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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Culture of Diplomacy (Semi-Open)
« Last post by Beatrice on Today at 07:15:48 AM »
Lucinda Hadley would arrive behind the Morelanders, officially a "Special Envoy" of the First Empire. Truth be told she was here more for Adirana than Evanthe, whom she held a grudge towards, though she understood the reasons behind Beatrice being removed from the Throne. She had made special arrangements for her husband, Attorney for the Crown Lucius Stanely, to be present as well as her guest. She figured having a Rokkenjiman offical with her would boost her credentials for discussing matters of the Crown beyond her experience with the Imperial Family.

As she and her husband were approached Lucinda spoke with purpose, "I look forward to the cultural events, but I carry a message from the Empress of Rokkenjima. Understandably our nations cannot conduct typical diplomacy at the moment, however, I trust you may guide me to the appropriate offices and people. Thank you for your time," she said as she tried to force a smile, though the results were just as awkward as they were when Beatrice attempted just as much as when Crown Princess Serenity attempted to force them out of her.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: A Clysperi Message To Lijiang
« Last post by Beatrice on Today at 07:02:02 AM »
"My thanks are to you for accepting my invitation on such short notice," Akasha said with a smile. "I am pleased to welcome you and your delegation to the Kingdom, it is rare for us to receive Ardian visitors to our shores as I am sure you can appreciate," she said, in a not so subtle reference to powers such as Rokkenjima and her CSTO cohort. "I hope your time amongst us is productive and profitable, and that we leave this day with a spirit of friendship firmly established between us. High Lord Huan, Mr. Jin Odinsson, I am equally pleased to make your acquaintances. Please, enjoy the sights and sounds of the Kingdom and take home with you your experiences of our culture."

Noticing the nervousness of Dandan Akasha would intervene, "I must say I am quite honoured to meet you,  Azure Dragon Queen Dandan. Please, while you are in my company, my staff is at your command. Make yourself most at home and, should any necessary comfort arise, or even unnecessary, my staff shall see that they are equally met I assure you. Your name sounds proud to me, speak with that pride and always have confidence, not only in yourself, but that which you offer your People. I am the first female Pharaoh in over a generation, that meekness I recognize, I would only ask that you do not allow it to define you ultimately and your voice," she paused, "shall be one to remembered for generations to come." Returning her attention to Tielin Akasha continued, "To our escorts, then? I trust that Setri shall be as marvelous an experience for you as it was my first time visiting it."

An advisor brought her two chests as they walked to their vehicles, "Yes, I know," she said pausing her steps. "To commemorate our meeting a gift which is in the traditional vein of Pharaohs who preceded before, gold and gemstones. In the second, however," she said with a clearly more joyful tone, "a selection of my choosing; a voucher for two shipments of emmer wheat, two bottles of water from the river Ḥ'pī, the very lifeblood of Clysperis, and a painting which dates back centuries of the dragon-god Aker, who presides over the point where the Eastern and Western horizons of the Underworld meet. As a god which aids the force of light allowing the passage of Ra through the underworld, it is a special part of my family's personal collection, one which has been passed down from Pharaoh to Pharaoh, and one which I am pleased to pass to you as symbolic of my true and honest intentions in the future of our diplomatic relations."

As the vehicles began to move the Pharaoh would remark on the Pyramids which passed before them, "A symbol of our past engineering might, to soon be joined by a symbol of our modern engineering capacity, I cannot think of a better reflection of what Clysperis is. Ancient, true to her values, but looking to the future. Tell me, Emperor, of your lands, of your history, of what you would seek for our Peoples to work towards in unison? I have high hopes for what our Peoples may accomplish together, but, without knowing what is within your heart, those ideas would be worth naught prior to being even presented to you."
Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
« Last post by Dal on Today at 01:23:26 AM »

