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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy -Open RP
« on: May 10, 2021, 09:28:04 PM »
With the King now in Eskdale it gave Alex Redfern some room to deal with the various situations in his own way. He could spend time formulating his own plan and then when ready present them to David knowing that the more traditional military thinkers in the briefing room wouldn't have a chance to shoot them down from the get go. Overnight Alex had been up late in the family suite in the Palace. He would wander off and come back and fire some Air Force type questions at Freya who knew he was up to something but knew best to just let him crack on with things.

Around 10 hours after the Ekrabadger had gone down he had cracked it and headed to get the King on the phone. It took a while and various conversations with underlings but finally David appeared on the screen. "I understand you have something" David had become used to these meetings with Alex over the years and usually they'd born fruit and so David was willing to give him some time.

"Simple, we can't trust these water nomads now. We need to cover a large area as quickly as possible and so I'd like to suggest Operation Aqua Meche." Alex beamed broadly.

"Aqua Meche. What you been smoking?" David asked shaking his head.

"Let me explain then." Alex was visibly excited. "We utilise a series of small fast boats to patrol the region and keep a communication corridor from the Cenneg ports to Lodja open through the Alucard Islands. A team of maybe three Marines and two Red's per boat We've had the Fast Attack Craft in Red Legion for a while and those Marines have wanted a crack. Lets unleash them."

"How we getting them to the Alucard now the fleets left?" David asked knowing the small patrol boats lacked the range to cross the Alucard.

"Simple. We throw them in the back of a cargo plane. Now I know what your next question is. Where do the cargo planes land." Alex tapped away on his laptop keyboard and a picture appeared seemingly taken from a satellite. "That is island  S.I.113. Its smack bang in the East-West axis of the Island chain. Its uninhabited as it essentially sits about 10 meters at its highest above sea level and there is nothing there but sand and rock. It 1,500 meters long and was once considered a long time ago as a potential place for the Cenneg to build a landing strip for space related stuff. We build an airstrip there. We load the Ekrabadger II with the Marston Mat's, its six hours down to the Ui Cenneslaig port, then eight hours later they can be at 113. The Navy can drop Marines from the fleet ongoing. They build the thing, 48 hours and we can get the first cargo planes in. We can then steadily fly out of it, taking in supplies and having these roving patrols kicking the crap out of anything in the way. We also give ourselves the chance to widen our search for the Morelander as we can bring in all manner of air assets in theory."

David was silent for a while and Alex knew better than to interupt while he was musing over what was being asked. "We may take some flak over the FSC. I'll make it clear we are not claiming the island, just using it. Beyond that screw them, we need to show the Nomads that if they sink one of our ships they've woken the sleeping beast. You've my go ahead."

"Excellent" Alex was rather looking forward to this. Having finished the call he popped down to the briefing room and told the Chief's of Staff, most of whom thought he had gone mad, and David even madder for allowing it. Brigadier Kelly though looked on with a kind of father's pride and a thumbs up when he thought no one was watching. Orders were sent and at Portworth Naval base the supplies of Marston Mat were hastily being loaded. It had been anticipated the Ekrabadger II would be sent down and so that was fuelled and ready to go, they just weren't expecting this kind of operation but building airfields in the middle of nowhere had become somewhat of a hobby for the Morelanders in combat operations and this would just be one more.

OOC Socialisation / Re: Look after yourself
« on: May 09, 2021, 11:03:19 PM »

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: May 09, 2021, 10:36:44 PM »


Sir Harry Samuelson, the East Moreland Minister of Defence, today has announced that the nations naval asset known as the Ekrabadger has been sunk in what is being called a "unconventional attack". The announcement came outside the Ministries HQ in Ostlake when Sir Harry stated, "I can today confirm that the Ekrabadger has been lost due to an unconventional attack. While transporting a group of Marines to help conduct operations in Lodja where our embassy was destroyed the vehicle had stopped for a self refuelling operation. While this was underway a visit from a group of Water Nomads was initiated. This visit was something that happens regularly to boats travelling through the Central Alucard Island Chain and the crew of the Ekrabadger believed the Nomads may have been a useful source of intelligence however it now transpires that the group initiated an explosion on the hull of the vehicle meaning it took on water and has since sunk. We are relieved that all crew were able to evacuate and are safe awaiting recovery. From this point forward we will be putting in place procedures halting groups such as this getting close to our assets and a robust search for the perpetrators will take place."

The Ekrabadger was often used by the military as a form of rapid transport for operations and has been utilised for a wide variety of uses including search and rescue and intercepting suspected smuggling. The vehicle was the largest serving ground effect vehicle in the world and was part of of the East Moreland militaries attempts at bringing in more of the vehicles for rapid response purposes. A second, smaller Ground Effect Vehicle is in service, the Ekrabadger II, however this is less capable of the range of operations undertaken by the now lost vessel.

An East Moreland fleet is enroute to the region and while the exact whereabouts of the crew have not been released it is understood they are "safe ashore" meaning it is likely they are on one of the hundreds of small islands that dot the Central Alucard. The Water Nomads have frequented these islands for centuries and have in the last few years at times called for independence or more control of the region. A standing TUNA agreement grants them an opportunity to gain citizenship of it's members nation but this has not really been undertaken. It is suspected at this point that this incident may be linked to the pro-sovereignty movement.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Culture of Diplomacy (Semi-Open)
« on: May 09, 2021, 02:22:50 PM »
This was a visit that in some ways King David was a little nervous of. One the one hand it was an exciting land of culture and tradition and on the other it was exactly these reasons that meant there was a potential minefield of etiquette, especially as he was being given the trappings of a state-visit. With this in mind he had made a decision that he was sure his neck would regret and that was to wear the crown of state. The golden circlet was uncomfortable and heavy and it took a few minutes of wear and it felt tiresome. His wife however was delighted to be wearing her crown and a beautiful red flowing dress to go along with it. Despite the uncomfortable nature of the crown Stasya realised that pain and sacrifice were needed to look stylish and regal. She had even practiced walking in it for a few hours to ensure it became second nature.

Now as the Royal aircraft touched down smoothly the King and Queen emerged from their private room and collected their ceremonial swords from the Air Force stewards who manned Ironside One. David helped his wife strap her slim rapier on before tightening up his own straight heavy cavalry sword. The King had opted for once to wear his military uniform for the occasion and the white cross belt of the Alpine Cadre was a huge contrast to the black jacket and trousers. Unlike other Regiments the Alpine Cadre wore berets at all ranks rather than peaked caps and the King gave his own white beret a final check. Happy everything was in place he made his way down the steps amused at the attempts by the locals to play the East Moreland national anthem on their own instruments. Reaching the bottom of the steps the King saluted the men in the traditional armour before returning Tielin's bow. The King was concerned that the crown would fall from his head and did his bow awkwardly while Stasya meanwhile remained ever elegant as she stood beside her husband and gave her well practiced bow. David bowed as Chun handed the sword towards him and took it from him before unsheathing the blade and inspected it. "It's a beauty" David articulated loudly. He sheathed the blade and with a single hand held the gift horizontally and bowed accepting the gift once again. An Air Force steward had stood waiting behind the Royals and swapped the sword for the package the steward carried. "Dragon-Emperor Tielin I hope you will accept my gift" He handed a shoe boxed sized wooden box to Teilin before lifting the lid to reveal a series of three small knives intricately decorated along the blade. They had been made by the King's own smith, Maxwell Power, and the blade of one had a slighly blue/green hue intended for the Azure Dragon Queen. 

"We are thrilled to be here" King David said addressing Tielin. "It will be a great honour to meet with you formally later and to view some great works of art in their homeland."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy -Open RP
« on: May 05, 2021, 11:02:41 PM »
The East Moreland fleet had expected the Cenneg to hang around but when they reached Ardanary in Ui Cenneslaig they had already departed. This left the Morelander fleet a chance to quickly resupply before heading west across the Alucard. The Ekrabadger had gone on before everyone though so as the REMNS Ostlake with its escort of the Northfort, the shiny new destroyers Suvewal and Naqjej and finally the Frigate of Christian The Dark made their way to join the search for the renegade vessel the Morelander. With the vast number of islands, bays, atolls and various other landforms it was going to be like searching for the preverbal needle in a haystack.

The Ekrabadger however had already arrived in the Central Alucard Island chain and was moored up as several of the crew were busy setting up the pump system. The unique design meant the cargo bay could be used to house an inflatable bladder holding enough fuel for practically a full refuel at sea. The process was rather slow but it gave the Marines onboard a chance to have a bit of a swim and relax before starting the rattling onward voyage. THey had come to rest at the midpoint between two island, each about 10km off their wingtips and according to the various charts they were uninhabited. The briefing they'd been given prior to departure had told them that at the islands it wasn't uncommon for the Water Nomad to come over and approach the vessels of the Navy, quiet often scrounging for bits to repair their ships or offering trinkets for sale. They were harmless enough and when two small boats began to appear from one of the islands no one was really surprised. A pair of Marines were tasked with providing watch over the Ekra-Badger and from the top of the wings watched carefully. Some words were shouted from the approaching boats when they got to within range but no one could understand them. It was only when the boats were within about twenty meters or so that the Marines could see them men holding up some big fish as though trying to sell them. The Marines waved that they didn't want them but several more things were held up, other fish, what looked like a turtle shell, some trinkets made out of shells. All of this though was an elaborate distraction as from the side of the boat hidden from a view a pair of water nomads had discreetly rolled over the side of their vessel and carried with them a pair of boxes containing bombs. Each box was about the size of the palm of a mans hand and had magnets mounted on the outside. Each of the men were usually diving for fish among the coral and utilising their skill for holding their breath easily made it under the Ekrabadger unnoticed, they attached their devices, surfaced on the far side of the Ekra-Badger and took a breath before returning to the ship. The timers were ticking down and now clearly getting no sale to the Marines they waved goodbye and headed away. The hatches were being set when the two tiny booms filled the air. Two small holes about the size of footballs formed in the belly of the Ekra-Badger.

"Abandon ship" the pilot called as he and his men grabbed their survival gear, made a radio call and headed for the rear ramp as the vessel began to slowly submerge. The process was slow, taking a good hour before the water was up to your waist in the interior and the group sat bobbing in bright yellow survival rafts as they prepared to call for the Lodjian vessels to come get them. The team though were concerned about being picked up by Lodjains, after all what if they were loyal to Leopold and so with that in mind they had called for the approaching Cenneg and began paddling for the island they'd not seen the Water Nomads come from. It took about an hour  to reach the beach helped by the waves. There the Marines dragged all the gear ashore and set up a perimeter. While the Water Nomads were known to not like spending time ashore they weren't about to rule it out 130 Morelanders were stranded now on the beach for about a day and determined that they'd get revenge.

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: May 03, 2021, 09:36:31 PM »


Princess Freya was today visiting the Royal Aeronautical Society HQ at Chamwick and introduced the next step of the "Inflatable Space Station" project. The Princess also hinted that she had not ruled out visiting the Space Station herself one day. The Princess was seen trying her hand at several of the training exercises undertaken by astronauts and according to Dr. Steven Heanor the RAS's Chief of Astronaut training the Princess scored "reasonably well". The Princess was seconded to the Air Force from the Army for 18 months in 2018 where she qualified as a fast jet pilot, a route from which the RAS traditionally recruits astronauts crews. The Princess however believes that such an idea is "a mere dream for now." The Princess toured the latest replica of the station which is to be extended in six months time to give three interconnected pods that can be inflated and deflated at various times to increase or decrease the stations size. The pods used are expected in the future to be sent to other planets as a potential lab that can either be remotely or later manually operated. The first such test of these is to happen in the near future as Princess Freya announced. "Today we've agreed that the next Nergal (Mars) project will send one of these to the surface with the intention of monitoring its ability to survive the environment there. Its the first step towards exploring ways of long term manned missions to the planet and we're excited to be able to support it. Perhaps I can be the first person to conduct a royal visit to the planet."

There is expected to be a series of East Moreland based missions in the coming months as investigations into implementing a "spring clean" of space debris is examined by the RAS. Dr.Heanor explained, "We have the ability with the Golden Snitch project to move space debris and satellites that no longer function. We could be in the perfect position to safely de-orbit the material or send it off on a safe trajectory out the danger zone. With more nations joining the exploration of space we need to ensure we're not essentially walling Mundus in."

The latest launch to the "Inflatable Space Station" is due in early June.


