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Diplomacy and Events / Re: Kaitaine Ceasefire OOC
« on: April 10, 2021, 07:48:40 AM »
Just dropping by to thank you for giving Tamora a role in this. I appreciate it.

OOC Socialisation / Re: Leave of Absence Topic
« on: March 11, 2021, 02:29:20 PM »
I will take a leave of absence for a while. As usual if you can keep Tamora on the map that's great but if not I understand.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Lakhzov-Tamoran State Visit
« on: March 07, 2021, 01:27:53 PM »
TO: His Excellency Sachim Kadassa, President of the Lakhzov Republic

I would like to first express my warmest gratitude for the care your government has shown in protecting both the safety of the small Manist community in the Lakhzov Republic but also its cultural heritage.

We share a continent and while both out great nations cherish their very different ancient heritage and traditions we also have many interests in common. The Tamoran Empire believes that the improvement of relations between our nations is proof that third parties are the cause of previous division between us rather than a conflict of interests. We thank God and His Prophet for the current warm relations between our nations and we have no doubt He will be pleased if we work together to improve them even further.
It is therefore my pleasure to accept your gracious invitation to come to the Lakhzov Republic. I will be representing the Tamoran Empire during the state visit and we will make sure to have a numerous delegation worthy of the momentous occasion between our nations. I look forward to meeting Your Excellency and to serve God in fulfilling His plans for a peaceful and stable Mundus.

Lastly, I would like to inform you that the Supreme Ayatollah has personally recommended Your Excellency for the medal “Friend of the Prophet” for your government’s efforts in protecting the Manist community of Lakhzov Republic and for creating a climate of good understanding among the religious communities of the Republic. The Tamoran government has approved the recommendation and would like to offer Your Excellency the medal in public during our state visit. Please let me know should that create an inconvenience for Your Excellency.

May God bless our two great nations.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs 

International News Networks / Could Emir Osman Samaniyan shake MidAranye ?
« on: February 21, 2021, 02:28:37 PM »
Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar): Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar): 9th Rajab, 1442h (Sunday)

Could Emir Osman Samaniyan shake MidAranye?
Emir Osman Samaniyan of al-Akh al-Saghir is often described as ultraconservative and puritanical in his love of the Manist faith.

This week the kingdom of Clysperis saw the opening of the largest Manist temple outside the Tamoran Empire. The construction of the new temple is the latest product of an ever growing relation between Clysperis and the Tamora, relations that have gone back decades if not more.

Yet a couple of thousand miles away in the small emirate of al-Akh al-Saghir, one of the six emirates that form the United Emirates Alakhwan, Emir Osman Samaniyan is showing MidAranye a different approach to religion, one that focused on unity behind one faith. Emir Osman Samaniyan’s love of the faith cannot be denied nor his good intentions in wishing that all his subjects share the Manist faith so that they can all be saved in the afterlife. However, his approach will likely be controversial in a MidAranye where religious diversity abounds and where good relations between the faiths are critical for the stability of the region. Will Emir Osman Samaniyan approach be emulated in other parts of MidAranye and if so at what cost? So far it is too early to tell but the first sign indicate that Emir Osman Samaniyan, thanks to his impeccable credentials when it comes to the faith, might become more influential in MidAranye than the size of his Emirate might suggest.

Could Mundus see the first successful secession in recent years?     

Polls in the Empire of Ikhan show that many people of Andreði region want to go their separate way with 43% saying they would rather govern themselves. Some expect the figure to rise as the people there are tired of the instability in Ikhan which recently saw a failed attempt at a coup d’état and is now pushing though a controversial new constitution that has already displeased some religious organization for the discriminatory treatment it put religious organizations in relation with the state under the infamous Article 87.

Does the imperial government of Ikhan have the necessary leadership skills to keep the country united? Many foreign policy analysts in Djerb say no and point to the subservience of Ikhan in relation to the Rokkenjiman Empire and its immediate integration in the CSTO (Constantly Starting Trouble Organization) as obvious examples of lack of leadership but only time will tell how things will turn out.   

Until next time: God bless the Emperor! God bless Tamora!

War and Conflict / Re: Tamoran involvement in Merina
« on: February 21, 2021, 11:52:26 AM »
Colonel Jamadar smiled at the Tamoran wisdom reference and replied: “I think our wisdom is more related to the fact that we know how to pick the right friends and then be consistent and dependable in our relations with them more than anything else”.

“As for Pindar, I think we need to keep our eyes on the bigger picture. As much as I hate it we must also consider the diplomatic aspects and third parties like the Council of Albion countries. How the President will handle Pindar will be watched by the other rebel factions as well as the international community. If President can get the rebel Ike Ezana to agree to a compromise then that would send a signal to the other factions that the President has momentum on his side and that he can now focus his energy and resources on them. But they would also see that he is a man willing to listen and with whom they could reach a compromise just as Ike Ezana. Depending on how the President plays this he can send signals to the other rebel factions that those who come now to the negotiating table might get a better deal than those that resist and wait for later. As for the Council of Albion, I believe a compromise with Ike Ezana  would put the President in a stronger position in making the case that there's only one Merinan government with all others as rebels.  They probably still won’t accept it but it would be harder for them to continue with the current approach.”

