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Diplomacy and Events / Djerb-Bildar line
« on: February 12, 2021, 06:58:10 PM »

TO: Her Royal Majesty Arch-Protector Annakol Araanon

I am writing to you to congratulate you on the position expressed by your nation in regards to the Achkaerin crisis in the Northern Ocean. We understand the position you took was perhaps difficult but I would like to inform you that it was appreciated by the Tamoran government and a commendable display of Midaranye unity.

The Empire of Tamora remains committed to the stability, security and prosperity of Midaranye and would like to inform the nation of Altromine that it can count on the Tamoran empire in the future.
May God and His Prophet bless our two great nations.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs

Diplomacy and Events / Djerb-Ipsus line
« on: February 12, 2021, 06:49:48 PM »

Heydar my friend, I hope all is well and that your princesses Katayun and prince Aali give new joy in your life.

I am contacting you about the recent crisis in the Northern Ocean and the blunder Achkaerin has done there. The nation of Parbhani is one which I believe has the potential to become a friend of ours so I propose we offer a show of support to them by issuing a joint statement where we condemn Achkaerin for their actions and show our support to the Parbhani. What do you say?


TV Shows / A Nation Betrayed
« on: January 17, 2021, 01:39:33 PM »
(OOC: A Nation Betrayed is a movie made by Samira Hanifnejad  detailing the events of Clysperi Civil war and its aftermath)

Part one- Beginning - the place crash

The most dramatic event in the recent history of MidAranye is no doubt the Clysperi civil war which broke out after the traitor named Nekhtou lead a rebellion against Pharaoh Akasha. While the rebellion was defeated and Pharaoh Akasha's rule was restored over all the lands of Clysperis little is known about what lead to that rebellion, what were the effects and how the Clysperi people are dealing with the aftermath. We set out first and foremost with the goal of talking to the Clysperi people asking them what happened, how they were affected and how they feel now rather than rely soly statistics and reports. Through the course of this documentary, we have had the pleasure to speak with more than 300 Clysperi from the beggars to high nobles, some shared our unshakable faith in the Prophet but many more followed the ancient religion of their lands. Each of them had a story to tell and this is what they told us.

On the 8th of October of 2019 the plane carrying the then called Pharaoh Bekaten and Prince Naser of Tamora crashed. Initially there was no news of survivors.

Nanma, a school teacher, was teaching at her school when news of the plane crash reached her. One of her colleagues asked her to leave the room so that she could speak to her in private.

"I'll never forget the shock I felt when I heard the news. I was stunned. Moments passed and I could hear my college speaking to me but I couldn't answer. I also knew that I had to inform my students but I didn't know how to tell them."

I was on patrol when it happened. I remember being informed on the station about her plane crashing and to be on alert for any disturbances. We were supposed to maintain order and assure the public but in truth we were just as shocked and confused as any Clysperi.

OOC Socialisation / A map on an alternative Mundus
« on: January 13, 2021, 06:03:07 PM »
This is a placeholder for alternative maps of Mundus.


NO MAP contained in this thread is considered canon. Authority over the regional map remains under sections 9 and 10 of the RP rules the remit of the Cartographer, I would ask people not seek to use this thread as a means to update the existing regional map but rather do alternative maps which should be "What if" maps.

Diplomacy and Events / A match made in heaven (Tamora and Altromine)
« on: January 10, 2021, 08:17:50 PM »

TO: High Priest - Amarna Araanon

Your Holiness,

    I write to you not as a follower of your ancient religion but as a simple man of faith. I too believe in the existence of more than one god and my religion has been native to the lands of MidAranye for millennium. My parents from a young age took me to the temple of Anahita in Ipsus, the capital wonder of the Royal Seleucid, so I understand how religion is intertwined with the national fabric of most if not all of MidAranye’s countries. The gods have blessed our countries and region and we in turn must do our best to honor them as they demand.

   My deep faith is one of the reasons why I started together with my good friend Bazoor Vevalwala, a Tamoran in good standing with his faith, the VK company. We seek to protect and promote the values that have been shrined by Divinity and have been passed on to us by previous generations. What drives me and my business partner is the belief that for too long we have kept our religions, customs and values like a precious guard treasure only for ourselves rather than a gift to share with all of Mundus. We seek through our platform to create a temple where the people of MidAranye but also those outside this blessed region to communicate and share experience free of the temptations and depravities that seek to corrupt the minds and souls of our peoples. We have entered in what we believe is a successful partnership with the Church of Mani and with their support and the will of the gods have manage to bring Tamorans a viable alternative as a social platform, one that helps nurture their love of religion and good values and protects them from depravations. And I would like to ask Your Holiness support to do the same in Altromine. With your support and that of your government I am sure we can see to it that VK will reach most citizens of Altromine to their benefit and that of your country.

