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Diplomacy and Events / Matters of Admin - MAEA
« on: April 20, 2021, 07:54:47 PM »

It has come to my attention recently that some of the business of the Mundus Atomic Energy Agency has been left unfinished and as such those of us who are members must seek to rectify that as soon as possible.

There are three decisions that are needed to be made by the membership.

The first of those is where the Headquarters should be. It was the offer of Rokkenjima to host that has spurred me to ensure that we, as members, ensure we have all the neccessary functions and requirements of the Agency. As such I believe we should allow until 24th April 2021 2pm (East Moreland time) for any other members wishing to host the organisation to put their bid forward. Should no bids come forward we would automatically base the HQ in Rokkenjima.

The second matter is that of appointing a President of the General Conference. The General Conference is the main decision making body of the agency and the President is empowered to represent the General Conference in discussions with nations and shall report back to the General Conference before any decisions are taken. The President shall serve for two years but may be re-elected.

The third matter is that of appointing a  Chief of Staff who shall oversee the day to day tasks of the Agencies staff. The Chief of Staff shall serve for four years and may be re-elected. The staff shall include such qualified scientific and technical and other personnel as may be required to fulfill the objectives and functions of the Agency.

For the positions of President and Chief of Staff nominations shall be open until 24th April 2021 2pm  (East Moreland time) and should more than one person apply for each position a simple majority vote of members shall determine the person elected.

We wish those willing to place themselves forward all the best.

May The Gods Watch Over You and the World Know Peace.

King David III of East Moreland.

Convention Centre / Ostlake Movie Awards Voting: Best Animated Short 2021
« on: February 28, 2021, 07:55:07 PM »
Voting is open for 7 days. Pick your favourite film. Results shall be revealed once voting ends.


1. Soul - Jugland

2. Pip - Achkaerin

Voting is open for 7 days. Pick your favourite two songs. Winner will be revealed once voting closes.


1. Fugue in D Minor from Ocean 8 - Jugland

2. Haanikaarak Bapu from Dangal - Parbhani

3. Silent Death from  Le Chant du Loup/Wolf’s Call - Fleur

4. Thunderbirds Are Go from Thunderbirds Are Go - Achkaerin

Voting is open for 7 days. Pick one film. The results will be revealed once voting ends.


1. Good Business - Jugland

Humans have just settled in a new planet. They need to make business with some of its inhabitants first.

2. Lego Airport - Achkaerin

 When traveling by airplane... the flight is the least of your problems. This film made entirely by students of Mornington Crescent High School in Solaria, won the National Achkaerin High School Award for Film Animation.

Voting is open for 7 days. Pick your favourite two films. Results will be revealed once voting ends.


1. A Nation Betrayed - Tamora

The documentary made by Samira Hanifnejad presents how the regular people Clysperi saw the civil war unfold and also presents the aftermath of the war.

2. Midsomer - Jugland

 A young foreign couple, who aren't exactly going through their best moment, attends a Summer festival which is held every 90 years in a remote village in northern Jugland. What started as a holiday in a daydream place, step by step it starts turning into a dark nightmare when the mysterious villagers invited them to participate in their festive but unsettling traditions.

3. The Unknown Saint  - Izhitza

 Moments before his capture by Yachese police, a thief digs a fake grave to hide a bag of money. Released from prison years later, he returns to retrieve the bag, only to find a shrine to an Unknown Saint built directly over his loot, and a brand new village constructed all around it.

4. Le Chant du Loup/Wolf’s Call - Fleur

Tensions between Fleur and Drenova attain an all-time high, as both nations following a border skirmish caused by diplomatic tensions, increase their military activity. In this situation, the Nuclear Attack Submarine Titan is ordered a secret mission to strike in the core of Drenova as informations show a prepared attack against Fleur. However, such informations are found out to be a trap, the Titan being now in the deep south seas, refusing any outside contact as to follow the protocol and having to carry its secret mission at any cost. Nuclear Attack Submarine Rubis is to set to intercept the Titan to make it convince it to abandon its mission it had been given, all of that as a 4 beats unknown submarine appear out of nowhere…

5. Thunderbirds Are Go - Achkaerin

 Action adventure tale based on the popular 1960s TV series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and still utilizes the methods of the classic series. Situated in the calm ocean lies the idyllic Tracy island, but beneath the surface of this island lies the top secret base of International Rescue and they're about to go into action for the very first time. When the prototype spaceship Phoenix One is sabotaged by notorious criminal mastermind the Hood the crew is placed in jeopardy on the vessels maiden voyage and so begins an ambitious rescue operation with twists and turns along the way, into orbit is sent the spacecraft Thunderbird 3 to assess the scale of the problem and evacuate the crew, as the clock ticks down and Phoenix One re-enters the atmosphere the stakes are raised and it falls to the rest of the team to keep everyone safe not only from an impact but also the damaged reactor aboard the spacecraft.

Diplomacy and Events / The East Moreland-Achkaerin Red Phone
« on: February 15, 2021, 02:43:09 PM »
OOC - Cos everyone else was

Following reports of an ethnic massacre in Kopsje we have made the decision to increase the number of ships involved in the nuclear decommissioning[1] missions. From now one each run shall also include one of either our carriers or amphibious warfare ships and an additional destroyer. These assets shall, if required, be able to respond to any humanitarian crisis that may occur in the region.

We are informing you ahead of the first run to feature this change which shall include REMNS Chamwick.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace.

King David III
 1. Been told to the public that this is a series of rapid deployment exercises

Diplomacy and Events / The Ipsus-Bildar Line
« on: February 14, 2021, 07:59:23 PM »

To:- The government of Altromine

I am contacting you with a discreet request.

As you will know several weeks ago two young girls who were missionaries of our faith were murdered in Waddan. As a result we have, following discussions with the Sultan of Waddan, sent more missionaries with a military security detail. While we do not anticipate any problems it may become necessary to send them air support or exfiltration. In addition to this our resupply flights for the security detail see us flying a coastal route before turning North to fly the length of Waddan. It would be useful for us if we could fly direct however this would mean flying over your airspace. I am therefore formally asking for permission for our Air Force to fly through your airspace to and from Waddan. We would give 24 hours prior notice to all planned flights and as much as possible for emergency flights. In addition we would make the radio frequencies and transponder codes these aircraft will operate on available to you prior to them coming within 10km of your own airspace.  We hope that this is a request you can see yourself able to grant and we shall respect your decision. We have yet to make public the extent of our support for the missionary works and we would appreciate it if you were not to release this request to the public.

Best Regards

King Heydar of Royal Seleucid

Convention Centre / Ostlake Movie Awards 2021
« on: January 26, 2021, 09:51:51 PM »

The Ostlake Film Awards now mark the 5th year of international involvement.  The growing global nature of the awards is a great success and so this year the continued involvement of Mundus is expanding once more with the inclusion of the Best Animated Short category.

As with last year nominations will be open until the 19 th of February at which point voting will begin with the winner announced on the 28th in a glittering award ceremony hosted in Ostlake.

We look forward to welcoming you all soon

Jocelyn Hopkins
Hosts of the "Ossies" 2021

OOC - OK This is how it works there are various categories that people can enter with rules for each. You fill in your form, post your nominations and then a poll will be created to determine the winner of each category. Try and keep your nominations culturally relevant, so for example I wouldn't expect Nya Aland to be nominating a Bollywood film or soundtrack. I may have also missed some past nominations where people have claimed things. Also don't think about claiming whole studios.


You can nominate any film from the last 10 years or one you have created yourself (but not like Fast & Furious 72 or Titanic 2:Return of Jack) .It can be in any language, genre etc. You may not claim whole movie studios but you may claim a single franchise, so in the past I believe Dartfordia had one of the Harry Potter films meaning the whole Harry Potter franchise is Dartfordian, this however doesn't mean they own the whole of Warner Brother. In terms of cross over stuff like Marvel by claiming say Iron Man, you don't then get the whole Marvel world, I'd personally stick clear of such "Universe" films.

Each nation may nominate two films using the form below, please check what was claimed last year (if the person nominating has since left I'm freeing up the stuff they claimed), also if in terms of news posts someone has claimed a film that someone nominates could they please POLITELY tell them and post a link to where. I've also updated the "What's Gone" list and removed those who have left. Thank you.

