had been a member of the Sumeragi Michi, same as Fukushi-Taishō was... and he had, once. He didn't like having to lie about the reason he had been brought in, but ultimately, it was necessary to maintain a facsimile of justice for the public and an illusion that he was on the General's side.
   "...concerns as to how our gunman acquired the rifle used, that being a Yamakawa R73, we have no doubt that 'Hatsu-san' was responsible." A voice said on the television as Jin bit his lip in disgust. It was his voice, and though it was difficult to tell, that was very much a lie. Both to calm the public and to make Fukushi-Taishō believe the Tokkō wasn't onto him. He would, as he tapped his finger against the desk, once again go over the transcript of the interrogation, still surprised as to how much information he had given up.

Tokkō HQ, Shinkyō--
14 September, 2021--
1130 Hours--

The Director found himself pacing around the Interrogation Room, his eyes trained on the subject. He noticed the bright light, though he paid it no mind, as well as individual's expression. Clearly, he felt hatred for his captor, though he suspected it was due to his own former association with their organization. He probably saw Jin as a traitor, which he understood. However, he didn't care, after all, he was doing his duty for the Emperor and for the People. Eventually, with a sigh, he would sit down at the table.
   "So, 'Hatsu-san', before we begin, I have the duty to inform you of your rights as guaranteed by the Constitution." Jin said, his eyes trained on the suspect. He would then proceed to list the rights he was provided by law before asking "Do you understand why you were brought in today?"
   "Like you don't already know, traitor." Kaiji responded in a hoarse manner, glaring at him. "But... so that this isn't entirely pointless, it's because you believe I shot the Emperor, yeah?"
   "Something like that." Jin responded, resting his head against his thumb and index finger. "You may not have pulled the trigger, but the blame rests on you and the Sumeragi Michi."
   "That so? Last I heard, the RAC had taken responsibility for it." Kaiji said in a sarcastic manner; obviously, he knew that they weren't responsibile for it. After all, he was a member of both organizations, even if his membership in the RAC was due to him being imbedded to spy on it.
   "Don't bother playing games with me, Kaiji. You know as well as I do that I that do that you won't be walking out of this a free man." Jin said, though it was only partially true. There was still a chance, however unlikely, that he was innocent. "We have good reason to suspect that you murdered Ijima-chūi shortly after the assassination of His Majesty. That alone could land you with a life sentence, not to mention the terrorism and regicide charges... Well, lets just say it isn't looking good for you... unless you cooperate."
   "I knew the risks, 'Director'. We all did, when we signed up." Kaiji sighed. "If you think I'm gonna tell you who else was involved, then you may as well try and take a jeweled branch from Hōrai."
   "Come now, Kaiji. I'm trying to help you out here. I mean, you want to be able to see your kids grow up, don't you? Live out at least some of your days a free man?"
   "That'd be nice, yeah... But if I tell you, I'm as good as dead anyways."
   "Bah, don't say that. You'll be protected if anyone tries to take revenge." Jin lied; he couldn't care if he died, so long as the Sumeragi Michi were destroyed and their leaders were brought to justice. He was probably still going to get the death penalty anyways, he figured.
   "...Promise?" Kaiji asked, now more nervous than anything.
   "I promise." Jin smiled, even if it was fake. "Now, please. Tell me what you can."
   "Alright... You already know Fukushi-Taishō leads the organization, and presumably about his upper leadership. But... the guy who put me up to hiring Ijima-chūi was a man... a man named Fukuda. Hidetoshi Fukuda."
   "You mean the daughter of Ahane-Taishō, right?"
   "Yes. He had me plan the attack. Aquire the explosives. Ijima was assigned to kill the Emperor and a few others."
   "By 'the Emperor', you mean he was ordered to kill Antei Tennō?"
   "No. The reigning Emperor. The Emperor-Emeritus was not a primary target."
   "Why didn't he take that shot, then?"
   "He tried. Hit a bodyguard instead. 'Course, I had to take him out to keep him from turning himself in. He was always weak-willed, y'know?"
   "One last question before I'll give you a few minutes to think. Does the Sumeragi Michi have any other attacks planned?"
   "Yes... Kinda. We're laying low, for now anyways. Probably gonna try and strike in December, vengeance for Prime Minister Fukumoto. Nothing concrete though."
   "Well, thank you for your time." Jin said, writing down what he had just been told before standing up. "Oh, and Hatsu-san? Good luck. You'll need it." He said before leaving the room.

Now, all that Jin had to do was wait for an opportunity to strike. Soon, the traitor would fall.

He had to do this, no matter what.
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