The Kingdom of Eigg

Motto:- "My Hope is Constant"
Current Leader:- Queen Aoife II
Faith:- 90% forms of Celtic Paganism, 5% Celtic Christian 5% Various others
Language:- Only Official Language is Gaelic
National Day:- 18th August (Queen's Birthday)
National Animal:- Bottlenose Dolphin
National Flower:- Rowan

The Kingdom of Eigg can trace its roots back to the 4th Century BC when the warlord Raghnall took control of the region near the coast. Over the next centuries his descendants formed the Kingdom into a small but powerful Kingdom united by strong clan ties. As like many of the other areas of the Federation the history of the clans is a bloody one however the Maitland clan stayed largely unified and held their territory strongly. Discoveries of silver, tin and copper mines helped make the clan among the richest but also made their territory highly sought after.

In 1781 when the other clans opted to join together a meeting of the Maitland clan was largely suspicious and refused to join. There were a series of clashes until 1798 when King Lachlan IV negotiated the Kingdom a special status within the Federation.

Today the Kingdom retains it's rights to make laws on the use of its territorial waters, agriculture, education, health care and various other matters. It may enter into agreements with foreign nations so long as it does not involve military matters or raises concern of the majority of the standing council. So in principle the Kingdom could enter a trade arrangement with another nation so long as steps were taken to not allow access to the rest of the Federation through the Kingdom. Should the Standing Council oppose any foreign agreement it is void.


The Kingdom is ruled by a monarch who acts in a manner similar to a modern day President or Prime Minister.

The monarch must appoint a 12 person council who are to be consulted before any change in laws for the Kingdom. This council must be made up of no more than six thanes and the manner of its selection is left entirely to the will of the monarch. Queen Aoife took the throne in 2019 following her father's abdication. Within two months she held the first elections in the Kingdom's history for the Royal Council. She has gone on record as saying that every four years she will hold elections for ten of the seats on the Royal Council.

The Kingdom is allocated three seats in the Federations Standing Council but there is a tradition that its members will not vote on matters in which the monarch of the Kingdom has powers to govern that matter herself. For example should the Standing Council be discussing matters of the content of a school curriculum the Kingdom's representatives would abstain from voting, however were the vote to also cover funding for education then they would vote. The Kingdom currently selects its representatives to the Standing Council by a simple ballot where all those wishing to stand and having at least ten supporting nominations are placed on the ballot. The top three polling individuals win the seats.

The Kingdom also sends a representative to the Chieftan's Assembly who acts in a similar manner to it's members of the Standing Council when it comes to voting. It is tradition that the Kingdom's seat of the Chieftan's Assembly is taken by the heir to throne assuming they are aged over 18.

The Kingdom are not permitted to select a Grand Marshall.

Maitland Castle
The castle is the ancestoral home of the Maitland Family and is used for many formal occasions. The day to day business of the Kingdom is infact done in the city of Cappielow which is the Kingdom's capital.

Her Majesty Queen Aoife II of the Maitland Clan

Queen Aoife II is 20 years of age (b.2001) and inherited the throne in 2019. Her father King Lucas II abdicated the throne following various scandals based on an extra-marital affair and accusations of sexual assault. Since inheriting the throne the Queen has focused on trying to set the Kingdom on a closer path to working with the Federation. Additionally she has given the Royal Council more authority as she tries to concentrate on studying part time. She has often used her royal residences to host events for friends as she misses the chance of being what she considers a "Normal" young woman, which is one reason she has sought to give away aspects of royal power.

Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
« Last post by Dal on May 07, 2021, 11:26:48 PM »

The Federation of Dál Riata

Motto:- "Do and Hope"
Current Leader:- Grand Marshall Kenneth Macrae
Largest Standing Council Party:- The Conservative Alliance
Faith:- 70% forms of Celtic Paganism, 15% Celtic Christian 15% Various others
Language:- Only Official Language is Gaelic
National Day:- 1st July (known as Federation Day)
National Animal:- Grey Wolf
National Flower:- Mountain Aven

The Federation of Dál Riata was formed on the 1st July 1781 at Dunadd. It saw a total of 16 clan chiefs come together and sign an agreement that they would unite their clans into a single Federation. By 1802 this Federation had a total of 21 clans who had put their territory into the Federation. Today the Federation is home to around 67.5million individuals and is tied to the neighbouring Kingdom of Eigg which holds a unique place within the Federation system.