   I respectfully ask Your Holiness to look at the attached documents that offers a way for our modest company to enter into a partnership with your holy organization.  Should Your Holiness have specific needs or proposals, I am more than willing to hear them and available anytime.

   Should Your Holiness find the agreement acceptable, please let me know so that we can proceed as soon as possible.

Respectfully yours,
Bavand Khandhy
Co Head and Co founder of VK

Summary of the attached document drafts, proposals and detailed analysys:

-   The Church of Aten will have a permanent member on the committee that drafts policy for the anti-hate speech, fake news and public decency. We seek create for all users in Altromine a specific policy that is adjusted to the needs of the Church of Aten and the government of Altromine.
-   VK agrees to share user data with the proper authorities of Altromine, the date shared will of that of users that  seek to undermine the security and good morals of Altromine.
-   VK, will at its own expense, will create social media pages for all authorized local religious organizations (ooc: think parishes in real life). The list must be provided by the Church of Aten. Should the Church of Aten wish for a page to be removed from the platform, it would be done so 24 hours max.
-   Based on user data locations VK will promote church attendance and religious events near the user.
-   VK will monitor user feedback (based on their private message and public comments) aggregate the data and provide it to the Church of Aten. That way your holy organization will now which messages makes the user more responsive and which one brings disagreement and is ill received.
-   A discrete profiling of the users will be done with the purpose of tracking their online behavior and habits while also checking which ads help change their behaviors.  VK will provide, free of charge, to the Church of Aten this data in order to better tailor and adjust your message so you can better convince the faithful.
-   In return the Church of Aten is to make VK the endorsed social platform of the Church and government institutions as well as seek provide limitation on the activity of the other foreign social media platforms (broadband limits, temporary locking of other social media platforms when they permit content that allows hate speech and fake news and other such measures) which would allow the fateful to be corrupted in their pursuit of profits and other monetary gain.

Diplomacy and Events / A way out (Kopsje and Tamora)
« on: January 02, 2021, 09:10:43 PM »

To: The Foreign Office of Kopsje
From: The Foreign Office of Tamora

      The Empire of Tamora continues to be gravely concerned over the law passed in Kopsje that infringes on the religious liberty of those that follow the Prophet and other religions. While we understand your government’s right to issue and enforce its own laws, the Tamoran government is also concerned about the state of the Manist community in Kopsje as well as Tamoran and other MidAranye nationals especially the Clysperi national known as Hafsah.

As you are aware, tensions between the Empire of Tamora which stands by the kingdom of Clysperis, and Kopsje are increasing at a rapid pace as seen by the recent military exercises. It is for this reason that I would like to keep a line of communication open between our two governments and inform you that should the government of Kopsje agree to extradite Hafsah to Clysperis and find a way to provide exemptions to the law for the religious communities of the Manist, Islamic and Kemetic faiths we would be to not only deescalate the current state of affairs but also provide some financial assistance to Kopsje. I strongly urge Kopsje  to consider the offer and choose the path of deescalation. We already see governments such as the one of Empire of Achkaerin using the incident to inflate religious tension as seen with the High Priestess Alexis Minette incident. The Tamoran government is appalled at their actions and this is one of the reasons why we seek to deescalate.

We remain open to  any proposals you might have or suggestion.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs 

Economics and Industry / Request for an equity index fund
« on: January 02, 2021, 03:47:29 PM »
To: Edmond Richard, C.E.O. of Welt

From: Toor Medhora, Head of Tamora Imperial Bank

Dear Mr. Richard,

I would first like to send you my best wishes to you and your family for the Christian holiday of Christmas and the Ardian New Year (OOC: Tamora uses a different calendar, the Islamic one).

Secondly, perhaps you may have heard that our modest bank, with the help of God and His Prophet, has decided to expand aboard, outside of Tamora. As we have the pleasure of doing God’s work by serving more and more customers we also find that their needs are more diverse than what we are used to. Not a day goes by without receiving an email about how to invest in MidAranye. It is for this reason that I have decided to contact you.  We would like to employ your services in order to have the Elysium stock exchange issue a new index for MidAranye companies. While Tamora lacking a stock exchange or the legal framework present in other areas cannot have such companies for the index, other MidAranye countries like Royal Seleucid, CLysperis, Pramoria, Safraen, Altromine, Vanora no doubt have.  Please tell me if your company would be willing to provide this service for us.

