Author Topic: Three Meetings and a Barbecue (Ach, MICA, AKO et al)  (Read 43 times)

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Three Meetings and a Barbecue (Ach, MICA, AKO et al)
« on: May 17, 2021, 09:32:39 PM »

A Letter to MICA and the AKO

To the members of MICA and the AKO,

As you will be aware the island of Awhaele which sits within the geographic locality of both your organisations is following a referendum sovereign Achkaerinese soil, one of the key aspects following that referendum was how to ensure Awhaele wasn't left isolated in its locality while also making sure that any method of doing so was respectful of the situation at hand, this led to a schedule of friendship between East Moreland and the island of Awhaele being signed. This is a good first step and now I hope to take the next step with you. I would like to invite you to Farthing Castle close to the city of Leonaise in the hope of negotiating an agreement between Achkaerin and your organisations that falls along the lines of the agreement presently in existence between East Moreland and the Cross Straits Union.


Emperor Peter Azurewind

An Invitation to the Kingdom of East Moreland and the Kingdom of Seaforth

To King David and King Andrew

As you will both be aware I have extended invitations to the members of MICA and the AKO to come to Achkaerin and negotiate an agreement between my country and those organisations that develops Awhaele's relationship with the Illumic and Alba Karinya communities while also ensuring that decisions regarding matters such as Illumic security are made by Illumic nations. The latter half of this point is why I would in addition to the invitations you've already received in respect of MICA and the AKO add a third invitation for representatives of East Moreland and Seaforth to meet with my representatives to negotiate an agreement between our three nations that not only addresses this matter but also reflects the strong history of cooperation that has existed between our nations.

In friendship

Emperor Peter Azurewind