“I know the Fedayeen less than you and I share your opinion that it is unlikely that they would put down their arms, let alone all of them. But from a strategic point of view that might be in the President’s best interest. Without their leader backing them the Fedayeen are clearly terrorists and they should be recognized as so by the international community. Second, as long as they are active the President can use them as an excuse to postpone elections until such a time he deems it is a good time to hold them. "

Colonel Jamadar  stopped for a few moments to try the tea: "The tea is great, thank you " he then resumed.

"So a shock and awe campaign is something I would support and I believe Djerb would authorize. My men are ready and you can count on us."

He then proceeded to also try the milk. "It is indeed good milk" he said not wishing to disappoint the host.

"There is also something I want to ask you. What is your feeling regarding the President’s support among the population. I understand it's not exactly a time for polls but what is your impression from what you have gathered? " the support President Olumbe Nguessa  had among its people was one area that Djerb was most interested about and Colonel Jamadar  was interested in knowing as much as possible about it.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Joining of Dragons
« on: February 15, 2021, 09:27:43 PM »

Abbas and Alya Safavid, the imperial couple of Tamora, were on the imperial plane on their way to Lijiang. Abbas rarely traveled abroad and almost never did so outside of Midaranye. The reasons were many but the main one remained that the longstanding tradition in the country was that the Tamoran Emperor was too important to travel abroad representing the country unless there was something special about the visit. Abbas choosing to go to Lijiang was not by accident. The reports he got about Lijiang intrigued him as did the initial diplomatic signals he got from them. The fact that they dealt first with Royal Seleucid was a sign that Lijiang did not care much about the opinion of the internationalist powers and that it was not afraid to follow its own agenda. But what it intrigued Abbas even more was that Lijiang had spent the last one hundred years in isolation preserving its ancient ways including its feudal system. In that regard, Abbas thought, Lijiang had many in common with Tamora in that it was not in synchrony with the ways much of Mundus operated.

The imperial plane entered Lijiang's airspace when Abbas was done reading a report on the customs and etiquette of Lijiang. He was clearly annoyed with it and did not hide it:

" How is it that our staff cannot find anything relevant about their ways other than something about not wearing the color yellow? I thought the reason we gave refuge to that exiled girl of theirs was precisely to learn more about them and yet we know nothing."

Alya was used to Abbas' impatience and rather demanding attitude so she was not taken by surprise:

"She is very young, the staff had little time, there is a language barrier and Lijiang is not exactly your usual Mundus nation. "

Abbas didn't get a chance to retort since the staff informed him that the plane will soon reach its destination.

After a few moments, Abbas took Alya's hand and in a slow voice started reciting a prayer. Alya silently joined him.

Alya and Abbas Safavid at the Lijiang wedding reception

Abbas and Alya arrived just as the Ikhan delegation was extending their greetings to the host. Abbas was wearing his official white uniform while Alya wore the standard black hijab and dress.

As Abbas noticed the Ikhan emperor and he discreetly asked Alya:
“Is that child the Rokkenjiman ambassador?”
“No, he is the Emperor of Ikhan. “ Alya assumed Abbas wanted a short briefing so she continued “He is 25 years old but he already speaks more than four languages…”
“Are any of them Parthian?” Abbas interrupted Alya.
“Then it was a wasted effort.”
Alya did not reply as they were drawing too close to the hosts.

As the couple got near to Lord Kexing, they both made short nod, greeted him, presented themselves and Abbas added:
“In the name of the Tamoran people I offer congratulations to the imperial couple. We also thank them for the invitation.”     

Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar): 3rd Rajab, 1442h Monday

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Abbas, will attend the wedding in Lijiang
TINS news anchor

The Imperial Palace has issued statement today informing the public that Emperor Abbas will be traveling to Ardia to attend the wedding in the Majestic Empire of Lijiang. This is the first time since Tamora has emerged from isolation that His Imperial Majesty will travel outside of Midaranye. According to the released statement, Emperor Abbas and his First Wife Alya are to leave for Lijiang in three days. Furthermore, the day prior to their departure the Imperial couple will be attending religious service as the Great Temple in Djerb with religious service being lead by the Supreme Ayatollah. The day of the departure, His Imperial Majesty will host a public ceremony entrusting temporary the duties of leading the empire to Crown Prince Jamshid for the time he is abroad.

The announced visit will be the first time Emperor Abbas sets foot on Ardian soil and comes just two years after the Rokkenjiman Empire threatened to attack Tamoran Imperial Airforce jets for attempting to provide support to the nations of SICR and New Derusmia which were then threatened by Rokkenjima. The visit  show just how much two years have changed Mundus and not in the favor of Tamora's envious rivals.

The visit of the Imperial couple is expected to be short as Emperor Abbas has a busy schedule in Tamora.

Until next time: God bless the Emperor! God bless Tamora!

International News Networks / Altromine is rocked by protests
« on: February 14, 2021, 12:54:24 PM »
Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar): Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar): 2nd Rajab, 1442h (Sunday)

Altromine is rocked by protests following the announced signing of the Royal Seleucid –Altromine trade agreement
Annakol Araanon, the Arch-Protector of Altromine, has remained steadfast on the issue of the trade deal

The citizens took to the streets to protests against the signing of the Royal Seleucid –Altromine trade deal. The timing of the signing couldn’t have come of worse time since relations between Clysperis and Royal Seleucid have reached a new low point. Despite the massive protests which at one point turned violent the government of Altromine remains committed to the agreement praising its potential economic benefits and especially the opportunity to have Atenist temple constructed outside the borders of Altromine.

