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Queen's Foundation Awards 2021
« on: October 04, 2021, 03:11:09 PM »

The Queen's Foundation Awards (otherwise known as the Queen's Medals), are a set of awards granted to people each year in acknowledgement of their accomplishments across a variety of different fields, are once more upon us. This year we intend to award prizes for accomplishments in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Physiology and Medicine, Literature or Journalism, Peace, Economics, Engineering, Archaeology and Anthropology, Mathematics and new from this year Climate Science (OOC - this essentially combines various RL awards together). Nominations will be open until the 26th of October with the winners being announced on the 1st of November at a reception hosted by Queen's College of the University of Artaxia.

We look forward to another celebration of humankind's accomplishments.

Charlotte Youngson
Chair of the Queen's Foundation

OOC Explanation

Ok this is essentially modelled on the Nobel Prizes. You can nominate any of your own characters, someone else's character, or even an international organisation if you can justify it in any of the fields. There are some rules regarding nominations explained below. All I ask is that people be reasonable, this is intended as a fun RP event not a competition.

The Rules

1) The reason for the nomination (I.e. what the nominee has done) must have happened between the 27th of October 2020 and the 26th of October 2021 - i.e. the period between last years nominations closing and this years nominations closing.

2) The reason must be a completed RP event - for example if the SSC Honeybadger was nominated then it must have achieved the speed record and not still be being constructed. This also means it must be something on the forum. The nomination period is deliberately long to give everyone the opportunity to complete RP's that may be relevant.

3) The reason must be feasible (within the RP rules) - self explanatory.

4) The Queen's Foundation reserves the right to reject a nomination should it deem it to be inappropriate.

The Nomination Form

Please fill out the following form to nominate for a prize

Code: [Select]
Name of Nominee: (Link to character profile if they have one desired but not essential, do include titles)
Field Nominated in: Chemistry/Physics/Physiology and Medicine/Literature and Journalism/Peace/Economics/Engineering/Archaeology and Anthropology/Mathematics/Climate - Delete as Appropriate
Reason for Nomination: What have they done to earn the nomination?
Supporting Letter: Why you (the person nominating) think they should be given the award, signed by the person doing the nominating (must not be the nominee and you can nominate someone from another nation).

If anyone has questions get in touch with me on discord or PM.

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Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2021
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2021, 03:43:15 PM »
Name of Nominee: Josephine F. Riggar, Head of the Finance Administration
Field Nominated in: Economics
Reason for Nomination: Management & coordination of the Elysium Incident and Heyran Coup on the stocks
Supporting Letter:

Riggar constance as former VPFI prior to The Conglomerate, after a successful career as part of Destin Investment Bank, allowed her to be among those which led the December Referendum into allowing a new smooth governmental transition towards a “normal” government again for Heyra, side by side with Therz back in December 2019 showing perceverance. She actively worked equally on the integration of Juhi economy, and finally shown true resolve last August in the economic aspect of the Elysium Incident and Heyran Coup leading equally the investigation over the sources of financement for both operations, allowing swift recovery and guarantee of international stocks and stability, mostly on natural resources prices exploited in MidAranye.

Maxime Anginer, Partner of Welt for Achkaerin, Governor of Elysium.

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Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2021
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2021, 09:57:21 AM »
Name of Nominee: Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Defeat of the terrorists known as the Confederation of Clysperis and the reunification of the Clysperi State
Supporting Letter:

When the Clysperi Confederation was declared by Nekhtou a period of uncertainty, death and destruction was imposed upon the Kingdom of Clysperis. There was a time during the conflict where it appeared that the self-declared Confederation may consolidate its holdings in the Southern Lands before turning its attention to the North, bringing with them more public executions, beatings and crimes against the Clysperi People. Through her wise leadership and cooperation with partners engaged alongside her in the fight against terrorism Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re not only saw the threat posed by the Confederation to her People defeated, she also realized the reintegration of lands held by the terrorists and has embarked upon several programs to repair damage and rebuild lives.

Since the cessation of hostilities living standards across the Kingdom have risen, while fairness has been shown toward those willing to repent for their associations with Nekhtou and his Confederation. That we have seen Clysperis rise from the ashes of the conflict imposed upon it by terrorism, I feel that Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re deserves consideration in the field of peace. Thank you.

