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Kaitaine Ceasefire OOC
« on: April 09, 2021, 10:13:42 PM »
In an effort to bring this to an end as its kind of run out of steam and been neglected I intend to have had this happen since the last post.

The post as it stands now has the approval of the following nations. The plan is that I'd like to post the announcement of the ceasefire being signed on Monday evening UK time. However I also would like to give nations a chance to weave themselves in so I'm happy to push that back. If you would somehow like your nation involved please let me know. Naturally I'm reserving the right to ignore your request if I think it would screw things up. Any problems please let me know.

[bgcolor=#FF9900]ROkkenjima [/bgcolor]
[bgcolor=#E06666]East Moreland[/bgcolor]
[bgcolor=#0000FF]Ui Cenneslaig[/bgcolor]
Current situation is that the nation as of July 2019 was split as follows

To the West the "Free Theoracy of Kaitaine" existed however it was unrecognised by many nations in the world except [bgcolor=#45818E]Chistopol [/bgcolor]and [bgcolor=#6AA84F]Tamora[/bgcolor]. To the East is the Soviet of Kaitaine who controlled the majority of the nation. The vast majority of the Theocracy was desert with several towns of around 50,000 people. The military power of the Soviet on paper should have lead to an easy victory however the geography of the area around Seitch saw a huge coal field that experts had warned had the area caught fire a subterranian blaze could have gone on for centuries and lead to potentially two environmental disaster, one being explosions of pockets of coal dust while the other was infections of ground water that much of the nation relied upon. As a result the Soviet had to rely on conventional ground attacks. The narrow belt of mountains that ringed the desert though played into the hands of the Theocracy and the Truthsayers who lead the fight.
There was some foreign involvement. [bgcolor=#93C47D]Tamora[/bgcolor] had become the first nation to recognise the Theocracy and even symbolically had an embassy building in Seitch. Meanwhile following previous attempts by rogue Truthsayers to steal nuclear waste in East Moreland the Morelanders had been providing intelligence sharing against the Theoracy including the use of satellites and recon UAV's to support their operations. [bgcolor=#E69138]Rokkenjima [/bgcolor]meanwhile had been making significant payments to the Soviet in order to support the actions against the Theocracy. In May 2019 the East Moreland ambassador to the Soviets and her security detail where ambushed and the security agents killed while the Ambassador was taken hostage. This was blamed on the Theocracy as a list of demands were issued. In retaliation the Morelanders infiltrated a team of Red Legionnaires to try and covertly find the Ambassador and if possible extract a high value target from the Theocracy as well as assassinating the former Red Legionairre James Gillespie, real name Nathanial Corrino, who had masterminded the Theoracy rebellion. The team managed to acquire his partner Holly Cathcart and extract her from Kaitaine. It transpired however that the Soviets had comitted a false flag operation in ambushing the Ambassador in hopes of having East Moreland directly get involved in the conflict.

Timeline since July 2019

END OF JULY 2019 - Truthsayers discover the Ambassador is being held on a KDF base and launch a rescue attempt which is successful. They sneak the ambassador into the Theocracy.

AUGUST 2019 - The KDF are faced with a series of small scale assaults carried out by members of the Bene Gesserit in cities across the Soviet. The attacks are largely unsuccessful and around 100 members of the Bene Gesserit faith are captured and sentenced to death.

A Truthsayer team attempts a rescue on one prison and is successful in releasing around 500 prisoners, some of which are ordinary criminals guilty of some bad stuff. They do however rescue 30 or so Truthsayers. The rescue team and freed Truthsayers disappear and a few weeks later infiltrate Chapterhouse Island and raise the Theocracy flag. Knowing this was unlikely to be able to be held the team take several images of the flag above the ruins of the original Chapterhouse School, perform a meditation and run.

SEPTEMBER 2019 - The Truthsayers get information to Niklaus Corrino in Ui Cenneslaig that they have the East Moreland ambassador and can prove she was held by the Soviets. Niklaus Corrino begins making attempts to get this evidence to King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig and then begins work on trying to get Holly Cathcart released. Meanwhile the Morelanders have moved Cathcart to Ostlake where she is imprisoned pending a military tribunal to determine her fate. This is kept secret and Cathcart is simply listed as "Missing" by the Bene Gesserit suspected to be held by the Soviets.

OCTOBER 2019 - The Soviets begin a winter campaign in the mountains around the desert, this however sees back and forth battles but the superior guerilla skills of the Truthsayers and the fact that much of the KDF front line is conscripts leads to no overall victor. This back and forth continues to January 2020.