What's Gone

Achkaerin - Avengers
Achkaerin - LaLa Land
Achkaerin - Hunger Games
Achkaerin - Star Trek
Achkaerin - James Bond
Achkaerin - X-Men
Achkaerin - Peter Pan and therefore also Tinkerbell
Achkaerin - Lord of The Rings and therefore also The Hobbit
Dartfordia -Frozen
Dartfordia - Harry Potter
East Moreland - Star Wars I inadvertently claimed it here however I think, but have not been able to find otherwise that someone pre-dates that claim, if someone can find it I'll relinquish the claim otherwise WOOHOO!!!
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Tytor
Little Women - Tytor
The Truman Show - Tytor
Gravity - Tytor
The Incredibles - Tytor
Zootopia - Tytor
Hotel Rwanda (as "Hotel Ubakasa") - Tytor
The Lego Movie - Tytor
How to Train Your Dragon - Tytor
Au revoir là-haut - Heyra

If I've missed any someone let me know

Name of Film
Brief Outline
Link to the trailer

In terms of trailers please use legal ones.


Time to randomly watch YouTube Stuff. You may nominate any Short Film (classed as less than 7 minutes), by that I mean the whole film, it can't be a kickass six minute section from a longer film. It must be legally viewable on YouTube.

You may nominate up to three films. I'm also aware we have a few YouTube video makers in the region and there would be no barrier to you nominating your own stuff or making something for this, in fact in my opinion I'd be voting for you for sure.

Name of Film
Brief Outline
Link to the trailer


Basically you may nominate one song from a motion picture. It can even be from a film claimed by another nation because I mean in RL you get people from outside America doing stuff for Disney, what I will say however is if the artists has already been claimed then its off limits and I'll rely on people POLITELY pointing it out. So for example if The Who had done a song for say James Bond as I've claimed The Who no one other than me could use them. I hope that makes sense. Usual rules about posting YouTube applies. Instrumentals are permitted

Name of Artist
Nation Nominating
From the Film
YouTube link


Essentially it could be anything from a historical documentary to a science talk. If it's factual, cool or interesting then it can be entered. Only two rules 1) No longer than 15 minutes 2) Must not break YouTube terms and conditions.

Name of Documentary
Nation Nominating
Topic Covered
From the Film
YouTube link


Can be any type of animation but may not last longer than 5mins.

Name of Animated Short
Nation Nominating
YouTube link

Diplomacy and Events / Operation Black Citadel
« on: January 18, 2021, 11:23:12 PM »
King David hadn't been expecting any visitors to his office this Sunday morning. He'd planned a morning of work followed by a bit of a row on the Palace waters before attending an awards ceremony that evening for some local swordsmanship organisation with royal connections. He was therefore rather surprised when his Chief of Royal Household, Quinn Germaine, buzzed him to inform him Alex Redfern was asking to see him. When Alex was in town he would often pop in for a chat but then he would phone ahead today he hadn't which automatically made the King slightly suspicious. "Send him in" the King instructed and sat back waiting.

Alex entered seconds later, he was dressed in DPM uniform and simply sat himself down on one of the sofas rather than bother with any of the military trappings one would associate with an officer meeting his monarch. The two were old friends having meet at University and at one time it had been Alex who had run access to the King not Quinn. "Oh come on in Alex, make yourself at home." David said sarcastically as he joined Alex at the sofa's having sat down opposite him. "So what drags you to Northfort?"

"I'm guessing you've seen this" Alex tossed a translated copy of the Lodjian Times over at David. The King had seen the news as he had spoken with Stasya about the issue that morning. The Queen was Lodjain and still carried a deep affection for her homeland, she was also close friends with Klara and so it was only natural that she would be concerned.

"Yes I've seen it. I'm not sure why it drags you here though." David asked.

"Simple" Alex began, "A while back now Leopold rejoined the Lodjain military and has command of 800 men in the  Zoyhan Defence Corps. He holds the rank of Brigadier and he has many old friends in the military, some stationed on the Isle of the Goddess. He's just called for the Queen to be replaced, we have a Conclave of dubious loyalty, a Queen who is practically AWOL and we know that at times the Lodjains can be a little.....well...." Alex was trying to pick his next word rather carefully not wanting to say anything that would be mean to Stasya. "Well corrupt. Hell we've even seen their Warriors of Gaia guard unit screw up protecting one Queen when Viktoriya was assassinated. I want, with your permission, to put in place something so that if Leopold makes some kind of move we can ensure that Klara is removed from Lodja if need be. I frankly don't trust the Lodjains to get the job done. I think we could pull off some kind of extraction from the Isle of the Goddess if we needed to."

David took a deep breath. "Its worth keeping in mind we've significant numbers of advisers there so maybe." The King got up and had a walk around. "The Lodjains though are allies and friends so I'm not sure planning what may be considered an invasion is necessary."

"Be polite, be courteous and have a plan to kill everyone you meet" Alex's mantra made both men smile and laugh a little. "We can put feelers out, put a plan in place and if we never need it we file it in the round filing cabinet" Alex pointed to the King's trash bin, "If we need it we go for it. However for what I have in mind I'd like to include the Cenneg. They've assets in and around Lodja too. I'd like it though to be back door if possible. As such I'd like to have Fitz make contact with Prince Lennox and sound them out. So I'd need to brief James." Sir James Fitzroy had served in the Alpine Cadre with both David and Alex. The trio's ways had radically changed when first Alex had departed the unit to go to the nations elite Red Legion, then James had lost part of his leg in an IED explosion before finally David had inherited the throne and become King. They had kept a close friendship but for the last few years James had found himself dispatched to Lodja as their Ambassador, he was through their shared history a man both Alex and David trusted.

"Very well" David nodded. "Get a plan together, brief Fitz and then have him make contact with the Cenneg, Lennox is a good first call but give Fitz the authority to include any other Cenneg he thinks he needs to. I want a report before we do anything other than discuss things." Alex nodded that he understood before getting to his feet and leaving to put things into motion.

Sir James Fitzroy enjoyed living on the Isle of the Goddess. His quarters were lovely and he'd kept them as close to resembling a 16th century suite as possible. He had been surprised by Alex's phone call but after the discussion things made sense. The Palace was perhaps the ideal place for such things to be hashed out between nations as on a daily basis he bumped into the significant Ministers of Lodja and other ambassadors. He didn't consider Prince Lennox a friend but they had shared a few drinks over the rugby in the past and so James felt no concern about approaching the Cenneg. It was early in the morning as James went looking for Lennox, he knew the Prince would be his office as Minister of Defence later in the day but he'd like to catch him before he got there so the Lodjains wouldn't see them talking formally. It took James only about half an hour to find Lennox in the halls of the Palace and James waited for him to be alone. "Your Highness" James called to him before approaching. "Good morning Prince Lennox" James gave a small bow. "I have a favour to ask. My King has asked me to have a conversation with you on a matter so I was wondering if perhaps there is time on your schedule to meet for a drink in my quarters so I can fill you in away from your office. I hope that I can count on your discretion."

Diplomacy and Events / The Royal Parade (RS - Open to anyone)
« on: January 16, 2021, 08:18:58 PM »

Ipsus had been a hive of activity over the last few days. First their had been the birth of a second royal child in a short period, then sad news had reached them of the deaths of two Priestesses in Waddan which had brought the city into a period of mourning. Now the city was preparing for a much more joyous occasion. Ipsus stretched either side of a river with the old part of the city to West while the further East you went the more modern it became until you reached the cities most glistening new jewels Blue and The Palm. Close to the mouth of the river was the Royal Palace and next to it half inside the Palace grounds and half outside was the Royal Temple where the sacred spring of Anahita rose to the surface. It was, according to scripture, the place from where all life began and today would mark the beginning of the ceremony that every Prince and Princess born to the King of Royal Seleucid undertook. A road known as the Royal Road also started from here, it ran first ramrod straight to the West across the river by an ornante bridge and then through the old quarters where sandstone houses still dominated. As it reached the old quarter the streets began to twist and turn until they reached the western wall of the old city. There the old wall and road turned North and ran in a semi circular ring back to the river where a second ornate bridge allowed crossing. The road continued its circular meanderings with the old sandstones of the West now gone replaced by steel, concrete and glass of modern Ipsus. The road too changed nature from one of old polished cobles with a stone slab an axels width apart where once horse and carts would have run. Now it was a modern road flat but it's kerbside coloured bright red marking it as the Royal Road. Once to travel the road and use its bridges a fee must be paid and permisson of the Soter's sought however in the 1920's the then King had seen fit to gift the road to the people all days of the year with the exception of on days such as this. The new section of road ran to the coast before making its turn back to the Palace and Temple.