I look forward to your reply.
Toor Medhora,
Head of Tamora Imperial Bank

OOC: Just so the request is clear, it is for something very similar to this with no companies from Tamora because Tamora doesn't have a stock exchange. I assume Waddan is in the same situation.

Diplomacy and Events / Offer for the Majestic Empire of Lijiang
« on: January 02, 2021, 10:03:10 AM »

To: The Foreign Office of the Majestic Empire of Lijiang
From: The Foreign Office of the Empire of Tamora

      I would first like to express, in the name of the Empire of Tamora, congratulations to the Majestic Empire of Lijiang for the coronation of the new Emperor and ending the period of mourning. The Empire of Tamora welcomes the Majestic Empire of Lijiang's reemergence on the world stage and believes the voice of Majestic Empire of Lijiang will help shape Mundus international relations for the better. The fact that His Majesty Dragon Emperor Tielin has already chosen to first meet His Majesty the King of Royal Seleucid shows not just wisdom but is interpreted as a positive sing in Djerb, the imperial capital of Tamora, and in no doubt other capitals of MidAranye

   Secondly, I would formally request that Tamora be allowed to open an embassy Fengtai and would in return make the necessary arrangement for the  Majestic Empire of Lijiang to be able to open an embassy in Djerb, the imperial capital of Tamora. (ooc: it’s not clear if during the period of isolation countries had embassies in Lijiang. If they did then you can ignore this request and just assume that we always had one).

   Lastly, we would like to offer to host the exiled daughter of the disgraced Lord of Hongcun to the Empire of Tamora. The Empire of Tamora is far away from the shores of the Empire of Lijiang, our culture is different and thus we believe it will help serve her and other like her a lesson on the importance of loyalty and serving your betters.

   I look forward to your reply and wish peace and prosperity for both our great nations.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs 

Machal Mining IPO + looking for investment bank to help the company go public on the Elysium Stock Exchange

Machal Mining International is a company registered in Elysium(ooc: Hong Kong style city which is leased by Heyra from Tamora for 100 years) and is presently wholly owned by Machal Mining registered in the Empire of Tamora which is in turned owned by the Machal family of Tamora. Machal Mining International operations, assets and liabilities are separate from Machal Mining (Tamora) and in full compliance with the laws, regulations and standards of Elysium which is part of the Heyran Republic.

Machal Mining International has several licenses in Zimalia where it operates three mining operations. The company is looking to acquire more licenses and expand its operations in Zimalia. The company wants to attract 500 mil dinars( USD) which it will use to acquire one extra license as well as the equipment necessary to operate the mine.   

The company is looking for an investment bank to list the company on the Elysium exchange. The offered fee is 1% of the attracted capital.

The company will issue 50% new shares (500 million), at the price of one dinar (USD) per share. That means that if all the new shares are sold, the new shareholders will have 33% of the company while the current ones will own the rest and the company being valued at 1.5 billion dinars (USD).

Key facts:
Revenues: 500 mil dinars (USD)
Operating income: 200 mil  dinars (USD)
Total shareholder’s equity: 700 mil dinars (USD)

Spoiler:  ooc details • show
OOC: players can submit offers to list the company and/or buy shares. If no player wants to list the company I'll just have Tamora Imperial Bank do it.

Bid to list the company:
Name of investment bank( brokerage firm):
Year of incorporation:
Country of Incorporation (registration):
Any other details ( notable achievements etc):

Bid to buy shares:
Name of company of individual buying the shares:
Country of origin/registration:
Number of shares bought (500 mil shares are available for a dollar a piece):

A link to what an IPO is.

Vignettes / Pharaoh Akasha and the Safavid Imperial family
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:50:16 PM »

10:00 AM - Safavid Military Airport – Kingdom of Tamora, Empire of Tamora

One of the imams assigned to the base had just finished leading a public payer in the An-12 cargo plane and was now walking on the runway returning to his temple in the military base. Every day an An-12 would leave the base and go the kingdom of Clysperis to one of the joint military bases Tamoran troops had with the Clysperi military. The imam like most on the base had no idea what the plane was carrying and didn’t really bother to think much about it. The kingdom of Clysperis was considered a trusted friend by many in Tamora so such trips did not raise any suspicion.

A Tamoran An-12 on its route to Clyperis

11:00 AM Tamoran-Clysperis military base

Major Gorazm Kabbha exited the plane and when straight to the helipad where the helicopter was ready to take him as soon as possible to the Khemnen Palace, the seat of Clysperi’s government and state religion. He was due to deliver to Pharaoh Akaska the daily intelligence report from Djerb. The schedule was clear, he has to arrive before 12:00 at the palace so that there would be enough time to get to Pharaoh Akaska by 12:00 should she see him. 

Major Kabbha had not read the report as he did not have clearance, all he cared about was his mission which was simple: deliver the report to the Pharaoh, and the Pharaoh only. Should anything suspicious happen during the trip, he was to destroy the report. His custom phone which he carried with him at all times while he was on mission had a special alert that when triggered by Djerb would mean that he would have cancel his trip to the Khemnen Palace, destroy the report and return immediately to Tamora. So far that alert had never been triggered and the daily trips to Clysperis had run without interruption. It did not matter if it was a religious holiday, a civil war or something else. The reports were still delivered even when Clysperis had at times come at odds with Tamora like during the summit meeting for a future Mundus League of Nations or when the Clysperis declined to support Tamora’s joint bid for the Mundus games.

The intelligence reports Djerb provided to Pharaoh Akasha detailed all Tamora’s operations aboard, from Zimalia to Merina and anything in between. Whether it was Tamora’s attempted dealings with the Monarchists in Izhitsa or the support for the Muslim militia in Phuebra, the Pharaoh was informed of them and all the other operations and dealings Tamora had outside its borders. The purpose of the intelligence sharing was to allow Pharaoh Akaska to coordinate efforts with Tamora or at least not engage in operations which would see the two sides endangering the other’s operations but also more importantly it was a sign of that Akasha was part of the highest circle of the Safavid imperial family. In many countries in Mundus, the affairs of state and that of the royal family where separated, in Tamora they were intertwined in a way that it often confused many diplomats outside of MidAranye. Tamora’s intelligence sharing with Pharaoh Akaska remained one of Tamora’s most closely guarded secrets, there was no signed treaty detailing such an arrangement only a verbal agreement between the Abbas and Akasha. In fact the agreement provided that Akasha did not share the info with anyone else in her own government, another arrangement that many outside MidAranye would not understand.   

A page from the intelligence report provided by Djerb to Pharaoh Akaska

Diplomacy and Events / A long shot (Hassfurt and Tamora)
« on: July 30, 2020, 09:15:52 PM »

To the Foreign Office of the Diarchy of Hassfurt

Following the announcement of Her Majesty, Queen Karin, that the Diarchy needs to be more “proactive” in engaging other nations we would like to formally express our interest in setting up the details for a potential visit either by a representative of your Foreign Office to the Tamoran Empire or one of our representatives vising the Diarchy.

Although the Tamoran Empire is a nation thousands of miles away from your Diarchy, the Empire has religious and diplomatic ties with the Alba Karinya continent. We are pleased to say that more than 7 million Vaguzians share our faith and that the Tribal Union of Zimalia is a longstanding friend of the Empire.

While we have serious concerns regarding the theology of your religion, concerns which have made us reluctant to attend the contest for election your new king, we believe that the proposed visit could perhaps alleviate some of those concerns and might even find common ground on certain items in our foreign policy agendas.

I look forward to your reply.   

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs 

Diplomacy and Events / Potential cooperation (Izhitsa and Tamora)
« on: July 12, 2020, 05:36:00 PM »
Izhitsa was considered by Tamora a potential security risk. It was bordering MidAranye and Tamora feared that Izhitsa could potently become an ally Soviet Kaitaine. It was mainly for this reason that Tamora did not recognize the provisional government of Izhitsa. However, not having recognized the provisional government didn’t really affect Izhitsa and the Tamoran government was well aware of that. It knew that if they wanted to have any impact whatsoever let alone some influence in the country they would need some sort of allies on the ground.