The VK social network has announced that it took measures to discourage breaking the law and unlawful behavior through more active moderation of the platform during the protests. 

Tamoran foreign policy analysts expect the protests to continue in the short term fueled by what the decision of the Altromine government to condemn the deployment of Empire of Achkaerin of a carrier group the nation of Parbhani. The position of the Altromine government to support Parbhani was joined by Tamora and Royal Seleucid but in contradiction with the position displayed by Pharaoh Akasha which took an unexpected trip to Achkaerin during the crisis.  One analyst explained:

“The Kemetic corridor( Clysperis and Altromine) is of vital strategic importance as it links the gulf of Safraen to the gulf of Auraxis and thus Altromine is strategically placed in MidAranye. Ever since Altromine has emerged from isolation the government has tried to follow its own agenda: it has signed the MCUR treaty, it held a state visit in Achkaerin and has signed a trade deal with Royal Seleucid. It seems though that part of its population is still used with Altromine being in isolation and not taking a stance internationally. Altromine’s geopolitical interests with access to the sea of Kyne differ to those of Clysperis which has access to the Gulf of Safraen and the Northen Ocean. The government of Altromine has understood this and its acting accordingly but I believe not all citizens of Altromine have understood the same thing but they will in time.”

Lady Alya Safavid to meet with Lady Eman, the head of the Seleucid Tourist Board   

The Foreign Office has announced that Alya Safavid will make a short trip to Royal Seleucid to meet with Lady Eman, the head of the Seleucid Tourist Board for talks about continuing to promote tourism in the MidAranye region. The last time the two ladies met they made the announcement that Tamora and Royal Seleucid will place a bid to host Mundus games so there is a lot of expectation in the hospitality industry that meeting will bring new tourism opportunities. The Foreign Office has not stated the exact agenda of the talks other than to say they are in close contact with Royal Seleucid to continue promoting tourism following the successful hosting of the Mundus games. 

Thanasis Polakis marries Wilhom Queen Yanna of Royal Seleucid   

The Polakis family has released a statement announcing that Thanasis Polakis and Wilhom Queen Yanna have joined destinies following a private ceremony in Ipsus, Royal Seleucid, before the goddess Anahita. Thanasis Polakis is one of the richest businessmen in the empire having expanded his family oil and gas business becoming largest oil and gas business in Tamora. His renown has expanded beyond the borders of the empire after he was named vice president of OPEN( ooc: OPEC for Mundus) and his company Polakis Energy has overseen the construction of the Haghighi Dam in Zimalia one of the largest investments in the country's recent hisotry. Yanna is the second wife of the late king Akakios Soter and thus part of one the most prestigious families of MidAranye. Thanasis Polakis has received the title of Shaykhah of Maleha and has thus joined the ranks of the nobility while Yanna Polakis is to become the First Wife of Thanasis.

Constantly Starting Trouble Organization(CSTO): Rokkenjima deploys two warships to help Achkaerin   

With the princess of Rokkenjima having solved poverty problem in the kingdom of Tytor, Rokkenjima has now decided to support the Empire of Achkaerin which “badly” needed help in defending its “modest” carrier group which was deployed in an attempt to bully the nation of Parbhani into submission. The deployment of the two warships was done in spite of mounting international pressure on Achkaerin to deescalate by returning the warships home. Since all concerns expressed by other countries were ignored, TINS agrees with General Sachin Dutt which has called CSTO the Constantly Starting Trouble Organization.

Until next time: God bless the Emperor! God bless Tamora!

International News Networks / Machal Mining expands mining operations
« on: February 14, 2021, 12:42:04 PM »
Machal Mining expands mining operations 

TINS- Zimalia news anchor

Machal Mining International has announced investments of over 400 million dinars/USD in Zimalia in order to expand mining operations. According to the company the money will be used to buy new equipment, purchase a new mining license and hire 300 new people. Machal Mining International has recently finished a successful IPO on the Elysium stock exchange where it has acquired approximately 500mil dinars/USd from several companies and foundations from a diverse range of countries including: Quintelia, Royal Seleucid, Pramoria, Heyra and Clysperis.

The press statement issued by the company said that" Zimalia is now the main focus of the company. Zimalia has the potential to become a regional player in the mining industry.”

God bless the Eternal President! God bless Tamora!

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A way out (Kopsje and Tamora)
« on: February 14, 2021, 06:52:10 AM »
Alya appreciated the hosts had shown politeness when dealing with her and her delegation. Alya travelled in quite a few countries and she never knew what to expect. She still remembered the very cold reception and treatment she got in Centralia but in Kopsje that did not seem to be the case.

“You flatter me but Lady Safavid is fine” she said since under Tamoran laws wives of emperors (or nobles in general) did not carry the title of their husbands. One of the perks of being the head of Tamoran Foreign was that she was often seen as Empress and that was something she enjoyed.