With news that the consortioum of one of the worlds largest medical and drugs companies and one of the leading aeronautical companies are close to taking over Juglander football club SK Albrektberg more news has come out of the consortiums plans. A spokesman for the takeover bid has stated, "There has been speculation in the local media that some fans are concerned. This is to be expected. We've a pair of companies coming in who have little understanding at the moment of the supporters passion. They need not worry as it is not our intention to make huge changes to the organisation of the clubs existing multi-sport structure. We have though secured the input of a sporting great. When the takeover is secured for three months Sir Clyde Woodward, the world's greatest rugby coach, will be part of the takeover. He will be given free reign to inspect the organisation of the club and make recommendations on how to improve the structure of something we believe is already in a strong sporting, if not financial position." Following his successful stint as coach of the Honeybadgers Sir Clyde lead the review of East Moreland sport that saw the team do extremely well in future Mundus Games by overhauling several institutions in charge of national games. He was also instrumental in helping create a national Medieval MMA Academy based upon the principles he used for his change to the Honeybadger. He then accepted the coaching job of the Lodjain national rugby team who became the most recent world champions. The spokesman went on to say, "I understand some of the fans are concerned about a reduction in the amount of sports on offer by the organisation. If I was them I wouldn't be worried. It is likely if anything that the number of sports on offer will grow. One good example is that we would very likely begin offering Medieval MMA lessons to juniors and then in five or six years time we'd likely see those juniors make their way into senior competition."

The takeover is due to be completed in the coming days once the Juglander sporting bodies green light the take over. The consortium have announced that they will install Sir Clyde as the clubs President for three months while he carries out his assessment and then replace him with "a person with a grounding in sporting excellence and if possible someone with inside understanding of what the people of Albrektberg want."

David rather enjoyed the gentle cruise down the river and the associated history lesson that went with it. Stasya meanwhile was more concerned about the wind messing her hair up than the ins and outs of Eskdale history. He liked the way the city had retained its connection to the past and did his best to return the salute offered by the soldiers on the riverbank as he passed. "I have to say its the first time I've ever visited a city so divided but so well organised." He felt slightly disappointed he didn't get to see the locks working but he was sure there would be other times he could see them for himself. As the boat pulled up at the quayside the King helped his wife from the boat before greeting the other monarchs.

Stasya was pleased to meet Queen Diane and had been excited by the fact she'd been given her own little special day during the tour. Despite David clearly being a very dedicated and loving husband he didn't allow her much input into the government at all and so she had to constantly find her own little projects to keep her in the public gaze which she adored. "I'm excited to have a chance for us to talk. I've been really pleased with how things have been going with vocational skills back home and I know a woman with much more experience in governance than me can have a lot of advice. Perhaps we can find time for a few other matters too." she added.

David was in fact a little nervous about the climbing suggestion. "Well Your Majesty" David began, "Its been about five years since I last touched a proper rockface and I lot has happened in those years. They say you don't forget how its done but its one thing remembering and another actually having the ability to do it. We'll have to see, I'll just be pleased if I don't need to be winched off some hillside. I hope Princess Mary will be kind to me. While the recovery is going well I can only take it a day at a time, you get good days and bad days. I'll just be keeping my fingers crossed that's a good day. Does climbing run in your family?" David asked as they headed towards the Council building.

Olivia Cole bowed to King Robert as he introduced himself and began a conversation. "Your Majesty I am sure at some point I can arrange a meeting with Martin. His company have become one of the top winners of our nations contracts for projects ranging from military updates to space exploration software and I know he'd relish a chance to discuss things with you. I'm sure we can arrange for you to visit his HQ at Chamwick if you had the desire." She was confident Dawson would be able to sell his stuff into Eskdale if given the right circumstances.

As they approached the Council building David was caught in several minds of how to act. This was the heart of another nations government and then when mention of food was brought up it placed him in a difficult predicament. "Lord Keynes" David guided the Overseer to one side as the Morelanders began to mingle, one eye on their King. "I would like to ask for some advice. Your Grand Council chamber here. What is your stance on religion being displayed here? I know some nations have rules about separation of government and faith yet before a Cultist eats we must give prayers and an offering to Helus, the last thing I wish to do is offend your nations traditions in its heartland. Would a small discreet prayer and offering be acceptable?" The King knew the Lorchist faith was followed heavily in Eskdale and had little ideas of the concepts of the Cult would clash with the native faith and so waited for the response. 

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
« on: April 26, 2021, 10:00:26 PM »


Following the final decision of where to locate the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency the King has asked the East Moreland liason to that body to cast the determining vote. Mr.William Zaha, a respected Morelander administrator of the "Kilotonnes to Kilowatts" programme was tasked with casting the determining vote. The King instructed the vote to be cast for Rokkenjima stating, "The decision was not an easy one. On the hand I would have liked to go to Dartfordia and utilise the CSU University campus. That though was difficult to make happen. The campus is tied to the CSU by legacy and it is vital that the organisation retains a political independence. Additionally being part of a wider network of institutions would give the impression of working alongside them when this is not the case. Rokkenjima however was not an easy choice to make. The conduct surrounding their bid to host was not one I would consider exemplary and my feelings on the matter have been communicated to Empress Evanthe in private. Rokkenjima however were one of the key authors of this treaty and therefore should be permitted to see what seed they planted flourish. The damage has been done now however it is rectifiable. The organisation now has an outstandingly well respected scientific organiser at the helm.  Dr.Ulf Gren has managed immense projects such as the Large Hadron Collider and the Global Seed Bank. Both these projects have brought researchers from across the world together and I hope that success can transfer into the MAEA. Supporting him is Duchess Anna Davidson, a woman who instituted the largest environmental clean up in the history of Mundus and then managed to unite nations behind an Environmental Treaty of great success.  The mistakes of Rokkenjiman PR must now be pushed to the rear and the excellent track record of the leaders of the MAEA must be pushed to the fore and allowed to do its vital work."

When the King was asked with future relations with Lijiang the King has not ruled out them joining the organisation in the future. "I'm due to head to Lijiang to be part of an opening of a Art and Cultural centre opening. There will be a chance for me to meet face to face with the Dragon-Emperor and I'll be doing my best to smooth over the situation. It is my hope we can make them see the huge number of ways they can prosper as part of the MAEA."

It is understood the King will be heading to Lijiang in the next few days to oversee the return of several pieces of art work.


The East Moreland Aircraft Company have in recent years branched out from simply being the producer of aircraft. They have created a reputation for being involved in ambitious and record breaking engineering projects as well as supporting programmes in education across the world. Upon becoming CEO of EMAC several years ago Sir Alan Maybury spoke of converting it into a "Multi-faceted global brand" In an attempt to do this the company has crossed over into the sporting world partcularly motor-sports by backing various East Moreland based Formula Mundus teams. Last season however they also provided support to the Lodjain teams making their first international partnership. The company have also sponsored the Keepton RUFC team for the last few years and this season paired with Roberton AFC, a team owned in part by King David of East Moreland.

The company have now teamed up with fellow East Moreland company to place an offer on the table for SK Albrektberg. Lord Lucas Osman explained, "We have recently seen King David conclude a deal with the government in Jugland to allow East Moreland businesses some access to their markets. I believe that the OsmanTech brand should be exposed to the Jugland people and sport is a great way to do this. We are pairing with EMAC as they have a great deal of sporting experience and we think if our offer is accepted we could have something exciting."