The Palace grounds had been freshly watered and in the early morning the smell of the flowers and grass was rather fragrant. The Soter family sat on the terrace enjoying breakfast before the day began. It would be one rather chaotic at times but hopefully enjoyable. The King and his eldest son Golzar and their cousin Danyaal would clamber aboard a flatbed horse drawn cart, this would depart the Palace and turn right to the Temple. There the mothers, Queen Chyrssa and Queen Haniyah, would hand the two children over to the men who would then take off around the city introducing the new royals to their people. Crowds were already assembling on the streets to pay their respects all carrying Oleander flower petals which they would ensure strewn the streets as the King passed. Meanwhile inside the Palace  the female members of the family would be watching the procession and events in the street from the top of the Palace in the Rotunda where a reception would be held once the lap of the city had been undertaken. With the family breakfast finished the two month old Prince Aali Akakois was wrapped in a purple blanket while his eight day old sister Katayun was wrapped in a green one. There would be a few moments to allow any significant guests to arrive before the trio began their journey.

International News Networks / Mundus Gender & Power Survey
« on: January 10, 2021, 11:38:41 PM »
This sprang from a conversation on Discord and I thought could be interesting.

Feel free to add your nations information. If like me you don't have a person's name but know the gender stick down just Male or Female in the box or change its color, blue to Male , pink to female. I'm happy to change the colours if need be.

If your nations doesn't have someone in that position just leave it blank. If like for Royal Seleucid King Heydar is both the Head of State and the Highest Ranking Officer (doesn't mean like how the UK have the Queen as the head of the armed forces I mean they hold an actual serving military rank, so for the UK it would be Mark Carleton-Smith).

I'll leave this up a while. Totally up to you if you want to fill it in but may trigger some interesting news posts or RP.


To:- The Government of Altromine

Having recently read an article in the Altromine News regarding the situation of land-mines in your nation I believe that we have a way of being able to help you in your operations to remove the mines.

Several years ago one of our companies called SmartWar developed an ultra low risk mine clearance tool . The device can be left unattended and is directed by the wind or alternatively there is a remote control gyro operated system that can be driven by an operator in much the same way as a UAV can be guided. Both these systems allow a large area of mines to be cleared with little or no risk to operators. These devices have been deployed successfully in Heyra, Safraen, Nya Aland and several other nations across Mundus. We are more than happy to loan 10 of each type of device to Altromine to support your task in ridding your nation of these horrific weapons. Additionally if requested we would be willing to dispatch a team from our Royal Engineers unit who have undertaken similar missions as this across the globe, these can either support your own efforts or alternatively provide training in the use of the devices we are able to send to you.

We hope this is useful to you and your people.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland

Diplomacy and Events / When Protests Go Wrong -Open to All
« on: November 13, 2020, 11:45:44 PM »
Northfort's King Robert International Airprot (KRI)

"Wings Seven Ten turn to heading 1-8-0 and climb to Flight Level 4-5." It was a busy day in Air Traffic Control as the weekend was coming and so tourist flights were coming and going. Richard Franklyn checked his screen and looked out the window. "Echo Hotel Five Three you have permission to depart runway 2-9." He watched as the aircraft heading from Northfort to Heyra entered the runway and sat doing its final checks. He checked around the board and mentally made a note of the next few aircraft he'd be guiding out of the airspace, most heading South no doubt for sunnier climbs.

"King Robert Tower this is Gatehouse 1 stop all traffic" The message came from one of the six external gatehouses that provided access for commercial vehicles into the airport complex. It was usually secured by teams from a private security contractor many of whom were ex-Legionnaires and as such took very few chances. It wasn't normal for them to halt aircraft operations and in Richard's six years on the job it had never happened but he knew enough to understand if they said to stop they stopped and so he relayed the details to all the aircraft under his control.

"Roger that Gatehouse 1 all traffic stopped." Richard picked up his binoculars and scanned the area around Gatehouse 1. It looked normal enough to him and he wondered what was going on. He fielded several questions from aircraft worried about being delayed and likely getting problems from passengers onboard waiting to either depart or unboard. Richard however at this point didn't know what was happening and so just told them to standby. It was only after ten minutes or so that he spotted the problem. As he trained his glasses at the perimeter he could see a large crowd of people, about fifty or so with what looked like banners. "Hippies are out" Richard announced to those in the tower before handing his glasses over to a friend nearby who now as the aircraft had stopped moving had nothing to do. Protests like this tended to happen once a month but they never had stopped the movement of aircraft before.

"They've got themselves an Air Force" Richard's friend handed the glasses back and helped guide Richard to what he'd just seen. Two large camera carrying drones were flying up and down the length of the runway.

"Bloody hell" Richard said as he began relaying details to the aircrews who shared many of his sentiments. While he was watching the two drones he missed an airport worker helping restock the galley of an out going flight to Lodja clamber up onto the top of the aircraft fuselage and effectively glue himself to the top. By now airport security had spotted him and all hell was beginning to break loose as a combination of the gatehouse security, police and now streaming in from the city itself a military rapid reaction team for in case what now seemed to be a protest became a terrorist incident.

The Palm, Ipsus

As early evening fell on the city the area around the Palm began to buzz with life and not just because the Mundus Games was in town. The exclusive resort had become a centre of the cities wealthy nightlife. It was the fashionable place to be seen and so luxury yachts lined its harbours and helicopters buzzed too and from the landing pads. The bus waiting to take some of the athletes back to the Games Village was sat outside the arena as crowds began filing past it with some taking a jump to peer through the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of some star athlete. Currently the bus was empty and the driver was enjoying a last cigarette as a large group of fans with a banner approached. It had happened most evenings as one of the teams fans came to wish them a final goodbye. The driver didn't notice them form a large ring around the bus each handcuffing themselves to the person next to them while several others glued themselves to the buses side while holding a banner proclaiming the fact the planet was dying between them. On the opposite side of the bus others held a banner calling for Royal Seleucid to end oil production. A trio then stormed onto the bus and taking the driver by surprise handcuffed themselves to the seats before smearing them with superglue and sitting down. This all placed the police in an awkward situation as normally they would have just dragged the people away but the problem was on this night in this setting the worlds media was present and so such rough handling was perhaps not a way to go ahead.

It was only once the bus was effectively held hostage that the helicopters began to get grounded as around ten large drones were piloted back and forth across the Palms helicopter pads endangering the flights and thus shutting down the operations.

Eventide, Seaforth

There had been a large crowd outside the cities international airport for the last 24 hours despite the heavy winds. They had been complaining the chaotic Seaforthian government, once a shining light to the international community, was now largely dormant. "The time has come for us to say to the dead ducks in the Palaces and government houses that we are on borrowed time. Yes people talk a good game. The Treaty of Wellow being a start but that was all it was a start. Nothing else has been done and now the Treaty has hardly been seen by nations beyond those there when it was created. Our own nation has yet to embrace the most important treaty of the last 100 years and in 10 years we will have done irrepaerable damage to the world meaning our grand-children will be a doomed generation. We have at most ten years to right these wrongs and for that to happen we make three demands. First the nation must sign the Treaty of Wellow and commit to bringing it into force within three years. Second we must commit to end any practice using fossil fuels within the next two years and finally the monarch must commit to calling a people's assembly within six months to allow the people to have a say on the ways we will cut the nations emissions." A man stood yelling from the back of a flatbed truck surrounded by people superglued together. Just like in East Moreland and Royal Seleucid the target was air-travel and so in an effort to ground the aircraft drones were being flown. A young man in his early 20's had been tasked with flying one of the trio that would be used here and from his position in the back of a van on the industrial estate and now guided the drone from the van to the edge of the field. He kept the drone low to ensure it wasn't spotted until close to the airport itself meaning it would take them much longer to track the operator. Everything was going well until the pilots fingers slipped on the control causing the drone to raise quickly and long before the warnings were spotted by the airport staff. Now as he was helpless to watch the drone rose into the path of an oncoming aircraft heading to land at Eventide having come in from Safraen. The drone was unable to avoid being sucked into one of the engines and having been low to the ground was on low power and with the winds causing an inconvenience for the aircrew the sudden change proved a disaster. In an effort to correct the problem the pilot allowed the left wing to dip too low and it struck the runway causing the aircraft to spin and cartwheel as it skidded down the runway and caught fire. Fire crews and other emergency vehicles made their way towards the runway but it would be largely too late and from the 330 people onboard only 36 were saved.


