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Evanthe calls upon David
« on: April 26, 2021, 12:52:29 AM »

A Private Communication With King David

Following the withdrawal of the Majestic Empire from the MAEA, which I again iterate was not my desired outcome, I recalled your experiences with the Majestic Empire. I am writing you today in the hopes of both of us working together to bridge divides and misunderstandings between the First and Majestic Empire and also to see what we can do to see the Majestic Empire reconsider its withdrawal from the MAEA.

If you are able to clear some time and discuss these matters with me you have my number and I shall look forward to speaking with you.

Respectfully yours;

Empress of Rokkenjima
Princess of Arovium

Beatrice Anselmo
Grand Chancellor of the Independent Order
Empress of the First Empire of Rokkenjima

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Re: Evanthe calls upon David
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2021, 01:01:34 PM »
To:- Empress Evanthe

Until now my dealings with the Majestic Empire have been in a personal and not state capacity. It was a meeting between the state of Lijiang represented by one of their High Lords and myself as a private art collector. There were however moments where discussions of wider state issues took place but these were largely of little global significance. I have however been invited to attend a state function there in the coming weeks and this will form an opportunity for these to develop.

If I am honest the handling of the whole Lijiang affair has been badly done. The whole discussion around the MAEA HQ seemed more like a bid for hosting a World Cup than a major organisation. It has also brought up some difficult hurdles for Rokkenjima moving forward. Rokkenjima has in the past often discussed a "Values Based" foreign policy. In the handling of Lijiang we saw criteria set by which a judgement was made that Lijiang had a "potential capacity for human suffering", and lots of discussion on what the Dragon-Emperor MIGHT do. East Moreland has often discussed with Rokkenjima our approach to world affairs being one of "Gesture Politics" whereby we take an approach on what a nation does rather than just what it says or may present as. On paper Rokkenjima, East Moreland, Achkaerin had the potential to bring upon the world the greatest devastation and suffering ever witnessed by utilising nuclear weapons, and there are perhaps many times that we could have. However despite having that capacity we did not. It is my hope History will judge us therefore not by what we could have done but by what we have done. Lijiang may not hold the same ideals as us but I do believe from what I have witnessed and reports from my sisters visit that Dragon-Emperor Tielin is a man who has the best intentions of his people at heart. I fear though that by imposing your "Values Based" foreign policy on Lijiang while, as the Dragon-Emperor pointed out, actively pursuing ever closer ties with those holding similar policies to Lijiang have caused a difficulty for yourself.

While I am soon to travel to Lijiang I will bring this matter up with the Dragon-Emperor and his representative. I will at that time seek to find a way of both bringing Lijiang back into the MAEA and also seeing if a path towards a stronger relationship between Rokkenjima and Lijiang is possible.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace