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Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
« on: October 22, 2019, 10:04:33 PM »
Mundus Atomic Energy Agency


1. The nations signing this treaty agree to the formation and maintenance of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency, (hereinafter referred to as "the Agency) based on acceptance of all parts of this treaty.

2. The Agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world. It shall not knowingly involve itself in any measure designed to use atomic energy for military purposes. For the purpose of this treaty "military purpose" shall be defined as any weapon that derives its destructive and/or lethal force from nuclear reactions or radioactive material. Including, but not limited to, fission, thermonuclear, and radiological weaponry

3. The Agency is authorised by its members to carry out the following duties.

i) Encourage and assist with research, development and practical application of, atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world.
ii) Act as an intermediary for the purposes of securing the performance of services or the supplying of materials, equipment, or facilities by one member of the Agency for another.
iii) To make provision to help less economically developed nations access the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes
iv) To foster the sharing of technical and scientific data relating to Atomic Energy.
v)  To encourage the exchange and training of scientists and experts in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy
vi) To put in place safeguards to ensure expertise, material, services or equipment provided by the Agency are not used for military purposes.
vii) To put in place safeguards to ensure the use of atomic energy is safely monitored.
viii) To acquire, establish and maintain any facilities deemed necessary for the fulfilment of  the Agencies role.

4. In order to fulfil its duites the Agency shall;

i) Act in a manner to promote peace and co-operation.
ii) Maintain a record of all known fissionable materials held by member nations.
iii) Establish teams of inspectors to ensure compliance with this treaty.
iv) Publish quarterly reports of its activities.
v) not make assistance to members subject to any political, economic, military, or other conditions incompatible with the provisions of this charter.
vi) at all times seek to respect the sovereignty of all nations.

5. Any nation willing to abide by all articles of this treaty shall be considered members and granted all the rights and responsibilities contained within it.

6. The Agency shall establish a General Conference which shall give each nation one seat which may be filled by a representative of their choosing. The General Conference shall be based at the Headquarters of the Agency which shall be in . Each member of the Conference shall have one vote. The General Conference may discuss any questions or any matters concerned in this Charter. Recommendations may be passed with a majority of voting nations. The approval of the General Conference must be gained before the Agency undertakes any tasks laid out in Article 3. The General Conference shall elect a President to act on behalf of the General Conference.

7. The President of the Agency shall represent the General Conference in discussions with nations and shall report back to the General Conference before any decisions are taken. The President shall serve for two years but may be re-elected

8. The General Conference shall elect a Chief of Staff who shall oversee the day to day tasks of the Agencies staff. The Chief of Staff shall serve for four years and may be re-elected. The staff shall include such qualified scientific and technical and other personnel as may be required to fulfill the objectives and functions of the Agency. The Agency shall be guided by the principle that its permanent staff shall be kept to a minimum. Staff shall not seek or receive instructions from any source external to the Agency.  They shall not disclose any industrial secret or other confidential information coming to their knowledge by reason of their official duties for the Agency.


a) Each member should make available such information as would, in the judgement of the member, be helpful to the Agency.
b) Each member must make available to the Agency all scientific information developed as a result of assistance extended by the Agency.
c) The Agency shall assemble and make available in an accessible form the information made available to it under paragraphs A and B of this article.


a) Each member nations shall maintain a record of material capable of producing more than 25 RAD.
b) Each member nation shall be able to surrender to the agency such materials with 30 days notice.
c) The Agency shall maintain facilities to store such materials.
d) Members may only transfer materials to other member nations. Such a transfer must take place through the Agency. The Agency shall collect the materials and these shall be handed to the recieving nation no earlier than 14 days later.
e) The Agency may at 48 hours notice inspect any facility recorded as containing material capable of producing more than 25 RAD.
f) The Agency may at 24 hours notice inspect any facility recording as containing material capable of producing more than 100RAD.
g) The Agency may with no notice inspect any facility recorded as containing material capable of producing more than 200RAD.
h) Nations must ensure that their storage facilities are safeguarded against;

i)hazards of the weather,
ii)unauthorized removal or diversion,
iii)damage or destruction, including sabotage.
iv)forcible seizure.

I) Nations found to be in breach of e,f,g or h will no longer be permitted to receive materials from the Agency.
J) In storing its own materials the Agency shall ensure the geographical distribution of these materials in such a way as not to allow concentration of large amounts of such materials in any one country or region of the world.


a)  The Agency may inspect any specialised equipment or facilities concerned with the production of nuclear electricty. This is to ensure it conforms to international safety standards and is being used for peaceful means.

b) The Agency may enforce any internationally recognised Health and Safety conventions.

c) The Agency may view any facilities operating records to assist in ensuring accountability of materials.

d) The Agency may view and observe procedures involving the by products and waste of nuclear facilities.

e) The Agency may dispatch to any member inspectors to visit any facility as outlined in this charter. Inspection teams must consist of at least ten members drawn from at least four nations. Inspectors may speak with anyone they deem suitably qualified or employed in areas utilising nuclear material.

f) The Agency may inspect any other facility or materials approved by the General Conference.

g) Any nation deemed by inspection teams as interfering in these processes will lose its right to be transferred nuclear materials or equipment.


a) The Treaty may be amended at any time by approval of two thirds of General Conference voting members.

b) Any nation deemed to be breaking this charter may be suspended with the approval of two thirds of General Conference voting members. Upon suspension the right to receive material is lost.

c) A suspended nation may at any point petition for its suspension to be lifted only if it has first presented evidence of full complience with this charter.

d) A nation may withdraw from this charter at any time having first given at least 60 days notice.

e) A nation may re-enter the Agency at any time by resigning the Charter.


Signed on behalf of Stein Ulfsson Head Gothi of Nya Åland
Signed by Oliva Cole, East Moreland Minister of Science and Technology
Signed by Kathryn Deed, Achkaerin Minister of Science and Technology
Signed by Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles of Bakkermaya
Signed by Her Imperial Majesty Empress Beatrice of the First Empire of Rokkenjima
Signed on behalf of King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig
Signed on behalf of Queen Cait of Cantabria.
Signed on behalf of Queen Klara of Lodja, Guardian of Sessifet
Signed on behalf of His Excellency President Alyasa of The Loistavaan Federal Republic
Signed on behalf of Her Imperial Majesty Ælirn xy Thælyrn of Xæth

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Re: Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
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Paracambi have ratified this charter

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Re: Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
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Re: Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
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Re: Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
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Re: Mundus Atomic Energy Agency (MAEA)
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