“The kingdom of Clysperis and the Tamoran Empire share a friendship that goes back decades, there is a trust between us that goes beyond just the engagement between our two families. I will see to it that we the Tamoran military will back down and we will ask the Pharaoh to do the same. We all seek peace and I agree the current standoff only creates opportunities for certain foreign powers to meddle in the Northern Ocean. However, there is still the issue of the Clysperi national that is currently detained in Kopsje. It is a matter that has made headlines everywhere in Clysperis and Tamora and I dare say all of MidAranye. I believe your government is aware of the importance religion plays in our society, culture and way of life so I think you will understand why for any de-escalation to occur the Clysperi national needs to be released unharmed”. She emphasized the unharmed and paused before continuing. “The Tamoran Empire is willing to deescalate first and I believe we can convince our Clysperi friends to do the same but that needs to be followed by her release. “

“I am extremely surprised to hear that Tamoran development in Zimalia is seen by some as “taking over a country with said influence”. The surprise is even greater since I have not heard of such concerns raised by Zimalia’s President Binyamin Lewes. None of the projects and businesses done in Zimalia have raised any protests from Zimalian authorities so I believe the concerns raised while showing a great love for the sovereignty and independence of Kopsje are unfounded. I also add that everything is at it seems without the full details. So for example should the Commonwealth ever decide it wants to peacefully include other neighboring parts of the former Rus Empire within its federation in order to grow and thus increase its national security and would seek Tamoran help then perhaps our actions in those former parts of the Rus empire could be interpreted by some observers as “taking over with influence” when in reality we would be serving Kopsje’s interests. “

Alya made the comment about the Commonwealth peacefully incorporating other parts of the former Rus Empire to see if that raises any interest. The Commonwealth, being a rather loose federation, was suitable for adding other regions within its federation and thus changing the balance of power between the Integrationist and the Regionalist factions of the Commonwealth. It would also, Alya hoped, shift the attention of the federal government of the Commonwealth from anti religion laws to expansion by incorporation of other federal subjects and for that, the Tamorans speculated, would mean Kopsje would have to be stable and more tolerant on religious issues. It is for this reason that Alya waited to see if the hosts seeked to comment more on the issue before she moved on the next concerns raised.

“On the issue of potential sanctions, I agree that unfortunately some nations seek to bully others though the use of sanctions. So I propose we approach the matter in two ways. First, our two governments remain discrete on the manner of our agreement and second, when it comes to economic matters, we use an intermediary for things such as trade and investments. For example, for any goods traded and investments done in Kopsje we will see that they are done through subsidiaries registered in Lakhzovia*, a nation that is a strong ally of Rokkenjima and should not raise any concerns. We have a continual and growing partnership with them Lakhzovia and I believe they would accept to be a middleman in this. In fact I would go as far as to say the way we cooperate with Lakhzovia can be a model for future Kopsje-Tamoran relations. Should however Lakhzovia not agree to our proposal we can use another middleman like Heyra and Zimalia. Tamora is not a nation that is opulent like the nations of Rokkenjima, East Moreland and others but we are a large nation in terms of population and God and His prophet have blessed us with many natural resources so Tamoran investments in Kopsje economy could have a significant impact. Do you believe such an arrangement would be accepted by your parliament?“ 

*OOC: Rix has not responded to my proposal yet but I believe based on previous RPs between Tamora and Lakhzovia that he would agree.

War and Conflict / Re: Tamoran involvement in Merina
« on: February 14, 2021, 06:47:48 AM »
As Colonel Jamadar made his way to the office of Marshal of Merina Alium Deumi he couldn’t help but remember how optimist Djerb was when it ordered his deployment. The initial estimates were that his deployment won’t last more than 6 months and yet here he was more than 8 months into it and it seemed that a stable Merina was nowhere in sight. Still progress was made and more importantly Olumbe Nguessa’s government had not fallen which meant main objective was achieved. It also gave Colonel Jamadar and his forces the time to try and prop up some support for Olumbe Nguessa. How successful were their efforts was something harder to asses.

Now he would be meeting again with Marshal of Merina Alium Deumi. In the eight months he spent in Merina they worked reasonably well together this was all he could have hoped for. Also, despite both of them being in the military they agreed to not use rank (ooc: hope that part is ok):

“It is good to see you too Mr. Deumi.”

“Tea would be fine” he said while taking a seat and discretely observing the room. He noticed and appreciated to see the Merinan flag through he found it to be a bit too modest for his taste and compared with the Tamoran flag he had in his office.

He waited for the Marshel to begin. He knew that the ceasefire would soon be over and he expected that to be among the topics of the day.

Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar): 2nd Rajab, 1442h (Sunday)

A worrying development: a spike in online betting
TINS news anchor

A recent development is worrying many clergymen in Tamora, the huge spike in online gambling that is now rampart in many communities across Tamora. According to many imams TINS has interviewed the current developments in the North Ocean are to blame. The nation of Parbhani which had just only recently emerged from isolation announced it has a selected a group of nations to mediate its civil war but did not state which they appealed to. That lead to the Achkaerin annoucing the deployment of a carrier fleet because of speculation regarding which nations might be selected for mediation and that lead to more than eight another nations, including Tamora, taking a stand over the deployments. The constant exposure to news regarding the incident has created a great interest regarding who the nations who mediate the conflict are and that interest has been unscrupulously exploited by online betting sites which offer Tamorans the chance to bet on who those nations are. One imam told us:

“Parishioners are constantly talking about it and placing bets. They take it as a joke but the sin of gambling is very real not to mention that what starts as “harmless fun” can easily turn into addiction”.
And initial reports seem to confirm the statements of the clergymen, more than 30 million Tamorans have placed bets online according to a report and almost 70 % of them have done so for the first time in their lives.