This is why the Tamoran Intelligence Service decided to approach the Izhitsan Monarchists, a party at the “very fringe of Izhitsan politics” as many would describe them. The process proved very complicated, Tamora not only lacked an embassy in Izhitsa but also an intelligence network. They had to rely on various third parties like a Seleucid businessmen traveling to Izhitsa, some elements of the organized crime that had links in various Aranye countries etc. The whole processes went back and forth without much progress without either side committing to even attending a meeting. That was until a pretender to the Izhitsan throne appeared in the person of Kamil Yanoshek. For Tamora that changed things. A long shot as Kamil was he still had some shred of legitimate claim to the throne and all of a sudden that made the Izhitsan Monarchists, while still a minuscule and fringe faction, a potential valuable ally in Izhitsa. Because of that Tamora spent more time and resources trying to convince them to agree to a meeting as well as publicly state they would be willing to recognize Kamil as sovereign of Izhitsa. What eventually convinced them to agree to a meeting wasn’t clear exactly for Tamora but they did and they were set to meet in Safraen.   

This is how Karim Najafi, a Tamoran operative working at Tamora Imperial Bank of Safraen, was scheduled to meet an Izhitsan Monarchists representative at the Polua memorial park in Safraen. He initially wanted to have the meeting at one of the Tamora Imperial Bank branches in the city but he figured the Izhitsans might find that risky for them so he settled for the memorial park where in the open they could talk without worry.

Karim Najafi with his wife just before saying goodbye to his work colleagues at the Tamora Imperial Bank and leaving for the scheduled meeting

He had plenty of issues to address at the meeting as Tamora wasn’t sure exactly what Kamil intentions were regarding Izhitsa. He looked around and saw another person fitting the description and looking around. He approached the person:

“Peace be upon you! I am Karim, I believe you’re waiting for me” he said as he approached the Izhitsan.


To: The Holy Church of Aschlon

To my esteemed counterpart, 

I am wittening as a representative of the Church of Mani. Our holy institution traces its roots more than a thousand years ago to the Prophet Mani. Thanks to his teachings and God’s guidance we dare admit with humility that the Tamoran Empire has been true to the teachings of our church for the last thousand years.

Our religious institution has always sought dialogue, cooperation and understanding with the Muslim faith from which we trace many of our traditions and history. We now seek to expand our dialogue with other Abrahamic religions, especially ones that share many of our values. Our theological department has spent time trying to understand your particular expression of the Christian faith and, according to their understanding, we share many in common, much more than with other expressions of Christianity that we have encountered so far. We both believe in a strict hierarchy, that some are chosen to lead and the rest to follow, we understand that this is not a choice but a commandment from God one that we must follow regardless of our personal opinions toward it. We also seem to be in agreement that a sovereign must reign over the nation just as God, the supreme sovereign, reigns over the kingdom of Heaven. We believe these common principles are a foundation towards building a constructive dialogue, one through which we hope to explain and reach a compromise stating that the practice of slavery is compatible to the teachings of your faith. 

I would also like to note that our holy institution is aware of your plight and the persecutions you are facing for standing true to your beliefs against the power and might of the Atheist government. While we do not share the same faith we respect your commitment to martyrdom and strongly condemn the actions of for Atheist government. And while we are worried and troubled deeply of incident such as the recent ricin attack, we reserve judgment for now and understand that it was an act of desperation in regards to a Mundus that has ignored your plight for too long.

Considering the aspects mentioned above, I would to invite a member of your church to Djerb, our holiest of cities, to talk in more detail about the aspects that are common to our faith, to hear your views on slavery, to inform us more about the persecutions you are facing and perhaps how we can cooperate for the betterment of God and the institutions he laid in Mundus to guide the faithful.

I look forward to your reply.

Ayatollah Najid Bolandian
Head of Interfaith Relations
Church of Mani*

*OCC: the word church is used portly on my part and is meat to mean religion organization. The Church of Mani shares many similarities with Islam (but is a different religion) and is not a Christian church. 


Your Royal Majesty,

I am Thanasis Polakis, the Vice President of OPEN and the sole owner of Polakis Energy. I have yet to have had the honor of meeting your Majesty in person but nevertheless your reputation precedes you.

As head of the Soter Royal family I would like to propose to you that I take Wilhom Queen Yanna as my wife and would like an audience with Your Majesty where we could decide the details in private. I am follower of Anahita and I assure your Majesty that would I would treat the Wilhom Queen the very best and would give her the position of First Wife in my family as it is worthy by her status.

I look forward to Your Majesty's reply and I am always available should your Majesty have any questions.