The Federation of Dál Riata is today run by a "Grand Marshall" who is similar in position to what many nations would consider either a President or Prime Minister who presides over the Standing Council which acts as a type of Parliament to pass legislation.


The Federation is governed by the Grand Marshall. They serve for a period of 13 months. The position of Grand Marshall is directly elected however only one clan can vote and must select a member of their clan to take the position. The position of Grand Marshall therefore passes to each clan in turn based on their order in which they joined the Federation.

The Grand Marshall must have their legislative agenda approved by the Standing Council which is elected every four years. Each clan gets a minimum of three representatives with extra representatives being given for certain population milestones being fulfilled. For example the Campbell clan is the largest in terms of population and elects nine representatives while the Montgomery clan have the smallest representation with just three representatives.

With political parties emerging in the late 18th Century and with many members of clans living outside traditional areas this often made the system rather difficult to manage. As such each clan is permitted to determine the way that it will allocate its seats so long as complying with guidelines set by the National Electoral Registry which has the duty of administering elections. As a result of this larger clans such as the Campbell's utilise a system of proportional representation while the Montgomery clan pick the top three polling individuals from the ballot.

It is not impossible but it is unusual that a Grand Marshall is elected who does not belong to the largest party within the Standing Council.

The Kingdom of Eigg do not get to appoint a Grand Marshall however they do get to send three members to the Standing Council.

For a law to be passed it must be presented by the Grand Marshall and then voted upon. Should it reach a majority of the Standing Council's support it is then presented to the Chieftan's Assembly which acts as an upper house. The Chieftan's Assembly is made up of one representative of each of the Clan's and one from the Kingdom of Eigg. They can either accept or amend a proposal. Should they amend it the Standing Council vote to accept the amendment or remove it with the majority determining whether the amended version of the original are passed. As this process can take several months it is possible that a piece of legislation is still being considered when a Grand Marshall is changed and this can often see the process halted.

The Grand Marshall's Palace
Despite its name this is not a residence. It contains the Standing Council Chamber as well as the Chieftan's Assembly Room. Office space is also avaliable for the cabinet Ministers. The Grand Marshall has a smaller residence within the parkland the Palace stands in

Factbooks and Maps / The Federation of Dál Riata & The Kingdom of Eigg
« Last post by Dal on May 07, 2021, 10:18:14 PM »
The Federation of Dál Riata

The Kingdom of Eigg

Headline Figures

Population:- 72,338,243 (Dál Riata = 67,573,922 / Eigg = 4,764,321)

GDP:- $1,710,549,371,000 (Dál Riata = $1,486,626,284,000 / Eigg = $223,923,087,000)

GDP per capita:- $23,646.54 (Dál Riata = $22,000 / Eigg = $47,000)


1. Federation of Dál Riata Outline

Introductions / Re:
« Last post by tio_helper on May 07, 2021, 10:48:01 AM »
Hi Dal,

Welcome to the Independent Order!

If you're new to roleplaying, please check out our guide to roleplaying!

In the meantime, be sure to claim your spot on the map, check out the Roleplay Rules and read our Criminal Code.

Got any questions? Head over to our Discord chat.

We hope you have a great time!

All the best,

The Independent Order Team
Introductions / Greetings Peasants
« Last post by Dal on May 07, 2021, 10:48:01 AM »

Joined on recommendation of Lijang.