It is understood that the EMAC-OsmanTech bid would see the two companies each claim 50% of the clubs shares and in return they would clear the clubs debts and pay the current ownership $1. The consortium have put together plans for a referendum by fans over whether the club should retain its SK SK Albrektberg name or revert to its former name Albrektberg Sports Fotballklubb, the club would also have a new training facility built which would be shared by local youth clubs. A new "Nationwide Academy of Excellence" would be set up where the team would attempt to recruit the best Jugland players at under-11, under 14 and under 16 levels. Finally the consortium have stated that they would ensure the manager received a "significant war chest" to help in next seasons campaign. It remains to be seen however whether the investment by a pair of foreign businesses is passed by the Jugland F.A

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Matters of Admin - MAEA
« on: April 26, 2021, 08:18:37 PM »

The East Moreland spokesman at the MAEA, William Zaha, has been informed that East Moreland vote for Rokkenjima and therefore they will be the venue for the MAEA HQ.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Mundus Know Peace.

King David III of East Moreland.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Evanthe calls upon David
« on: April 26, 2021, 01:01:34 PM »
To:- Empress Evanthe

Until now my dealings with the Majestic Empire have been in a personal and not state capacity. It was a meeting between the state of Lijiang represented by one of their High Lords and myself as a private art collector. There were however moments where discussions of wider state issues took place but these were largely of little global significance. I have however been invited to attend a state function there in the coming weeks and this will form an opportunity for these to develop.

If I am honest the handling of the whole Lijiang affair has been badly done. The whole discussion around the MAEA HQ seemed more like a bid for hosting a World Cup than a major organisation. It has also brought up some difficult hurdles for Rokkenjima moving forward. Rokkenjima has in the past often discussed a "Values Based" foreign policy. In the handling of Lijiang we saw criteria set by which a judgement was made that Lijiang had a "potential capacity for human suffering", and lots of discussion on what the Dragon-Emperor MIGHT do. East Moreland has often discussed with Rokkenjima our approach to world affairs being one of "Gesture Politics" whereby we take an approach on what a nation does rather than just what it says or may present as. On paper Rokkenjima, East Moreland, Achkaerin had the potential to bring upon the world the greatest devastation and suffering ever witnessed by utilising nuclear weapons, and there are perhaps many times that we could have. However despite having that capacity we did not. It is my hope History will judge us therefore not by what we could have done but by what we have done. Lijiang may not hold the same ideals as us but I do believe from what I have witnessed and reports from my sisters visit that Dragon-Emperor Tielin is a man who has the best intentions of his people at heart. I fear though that by imposing your "Values Based" foreign policy on Lijiang while, as the Dragon-Emperor pointed out, actively pursuing ever closer ties with those holding similar policies to Lijiang have caused a difficulty for yourself.

While I am soon to travel to Lijiang I will bring this matter up with the Dragon-Emperor and his representative. I will at that time seek to find a way of both bringing Lijiang back into the MAEA and also seeing if a path towards a stronger relationship between Rokkenjima and Lijiang is possible.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace


Diplomacy and Events / Re: Matters of Admin - MAEA
« on: April 24, 2021, 04:54:07 PM »
With the deadline having passed we are pleased to name Dr.Ulf Gren as the President of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency and Duchess Anna Davison as the Chief of staff.

With two potential sites for the the HQ members will have until Monday, 8pm East Moreland time (UK time) to cast their vote. The HQ shall be located in the nation with the majority. With East Moreland having called for the resolution of this matter we ourselves shall only vote in the event of a tie thus ensuring the process has a definite outcome meaning the new President and Chief of Staff can begin their work. The two bids submitted are

1. Dartfordia, Arendelle the Cross-Straits Campus. Colleagues will likely be familiar with this site as it previously was the headquarters of the Cross-Straits Union. It currently forms part of the Arendelle Innovation District, and is partially occupied by the Cross-Straits University and a number of businesses. The scale and size of the campus, when originally built for the Cross-Straits Union, has meant it has been difficult to find permanent occupiers and the site is only being half utilised by other organisations. It is perfectly suited for international organisations, is well connected with a direct link to Arendelle Airport by Metro, and the surrounding areas offer plenty of hotel and former consular locations for nations to occupy. We do not anticipate MAEA needing to take up the entirely, or even a huge part, of the campus. Under our proposals the Cross-Straits University will continue to occupy some of the outer buildings and share certain spaces of scientific research, and with the consent of the organisation and university additional organisations may occupy any remaining space to reduce the administrative cost. This will provide a unique home for MAEA in a great city, with plenty of opportunity to grow in future. We hope members of the MAEA will consider our approach.

2. Rokkenjima,  Asagao Tower a building built for the modern era of sustainability in architecture. Abstergo Industries has provided several systems to Asagao Tower which make it one of the most sustainable buildings in the world, from super-efficient LED panels which may be powered utilizing the very cables that carry data for the Internet to sensors (light, humidity, temperature, motion) which create a digital ceiling to ensure energy is used in the most efficient manner. Adjoining Asagao Tower is a secured residential district which would be open for MAEA personnel, foreign diplomats and dignitaries to utilize.

Diplomacy and Events / Matters of Admin - MAEA
« on: April 20, 2021, 07:54:47 PM »

It has come to my attention recently that some of the business of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency has been left unfinished and as such those of us who are members must seek to rectify that as soon as possible.

There are three decisions that are needed to be made by the membership.

The first of those is where the Headquarters should be. It was the offer of Rokkenjima to host that has spurred me to ensure that we, as members, ensure we have all the neccessary functions and requirements of the Agency. As such I believe we should allow until 24th April 2021 2pm (East Moreland time) for any other members wishing to host the organisation to put their bid forward. Should no bids come forward we would automatically base the HQ in Rokkenjima.

The second matter is that of appointing a President of the General Conference. The General Conference is the main decision making body of the agency and the President is empowered to represent the General Conference in discussions with nations and shall report back to the General Conference before any decisions are taken. The President shall serve for two years but may be re-elected.

The third matter is that of appointing a  Chief of Staff who shall oversee the day to day tasks of the Agencies staff. The Chief of Staff shall serve for four years and may be re-elected. The staff shall include such qualified scientific and technical and other personnel as may be required to fulfill the objectives and functions of the Agency.

For the positions of President and Chief of Staff nominations shall be open until 24th April 2021 2pm  (East Moreland time) and should more than one person apply for each position a simple majority vote of members shall determine the person elected.

We wish those willing to place themselves forward all the best.

May The Gods Watch Over You and the World Know Peace.