In a day of protests that have gripped Mundus one such protest turned disastourous. A group known as Climate Crusaders carried out a series of co-ordinated protests across the globe to bring attention to the environmental damage being done to Mundus. It is believed that the actions of the group accidently lead to the downing of a passenger plane about to land at Eventide Airport in Seaforth. The group flew drones close to busy airports to ensure aircraft were grounded however in the case of Eventide it is believed a mistake was made that saw a drone sucked into a low flying aircrafts engine causing it to crash. A total of 330 people were onboard with 36 surviving. Other major protests took place at Northfort in East Moreland and Ipsus in Royal Seleucid although it is understood that protests also took place in other nations. A spokesman for the group which demand all nations signed the Treaty of Wellow, end their reliance on fossil fuels and convene citizens assemblies to put in place measures to end climate change, spoke on the matter via a youtube link.

"What happened today is a tragic accident. It should not have happened. We are making the point that our planet is dying and that air travel is a major contributor to that death. It is tragic that in making that point lives have been lost. Their deaths though should illustrate the fact that whenever each of us takes to the skies we kill some of the planet beneath. Today we tried to simply ensure three of the nations on Mundus with a need for reform saw that need clearly. East Moreland and their much vaunted EMAC are suppliers of aircraft to all over the world that destroy our climate. They value high speed, fuel guzzling machines that spew out filth that clogs the planets lungs. Over in Royal Seleucid they rip up mother earth in order to draw black death from the ground in the form of oil that the rest of us then burn to destroy the lungs of the world. And then Seaforth, a nation that once held itself to the highest ideals of the world that have since hidden away and done nothing. A nation that has taken no action to reduce its carbon footprint. While we will never be able to do anything to make up the loss of today we have a bigger battle to fight and that is to protect the planet. It is my hope all nations will take action today and that tomorrow we have no need to carry out further protests."

In East Moreland the military swept the area near the airport and discovered two individuals operating drones near the airport at Northfort. These two individuals were taken into custody and are awaiting decisions on their charges. Meanwhile in Royal Seleucid individuals surrounded the bus of various teams leaving the Palm Arena at the Mundus Games and forced helicopters to be grounded. After a four hour stand off police managed to remove the protesters having made alternative arrangements for the teams transfer to the Mundus Games Village. In Seaforth the protestors at the airports gate were arrested however as of yet the group have refused to name the individual who was responsible for flying the drone which took down the passenger plane and therefore the exact charges, if any, to be brought against this group have yet to be confirmed.

It is understood that the identities of those onboard the aircraft have been made known to their home governments. While the exact identities have yet to be released to the press it is understood that around 80 of those on board were Seaforthians while around 30 were ex-Moreland military returning home from visiting Safraen to commemorate the end of the war there several years ago. The nationalities of the others have yet to be released by their home governments.

Sporting Hub / Mundus Games 2020 -Midaranye
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The Day of the opening ceremony has finally come and across Midaranye fans are filing into the two host nations largest stadiums. In Tamora at  The Prophet's Grace  Arena 70,000 fans have filled the tent like interior which over the course of the next two weeks will become home of some of the greatest track and field action on the planet. Several hundred kilometers away on the shores of the Kyne the Palm Plaza Arena sees the last of 65,000 fans filing into the staidum by the sea. Darkness is still a few hours away and a feint red glow is slowly beginning to fill the sky. Anticipation is beginning to built for what will be the first split venue opening ceremony. 

On the big screens around both arenas and on TV screens across Mundus the image switches from that of fans filling the arena to that of a bonfire burning brightly the flames flickering up close. The camera begins to pull back and in the background a semi circle of electric cars comes into view the flags of the competing nations emblazoned on the bodywork. Two men walk into the frame each holding a kind of old fashioned lantern. One is wearing a kind of all in one overall with a large Tamoran flag on the back while the other is dressed identically except for showing Royal Seleucid flag. Princess Thekla, a Seleucid by birth but a Tamoran by marriage extends a long wooden stick bringing flames from the bonfire to both lanterns igniting them. In the arenas a voice can be heard. "The flame of the Mundus Games has always symbolised the spirit of Games, it reminds us while it burns to keep to ideals of competition, brotherhood and peace alive. This year the bonfire was ignited from flames brought from nations across Mundus to stand on the border of both host nations. It stands at the Gigafactory built to help do exactly what the games are intended to do, build a better Mundus." The two men with the lanterns bowed to the Princess shook hands and accompanied by a convoy of the cars walked in opposite directions to where a large balloon was tied to the ground. They donned a harness and mask and stood with their lanterns held facing each other. The buzz of an aircraft could be heard and suddenly each lantern carrier was hoisted skyward. The planes were painted to bare the flag of the Games "Each of these aircraft has now begun the journey to bring the flame on its final leg." 

“Brothers and sisters, dear guests until we receive the Olympic flame let enjoy a show " the announcer said.

As the announcer began his presentation,  entertainers made their way to the field, they wore traditional cloths reminiscent of 11 century Tamora. They started performing a dance that was cut short by the entry in the field of several horseman dressed in war gear of the same century. The music in the arena changed to a crescendo attempting to create for the audience a sense of imminent danger. The riders circled the first group and then attacked. simulating the killing of the first group. Afterwards the riders left the field and as soon as they did, a child rose from among the bodies of the first group laying on the ground . 

The presenter speaks again: ”It is in the midst of turmoil and war that he, who later would come to be known as Prophet Mani, was born and with him the story of Tamora begins.”
The show then continued with the reenactment of  key moments of Tamora’s history and its growth from a fledgling kingdom to the empire of the 21st century. 
Near the end of the show, two dozen imams lead by one Ayatollah made their way to the field and started the traditional call to prayer  with many of the Tamorans in attendance at the stadium standing up and joining them in the prayer.

At the same time in Ipsus their own entertainment began "As we wait for the flame to arrive please allow the children of Royal Seleucid to entertain you." An announcer spoke over the staidums PA system. The arena went into a black out and the only sound other than the crowd was the sound of what appeared to be water dripping. Suddenly the stadium spotlights brightly illuminated the arena floor which now had a blue winding strip of fabric meandering its way across the floor. It began twisting and turning with hundreds of teenage hands underneath manipulating it to make it appear like water. Then at one end children in costume appeared on the fabric being passed down above the heads of those under the waves. These children were wearing outfits of bright colours and beautiful face paints. "Seleucid legend tells that in the beginning there was land and water. This water was salty and deadly. Even the Gods could not drink it." Around twenty children had now appeared surfing over the heads of the children under the blue fabric. They were now evenly spread across the blue fabric strip. In carefully rehearsed move parts of the fabric became taut and was used to catipult the children above into the sky where they twisted and turned before returning to be caught before being launched once more. "Everything appeared to be doomed for these Gods until the Goddess Anahita arrived." There was a loud crash of cymbals and the arena went dark except for a single spotlight illuminating a twenty feet high effigy of a beautiful woman wrapped in a headscarf and carrying a large urn of water on her shoulder. It appeared to those watching that a trickle of water was beginning to come from the urn as the effigy was carried towards the centre of the arena. The children from earlier rushed forward with their blue fabric with one of them climbing the now centred effigy and placing the blue fabric in the urn to create a blue stream which now wound its way around the arena floor. "Anahita made the water pure, gave the Gods the chance to survive and even they worshipped her as a saviour." From under the blue fabric costumed children sprinted out and began dancing on the arena floor. Each was dressed to look like a flower or tree. "The Goddess made the plants grow" The children froze in space and then another group ran from under the blue cover, these dressed as animals of various kinds. They capered and spun around the animals a few appearing to take bites out of the trees or plants. "Then finally came us" Long lines of children in T-shirts with the flags of a different nation poured out of the entrances to the arena and down the steps before being allowed onto the arena floor where they joined with the animals and plants. "However all was not well. Despite the Goddesses kindness there was still evil." Now adults entered on stilts "The evils of thirst, hunger, poverty, homelessness and loneliness stand against us." The stilt walkers seemed to chase the children from the arena and the lights began to fall plunging the arena into darkness. "But legend says when humanity unites" The lights stayed off but in the gloom you could just about make out that all the children had gathered around the edge of the arena, this time each wearing a special t-shirt made of LED's which flashed the various flags of the Game nations on rotation.  The changing illuminated flags rushed back onto the arena where each of the stilt walkers was illuminated by a spotlight and there the children dragged them to the ground. As they did so the area around it was illuminated until gradually one by one all the walkers were gone and the arena was bathed in light. "One day that will become a reality." The children began singing a selection of traditional folk songs as they paraded out of the arena having gone back up the stadium steps. "Ladies and Gentleman, please cast your eyes skywards as we welcome the flame of the games brought to us here by a member of the Tamoran Armed Forces."