According to betting sites the nations most likely to have been selected to mediate the conflict are:

1.   Nya Aland
2.   Bakermaya
3.   Abydos
4.   Royal Seleucid
5.   The SANE trading block
6.   The Ecclesiastical State
7.   Heyra
8.   Lakhzovia
9.   Cassiopedia
10.   Christopol
11.   Ikhan
12.   Tytor

It remains to be seen which nations are indeed the ones that are mediating the conflict, until the information becomes public it would seem that speculation will only increase among the Tamoran public and some individuals are trying to profit off this speculation and interest. 

Until next time: God bless the Emperor! God bless Tamora!

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Educating Lijiang
« on: February 12, 2021, 07:02:47 PM »

Addressed to: His Imperial Majesty Dragon-Emperor Tielin II

Your Imperial Majesty's invitation honors me as does the responsibility that goes with the task to teach a prince and a princess of such an ancient empire as the one Your Imperial Majesty represents.

I formally accept the invitation of Your Majesty. I do however ask that I be allowed to come with my husband and that our religious rights be respected in allowing us to dress as the Prophet commanded, to eat only what God permits and to attend religious service at the Tamoran embassy in Your Majesty's empire.

With the hope that Your Majesty will be able to accommodate my small request I hope to come to Your Majesty's Empire soon and begin my work there.

Respectfully yours,
Samira Hanifnejad
Tamoran Ambassador of Culture

Diplomacy and Events / Djerb-Bildar line
« on: February 12, 2021, 06:58:10 PM »

TO: Her Royal Majesty Arch-Protector Annakol Araanon

I am writing to you to congratulate you on the position expressed by your nation in regards to the Achkaerin crisis in the Northern Ocean. We understand the position you took was perhaps difficult but I would like to inform you that it was appreciated by the Tamoran government and a commendable display of Midaranye unity.

The Empire of Tamora remains committed to the stability, security and prosperity of Midaranye and would like to inform the nation of Altromine that it can count on the Tamoran empire in the future.
May God and His Prophet bless our two great nations.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs

Press Offices / Joint statement on the recent Achkaerin-Parbhani crisis
« on: February 12, 2021, 06:54:31 PM »

Joint statement on the recent Achkaerin-Parbhani crisis

The governments of Royal Seleucid and Tamora express deep concerns over the recent developments in the Great Northern Ocean caused by the recent announcement of the Empire of Achkaerin that they will be sending an aircraft carrier to monitor developments in the Parbhani Empire. We share the concerns that have already been expressed by the nations of Parbhani, Altromine, Izhitsa and Fleur, and for this reason we ask the Empire of Achkaerin to cancel the announced deployment as it has already caused much discord and it is clearly a destabilizing move for the region. It is our hope that Divinity will inspire the Empire of Achkaerin to choose the way of peace and harmony and abandon their current path of discord.

Royal Seleucid Press Office and the Imperial Tamoran Information Department

Diplomacy and Events / Djerb-Ipsus line
« on: February 12, 2021, 06:49:48 PM »

Heydar my friend, I hope all is well and that your princesses Katayun and prince Aali give new joy in your life.

I am contacting you about the recent crisis in the Northern Ocean and the blunder Achkaerin has done there. The nation of Parbhani is one which I believe has the potential to become a friend of ours so I propose we offer a show of support to them by issuing a joint statement where we condemn Achkaerin for their actions and show our support to the Parbhani. What do you say?


Sporting Hub / Re: Rugby World Cup 2021 - OOC Signups
« on: February 10, 2021, 08:29:39 PM »
Elania and Tamora will take part. If there are too many teams you can drop Tamora.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Khemnen-Djerb Line
« on: February 08, 2021, 08:20:17 PM »


I believe the recent blunder of the Achkaerin of sending a carrier group in relation to the civil war in Parbhani offers us an opportunity. Would you be willing to have our foreign offices (ooc: Clysperi and Tamoran ones) issue a joint statement of support to the Parbhani and condemning the actions of Achkaerin? Should we play this right, we might make another friend which might support us in our efforts against the Occidental powers.
Let me know what you think.


Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar): 25th Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1442h (Sunday)

Crown Princess Adriana of Rokkenjima patronizes the Kingdom of Tytor
TINS news anchor

The young Crown Princess Adriana of Rokkenjima took a trip to the Kingdom of Tytor where is started practicing diplomacy for when she will eventually take the throne of her empire. Keeping in line with the traditions of the Rokkenjiman imperial family, she reminded the loyal ally and servant of the Rokkenjima, the Kingdom of Tytor, of its place by opening a food bank in order to “solve” their poverty. As the kingdom of Tytor is one the richest countries in Mundus, an opulence which was acquired no doubt by stripping their former colonies of their resources to the point where they had to revolt as Centralia can attest, the act of fighting poverty in Tytor would seem bizarre unless one understands that the point was to send a message and make the people of Tytor aware, in a very patronizing matter, that the Rokkenjiman princess had arrived to solve their poverty because they cannot do that for themselves. Of course the fact Rokkenjima has not eliminated poverty in their own nation while trying to do exactly that in Tytor is not something that concerns the Rokkenjiman princess or her government.