King David III of East Moreland.

Membership List updated

East Moreland supports Chistopol's admission

Sporting Hub / Re: Aquarius Cup 2021 - OOC (sign ups)
« on: April 17, 2021, 10:19:07 PM »
Team Name:- Portworth Naval College
Nation of Origin:- East Moreland

Team Name:- Seabrooke Naval College
Nation of Origin:- East Moreland


To:- Ambassador Thomas Wason

Naturally we would be delighted to welcome a delegation from your nation to discuss matters. Since we were able to rid ourselves of the Sorority of Materna relations between our two nations have been absent and this would be an excellent opportunity to rectify that situation.

We look forward to welcoming you at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards

 President Emile Sauzee

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy -Open RP
« on: April 15, 2021, 10:53:10 PM »
Sir John Miller knew his assignment to Aosta was essentially a "winding down" one. The Foreign Office believed that Aosta was a place where the only duty of an ambassador would be to help promote cultural exchanges and support Morelanders who had lost their passport and the like. Sir John was therefore rather surprised when his secretary informed him the Prince Lorenzo had personally been on the phone asking for him to attend the Palace. Sir John had on idea what the reason for his summons was and so lifted the phone and dialled home and began a brief conversation with members of staff at the Foreign Office. It was clear that they had no particular concern back home but a few had suggested it could have been to do with the embassy bombing. Miller ensured he had everything he needed and made his way to the Palace via his diplomatic car. Upon arrival at the Palace he presented his credentials and waited to be shown to those who had requested his presence.

Character Guides / Re: People of East Moreland
« on: April 15, 2021, 10:41:19 PM »
John Miller
RolesAmbassador to Aosta
Year of BirthNorthfort, 29 June 1941
Positions Held1962-1991 Officer in the Royal East Moreland Air Force
1991-1999 Military Attaché to Embassy in Bakkermaya
1995 Knighted
1999-2005 Ambassador to Bakkermaya
2005-2012 Ambassador to the Union of Nordic Peoples
2012-2018 Foreign Office Special Envoy
2018-present Ambassador to Aosta
EducationMoreland Highers in Maths (A) Physics (A) and Biology (A)
BSci (Hons) in Applied Mathematics
FamilyWife:- Emma (b.1944)
Children:- Stephen (b.1968), Charlotte (b.1972) and Eloise (b.1975)
Grandchildren:- Rosie (b.1994) Mark (b.1998) William (b.1999) Rhiannon (b.2003) and Lucas (b.2005)
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographySir John comes from a long line of aviators with his grand-father being one of the first Morelanders to train to be a pilot. He followed in the families footsteps and joined as an Officer in the Air Force straight after University. He flew fighters for most of his career before joining the General staff and reached the rank of Wing Commander. When he finally retired from the military he was recruited into the diplomatic service and has served within it ever since. He was appointed to Aosta for what he has confirmed will be his final overseas appointment when he retires in 2022.

For David this was something of a strange experience for an overseas trip. Normally it was him, his security detail and maybe one or two advisers/ Even when married he'd not always taken Stasya or Matilda however today was different. With the on going situation in Lodja and the recent Tartu Accords from Chistopol it meant the King was likely going to have to make some decisions while overseas and so he was taking a rather larger entourage than was traditionally the case.  The first two to arrive at Ironside One did so with the King having come directly from the briefing rooms at Northfort Military Barracks where they had been seeing off some of the men heading to Lodja. Will Buckley was the King's Security Chief and despite having no official role in the government was an experienced military officer the King often used more as a sounding board when he had difficult decisions to make. He was a mountain of a man and stood waiting for the King to exit having opened the rear car door. After the King had exited he was followed by his second ever present member of staff Quinn Germaine. As the King's Chief of Royal Household she followed him practically everywhere except briefings marked top secret. In many ways she had the doors to access the King and as such was perhaps one of his most trusted staff members. She had been recruited by Alex Redfern to replace himself after he'd encountered her leading a loyalist group during the Regency Crisis where she'd gone from nursery teacher to rifleman. That conflict had cost her the lower part of her left leg but she was determined that it wouldn't stop her doing most things and often joined the King for rows in the morning.

The trio made their way up to the waiting Air Force NCO's who would be acting as staff during the flight and having greeted the usual faces the King made his way into the onboard office while Will took a trip up to the cockpit to confer with the aircrew. The next car to arrive had come from the Representative Council building. There had been various sessions that morning to brief the Councillors on the work ministers were undertaking. Rosa Meadows had been attending talks on the new ideas for vocational centres across the North of the nation, Olivia Cole had been busy with business relating to funding for a future space project and the King's cousin Duchess Orlaith Kade had been fielding discussions on the various international crisis going on. The three women now made their way up to Ironside One with Orlaith turning to go see the King to catch him up on the Councils thoughts while the otherstook seats in the large lounge seating area.

The final car to arrive had come directly from the Palace and carried Queen Stasya and her own mini entourage. First there was her own Chief of Queen's Household Alexandra Samuel As the Queen's party boarded the aircraft she made her way to find the King's counterpart Quinn and syncronise their schedules. They meet every other day in the palace but they'd never undertaken a joint overseas trip and there was a need to check everything was in order. The final two to board the aircraft were the two Ladies in Waiting Jessica whose mother was Olivia Cole and the two sat and caught up on the plane. The final person to take their seat was Emma Maybury the daughter of the planes constructor Sir Alan Maybury who ran EMAC. With everyone onboard the doors were shut and the aircraft began the journey across the Illumic.

Onboard Stasya had tried to once more discuss matters in Lodja with David, the King was convinced that nothing short of a full blown deployment of East Moreland's Armed Forces would satisfy his wife but that wasn't on the cards and so David had, much to her annoyance, closeted himself with his cousin Orlaith during the flight. The first time David saw her was when they touched down. "You look beautiful" David kissed her on the cheek as Quinn and Alexandra ensured their charges had their ceremonial sword. The contingent then made their way down to Eskdale and towards the Royal Overseer. "Duke Keynes" King David extended a hand before beginning the lengthy introductions. He then took the flag from William and between himself and his wife spread it out to get a good look at it. "Its an excellent flag" David said as he admired it. Stasya meanwhile faked it perfectly, she had no interest in little kids and ridicolous flags but she did enjoy the attention the media where giving her. David carefully folded the flag back up and handed it to his cousin Orlaith. The King then felt his own lapel and carefully unpinned his small East Moreland coat of arms badge. "I hope William you will accept this as a gift of thanks for your hospitality" He handed the pin badge to William hoping the boy thought it was a fair exchange. The King noticed several more of the flags in the watching crowd. "I believe we've a boat ride?" The King asked. "Could you perhaps explain the circumstances, I was briefed a little but I'd find the history interesting." The King failing to control his inner nerd.


Character Guides / Re: People of East Moreland
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Emma Maybury
RolesRoyal Lady in Waiting
Year of BirthRoberton, 1999
Positions HeldRoyal Lady in Waiting
EducationMoreland Highers in Art (A) Music (B) and Morelandish (B)
BA(Hons) in Media and Fashion
FamilyDaughter of Sir Alan Maybury the CEO of EMAC
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographyWas working as a student at Silverhills University where she was able to work on a placement with Stasya Pelagiya's fashion company. She formed a productive bond with the then Queen to be and was appointed as one of the two Ladies in Waiting when the position was re-established.

Character Guides / Re: People of East Moreland
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Jessica Spence-Cole
RolesRoyal Lady in Waiting
Year of Birth7th April 1998, Keepton
Positions HeldConscript in the Royal Logistics Corps
EducationMoreland Highers in Maths (B) Chemistry (B) and Physics (B)
BSci (Hons) in Chemical Engineering
FamilyMother is Oliva Cole, the nations current Science and Technology Minister
Father is her ex-husband Jack Spence a Financial Analyst for EMAC
Links to Important events?WHat have they done
BiographyA student who perhaps enjoyed the social aspects far more. She was a journalist on the Silverhills University newspaper and covered lots of the social events put on in the student union. She also accompanied her mother to lots of royal occasions as her "plus one" and it was during these at one Ostlake Games she meet Queen Stasya. The pair hit it off and bonded over a shared love of music and shoes. When Stasya became Queen she resurrected the traditional role of Lady in Waiting and offered it to Jessica immediately.

International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
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The King and Queen of East Moreland are preparing to leave for a trip to Eskdale amid a series of international crisis. The decision to continue with the tour of Eskdale has been criticised by some as people believe that the King may be required to make some quick military decisions. This however was denied as a reason to cancel the trip by the Minister of Defence Sir Harry Samuelson who stated, "In modern times we have the ability to command troops from any point on Mundus. Decades ago it is true the Commander in Chief would have been expected to be in a bunker in Northfort, Ostlake or somewhere else making decisions. We can safely and securely relay that information to any point of Mundus so the King is perfectly capable of undertaking this tour and handling the situations as they develop.

The King visited the Royal Rifle Regiment Barracks in Northfort today for a scheduled inspection and spoke briefly with the media about the ungoing situation in Kaitaine and Lodja.

"Today is important to come here and see the work that the Royal Rifle's are doing in order to ensure that they are prepared for any scenario the current global situation may throw up. Currently we have eyes on two developing situations, Lodja and Kaitaine. If we take the situation in Lodja it goes without saying that we are standing squarely behind Queen Klara. She is and will remain the legitimate leader of Lodja until such a time as legally recognised processes change that. This therefore means that Leopold Hamsik is nothing more than a kidnapper and terrorist. We are holding him responsible for the deaths of our staff at the embassy, people who served their nation with dedication and skill. In the future a time will come when we shall ensure Leopold faces justice in front of a jury on charges of murder and terrorism. We are thankful to the Cenneg embassy for their support and co-operation. We currently have a fleet enroute to Ui Cenneslaig where they will resupply before crossing the Illumic in what we hope will be a move to sandwich the rogue ship that ironically we built. As for Kaitaine we are on the one hand pleased to see an end to conflict there and I believe the Cenneg, Tamoran and Chistopolian governments should be applauded for their action. While some nations are already talking of the West of Kaitaine being the "Theocracy" we do not yet recognise them as a nation. Currently the Truthsayers are classed as a terrorist organisation. This is a classification that is reviewed on a three monthly routine and we naturally will be watching the scenario there. Should the Truthsayers play any role in the West then we would be forced to do all we can to effectively put sanctions in place. This is likely to cause a few discussions as it is clear Ui Cenneslaig have a different approach to this matter. Should the Truthsayers in time provide evidence to further show they are taking actions to bring undisciplined and undisciplined members under control. Furthermore we have highlighted on several occasions our belief that the Truthsayers are engaged in the use of child soldiers and this must end. We however will end any and all arrangements with the East of Kaitaine under Soviet control including the closure of our embassy there in 3 days time. We have had in place a travel advisory in place for Kaitaine since the conflict and we repeat this now. It is our hope that the situation of the ceasefire can continue indefintley until a permanent solution can be found. While we are in Eskdale I shall be in constant contact with my sister Princess Freya who is going to be a steady hand at the briefing table. She is an experienced soldier in her own right and I trust her to ensure I am furnished with all the information I would need."

The trip to Eskdale marks the first meeting between the nation for quiet a long time and will see the King and Queen visit each of the three Kingdoms that make up the Commonwealth of Eskdale.


Yesterday a Morelander coach lifted the Rugby World Cup however on this occasion it was while wearing a Lodjian tracksuit. Sir Clyde Woodward can now lay claim to be the greatest rugby coach in the history of the game having lead two nations to World Cup glory in his career. The former Northfort Royals player with 14 caps for East Moreland had what many consider an "average" rugby career however upon retiring and entering the coaching world his reputation has grown and grown to make him a legend of the game. Following his success at helping East Moreland become Munds Games Champions, CIS Nations Champions and World Champions for the first time and in their history and a runners up in 2016 Sir Clyde handed over the reigns of the National Team to his protege Steward Lahncaster who won the World Cup in 2017 before retiring on health grounds. The team however never truly recaptured that all dominating form that saw the Honeybadgers only narrowly lose a best of three series against the combined CIS team by a narrow margin under Woodward. Under the guidance of Eddy Johns the Honeybadgers have been criticised by some as not playing as expressive a game as under Woodward and of failing to bring through younger talent. It comes as no surprise with the team having on paper been expected to reach the final and failing to do so that Johns has had his contract terminated "in order to allow a full examination of the future of the National Team's set up."

Almost as soon as Lodja had lifted the trophy with Woodward at the helm a petition appeared online calling for the East Moreland Rugby Football Union to "do all in its power to bring Sir Clyde back to his homeland" and that he be given "full control over the sport in East Moreland." Within just a few hours the petition had reached 150,000 signatures however Mr. William Beaumont who is chairman of the EMRFU stated, "At the moment even if we wished to bring Sir Clyde back he is, as far as we know, under contract to the Lodjain national team. We naturally applaud what he has achieved with them and he rightly will go down as a legend within the sport. Taking a team such as Lodja which had hardly any rugby infastructure in place and 2017 and within four years turning them into World Champions is a story that cements his legacy as the best. Here though we must look at what has held us back. Part of it must be the coaching set up but as we saw Sir Clyde focused not just on ensuring we had the best and most cutting edge on and off field preparation but also an expectation of excellence. He started a mantra of "leave the jersey in a better place than you found it" and while I am sure every player has attempted to do that we have not achieved it. Over the next few weeks we will have to take a long hard look in the mirror and come up with a plan. The next chance for rugby success is likely to be the Mundus Games and whoever is in charge at that point must show just what we are capable of."