At the same time the planes had arrived in the airspace over each arena. Onboard each plane now was the soldier who had been winched up from the gigafactory. They had changed into flying suits decorated with lights to make them easier to spot and strapped to their harness was the lantern. The Tamoran looked down up the Palm illuminated against the darkening Kyne while the Seleucid jumper picked out the white roofed tent shaped arena in Tamora easily from above. With careful co-ordination and on split screens the pair flashed a thumbs up before each launching themselves out of the doors of the aircraft. All being well they would touch down in the arena's at the same time however that would be a miracle thanks to the huge number of variables. As each got close to the altitude to pull their parachute cord they ignited smoke, blue and yellow in Ipsus and Green, White and Red in Attica. With just a few seconds gap the pair touched down, the flame arriving in Tamora slightly before Royal Seleucid. It would now be easier to syncronise and as the parachutist was helped out of their harness a representative from each nation stepped forward. In Ipsus it was Butrus Karimi a member of the men's Equestrian team who wearing a smart traditional Seleucid desert robe now strode to the edge of the arena where a series of steps lead up towards a platform where a metallic bowl was positioned. He held the lantern up and turned 360 degrees before taking a long wooden device and igniting the gas that was gathered in the bowl igniting the flame. At practically the exact same second in Tamora the two most famous Tamoran gold medalists:  Yalda Karimi (shooting) and Mirhashem Tajik (MMA), dressed in the colors of the Tamoran flag,  lit the flame for the Tamoran side. 

 WHile each nation had attempted to show their own unique identity until now the ceremony now had some traditions of its own. In each arena athletes began entering the arena in uniforms of their nations. At the head of each group was a local child carrying a name board bearing the nations official name in their own language and Parthian, behind the child came a single representative of that nation proudly carrying their own flag before in the case of nations like Ui Cenneslaig a huge gathering of athletes, or in the case of Waddan a mere handful. Regardless of the size of the delegation polite applause came from all those watching in the arena where occasionally a loud cheer would break out from pockets of spectators as their own nation entered the arena. Finally it came down to the last two teams and at this point there was a break with tradition. In Ipsus it would be the Selecuid team that entered last while over in Attica the Tamorans. Only when the final athlete had completed their proud lap did things proceed. 

 On the large screens and TV's the image of King Heydar appeared. "This year the games see's a first. This is the first time two nations have hosted the games. With the events split between ourselves and our dear friends in Tamora this created a slight problem. Which of us should give the opening address. With the games having originally, in the depths of history, started with Track and Field events it seems only fair that our Tamoran friends announce the actual official opening of the games. However I wish to quickly say a few words. I wish to thank the nations of Mundus for trusting us to host what are the greatest sporting events on Mundus. Thank you for trusting us to provide your sons and daughters with an opportunity to live out their dreams and thank you for joining with us to celebrate the greatest annual coming together of nations. During the next 18 days of sport we shall see nations who do not always perhaps see eye to eye embrace each other as friends on the sports field. We shall see them console each other in disappointment and congratulate each other in success. It is my sincere hope that once these athletes leave here they will take with them the same spirit and same compassion into all they do. I wish every athlete the best for the next 18 days and I welcome every fan to our nation. I know excitedly hand over to Lady Alya Safavid in Attica to declare the games officially open. 

Lady Alya Safavid continued almost immediately: 

“Thank you, Your Majesty. I would like to begin by adding our thanks to the nations of Mundus for choosing us and our great Seleucid friends to host the most important sporting event. It marks not only a first because two nations host the game but it is also the first time the games come to MidAranye, a region of most importance to Mundus. I would also want to welcome the athletes to the games, they are not only the best athletes Mundus has to offer but also ambassadors of their countries. Lastly, I would like to thank all those watching the games, we are overwhelmed by your interest and enthusiasm.

With that I declare the games open, may God watch over you. “

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Non Fiction / Encyclopedia of East Moreland Sporting Personalities
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Daisy Greechan (b. 1995, Portworth)

Competition Record

2019 Mundus Games

Gold - 1500m Freestyle
Gold - 10km Open Water Swim
Bronze- Women's 4x200m Medley Relay

2018 Mundus Games

Gold- 400m Freestyle
Gold - 10km Open Water Swim
Silver - Women's 4x200m Medley Relay

2017 Mundus Games

Gold - 100m Backstroke
Gold - Women's 4x200m Medley Relay
Silver - 400 m Backstoke
Silver - 800m Individual Medley
Bronze - 10km Open Water Swim

2016 Mundus Games

Gold - 200m Butterfly
Gold - 10km Open Water
Silver - 800m Individual Medley

2015 Mundus Games

Silver - 200m Butterfly
Bronze -  4x200m Medley Relay
Silver - 4x100m Medley Relay

Other Achievements

2020 - Swam the Illumic
2018 - Rowed the Mhorish


Over the last 24 hours we have seen several issues regarding the current situation regarding human trafficing and the Illumic. First we believe that communications on the matter should have been sent in private to all parties currently connected to the crisis. I believe Hassfurt would have found Achkaerin a nation capable of taking on board their suggestions and concerns without the need for a potential public spat.

On the other hand however the Kingdom of East Moreland are deeply concerned that Achkaerin intend to put in place blanket measures in a body of water over which two seperate organisations take an interest as well as the fact Achkaerin are aware of the East Moreland and Seaforth stance on the region. In senate today the elected government of Achkaerin have debated whether to send ships to the Illumic and stop all ships heading to Zimalia. There are potentially hundreds of ships heading to Zimalia every day and there is no way the Achkaerin navy could, even if ships co-operated, stop every ship. Additionally Achkaerin have not sought any intelligence data from East Moreland, nor to my understanding Hassfurt or Zimalia regarding this issue yet we are the ones at the sharp end. Should it become a neccessary and sensible approach to stop and search Zimalian vessels rest assured between Seaforth, East Moreland, Hassfurt and Zimalia we possess more than enough shipping, additionally should the situation require East Moreland would be capable of asking one of the largest navies on Mundus in the guise of Ui Cenneslaig for support. We oppose Achkaerin's proposed policy and this should have been discussed with the governments of the Illumic before even reaching the floor of the Achkaerin senate. No ship registered in East Moreland heading to Zimalia will stop for any Achkaerin naval vessel.

We would urge the Senate of Achkaerin to send a clear message that the Illumic nations will determine how to handle an Illumic situation. Should Achkaerin wish to support the action of the Illumic nations they have ample avenues to do so.

There are many ongoing intelligence driven operations in place to try and halt this human traffic trade many of which it would not be prudent to discuss in the media. Rest assured East Moreland's intelligence driven approach to the piracy crisis in the Illumic several years ago yielded fantastic results. This shall also be the case in this situation.


