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Hi everyone
« on: August 08, 2021, 11:12:18 PM »

In the 1920's the Kingdom of Lan Na found itself in a period of flux. What had once been a nation ruled over by the Kanarot dynasty with an iron fist found itself with an unusually weak monarch. King Tawan IV was 16 years of age when he inherited the throne and with six sisters making up the rest of the family many a adviser saw an opportunity to gain power themselves. Tired of seeing the rest of the world progress the Lan Naian's found themselves still yoked to a feudal style system. Under the influence of Nawat Pongpanu, a sympathetic tax collector, groups of peasants calling themselves "Mudboots" began an uprising across the nation. By 1934 the nation was ripped asunder, to the east the Democratic Republic of Lan Na was formed under the leadership of President Nawat Pongpanu, to the west the Kingdom of Lan Na clung to what power it still had thanks to the support of the religiously minded.

In 1993 this arrangement began to fall apart as a series of natural disasters hit the twin nations, floods, earthquakes, a tsunami and then a famine began to weaken both nations. It was then in 1997 that a virus spread killing around 2million people pushing the two nations into co-operation. In 2000 mediators from (somewhere) intervened with the two as they began discussions and it was agreed that the two would begin working towards a possible reunification and in 2020 a referendum would be help as to whether the general public wanted to reunify under a draft constitution. This constitution had featured 1000 people from each nation being involved and when completed saw the monarchy of the Kingdom granted some sovereignty over the east of the nation however in return they would have little input into the nations foreign and economic policy.  The constitution was accepted 68% to 32% with a 78% national turn out. As a result it was agreed that  on the 31st August 2021 the two nations would reunite to form the United Lan Na States. 

In reality I'm Ffion, 20 years of age from North Wales.

I've previously RP'd as fantasy stuff with elves and the like but wanted to try something different. My nation will be largely Thai based as I've family out there and feel in love with the culture. Having a peek at your region doesn't seem like you've any Thai stuff, so I'm claiming Pad see ew.

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