Bookmakers put the chances of Sir Clyde returning at 1000/1 as it is understood he has a two year deal left to run its course and has in the past stated how important he believes keeping your promises are. Furthermore the 65 year old has settled in Zhenya which he has turned into a centre of excellence for Lodjain rugby. There are also rumours the divorced father of two is in a relationship with a Lodjain journalist. The favourite for the job is Rob Backster who is the current coach at the Northfort Royals who seem on course to win their 11th National title. The 50 year old former back rower has 48 caps to his name as an international and was at one point the forwards coach at the Lodjain national side alongside Woodward.

Sir Clyde has spoken of his joy at the win. "It doesn't matter I'm not Lodjain as today I'm a very proud man. This team has grown over the last four years or so into a tight group who have essentially put their lives on hold to make their nation a rugby success. Let us not forget as well that they have won rugby's greatest prize while back home their is concern and worry about their family and friends. They took the field unsure what Lodja would be like on their return and I am sad to say I don't think they'll get the big celebratory return they truly deserve. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their lives over this and it really puts into perspective the insignificance of a ball game in a way. It is my hope that perhaps in some small way our victory can show just what a united Lodja can achieve."  Sir Clyde is expected to make a coaching return to East Moreland in the near future though as the annual end of season fixture between a Kings XV and the Honeybadgers takes place for charity. Sir Clyde said, "The traditional curtain fall to the season seeing the national side play a team picked by the King from the best in the league, and sometimes further afield, is always a lot of fun. King David reached out to me and asked me to coach his team on the day and naturally I've said yes. It'll be nice to come and see some old friends and enjoy a quality day of rugby for a good cause."

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A joint EM and UC post

The CNN had determined a joint fleet would be sent towards Lodja should it be requested by Klara, they had also planned to act as a kind of blockade to ensure Leopold didn't disappear. The issue though would be it would take the best part of a week for the Maori to arrive and at least another few days for the Morelanders. King Finley had therefore taken the decision to sent the Cenneg ships now and have everyone catch up. Claith may have been the capital of Ui Cenneslaig but it was Ardanary where much of the Navy hung out. The town now had anchored off shore a growing Cenneg fleet ready to head across the Alucard. There was one though that looked out of place, the Ekra-Badger sat bobbing among the Cenneg ships. Currently as the sun was raising a series of small boats were ferrying East Moreland Marines out to the Ekra-Badger which was capable of carrying 200 soldiers and having flown in last night they were now readying. The trip over would take the fleet several days however the Ekra-Badger would do the trip in a few hours, they'd be a stop to refuel and the large capacity allowed them to carry extra containers of fuel that they'd use while at sea. It would take the best part of the morning for the fleet to depart but by midday the flotilla watched as the Ekra-Badger took off and then followed in its wake.

OOC- Cenneg Fleet as follows
Carrier:- Conn
Destroyers:- David The Saint & Mail Choluim
Frigate:- Sirlam
Subs:- Enna Airgdech and Rothechaid

Back in Northfort Queen Stasya was still bending King David's ear to essentially send the entire might of the East Moreland military to Lodja. David however was having non of it. At the moment the Lodjains didn't have a spreading problem. The King was obviously concerned by the first protest, both the fact it had sprung up so quickly and then by the way it had been handled to him it suggested a breakdown in command and control and David would be happy when the Lodjain Queen got to Noginsk and they could get her secure and in front of the media. "We should cancel our trip." Stasya demanded as she once more marched into David's office. "How does it look going on a four day tour of Wellow, a nation we hardly are friends with, when our closest ally is in chaos."

David took hold of her hand, "Lodja is not in chaos. We've everything in hand at the moment and just because I'm not here doesn't mean we can't respond. I'll have Freya here and Redfern those two are not exactly inexperienced when it comes to handling this kind of situation. I'm a phone call away and Ironside One means we run a war from there." He saw Stasya look nervous as he mentioned war and hugged her. "Not that they'll be a war." He said trying to reassure her. A few more days and Leopold will have a pretty large naval force looking for him and then we can get this sorted out."

"And kill him?" Stasya said angrily.

"Not unless we have to." David said. "He needs to stand trial."

"We should demand he be extradited for the attack on the embassy. Then hang him." It was a possibility but David thought it unlikely and even then it would be a rather messy affair if it went that far. While David didn't like to say it perhaps the situation would be better for everyone if a Red Legion bullet found its way to Leopold's skull. "Look we leave for Wellow shortly, go get yourself sorted and relax. Nothing will happen for a few days anyway. The Cenneg are en-route and we'll have their backs."

"OK" Stasya didn't sound very reassured but went off to ensure her Ladies in Waiting had finished packing her things for the upcoming trip.

East Moreland support the Lijiang bid

"Excellent" David extended a hand before calling for his personal secretary and Chief of Royal Household Quinn Germaine to come in. "Quinn can you alert the media that we'll have something for them shortly." Several members of the vetted East Moreland press pack had been given permission to be in the Palace today by Malcolm Tucker should such an agreement be reached. Now this pack of what Tucker liked to call "tamed journalists" would be put to work covering this agreement. For around an hour the King and his guests engaged in small talk until Quinn reappeared.

"We've made arrangements in the Small Library" Quinn lead them up through the Palace to the Small Library as a child it had been one of David's favourite locations within the Palace and he was still a frequent visitor. The long table had been draped in half the East Moreland flag and half the Jugland flag. A series of chairs had been arranged at the back of the table while the press sat in front. The King and his guests filed in and took their place at the side of the table with their flag on and then the King removed a pen from his inside pocket. It had been presented to him as a gift many years ago now by the long now isolated nation of Sky Coast. The coral work on the pen still reminded him fondly of the visits and also the countless treaties he'd signed with it. Quinn placed two copies of the treaty down, one in front of each delegation. David neatly affixed his signature and then waited for his counter-part to do the same before they exchanged copies and affixed their signature on the 2nd copy thus making things official. The King was well practiced at such things and paused holding his pen just a hairs breath above the treaty and looking at the photographers to allow them to get their shots. Once he had finished he held up the document in its black bound folder and held it so the media could see and get the shot of the King's smiling face next to the freshly inked deal. Finally the King turned to Kvalheim and Skoeun to shake their hands. "It's a good result for all of us" he said loud enough for the media. "A foundation for us to build on. I look forward to seeing what your people do at Chamwick soon." All that was left was for the media to do there bits and pieces and David could chalk up another successful series of talks.