King David III of East Moreland

Diplomacy and Events / The Alba Karinya Human Trafficking Crisis - OPEN
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OOC- Despite being entitled the The Alba Karinya Human Trafficking Crisis anyone is free to get involved regardless of where on Mundus you are.

The Mhorish was a white topped grey mess this morning and on the rail of the Fast Frigate called Melissa Graham. It was on routine patrol and Leading Rating Simon Butterworth was beginning to think more about a hot coffee and bacon butty than anything else. He'd been on watch a while now and his nose was beginning to go numb in the biting wind even through his balaclava. He noticed something break the greyness of the swell and trained his binoculars on the area but the peaks and troughs of the sea made it difficult to spot anything. He clicked his microphone "Control this is Portside Watch. I'm not certain but I think I've something in the water, its hard to spot so can you send me another set of eyes."

"Roger that. Someone's on the way." A voice replied and within a minute a Marine appeared beside.

"What we got?" The Marine asked.

"I keep seeing a flash of bright yellow on the sea but then it disappears. Just need a second set of eyes, its about there at three o'clock." he pointed to where he had last seen it and the pair began examining the area. It was probably nothing but it was always best to be prepared.

"Got it" the Marine had switched from binoculars to his rifle scope "Looks like a body." Without exchanging any words Butterworth called it in and immediately a siren rang through the ship followed by a Search and Rescue call. At the rear of the ship the helicopter was already being fired up and a RHIB was being lowered. Three officers arrived at the rail and all began examining the scene and managed to find the object. It was now a case of directing the various assets to what they had seen. It was a lost cause though, the person had been in the water too long even before Butterworth had seen them, it had been a quick response by the ship but someone falling in the Mhroish probably had just a handful of minutes before freezing without proper equipment. "There are more." The Marine calmly directed people's glasses and a further three shapes came into view. It was clear now there was a bigger problem and the helicopter was instructed to begin looking for debris from a ship while the RHIB began fishing people out the water. A further two RHIB's were launched and for the next 15 minutes  dead bodies in life jackets were collected from the sea until 8 had been recovered.

On the rear landing deck of the Frigate the bodies were lined up and the ships doctor photographed and fingerpriinted each and noted what visible injuries he could see before zipping them into a bodybag. "My guess" he began to explain, "Is that they've been in the water a few hours." He looked down at the final one, it was a child of about six years of age. "We have any boats in the area?" He asked but was told they'd found nothing. "I'm guessing" he pulled one of the cards he'd prepared to the top, "That this person is Lodjain. She had a tattoo of Sessifet on her shoulder. I'm also puzzled." He paused for a moment and picked up a clear plastic bag which had a single coin inside bearing the Safraen coat of arms. "This was the only thing any of them had on them, no phones, no watches, wedding rings taken off." The tell tale tan lines of some had indicated they were married. "I think we may have a group that were dumped into the sea but then the life vests don't make sense."

"What do you suggest doc?" The ships Executive Officer aksed.

"I'll be sticking the bodies in the freezer until we get back to Port but I think we should invest some time with the air assets checking the area out just in case we've missed a boat somewhere." Already Marines were carrying out the somber duty of taking the bodies below deck.

Economics and Industry / Guild 21 - An EM Project
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In early 2014 His Majesty King David III of East Moreland hosted the creation of the Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation. In his proposal to Mundus he said he wished to see "all citizens of the region to take ownership of their own culture and traditions." While we have seen many fines works take place between nations and our own Kingdom to try and achieve this we are saddened that perhaps the idea has not filtered down to the general public in a way we would have wished. As such the Ancient and Noble Guild of Swordsmiths intends in the coming days to launch an initiative known as "Guild 21".

Many nations incorporated the idea of Guilds throughout their history. These Guilds usually followed a pattern. They were collections of skilled craftsman who had served a valid apprenticeship and proven to those sharing their skills that they had reached a required proficiency so that a customer would have been confident in the quality of the goods being made or sold. Upon completion of a skills test and apprenticeship a young man would be enrolled into the guild, permitted to make his own mark of trade and display the guilds emblem above his shop. Diligent and detailed records were kept of membership of these guilds and local magistrates would often enforce them. What we propose is to rebuild this system. First within East Moreland, and then internationally. In the case of our own guild we have seen in East Moreland a resurgence in the love of our old traditions and ways, most notably sword carrying and swordsmanship training. Sadly the vast majority of those walking East Moreland with swords do so with pieces of machine made mass produced steel not the one off crafted blades. We recognise that to purchase a mass produced blade can cost around $100 for a semi-decent blade compared to a crafted blade costing around three times that if not more however there is currently no way of discerning between the two unless you watch your blade being made.

What we propose is to return the prestige of the guild however incorporating 21st Century ideas. Currently while guilds exist they are merely symbolic and honorary positions. We shall be changing that by having a rebirth. The Ancient and Noble Guild of Swordsmiths shall from 1st August 2020 be changing the membership of all its current members to be that of "Honorary Guilds man" however a new set of skills including the use of new technologies has been drawn up and used for tests. There shall be three levels of membership beyond Honorary and which a person gains depends on their skills test. The most basic level shall be Guildman, followed by Leading Guild-man and the highest being Guild Master. As attached to this announcement the Guild shall utilise a new logo and only members of the Guild 21 may utilise it, thus returning a mark of quality. We hope that other professions in East Moreland shall join us in the coming days.

Richard Nowell
Honorary Guilds-man
President of the ANGS

Non Fiction / The Encyclopedia of Nobility - Moreland Edition
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It is perhaps no surprise that as a nation that is guided by a faith grounded in a martial origin story that the concept of a noble warrior class developed in the lands that became East Moreland in the 7th Century. The original nobles in East Moreland were those who had shown loyalty to Robert Ironside during his campaign to rid the nation of what he believed was the corruption of his sibling Niall Barren. With the Barren family cast out so too were their supporters and thus Robert, who by now was being called King Robert the Unifier faced a significant problem. His new Kingdom of East Moreland was vast in terms of its geographical size and its settlements in many cases spread throughout the Alpine valleys which acted as frontiers against lands that today sit inside neighbours such as Vaguzia and Hassfurt. In order to maintain order in his new Kingdom King Robert also needed to reward those who had steadfastly stood beside him in battle. The vaccuum left by the exiled Borlander/Barren nobles presented both a challenge therefore and an opportunity. King Robert was able to impose a new group of nobles drawn from among his banner-men and these could be carefully selected to ensure a fresh start for a region in terms of its relationship with the crown. Some 1300 years or so later the concept of this nobility still exists in East Moreland, however over time the improvements in transport, communication and technology have seen power become more centralised and while nobles in East Moreland are still respected and are significant land holders they are largely a ceremonial class who have been able to make themselves largely an elite by careful utilisation of land granted to their families in some cases by King Robert the Unifier and handed down in an unbroken line of succession, others meanwhile find themselves part of the nobility by being granted titles by monarchs including the current King of East Moreland, David III, who has utilised the granting of titles of nobility as a way of celebrating the deeds and dedication of modern day Morelanders.

Within the nobility there are ranks dependent on the geographic location and the title granted and some of these bring modern day rights and responsibilites. It is the purpose of this volume to record the key seats of noblility in East Moreland and record the origins and history of these families.


HOLDFAST DUKEDOMS - These are the 15 settlements that were the original fortress towns of East Moreland. These are considered the highest rank.

1. The Dukedom of Northfort
2. The Dukedom of Keepton
3. Dukedom of Seabrooke
4. Dukedom of Aldcliffe

THE OUTPOST DUKEDOMS - These are the 20 or so settlements that were granted permission to build castles in return for guarding the frontiers of the Kingdom. They are the 2nd highest rank.

THE PASTORAL DUKEDOMS - These are the 20 or so settlements that were based around the interior of the nation. In return for being granted land they were expected to ensure the food security of the Kingdom. They are the 2nd highest ranks.

THE LORDS OF BLADES - These were individuals committed to full time military service in charge of a Legion.  They are the 3rd highest rank.

THE LORDS OF SPEARS - These were individuals committed to part time military service in charge of a militia. They are the 4th highest rank.

KNIGHTS OF EAST MORELAND - These were individuals committed to serve in the military when required and were expected to remain ready for military service. They are the lowest rank of nobility.