Respectfully Yours,
Thanasis Polakis

Vignettes / The private life of a Tamoran magnate
« on: June 05, 2020, 12:41:35 PM »

The Polakis Villa at the outskirts of Volos, the federated kingdom of West Seleucid, Empire of Tamora

Thanasis Polakis was one of the richest people in Tamora, the third richest if estimates were to be believed. Though in Tamora those estimates only included non-nobles. The nobles generally had huge wealth since the state assets were technically their own personal money. However, for a Tamoran magnate he had a pretty modest mansion as his main residence. Of course it wasn't really modesty that made him live like this but rather a certain sense of pragmatism, he never really understood why some people once they had luxury still felt the need to upgrade to opulence. He felt that is was money better spent elsewhere.

Since he was ethnically Seleucid, it was of little surprise that his main residence was at the outskirts of Volos, in the federated kingdom of West Seleucid. Like many Tamorans he cherished his ethnicity and his religion, in his case Anahitaism, so Djerb, the imperial capital never grew on him. He preferred Volos so much more. It was huge city of 6 million people and a regional hub. Also, unlike Djerb, it was predominantly Anahitaist so it had a more liberal attitude when it came to certain mores. He also preferred it to Ipsus which although richer felt too modern and too liberal. He considered Volos a perfect mix between the strong religious focus and orthodoxy of Djerb and the pragmatism exposed by Ipsus.

In fact the mix between Manist mores and Anahitaist ones were felt even in the layout of his house and the way he organized his family. The Mansion had a layout that allowed the several wings of the mansion to function as separate houses with only one hallway connecting them. For all other purposes, entrances, courtyard, garage they were separate with no possibility of getting from one courtyard to the other. Even the slave servants we allocated exclusively to one wing with a very limited number of specific slaves being allowed to crossover from one wing to the others. That whole complicated design which made little sense to non Tamoran was to keep separate the families of Polakis. As an Anahitaist, polygamy was accepted and practiced but unlike Anahitaist polygamists in Royal Seleucid who had one family centered around the husband , the ones in Tamora had several families which they kept separate but part of the same household. Thanasis, unlike for example King Heydar, never appeared in public with both his wives, never had dinner with both views and all his children. He practiced the strict separation Manist had when it came to polygamist families. However, unlike Manists, Tamoran Anahitaists did not require separate areas for men and women.

Thanasis Polakis and his First Wife Eliana at the Elysium Economic Forum

Thanasis was having dinner with his First Wife, Eliana and they were having a conversation about the future of the family. He was seriously considering taking a third wife, and not just any wife but the one of the welcome Wilhom Queens of Royal Seleucid. Thanasis just like Tamoran Manist had a hierarchy when it came to his families and wives. It was natural for him to consult with his First Wife about the future of the family while only informing his second wife about his decision. The strict hierarchical structure of Tamoran society also applied when it came to families.

-   “Do you really think she can help you get close to King Heydar? I don't think he puts that much trust in her despite him calling her mother.” Said Eliana trying to contain her jealousy. Thanasis getting a third wife who had the status of a Wilhom Queen Yanna threatened her position as First Wife which she had enjoyed so far.
-   "I am not interested in Heydar. Well, if I am honest, I am interested but getting Yanna as a wife would not help much. I also think he is looking to free some of the rooms in the Royal Palace and he certainly won't miss her. No, she is key to getting close to princess Thekla and though her to the Crown Prince. That is what I am after. Musaevna managed to get close to Alya Safavid and that meant billions for her in government contracts. I could never get that close to the Safavids because we at the end of the day I am Anahitaist and they will never really trust me. With Yanna as my wife, I could have princess Thekla come here anytime. I would have access to the Safavids like only Musaevna has now."

Eliana resigned herself to the idea that Thanasis was too determined to convince him to drop the plan. She now prayed that King Heydar would refuse him for whatever reason.

- “So when are you going to talk to king Heydar?”
- "Next week I hope. I have another meeting in Ipsus then and I hope I can arrange a meeting with him. If all goes well I think we can strike a deal then. "

Thanasis had not been so exited since he had signed the deal with the Merinan Free State which brought him a quarter of their resources at a reasonable price. For him this was just another business transaction, he wanted access to the Safavid Imperial family and King Heydar had the key. He only hoped, the Seleucid king was not aware exactly how much that Wilhom queen was worth to him or he would ask a fortune of him. That man had a reputation for negotiation. He made Abbas pay billions for Thekla. On second thought, considering Abbas’ negotiating skills perhaps that was not too surprising.

