Author Topic: Protecting Soviet Borders - Waddan, Chistopol, Theocracy of Kaitaine & Elania  (Read 37 times)

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To My Esteemed Receipiants

Our four nations share vast differences but we do share one thing in common and that is a border with a Soviet state. For some of us that border once swallowed the land they call home forcing people to turn their back on their heritage, culture, language and faith in order to be "Soveitised". I am perhaps fortunate that our lands desert and lack of understanding of our true resources during the highs of Soviet expansionism where not known or perhaps Waddan would have suffered under the oppression. While I am aware the Soviets are not currently in pursuit of expansion we must forever be on our guard against an ideology that seeks to destroy what we each stand for. As such I would like to invite each of you to send representatives to Waddan Blue to discuss an idea to support our safety should their eyes ever look at violent expansion again.

It would be a great honour to host each of you and an oppurtunity beyond this issue for us to build a friendship.

I look forward to recieving you should this be of interest.

With Great Blessings

Sultan Yahya IV

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To His Majesty Sultan Yahya IV of Waddan

Our nation knows only too well the horrors of occupation by the Soviets. This is a fate that we would wish no nation to go through. While we believe the chances of a repeat of the invasions and threats of the past are minute we are also of the belief that it would be an astute move to meet with others who share our mistrust of the Soviet neighbours. I would therefore be delighted to meet with you, and the others you have contacted. With that in mind I eagerly look forward to visiting your nation.

Best Regards

First Minister Laine.