So insulting was the attitude of the Rokkenjiman princess that the former prime minister of Tytor John H. Goodfellow had to publicly state that “as Tytorians, it is our job, not Princess Adriana's, to assess what our nation needs.  The Crown Princess may have negotiating experience with the Morelanders, but she is still only a teenager, and she needs to leave the actual governing to the adults in the room.  Besides, she has grossly overestimated the scope of the problem she proposes to fix; “

His statement of protecting the honor and dignity of the nation of Tytor was not well received by Rokkenjima or the people of Tytor and was forced to resign as Conservative Alliance Leader after a disappointing result at the polls. While we do not yet know who will be his successor, we do know that he will have a hard time outdoing the current PM of Tytor in its servilism to Rokkenjima. After all, it was the current PM that was quick to praise the Rokkenjiman princess' patronizing attitude and saying “"Princess Adriana is absolutely right.”

So far we have not received any reports that the Rokkenjiman princess will visit the nation of Ikhan. So for now, the government there can feel relieved.

Why Achkaerin troops must leave the kingdom of Clysperis immediately   

The Empire of Achkaerin has announced a fleet of warships has been sent “south” of Achkaerin. Sending warships, according to their local press, is the "Achkaerin playbook". That means that they find whatever reason possible to send troops in other countries and then use the pretext of having those troops there to justify sending warships whenever there is perceived or imaginary threat thousands of miles away. This time they justified the mobilization by saying they have troops in Izhitsa but they will no doubt use a similar justification to send more warships in the Gulf of Safraen if they have the chance. We all know from last time that when the nations of the gulf will ask them to leave they will ignore their pleas, this is why it is important for the Achkaerin troops to leave Clysperis as soon as possible.

Imam Aref Asayesh, Tamoran ambassador to Hassfurt, expresses solidarity with the protesters   

Imam Aref Asayesh, Tamoran ambassador to Hassfurt, has publicly expresses solidarity with the protesters in Hassfurt and asked for the arrested priest to be released:

“My heart goes out to the people of Hassfurt protesting to have their priest released and their religious needs met. In my time in Hassfurt I have come to see how those who are called the Guine, a strata which I and the Prophet belong, have often not had their religious needs met and faced discrimination because of the color of their skin. I have invited Erica Solenke, one of the protesters, at our embassy to talk with me and see if I, as representative of Tamora, can do anything to help but more importantly to hear her plight, understand the injustice she faces and to show her that not all people feel or act the way her government does. “

The Royal Seleucid Navy will deploy to Ardia for exercises with the Majestic Empire of Lijiang   

In a major win for the diplomacy of Royal Seleucid, relations between the Majestic Empire of Lijiand and Royal Seleucid further develop with the latter sending ships to Ardia for a joint exercise. The exercise is a win for peace and stability, one that has been achieved despite the efforts of nations such as the Iwi which sought the path or provocation rather than reconciliation. Lijiang openness to cooperate with a key MidAranye state  gives foreign analysts reason to believe that Lijiang with prove to be a nation that would not serve the current international order established in Mundus and will instead seek to preserve its sovereignty and traditions. Whether the analysts are overly optimistic remains to be seen. 

Until next time: God bless the Emperor! God bless Tamora!

Press Offices / Statement of the ceasefire in the Empire of Parbhani
« on: February 07, 2021, 06:29:15 PM »

Statement of the ceasefire in the Empire of Parbhani

The Empire of Tamora praises the latest commitment to peace displayed by the government of Parbhani by issuing a common sense list of demands that will bring an end to the current conflict and to the loss of life. His Imperial Majesty Maharajadhiraja Krishnaraja III has displayed more than generosity with the latest offer and we urge the King of Topri to accept of the offer as soon as possible.


Statement of the recent bill passed in the People's Republic of Argemonto

The Empire of Tamora strongly condemns the passing of the recent bill which aims to restrict to the point of cancelation the religious freedoms of the people of Argemonto and seeks to place religious organizations under the control of the government of Argemonto. We urge the government of Argemonto to respect its citizens’ right to religious freedom and to not fall prey to intolerance.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A way out (Kopsje and Tamora)
« on: February 07, 2021, 06:27:02 PM »
OOC: I hope you don’t mind but I skipped the greetings part and moved to the point so as to save time.

Alya Safavid and a small staff flew to Dzunho as soon as arrangements with the hosts could be done. The situation in Kopsje seemed to escalate quickly so time was of the essence. Alya was aware that dealing with the government of Kopsje was not going to be easy since Kopsje was a nation of less than 20 mill people she expected their government to be overly defensive especially when dealing with much larger nations. It also didn’t help that Kopsje had a parliament so Alya expected that to be used as an excuse for what the government of Kopsje could and couldn’t do. Why so many nations outside of MidAranye relied on such collective bodies for decisions always puzzled Alya but she knew that there was nothing to do to change that. Her mandate for the meeting was simple, she was looking to get some sort of agreement with the government of Kopsje that would allow the two countries to save face before their peoples and allow the two governments to cooperate going forward. Alya was aware that it was no easy task especially since relations were tensed but she had to try her best otherwise there was a serious risk that the internationalist powers like Rokkenjima, Tytor and CNN could use the incidents in Kopsje as an excuse to organize a military buildup near Kopsje and the last thing Tamora wanted was to have more of their military assets so close to MidAranye. It is for this reasons that Alya dismissed all proposals made by members of the Foreign Office to show support for the Ikuiat region of Kopsje which seem to break the lines on the issue and even threaten with secession.