Soraya Danesh, with help from the Danesh Family
Residents of Hesikhen

Beatrice Anselmo
Grand Chancellor of the Independent Order
Empress of the First Empire of Rokkenjima

Factbook of the First Empire of Rokkenjima - Kingdom of Clysperis

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Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2021
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2021, 08:22:25 PM »
Name of Nominee: Prince Jonas of Hassfurt
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Negotiating the Celtic Protectorate Withdrawal

Supporting Letter:

It is my pleasure to nominate young Prince Jonas of Hassfurt for the Queen's Foundation Prize for Peace. Over the last few months the young royal has worked to bring religious tensions within Royal Seleucid to a head and while ensuring that the region can return to national sovereignty in a more expedious manner. While the withdrawal of Ui Cennesliag troops has been achieved and system put in place to ensure Royal Seleucid maintains itself as a safe place for members of the Cult of Helus to live. It is now possible thanks to the Prince's input that citizens living there can live safe in the knowledge that their rights and identity are protected. It is for these reasons that we believe the Prince deserves this award for bringing to an end a long period of instability in this region.

May The Gods Watch Over You and the World Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland

Name of Nominee: OsmanTech and Fleur Comapny I can't recall name of
Field Nominated in: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Yellow Tongue Vaccination
Supporting Letter:

This year the world was ravaged by the Yellow-Tongue virus which saw a huge impact on the livestock market across Mundus. In addition to having a big impact on the agricultural industry it has also seen itself rip through certain wild animal populations. As the disease seemed to spread across Mundus teams from the two nominees worked, often co-operatively, to first map the virus and then isolate it before discovering how to map its genetic code. Once this had been done the Fleur nominees managed to come up with an effective vaccine that was then put into mass production by OsmanTech. As a result this potential catastrophe was brought under control. We believe that these people deserve this award as they have not only succeeded in manufacturing an effective vaccine in short order but have demonstrated the achievements nations on Mundus can make if and when they work co-operatively.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Mundus Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland

Name of Nominee: Dr.Simon Hindmarch
Field Nominated in: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Pioneering Biological Scaffolding surgery

Supporting Letter:

It is well known that early this year I was part of a programme to test a new surgical technique known as Biological Scaffolding. Several years ago a terrorist attack left me with part of my lower back missing muscle mass. Under the guidance of Dr.Hindmarch a pigs bladder was used to create a kind of biological net that was implanted where scar tissue had once been, this area received regular stem cell injections and has allowed me to gain much of the mobility of the region. A similar technique has been used on arms and legs to give greater mobility to those, usually injured soldiers, who have been wounded in the line of duty. Those having the operation have also included members of the Achkaerin royal family. It is my belief that through Dr.Hindmarch's skill, dedication and dexterity that I will have a much better quality of life and as such his ongoing roll out of the method will lead to a wider world impact.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Mundus Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland.

Name of Nominee: BLICK
Field Nominated in: Literature and Journalism
Reason for Nomination: Continued excellence in reporting
Supporting Letter:

Over the last year the publication of Blick has brought many interesting and under reported aspects of life on Mundus to life. Thanks to the dedicated research skills and commitment of the publications team of journalists we have all been able to learn more about key issues such as the Water Nomads. It is quality work such as their's that allows us to gain a deeper knowledge of our world and as such become more informed of our planet. It is therefore my belief that Blick should be held up as a bastion of quality and informative journalism.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Mundus Know Peace.

King David III of East Moreland

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Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2021
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2021, 09:58:14 AM »
Ragnar Madson

Name of Nominee:Ragnar Madson (posthumous)
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Creation of the now fulfilled roadmap to Lan Na reunification

Supporting Letter:

For several decades the only way the Kingdom and Democratic Republic of Lan Na saw each other was through the sights of a rifle. Thanks to the work of Ragnar Madson almost twenty years ago a path was set up to allow our two nations to embrace each other like siblings once more. This year the completion of Mr.Madson's vision has bore fruit and on happy circumstances Mundus saw itself with a nation less as two became one. The process of our nation fully joining together shall still be a long and challenging one however it is well underway and our only sorrow is that Mr.Madson did not live to see the joy his work brought. Until 2019 when he died he had worked with people on both sides of the border to ensure the smooth unification and now as our two lands sit under the same flag it would be fitting that the work of Mr.Madson is recognised by the international community.

King Chulalok of the United Lan Na States
Prime Minister President Varit Sodsri of the United Lan Na States