Author Topic: An Invitation to Tytor  (Read 76 times)

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An Invitation to Tytor
« on: April 11, 2021, 11:21:32 PM »

To Prime Minister Thatcher,

It seems slightly unbelievable that considering the steadfast commitments and nature of our respective nations that outside of our contributions within international organisations and attendances at international occasions Achkaerin and Tytor have not at any point engaged solely with each other, a state of affairs I would very much like to see righted. As such I'd like to invite you and/or other representatives of your nation to visit Achkaerin so we may remedy this, I am quite happy to visit Tytor should you prefer to meet on your soil. Should you choose to visit Achkaerin I would request you fly into St James's airport outside Santiago.

I look forward to your response


Emperor Peter Azurewind