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Hail to our comrades.
« on: March 21, 2021, 10:40:54 PM »

To:- Popola Respubliko Argemonto

Greetings comrade!
The Folkerepublik Øst Albion greets you and your people.
In the current global scene of countless nations reaping the sweat of the worker's brow in the name of profits, it is important that despite their differences, those few who stand up for the people's fight must forge bonds together.
For this reason, and for the plight of the worker internationally, I invite your people to our capital of Copenhagen, where we can discuss the future and the plans of our nations and people.
Sincerely yours,
Rolf Høgh, Folkets Præsident.

It is we who plowed the prairies, built the cities where they trade
Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid
Now we stand outcast and starving midst the wonders we have made
But the union makes us strong