In RP I'll be playing the role of Dál Riata, a nation based upon my North West Scotland homeland. It'll be a rugged place full of nasty hills and lakes. It's changed from a full blown monarchy to a Republic based upon the concept of Scot's Clans however with one small enclave maintaining a royal family. Think Italy and San Marino but with kilts.

In RL. I'm Katie, 18 from Portree on the Isle of Skye. I'm studying Heritage Management at University in Glasgow and part of a creative writing group there. I've tried a few different RP regions and came across Ligiang in a region for "Ancient RP" but it kind of died out so was looking for something new. Heard many a good thing about the region so look forward to joining in soon.

Need to register for Discord but look out for DalKat.

Diplomacy and Events / The Culture of Diplomacy (Semi-Open)
« Last post by Lijiang on May 06, 2021, 11:36:32 PM »
OOC - This was a pre-agreed State visit between Lijiang and East Moreland however there is an oppurtunity for anyone to turn up so long as its not expected you get a formal Lijiangian state visit.)

Prince Chun found the whole scenario rather amusing. His father had asked him to play a significant role in the State Visit of East Moreland. It would be the first such visit he had participated in and the ultimate irony was the person who had helped him understand East Moreland culture and traditions was none other than the visiting King's ex-wife Matilda Osman. The former Queen of East Moreland had been over in Lijiang tutoring the children of the Dragon-Emperor and now, with luck, Tielin would watch his son's education pay off.

The family had moved to the Province of  Můgǔ yesterday and had been given a private tour of the new Cultural Centre. The whole of the Grand Council had also flown down to attend the opening and therefore the formal state greeting could be given. There would be the opening ceremony of the centre, chance for the Morelanders and any other visitors to see the exhibition and then tomorrow they would all fly back to Fengtai where the formal proceedings of a state visit would take place. It was a little disjointed for the traditionalist tastes of some of the High Lords but that appealed to Tielin who believed forming some new traditions would be good for the Empire.

The 13 High Lords stood arranged in a line abreast from where Tielin stood attired in a traditional black Hanfu suit and the Imperial Crown on his head. He disliked the crown as it felt like its top heavy design was like wearing a sail on his head and every stiff breeze became annoying. Stood behind him was his first wife Dragon-Empress Jing attired in a matching black robe with her own Imperial Crown. Tielin believed it looked more elegant and regal than his own and believed his wife probably enjoyed wearing it more than he did his own. Half a step behind Jing was the Azure Queen Dandan and as her title suggested she was attired in blue-green and had a much smaller and silver version of the Dragon-Empresses crown with azure coloured stones inlayed. Stood next to Dandan in order of age were the children of the Imperial Family. As such the group stood ready to greet the visitors. As the Morelander aircraft touched down a military band began to play the East Moreland national anthem. That had caused much confusion in the ranks of the Imperial Regiment as upon finding the tune and several versions of it the tune seemed far too modern for a nation over 1000 years old and this had caused some debate among the sergeants in the band as to how exactly to play it. It had been Prince Chun who had solved this problem by simply asking his tutor Matilda Osman what should be done and as a result traditional instruments would be used as Matilda had assured him King David would appreciate the effort. As the initial melody washed over them the aircraft stopped and six men clad in black armour  stood waiting with spears topped with red and white ribbons. They waited for the East Moreland monarch to descend the aircraft steps and raised their spears in salute.

Tielin stepped forward and with his hands at his side bowed to King David and Queen Stasya. "Your Majesty King David III of East Moreland, Grand Cordon of the Most Glorious Order of the Double Dragon[1] we are honoured to welcome you to our Empire."

Prince Chun was prepared and stepped forward taking a knee before the Morelander King and producing with a practiced presentation the Jian Sword that the King had requested be smithed. Chun had been educating into the significance of the sword in East Moreland society and so they had suspected that making a public gesture of offering the King of East Moreland a sword would be one that would earn the Morelanders favour. Chun held the sheath with the handle of the sword facing David. "Your Majesty we hope that you will accept this blade as a sign of friendship between our nations and a gesture of thanks for returning to the people of the Empire great works of art. We are certain our mutual respect for each other shall grow." He waited for the Morelander to accept the blade before standing, bowing deeply and returning to his line.