JANUARY 2020- THE LEIGHTON INCIDENT - The Kaitaine Naval Vessel Leighton is making its way into Arrakken naval yards for its refit. A Torpedo had been sabtotaged by a clandestine member of the Bene Gesserit and exploded as the sub entered the docks. As the sub was being evacuated it was expected that it could be towed however it transpired one of the senior officers was another Bene Gesserit who as the crew evacuated scuttled the sub in the middle of the entry to the port. This would render the yards useless for the next three months. It also began a investigation into the background of many senior offices and began to cause distrust between several units.

FEB 2020 - An assassination attempt is made by Red Legion of East Moreland on the "Red Palace" in Seitch where Nathanial Corrino resides it fails following the failure of the bomb to explode.

MARCH 2020 - Realising that it may become neccesary to launch large scale air-strikes against towns and cities in the Theoracy to bring the matters to a close. He however is still unsure because of the treat of environmental disaster so scientists befan creating a secret drill site in the North East to assess the connected pockets of coal that run through the nation.  It becomes clear that the coal is connected to a reasonably large methane gas field too. As the site is drilled a member of the Bene Gesserit Missionara Protectiva makes a decision that the fields are not connected and persuades Truthsayer Commander Joanna McNeill to ignite a fire there. A team is sent in and is successful which leads to a fire that begins to burn out of control in the crater despite fire fighting efforts. The crater is named by the Bene Gesserit "The Gates of Hell" experts now think it is likely to burn for decades. The reason for the fire is never discovered and many blame the Communist government this is supported by the Missionara Protectiva who infiltrate the towns and cities of the Soviet to spread rumours.

APRIL 2020 - WIth the "Gates of Hell" now on fire there is damage caused to several areas of the Soviet as it causes landslides and sink holes. This leads McPherson to have to mobilise large parts of the military to deal with natural disasters. At this time King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig has been able to acquire information proving that the East Moreland ambassador had been taken by the Soviets. This is presented to Northfort who suspend their intelligence sharing. East Moreland also inform [bgcolor=#E69138]Rokkenjima[/bgcolor] who withdraw their financial funding of the situaion. East Moreland and [bgcolor=#E69138]Rokkenjima [/bgcolor]at this time do not release a statement on the situation as East Moreland feel they need to first try and secure the release of the ambassador. Using Ui Cenneslaig as a go-between the Morelanders begin contemplating a swap of Cathcart for the ambassador.

MAY2020 - With an agreement reached for an exchange it will see the East Moreland ambassador returned in exchange for Cathcart and details of those Truthsayers who had tried to steal the nuclear waste. They are currently in the Soviet. As a result the East Moreland Red Legion team that had been chasing Nathanial Corrino are given a new target and in a co-ordinated bomb attack kill the two agents.

JUNE 2020 - The Reverened Mother Erin is sneaked into the Theocracy to celebrate the Spice Harvest. Footage of this event goes online and is a huge propaganda boost for the Theocracy. In the aftermath of visiting the Theocracy she visits [bgcolor=#6FA8DC]Chistopol [/bgcolor]on her way back to Ui Cenneslaig and after making an arrangement with the government of [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol [/bgcolor]an agreement for the Bene Gesserit to build a library in [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol [/bgcolor]is reached. The government of [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol [/bgcolor]agree to work with the Bene Gesserit but go short of recognising the Theocracy as a sovreign nation.

JULY 2020 - With the natural disasters from the "Gates of Hell" now subsiding an attempted "Pincer Invasion" is tried with forces from Rodinha attempting to try and cross the desert the Truthsayers find themselves gradually pushed back to with 50km of Seitch and plans are put in place to evacuate the city. This however is in the end not needed as a series of sandstorms halt the advance and utilising their superior desert warfare skills the Bene Gesserit push the Rodinha forces back. In the East the mountain pass offensive becomes another stalemate.

AUGUST 2020 - Interior Minister Jacob McRobert is discovered to be a Bene Gesserit mole and has been feeding information back to the Truthsayers for the entirity of the war. He manages to flee before being captured. In response a paranoid President McPherson carries out what can best be described as a purge of his Ministers resulting in himself and Vice-President Vadik Pasternak largely becoming the entirity of the government.

SEPTEMBER 2020 - With the Soviet government in chaos an assault is made by the Truthsayers towards Silia. Initially this is successful and see's the Truthsayers take the first settlement outside the mountain passes that have seperated the Soviet and Theocracy.  With Silia now under Truthsayer control it becomes clear that the Kaitaine Guards Buereau (KGB) have begun doing what the Bene Gesserit have throughout the war, namely sneaking forces into the opposition military. A group of Soviets who had infiltrated the male fighters of the Bene Gesserit, known as Pangolins, insitgate a "Decapitation Strike" attempt on Joanna McNeill, this fails however it does kill several key members of the Truthsayer leadership in Kaitaine. The following confusion see's the Truthsayers forced out of Silia.