The Tamoran Foreign Office coordinated with their counterparts in Kopsje to have the visit as discrete as possible. Should it be a success then a press conference would be held announcing the breakthrough but otherwise the Tamoran side wanted to keep the visit as low profile as possible. 

The small Tamoran delegation headed by Alya Safavid was seated in in the meeting room with the hosts seating on the other side of the table. As soon as the greetings and presentations were done, Alya decided to approach the subject head on:

“I would like to begin by thanking you for the chance to meet and allowing us to attempt to resolve the current impasse diplomatically. Allow me to make the first step by issuing an apology in the name of the Tamoran Empire for the military exercises which we conducted alongside our allies and friends in the kingdom of Clysperis. In hindsight we should have first attempted resolve the matter diplomatically and we regret that our exercise emboldened nations like Achkaerin to interfere in your internal affairs. We would like to assure that the Tamoran Empire did not conspire with Achkaerin on the matter and was not aware of their act. Furthermore, we strongly condemn their actions.

I would also like to add that the Tamoran Empire has a strong record of protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations across Mundus from both domestic and external threats as can be seen by our actions in Zimalia, Clysperis and Merina. It is for this reason that I believe that Tamora can a valuable friend and ally of Kopsje provided we can sort our differences. I believe where there is a will God and His Prophet will find a way just as He did when it came to the differences between Tamora and Lakhzovia. “

Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar):18th Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1442h (Sunday)

VK social media platform launches its service in the Seleucid language
The number one trending image today on VK was that of a woman with headpiece typical of the high nobles of Clysperis and Altromine. The headpiece has become popular in some parts of Tamora.

VK has announced that its services are now available in the Seleucid language. Ever since its launch, VK has been growing rapidly in Tamora and in recent months the company has invested heavily in order to cater to the needs of the nations of Midaranye and expand in the region. The company has already expanded in Altromine and with the addition of Seleucid among the supported languages the company hopes it will also increase its presence in Royal Seleucid where the language, although in minority, is still used by many. The use of Seleucid in its service is likely to also help the company increase market share in the federated kingdom of West Seleucid where the Seleucid language is also widely spoken.

Morelander vaccine to be imported to Tamora

The Morelander vaccine, if proven effective,  could be imported to Tamora said the spokesman of Jalal Deer, the largest agricultural conglomerate in Tamora. According to the company, the Foreign Office has not issues any restrictions and in the absence of a Tamoran or Midaranye alternative, the company will have no other option than to import it from the Helusians. “It is a sad fact that Jalal Deer has not been able to find anyone in the whole empire who is even close to developing a vaccine for the Yellow Tongue. In fact we have been in close contact with our partners in Royal Seleucid, Clysperis, Altromine and other MidAranye countries and sadly all of them say the same, that we completely missed the train and there’s little chance of anyone developing a vaccine in their countries.”

Jalal Deer representatives have said they have petitioned the imperial government about the issue and hope they can begin working on a strategy that would allow Tamora to be better prepared in the future to combat such diseases.

Major corruption scandal in the Fluer Republic

The latest scandal in the Fleur Republic involving their Foreign Affairs minister has shocked their nation. The financing of the Haghighi Dam in Zimalia proved to be illegal according to their courts. What has not been said is that the illegal financing of the dam was most likely related to corruption between their Foreign Affairs minister and Fleur companies. The Foreign Office has refused comment more on the issue other than say than say it is “a domestic issue of the Republic of Fleur.”   

The Empire of Achkaerin and the Realm of Cassiopeia issue sanctions against Tamora

The Empire of Ach and the Realm of Cassiopeia have announced that they will be restricting trade with Tamora and only allowing Tamoran goods that have the Freestone mark to be sold in their countries. The Foreign Office has called the measures "disappointing" but has said that it will not issue any retaliatory measures. That is in line with what the Foreign Office has done in previous instances where other countries have implemented similar measures.

Sources say Lijiang noble to be exiled to Tamora

Sources close to the Foreign Office say that the 13 year old daughter of Lord of Hongcun, who found guilty of treason, shall be exiled to the Tamoran following her sentence of banishment. Should the sources be correct the disgraced young noble is likely to have a hard time adapting to Tamoran culture and norms not to mention having to learn the language but is no doubt a mild punishment for the crime committed by the head of her family.

Until next time: God bless the Emperor! God bless Tamora!

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Khemnen-Djerb Line
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Abbas just finished another security meeting. Week after week one the pending issue was that of the Achkaerin troops in Clysperis. He wanted them gone months ago but for some reason it seemed they were still in Clysperis. He decided to call Akasha to deal with the issue at the highest level. They both had a direct line so reaching her was not an issue:

“Hello! This is Abbas speaking. How are you my dear? I would like to ask you about our dear “friends” the Achkaerins, why are they not gone yet? I understand that coming from that frozen North they have every reason to want to stay here but unfortunately for them not everyone can stay in MidAranye. Are they giving you any trouble in packing their things?”

