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Mr Secretary, we found him.
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:56:23 AM »
Zhēnzhū, Liaosheng Province, Federal Republic of Jiāyuán, 3:45am

Secretary General Guamin Cheng was sleeping in his bed at the Executive Blue Monor, the official residence of the Secretary General. One of his personal assistants got him up. “Mr Secretary you have a call from the Embassy in Ikan.” Mr Cheng got out of bed Still a little out of it, however he was used to his job by now, he had been Secretary General for only a few months, but he was used to having as little sleep as possible from his earlier career in finance. Secretary General still in his pajama’s replied “A call from our embassy in Arashkai? Did they say what for?” The assistant only answered “They couldn’t give me a reason other than it’s classified.” He merely sighed and went to his office and picked up the phone.

“This is the Secretary General.” There was a younger middle-aged voice over the phone. A middle-aged woman replied “Yes Mr Secretary this is Miyan Dao Yi Ambassador to the Empire of Arashkai. I have news, I’m sorry to wake you up so early but this can’t wait. We received word from the JBSS just a few minutes ago…They’ve found him.”

The Secretary General was confused. “Found who?” The Ambassador responded “Hwung Xiaojin, himself, he’s still alive.” The Secretary General’s Eyes widened and he was more alert, he raised his eyebrow “You absolutely sure?” The Ambassador replied “They were rather emphatic Mr Secretary.” The Secretary simply said “Thank you Ambassador. I’ll call you back.”

He then got on the phone with the JBSS Director Dailou Zhang who picked up the phone “Mr Secretary I was expecting you.” Guamin replied “Good so we don’t have to mince words, If what your agents are saying is true then I want a full dossier on my by this afternoon. “Of course.”he replied.


Secretary Guamin Cheng was reading the dossier: Hwung Xiaojin, the man that led the regime known to the international community as the Vedic Domain of Jiāyuán, on paper it was a clerical state ruled by a council of supposedly wise Buddhist monks. In practise it was a different story. Many of the older generation age 70 and above would remember those times as a horrible nightmare of oppression, war, slavery and religious indoctrination and persecution. If it was true that Hwung Xiojin, the last Grand Bodisattva was alive he would be at least in his early 90’s by now.

According to the dossier he was hiding in a small town known as Ekhet in the rather Tasai Province, Kasra Prefecture, in the Empire of Arashkai. HE slipped in through after the end of the revolution. He assumed the identity of a Hu Taiyeng, a high school teacher with forged credentials and it looks like he had some plastic surgery done so no-one would recognise him. However, his face did still have the similar features and bone structure and as far as the JBSS knows, he never had any children, however he was in a country that didn’t have an extradition treaty with the republic. He thought for a moment, he decided to arrange accommodation with the Jiāyuánese embassy in Ikan in the next week. The thought went through his mind that if they can apprehend him, it would close the book on a very dark period of Jiāyuánese history and give the older generation some closure as anyone above the age of 60 would’ve been impacted in some way from the policies of this brutal and bloodstained former priest.

He couldn’t have the agents act on foreign soil however, he could, but it wouldn’t go over well with Arashkai. There was only one way he can do this. He needed to set up a meeting with Emperor Mishei himself. He used the phone from his office to call the Emperor directly. Waiting on the line.
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