OCTOBER 2020 - The Truthsayers are now back to the East of the mountains and the Soviets begin construction of large physical barriers along the whole of the de-facto border of the Soviet and the Theocracy. Within the Soviet large scale searches of suspected Bene Gesserit homes are carried out without warning with around 60,000 members of the military and Police going into action. Anyone with any remote connection to the Truthsayers is arrested and imprisoned pending trial and possible execution. With over 2,500 individuals imprisoned it sparks the Bene Gesserit into talks with other nations.

NOVEMBER 2020 - Reverned Mother Erin makes her way to [bgcolor=#45818E]Chistopol [/bgcolor]again and asks outright for the nations support against the Soviet. First Minister Laine refuses to publicly support the Theocracy but does give the go ahead for [bgcolor=#45818E]Chistopol[/bgcolor]'s border forces to "make no attempt to stop people heading South" This see's for the first time an easily viable route possible for the Bene Gesserit to get into the Theocracy.

DECEMBER 2020 - With it now easy to get into the Theocracy the [bgcolor=#93C47D]Tamorans[/bgcolor] send their first ambassador in person to Seitch. This is well publicised and see's the Ambassador given offices inside the Red Palace and made an honourary member of the Missionara Protectiva.

JANUARY 2021 - With some of the trials of those arrest in October beginning it becomes clear the Soviets are using the trials to rid themselves of a large number of descenters. With the "Gates of Hell" fire now causing new landslides along the coast and a series of Bene Gesserit operations in the cities of the East to free prisoners it becomes clear that the situation can not be brought under control. With the West now "full of evil" according to McPherson and in his mind the region being "Unable to sustain itself as a nation" he makes the decision to fully wall it in and the previously constructed barriers are extended to run the full length of what is now effectively a border.

FEB 2021 - With the Theocracy clearly unable to sustain any assault beyond the new border walls and the Soviet keen to draw a line under the debacle Reverned Mother Erin presents a ceasefire arrangement for the world to see. The key points are

1. Neither nation will cross the border fence.

2.The various roadways through the border fence will be policed by Rodinhan soldiers on the Eastern side and either [bgcolor=#93C47D]Tamora[/bgcolor]n, [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol [/bgcolor]or Cenneg soldiers on the west.

3. The Soviets will not oppose border crossings by land or air between [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol [/bgcolor]and the Theocracy.

4. The Isle of Chapterhouse is to be declared neutral and put under the protection of CETO.

5. Any member of the Bene Gesserit in the east of Kaiatine is to be permitted to enter the west.

The document is rejected by McPherson immediately.

MARCH 2021 - King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig and  Emperor Abbas of [bgcolor=#6AA84F]Tamora[/bgcolor] state publically that they would support the document followed days later by [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol[/bgcolor]. McPherson agrees to a meeting between the sides in Tartu, [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol [/bgcolor]with the following conditions. There would be a delegation of the Soviet, one of the Bene Gesserit. They would not meet face to face however the Soviets would appoint a three man delegation from Rodinha as an intermediary and the Bene Gesserit would appoint one person from each of[bgcolor=#76A5AF] Chistopol[/bgcolor], [bgcolor=#6AA84F]Tamora[/bgcolor] and Ui Cenneslaig. The initial talks fail however McPherson agrees to a rewording of the key points "in theory"

1. Neither faction will cross the border fence - thus not permitting the Theocracy to be called a nation.

2. Removed [bgcolor=#45818E]Chistopol [/bgcolor]soldiers from the equation.

3. The Soviets would permit the creation of an air corridor between [bgcolor=#76A5AF]Chistopol [/bgcolor]and the Theocracy however any aircraft outside of this would be considered hostile and shot down.

4. Chapterhouse to remain Soviet controlled with CETO monitoring.

5. A deadline for moving to be put at three months from the agreement being reached.

The Reverned Mother agreed to this series of amendments.

2nd APRIL 2021 - THE TARTU ACCORD is signed. It puts into place the five key points (several smaller issues but nothing to worry about RP wise) and is signed by McPherson, Reverned Mother Erin, Emperor Abbas, King Finley and someone from [bgcolor=#45818E]Chistopol[/bgcolor].


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Re: Kaitaine Ceasefire OOC
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2021, 07:48:40 AM »
Just dropping by to thank you for giving Tamora a role in this. I appreciate it.

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Re: Kaitaine Ceasefire OOC
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2021, 12:53:56 PM »
Had to get a big role. First to recognise the're our best buddies. :)