Diplomacy and Events / Festival of Sail 2020
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As a nation that lacked a real naval heritage the East Moreland Festival of Sail was established in the 1980's to try and promote all things maritime in the Kingdom. Since 2014 this event has seen nations from across Mundus invited. The Festival lasts a week and features activities across the largest city in East Moreland, Portworth. This sees the nations military naval base, its dockyards and marinas turned into showgrounds. It is an oppurtunity for nations to celebrate and share their own naval heritage, historical vessels and future developments. The festival combines opportunities for celebrating naval endeavour, showcasing the future and conducting sales business. The festival will begin this year on Friday 10th July with the traditional opening flotilla and the presentation of the King's sword.

As usual we invite nations, businesses, museums and interested individuals to attend. We ask nations wishing to have quayside access to please inform us in advance of their needs. In the past we have seen examples of historical vessels from Nya Aland establish a "Living Village", while vessels from various navies across Mundus have carried out tours of their vessels. We look forward to seeing you soon in Portworth for our annual celebration.

Should any diplomatic / business visit wish to take place during this festival His Majesty King David has confirmed that a representative from the East Moreland government can be made available.

May The Gods Watch Over You and The Seas Be Calm

Jack Whitley
Mayor of Portworth

Roleplay Moderator's Office / Map Claim Consultation
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Currently our map claim rules are split between two types of nation

(5) There shall be two types of nations, primary and secondary, as defined by law.

(6) Members are free to determine their own population, territory size and GDP, but must adhere to the following limitations:
(a) For primary nations:
(i) A population cap of 500 million residents;
(ii) A total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 20 trillion USD; and
(iii) Six claims on the map.
(b) For secondary nations:
(i) A population cap of 50 million residents;
(ii) A total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 5 trillion USD; and
(iii) Three claims on the map.
(c) Any additional limitations prescribed by law.

A few people have creative ideas for several nations but are constrained by the current rules. I'm proposing a change to the following.

(5) There shall be two types of nations, primary and secondary, as defined by law.

(6) Members are free to determine their own population, territory size and GDP, but must adhere to the following limitations:
(a) For primary claims may have as many nations as the member wishes but no more than six map spaces
(i) A population cap of 500 million residents between all 6 spaces;
(ii) A total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 20 trillion USD; and
(b) For secondary claims, these shall unlock at 400 posts and may add a further 3 map spaces, each of which could be an individual nation.
(i) A population cap of 50 million residents between the three spaces;
(ii) A total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 5 trillion USD; and
(iii) Three claims on the map.
(c) Any additional limitations prescribed by law.

Diplomacy and Events / Open Event - Yellowtongue
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15th June 2020 Allied States of Ardia

Around 20miles outside the city of Cescedia the hustling city turned into the rolling foothills of the ASA interior. It was there that veterinarian Cristiano Alberghi was looking at the sheep that the farmer had penned separate to the herd. He examined them closely and each had almost the exact same symptoms, each appeared to be salivating none stop which was something that Alberghi put down to the swelling around their cheeks. He had the farmer hold open the cows mouth and took hold of the tongue, it was nearly twice the size of normal and had a feint yellow tinge to the surface as he released the tongue and allowed the animal to walk away he could hear the feint rasping sound of the animal not being able to breath properly. Alberghi looked around the pen and noticed something, not a single one of the ten or so sheep was stood still and so he next examined their feet and the reason was obvious, each sheep he examined had swelling on its hoofs which must have made it uncomfortable to place any weight. Alberghi reached into his bag and removed a long needle and pierced the swelling withdrawing some of the liquid inside. It was a condition he'd never seen before and so taking as many samples as possible.  "Are these all the ones that have been like this?" he asked the farmer.

"Well all the ones I have now." the farmer answered. "I've had three die about two week ago but then they were out in the hills so I couldn't watch them. I thought it was maybe something they'd caught of wild animals and so by having them here they'll be ok." The farmer explained.

"Two weeks you say" Alberghi jotted down some notes. "In the hills do you animals mix with any other farms?"

"Of course" the farmer explained, "Our animals all wander the hills and then this time of year we go out together, round them up and begin taking them to market."

"Have any others reported something similar?" Alberghi was slightly concerned.

"I have no idea. I usually see them when I take them to market but this year I sold to a multi-national, they offered a set fee so I felt safer. They picked my sheep up about a week ago."

Over the rest of the day Alberghi visited the other farms in the area and found a total of 30 sheep, 20 goats and even 10 cows that had the same conditions. He headed back to his office and made a phone call to the Animal Disease Centre (ADC) in Cescedia who immediately sent out couriers for his samples.

16th June 2020 Allied States of Ardia

The ADC had worked through the night and worked out the disease was a new strain of a virus that was common among  sheep and less frequently cattle,yaks, goats, buffalo, deer, dromedaries, and antelope. There was however a strange difference in this one but the scientists couldn't quiet work out what it would mean. As they sat discussing the situation a phone call from Albergi came during the past 24 hours 15 of the animals he'd discovered had died and now a further 50 were ill. Phone calls rang throughout the day as various teams were dispatched to the farms and vets across the country were contacted, by nightfall hundreds of animals had been discovered with the condition, the worry for many was that some of the animals had already been exported for consumption or to stock overseas farms.

18th June 2020 Toshikawa

"What is this?" Taichi Itou a farmer from the town of Gamba asked the cattle market superviser as he pointed to the hoof of one of the cows in a lot he had been considering buying. It was still early in the morning and Itou had arrived early to get a good look. He was thinking of diversifying his herd by importing a new breed from the ASA but he was not too happy about the quality of what he was being shown. The supervisor leapt the barrier into the pen and began looking at the hoof. He checked each of them before moving onto another.

"You're right" the man in the flourescent jacket nodded. He moved onto the next, and the next, and the next each showing the same concerns. "We better pull them" he motioned to the staff to come over and they began herding all the animals from ASA out of the inspection hall. It was only as they began clearing the second pen of cattle that they noticed one was dead a large swollen yellow tongue sticking out. The staff at the market alerted the vet who soon arrived and began the process of examining all the animals that had arrived from ASA.

"When they arrived they all checked out." The manager of the animal market showed the paper work. "They arrived a week ago and everything checked out." He was puzzled as was the rest of the staff.

18th June 2020 Allied States of Ardia

They'd received calls now from Toshikawa about exported animals, they'd also now got over 300 dead sheep, 120 dead cows and they'd even found some wild deer dead with the tell tale sign of the yellow tongue poking out their mouth. Various tests had been done across the nation and even linking with people from Toshikawa. It was clear that what they were up against was something slightly new and that was a concern.


This notice is to inform the international community of an ongoing, and potentially international, outbreak of what we are calling Yellowtongue. This is a virus similar in nature to the Bluetongue virus. We have identified the following species as being susceptible.

Deer (various sub-species)
Antelope (various sub-species)

The disease has several symptoms which include high fever, excessive salivation, swelling of the face and tongue and discoloration of the tongue. Swelling of the lips and tongue gives the tongue its typical yellow appearance, though this sign is confined to a minority of the animals. Nasal signs may be prominent, with nasal discharge and stertorous respiration. Some animals also develop foot lesions, beginning with coronitis, with consequent lameness. In sheep, this can lead to knee-walking. In cattle, constant changing of position of the feet gives a restless appearance.

Not all animals develop signs, but all those that do lose condition rapidly, and the sickest die within 2-3 days once symptoms show. For affected animals which do not die, recovery is very slow, lasting several months.

We have so far identified a very varied incubation period of around 5–20 days. The mortality rate is so far around 60-70% in domesticated herds. It is difficult to make a judgement of mortality rate in wild animals.

We have seen this diseases comparable condition of Bluetongue passed between animals in the past by flies and mosquito however this version appears to have also gone airborne and is passed by animals through either saliva or nasal discharges.

We have concerns that some nations may have imported animals in the last month or so and these may be carrying the virus. Additionally we are concerned that products such as unprocessed hide or wool could be carrying the flies or mosquito which carry the virus. As of yet we have yet to identify a treatment or vaccine and urge farmers or anyone else coming into contact with animals likely to catch the disease to isolate those with symptoms or animals that have been imported in the last month.