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"This is bullshit" Redfern moaned as he checked the equipment spread out before him on the table in the ruined school some 35km South of Rockhampton. "Who the hell left the GPMG? And we're four claymores short. I know its a bloody crisis but since when did we become Lodjains." he complained to the assembled "military" under his command. In truth it was three Red Legionnaires, two Marines, one Air Force pilot and then a few guys who had stepped forward as "experienced" soldiers. At the mention of the Lodjains a cough came from the side of the room. "Sorry" Alex said shyly as Stasya Ironside stood there. They'd grabbed her and run when the attack began, King David had been the opposite side of the Palace and had been taken out early in the attack. Many who had escaped that side of the Palace had said they'd last seen the King with a rifle in his hand alongside his protection detail firing at incoming attackers. It gave Alex a reassurance that at least the King had gone down fighting and in some ways even if those rumours weren't true they would have needed to have been started in these difficult times. Redfern had split up what had remained of the Palace and scattered them across the countryside. He had suspected the scattered nature of East Moreland settlements would have helped the people survive but that hadn't been the case and every small village or town they approached on the march North had seen destruction and seemingly just adults dead, for some reason these Skitters wanted the children for those harness devices. They had become mindless slaves and frankly a liability. Redfern and his advanced guard of Tristian Rowe and Sebastian Johnson had been given direct orders to either evade or kill any children they'd come across if they saw those harnesses. Now though the problem was where was the missing weaponary. There would be no shortage of guns at Rockhampton and the equipment could be replaced easy enough but first they had 35km of Skitter infested country to cross and that was now suddenly harder.

"We've five people missing too." Sebastian interjected. "Luckily none of the military bods but I bet they've taken the stuff. There is a rumour going round that somehow people in that shithole of Vaguzia have survived better and we should be heading West not East." He shrugged his shoulders.

"We told Rhiannon and Saxby we'd see them in Rockhampton. We're going to Rockhampton and I don't care if Vaguzia was Skitter free and full of beer and steak, we get the Queen." The room nodded. "Then we turn the caves into a fortress and work out how to get these things off Mundus." A young boy walked into the room and Stasya took him by the hand and lead him away. Eight year old Prince Richard had been doing well keeping up but it was hard for him. Most of his friends had been killed and now he just had his mother really. He still would wake up in the night screaming for his deceased father and then complained he missed his sister Rhiannon. The Red's had managed to find a small dagger in the ruins of one of the Northfort Palace buildings and had given it him as his "sword" and that had gone some way to making the Prince feel better but it couldn't replace his father. Stasya tried her best to reassure him but even after eight years of being a mother she had little maternal instinct. She was though pretty ruthless when she had to be and when she had found out about Alex executing children he had expected complaints instead the former Queen had helped distract the others in the group so they were not aware of the issue to the majority of the group the children were already dead when the group found the settlement, Stasya had even told the people the Skitters executed the children once the work was done. It was cold but it had cemented a desire to fight in almost every Morelander in their column of around 60 people.

"We'll have to make do" Alex said as he redistributed the kit. "We keep everything within our group now" he gave each person a weapon and a share of the ammo. His two frontmen, Sebastian and Tristian got the best rifles and a Anti-Tank weapon and having refilled their water bottles from the schools kitchen sink headed off into the night. They'd be heading towards a village called Elthorpe and from there they'd find the river and that would take them to Rockhampton, the big concern was much of the trip would have little cover from the air and so they'd make the journey at night, rest up during the day. Alex cursed they'd got no night vision goggles but the distinct hum of the Skitter ships meant they'd be largely un-needed anyway. "You've got twenty minutes" Alex told everyone else and the rest of his group of survivors began packing their gear ready for the hike.

"She better be there" Alex said to himself as he watched his two scouts disappear into the nearby woods. Stasya heard him and unsure whether he was meaning his wife Freya or his niece Rhiannon left him to his thoughts.

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The EMAC Dragon-Ghost Drone which is due to enter service later this year has today completed trials of deploying a 2nd drone from its internal weapons bay. The UAV released a loitering munition drone (LMD) while at a height of 10,000 feet. The LMD weighed around 6kg and was carried within a bay capable of carrying weaponry or equipment to the weight of 150kg. The utilisation of the bay rather than hardpoints allows the Ghost-Drone to have fewer points to enlarge its radar cross section. The design is so unique that it uses engine gases to redirect airflows over its surfaces meaning the drone has no moving control surfaces further reducing points of observation for RADAR. The LMD was released and the Ghost-Drone returned to base with no incident. This follows the loss of one of the four prototypes in September 2020 due to issues that are believed to have stemmed from ineffective ice control. The LMD flew independently of the Ghost-Drone for around 90 minutes before being guided to strike a target boat in the Mhorish. The strike was considered a "great success" by the Admiralty and Air Force both of whom are expected to receive completed drones in time.

Sir Harry Samuelson viewed the tests and the Minister of Defence stated afterwards. "I was impressed, the last time I saw the Ghost-Drone it crashed and so this was always going to be an improvement. To be able to utilise this independent drone mid-flight could be a useful tool and one we will investigate further." It was explained by representatives of EMAC that theoretically a single Ghost-Drone could carry 25 LMD's meaning as Sir Alan Maybury of EMAC said, "Potentially we could fly a Ghost Drone close to the enemies air-space, perhaps even into it utilising the drones stealth credentials, from there we could launch these 25 LMD's, withdraw the Ghost-Drone and two hours later these mini-drones could be used to strike targets. Alternatively they could be used to swarm enemy air defences while a 2nd Ghost-Drone strikes targets with more conventional weapons. Today's test could be a useful tool for our military." One problem however as Sir Alan explains is "We need to look at a system for carrying so many, one issue is launching 25 successfully and the other is the volume of the weapons bay. The LMD is a light weapon all things considered but like anything it takes up room. We need to find a balance between the number carried and doing so without compromising the stealth features. Its a point for down the road."

The Ghost-Drone is expected to attempt carrier landings early next week to evaluate its usefulness for the Navy in addition to the Air-Force. The same weapons test saw the Spearhead Mk.3 missile complete a successful 700km flight meaning it is still some 300km off its final target distance.

Centralia added

East Moreland supports this application

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"I would be willing to sign this." King Heydar acknowledged. "I would though like to define the observation force as being transported in Seleucid vehicles and permitted to carry only communication and side arms."

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