Author Topic: Statement on the Next Map Update  (Read 351 times)

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Statement on the Next Map Update
« on: October 14, 2020, 04:59:32 PM »
This is an official announcement from the Cartographer concerning the next map update:

As people may be aware my normal practice with the map is to update fortnightly, this has lapsed somewhat of late and become a case of once a month or longer depending on various factors involved. Presently the most recent update is 24th August 2020, there has not been a more recent update due to my moving house at the end of August.

The files, software and such that I use to update the map I keep on my desktop computer which presently sits wrapped up in bubblewrap in the garage which is where it's going to stay until the furniture for my bedroom is fitted - that is planned for early to mid January 2021, it was originally supposed to have been fitted before I moved in however as I'm sure people will appreciate the effect of COVID-19 lockdowns meant this did not happen.

Until that point there's not going to be a map update because I won't have the access to what I need to do it. I will update the map as soon as I am able to do so and I will consider the next update to be (delayed) annual map purge of inactive nations. At this point all I can do is encourage everyone to continue to RP in accordance with the principle that nations are where their map claims say they are unless otherwise stated.