OOC- This is up to you what you want to happen. This was an idea put forward by Libby. Lets see what happens

Non Fiction / MOVED: The Frimm's Forgotten Tales
« on: June 20, 2020, 11:31:46 PM »

Diplomacy and Events / EM and Fleur
« on: June 17, 2020, 10:39:04 PM »

To:- The Government of Fleur

It has been brought to my attention that in recent days there have been discussions between your own diplomatic service and my ambassador to your nation about arranging a formal visit between our two nations. East Moreland is always pleased to talk with any nation in friendship. As such we would like to extend an invitation to you for a delegation from your nation to visit East Moreland during our upcoming visit to the city of Silverhills. We look forward to meeting and hearing what Fleur is keen to discuss as well as presenting some of our ideas for future relationships between the two of us.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland

OOC -Sorry for the delay. 

Economics and Industry / The Blue Launch Party
« on: June 13, 2020, 10:31:44 PM »
For now this is an OOC reminder for myself and a heads up for people.

The Blue project is essentially like a mini world fair for Midaranye. Each of Tamora, Waddan, Abydos, Clysperis, Abuqiya, Safraen and Vanora have been given a pod which is essentially a 6 floor building that can serve as shops, offices, restaurants, museums, anything they want to show off their nation, create investment opportunities or sell products. There are several mini pods which are for use by Royal Seleucid and will be a combination of business and leisure facilities. There is also a marina for yachts, your not capable of getting a cargo ship in through, we want it looking pretty and expensive ;)

There will be a launch event which anybody is invited to regardless of their nation. This can either be a government official, a business person or even just an interested tourist.

If your one of the nations with a pod you are obviously invited to showcase what you set up too. If you don't want to I'll just assume that some kind of business has set up showrooms or something there. 

I plan on kicking this launch off tomorrow properly when I get back from work. I just wanted to give people a heads up.


To:- The membership of MICA

Following the recent destruction of QAMB it is our understanding that an impending environmental disaster could be taking place in territory owned by Heyra. With this in mind the Kingdom of East Moreland believe that the membership of MICA should perhaps meet to discuss the damage caused, its threat to the environment and any possible long term impacts on the region. Naturally we would be willing to travel to Heyra for such a meeting or alternatively we shall make Portworth available for such a meeting. We look to the government of Heyra to inform us as to whether such a meeting is necessary or helpful however firmly believe the nations of MICA should stand together to make sure our planet does not suffer.

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace

King David III of East Moreland.

Roleplay Moderator's Office / A Reminder About "RP Etiquette"
« on: June 05, 2020, 12:50:33 PM »
Over the last 24-48 hours or so we've had a mess on Discord over a number of RP issues. As RP Mod I'd like to make a few things very clear.

1. RP DOES NOT TAKE PLACE ON DISCORD. IT HAS NOT HAPPENED UNLESS IT IS STATED ON THE FORUM. This has to be our number one rule. The Discord channel changes so quickly and can be hard to keep track of especially as we seem to have kind of three active RL regions, we've a USA timezone group, a European timezone group and I believe an Australian/South East Asian timezone group. The problem comes that generally between 11pm and 7am (GMT) I'm asleep and therefore I'm not reading what happens, meanwhile the guys in the States are chatting away. If we were to class what was said on Discord as canon I then have to filter through 8hours or so of chat to work out whats going on as well as filter out what people are saying as a joke and what is serious RP. For example I often joke about a rouge Honeybadger called Stoffel causing problems in Ardia, beyond one RP that's not canon because it's not on the forum. By all means plot and discuss theoretical ideas and opinions on Discord but until it appears on the forum it has not happened.

2. Blurring IC and OOC - We've seen a lot of decisions made by countries taken personally. Don't do this. It would be like me being angry at Carrie Fisher because Princess Leia didn't give Chewbacca a medal because she's racist. We're ROLE PLAYING, no decisions are taken personally and often the views of other nations doesn't mean the user feels that way. I know for a fact Hassfurt is not a racist person in RL, I know for a fact Kris is not anti-Christian in RL, I know for a fact I don't have an obsession with Honeybadgers in real life......ok maybe not the last one but you get the idea. I've seen lots of insults and name calling being thrown around on Discord because of decisions nations make on the forum.

3. RETCONS. We're seeing more and more of these. When you retcon it's not just you that you impact its others. For example if I was to retcon Royal Seleucid's involvement in the genocide of Cultists I've suddenly impacted East Moreland, Achkaerin, Lodja, The Iwi, Ui Cenneslaig, and also possibly people like Tamora and others who have a history built with RS since then. Even if its done quickly people have perhaps been thinking out or drafting posts based on what you've said. Have the courage to follow through after all its story writing and the stuff that people retcon is often retconned because it causes the most problems IC speaking, that therefore means interesting RP. I am not however saying NEVER Retcon, there will be times it is needed. For example I got bored of Mercia and created Royal Seleucid to replace it. I worked with those this impacted to create a history for Royal Seleucid which meant they essentially changed the name Mercia to Royal Seleucid. Likewise sometimes you may make mistakes, for example I recently made a post about CNN laws impacting slavery, I worded them really really badly and even the other CNN members were puzzled at how they differed to what we'd discussed. This has been retconned for now while we tidy it up. However this retcon was done quickly and impacted very few people. If you are going to retcon it's potentially going to piss people off, just work with what happens, its more fun that way. Also we all know Retcon is for pussies ;)

4. Follow through - We've lots of RP's that start and never get completed for various reasons. Some of these will naturally happen such as people's real lives get in the way and the event they were connected to has ended once they get back online. What the big problem however is when we see RP's that have lost steam because one person has just left it and doesn't want to continue. An example we talk about a lot regarding this is the fact that King Finley of Ui Cenneslaig has been standing in a forest in East Moreland for around two years now. If you start an RP with someone you should do everything reasonable to see it through. It becomes disheartening to people when they wait on posts and see the person they were working with create new RP's. We all know how much we can handle, try and stay within that realm.

5. Create oppurtunities - Try and think beyond your own nation. Having news-stories about the goings on in your nation is great, it adds flavour to your country and allows you to perhaps develop aspects of culture. You can use every post to though give others things to write about. A great example of this is Tamora. Very few of their news posts don't include something you're media or your foreign office couldn't talk about or get involved in. Even the small things can lead to RP's. For example just a few hours ago San Huberto wrote about a Pride festival being cancelled in their nation by the Police, within the next couple of hours you can expect to see mention of a small protest outside their embassy in Northfort. This is good I think for two reasons. I could potentially spark an idea between me and San Huberto for a RP we'd like to do, or even if that doesn't happen it shows the author what they write is seen as valuable for the region's RP.

If anyone has anything they'd like me to address, cover, comment on etc regarding anything I've said please feel free to get in touch.

and remember Retcon is for Pussies

Diplomacy and Events / Pride 2020 - OOC
« on: June 01, 2020, 01:03:42 PM »
Traditionally the region has for the past five years or so RP'd a Pride festival almost every year. Over the last few years though its become a bit of a repetitive RP with various world leaders gathering, some musical backdrop and doesn't really go anywhere. As such I'm a bit loathed to push it this year however I am aware we've several newer members who may not have taken part and may have some ideas for making it a good RP. It could be a very character driven RP if someone can bring a scenario to it.

If you fancy taking on this project then feel free to discuss your ideas here or PM me. If I don't hear anything by the 20th June I'll assume no one is interested and I'll have an NPC host it in such a way people can do vignettes or news posts connected to it.

Non Fiction / The Mundus Cookbook
« on: May 31, 2020, 11:37:24 AM »

The Mundus Cookbook is a charity publication designed to raise funds for the Queen's Fund, a NGO based in Ipsus established by the three Whilom Queen's of Royal Seleucid and the two current Queen's. It exists to raise funds to be used to tackle child poverty globally. Sales from the cookbook shall go to support the projects the organisation will support no matter where on Mundus  they take place.


1. Early Morning Treats - A sweet tasting treat for first thing in a morning.

Seleucid Flatbreads with Cream and Honey - Royal Seleucid
Ensaïmada Wellowquina - Bakkermaya

 1. Each Sunday I'll post a theme. You can post your recipe based on the theme of that week that reflects one of your nations.

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