At the new cultural centre itself it was hoped some other nations may have accepted the open invite, it was highly unlikely monarchs or high ranking ministers would attend but perhaps a few Ambassadors would grace the event, some respected scholars or perhaps some other notable figures. It was important for High Lord Guangtai that his initiative paid of as it would bring glory to his province and perhaps earn the favour of the Dragon-Emperor. A smart looking silk adorned tent waited for the VIP's, Xu Zengcai was waiting. He had masterminded the arrangements for the day and was currently High Lord Guangtai's project manager for this centre but he had much higher hopes. He hoped soon to impress the Dragon-Emperor to the point he was offered an Imperial position not just a provincial one, he was a man on the raise. To give the matter some significance should some high ranking foreign power arrive the Dragon Emperor had asked his new adviser Jin Odinsson to attend. His hope was the former Nya Alander leaders prestige would rub off, to further support the idea of pandering to any high ranker the Dragon-Emperor's younger brother Lian had been dispatched. He bore the simple title Imperial Knight but was acting as regent of the families home Province of Baoshan for another four years until Chun had completed what his father considered "enough education" in essence then Lian had the rank of a High Lord in all but name and his Imperial connection would make him useful. He was a less serious man than his brother having never truly had the weight of expectation upon him. He had dabbled in a variety of professions, a brief period in the military, then as a member of the Ministry for Education, he had even spent time as a member of the committee on river management before the conflict broke out that had ended up with his older brother being Dragon-Emperor.
 1. I'm IC assuming there would have been cultural links between Lijiang and Ardia Tula (???) who were a chinese nation EM were buddies with and so they'd recognise this honour especially with it mentioning Dragons.
International News Networks / Re: Juglander Review
« Last post by paralipomena on May 06, 2021, 10:48:50 PM »

Juglander Review

Autonomous Movement announces new state government

Amalberaht Oppegard, main candidate of the Autonomous Movement for Emrta, and who is posed to become the first governor of the state of Emrta, gave a press conference about the general lines of his future government.

Oppegard, who run a relatively calm campaign and rejected describing himself as leading a separatist project, declared that "there will be no doubt" that their government will push for "strengthening and advancing the self-government and sovereignty of the people of Emrta". He also announced that, although they will not include members from opposition parties in the state government -as Autonomous Movement for Emrta received a more than clear majority-, they may include independents in the state administration.

"Now, Midtenstadt couldn't avoid direct negotiations with the people of Emrta anymore", Oppegard declared, referring to the National Council, hinting that relations between the federal government and the new government in Emrta may not be easy.

Oppegard did not reject the possibility that the state assembly may consider amending the state constitution before the next election, although he declared "we are hoping that sincere dialogue is started first...then, we'll look what's the best for Emrta". He, however, declared that he'll start dialogue with other parliamentary groups before next week, and that his government will implement that state constitution as it was approved by Emrta's voters barely a month ago, at least for now.

International News Networks / Re: The Red Herald (Official News from the FOA)
« Last post by Geo on May 06, 2021, 04:57:36 PM »


Yesterday, worker's through out the world celebrated a second major socialist holiday, as Karl Marx's birthday arrived.

Comrade Marx's birthday has been a day of celebration for worker's over the world since the worker's struggle against capitalism was summarised by him in his Communist Manifesto.

Although Comrade Marx's birthday is not a national holiday in the People's Republic, his birthday is usually celebrated in the homes of all those his works have touched, with the international proletariat celebrating with their families in the comfort of their homes. Of course, his great task is not yet finished, with his writings being further expanded on by the other great minds of communism, and will eventually finish in the final crescendo of the doom of the bourgeoisie.
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