Local date in Tamora (Islamic calendar):18th Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1442h (Sunday)

Opinion piece: Should the new free trade agreement between Royal Seleucid and Altromine make Tamora reconsider its trade policy
Djerb is not just the political capital of the Tamoran Empire it is also the cultural capital. Is it time for Djerb to become more open on trade? 

After Royal Seleucid and Altromine have announced their trade agreement, the question arises: should Tamora change its long-standing policy against free trade agreements? Tamora has for more than a century chosen to use high tariffs as a means to protect its identity and jobs from the unfair competition of foreign companies. A policy which is both wise and ethical as it seeks to protect workers and their jobs. But as MidAranye is growing ever closer can Tamora still keep this policy in place if it wants to remain at the heart of MidAranye?

Tamora has made some exceptions in the past to its tariff policy, the most notable of this being towards its longtime ally and friend Clysperis with whom we share a currency. Not only have tariffs been lowered and in some cases eliminated but so have restrictions on the labor market. Tamora has chosen to keep the gates of its empire open to Clysperi even during the civil war so is it not perhaps the time to open those gates to some if not all the people of MidAranye? And if the answer is no, then are we ready to accept that MidAranye might move closer to cooperation and integration leaving Tamora behind?  Tamora has never been afraid to go on its road even alone as long as choosing a different path would violate the ethical code revealed to us by God through its Prophet and I fully support this approach, I wouldn’t call myself a follower of the Prophet if I didn’t. However, we must be careful to not go alone on a path just for the sake of being alone or worse because we have become so accustomed to it that we no longer remember that facing obstacles of life together with friends is not just easier, it also what the Prophet would approve.

I make a public appeal to the Tamoran government to consider its trade policy towards our friends in MidAranye and see if we can find room for change. I also believe that moving  ever closer in cooperation with the kingdom of Clysperis should be the first move. We already share a common currency and the Manist faith is a peer faith in Clysperis that is a solid foundation to build on. 

God bless the Emperor! God bless Tamora!

Professor and Ayatollah Azad Arak

Press Offices / Supreme Ayatollah on the events in Parbhani
« on: January 31, 2021, 09:40:32 AM »

In reply to the events described here.


Statement on the recent attack on a place of worship in Parbhani

The Empire of Tamora strongly condemns the recent attack against a place of worship by the Topri military. Such an act goes against natural law and the will of the God, and those that perpetrated the attack must the brought to justice. We offer our most sincere condolences and our prayers to the families of the victims. We also stand by the government of Parbhani and fully support their operations that seek to bring peace and stability to Topri and the whole nation of Parbhani.


I would like to express, on behalf of the Tamoran government, the full support for the Glorious Land of Altromine to be accepted as a member of our organization. We look forward to cooperating with you in OPEN.

Respectfully yours,
Thanasis Polakis
Deputy Head (VP) of OPEN

Convention Centre / Re: Ostlake Movie Awards 2021
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Name of Film: A Nation Betrayed
Genre: Documentary
Nation: Empire of Tamora
Brief Outline: The documentary made by Samira Hanifnejad presents how the regular people Clysperi saw the civil war unfold and also presents the aftermath of the war.
Link to the trailer: the movie is presented here.


Name of Film: A Nation Betrayed
Topic Covered: Clyperi civil war
Nation: Empire of Tamora
From the Film: The documentary made by Samira Hanifnejad presents how the regular people Clysperi saw the civil war unfold and also presents the aftermath of the war.
Link to the trailer: the movie is presented here.


To: Her Majesty Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.

Letter of Intent

Following the express request of His Majesty Emperor Abbas Safavid, our institution has prepared for Your Majesty's government the following package of support which seeks to ease the procurement by Your Majesty's government of Tamoran military equipment.
Tamora Imperial Bank (TIB) will accept any of the following assets from Your Majesty's government, asses them at market value and assume ownership over them in return for Tamoran military equipment with TIB handling the payments to the Tamoran military suppliers. That being said, TIB can accept the following assets as payment for (Tamoran) military equipment:

1.   Agricultural land.
2.   Agricultural products ( crops etc).
3.   Shares in government owned enterprises.
4.   Slaves or indentured servants. We mention this because of Clysperis Restitution Fund should, according to our understanding, implemented measures where those that have been convicted of crimes against Clysperis were to be enslaved.
5.   Real Estate properties (commercial, office or residential).

Furthermore, TIB would also provide an installment plan allowing for the Clysperi government to pay with assets the debts towards the Tamoran arms manufacturers via a 7 year plan at no interest.

I am also authorized by the Tamoran Imperial government to inform Your Majesty, that the Imperial Government is also willing to sell you military equipment currently in use by the Imperial Armed forces at half the price of the new one provided that the equipment used is older than three years.

We hope Your Majesty will find the proposals above to Her liking and we remain at Your Majesty's disposal for any questions or requests Her Majesty might have.

Respectfully yours,
Toor Medhora,
Head of Tamora Imperial Bank

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