War and Conflict / Tamoran involvement in Merina
« on: June 04, 2020, 06:41:35 PM »

Colonel Jamadar, commander of the Tamoran troops in Merina

The Tamoran troops had been deployed to Merina for a few weeks now. Two thousand men, some of them veterans from the Clysperis civil war, one squadron of SU 35 and anti-aircraft were all under the command of Colonel Jamadar.

Spoiler:  Tamoran contingent in Merina • show

Army Contingent

Air Contingent
1 x A-50E
12 x Ka-50
12 x Su-34
24 x Su-35
1x  Il-78

His orders were clear, he was to make his presence known in Merina so that other foreign powers would be reluctant to actively engage in Merina and also to help President Nguessa win the war. The latter seemed like a too distant target to achieve but for now he had to make sure the Merinan army would benefit from the training, consultation and satellite support Tamora was providing. The other part was to decide where to commit his troops. The Merinan army where fighting on all sides and he decided that concentrating his forces to support the Merinan army against the National Liberation Army would be the best move.

Colonel Jamadar was of the opinion that focusing only on those aspects would not be enough. Strengthening the Merinan army by training, equipment and troop support would only get the government army so far. No, he needed to weaken the other factions. Djerb was handling the easy part, the online war, his intelligence officers would need to actually do the work on the ground. He was having the third meeting on the subject and he wasn't pleased with the results so he was raising his tone at this men:

"It seems I need to repeat myself. Do not tell me all of them are loyal and willing to die for their warlords. There are plenty who hate their warlords as much as they hate Nguessa. Find a way to get to them and offer them our cooperation if they turn sides or even if they just give us precious info regarding their weaknesses. If they want money, give it to them. If they want prestige tell me and I'll make sure Djerb gives them some honorific title and some cushy job. If they have families tell them we'll see to it that they never have to work a day in their entire lives.



To: the leader of the Liberville Liberation Movement (Republic of Phuebra)

As-salamu alaykum brother,

We live in uncertain times. There are more and more nations that blatantly disregard the will of Allah. But even worse than that they actively plot and act to disrupt the nations of the world that are faithful such as Tamora. They put more and more sanctions, more and more barriers, stigmatize all Tamorans regardless of faith to further their agenda. Your struggle for the liberation of Phuebra is part of the same struggle we are undergoing. If we are to succeed then we have to work together.

But unfortunately, we face enemies and division not just from outside but also from within. The troubles in Soleimani (ooc: troubles between the North and the South, not the Merinan thing) are proof of what happens when we stray away from the will of Allah and follow the path of others. And it pains to say that Phuebra is no exception. It has recently become public that one of the militia in Phuebra has been conspiring with foreigners and have sent drugs to Tamora. Of all the countries in Mundus where they could sell their poison they have chosen the one that is second only to Abydos in their respect for Allah and the sharia law. Their greed was so high that they would weaken the minds and bodies of their only allies. This is why we cannot succeed against foreigners, because there are those for whom solidarity is an alien word.

So brother I make you an offer, let us form an alliance to promote the Koran and sharia. I will help you with money and weapons. Your men can come to the federated kingdom of Altai(OOC the majority Muslim kingdom of Tamora) to hear the Koran in the Imam Ali Mosque and then train to defeat our enemies. My house will be your house and your people will be my guests under my protection. All that I ask is that you first prove your commitment to our common goal by executing the head of the al-Wahba militia that was responsible for selling drugs to Tamora. Our brothers of faith must be made to understand that judgment will be upon them if they undermine our struggle.

Peace be upon you, brother! Allahu Akbar!

Sheik (king) Ahmad al-Afifi of the federated kingdom of Altai, Empire of Tamora


TO: The Heyran State of Elysium, the Republic of Heyra
Addressed to:  His Excellency Maxime Anginer, the Governor of the Heyran State of Elysium.

I would like to begin by expressing the great satisfaction the Tamoran Empire has in regards to the Elysium project. While Elysium is a project whose success is owned to countless individuals from both parties, the Tamoran government is aware that its success and especially its continuous operation with the highest satisfaction of both parties would not have been possible without the critical contribution of Your Excellency.

The Tamoran government would like to request your support in promoting to the Heyran Republic the benefits of having the Mundus games hosted in Tamora. Since Elysium is so close physically to the Attican port and capital where the Games would be hosted (should our joint bid with Royal Seleucid be the winning one) we believe it would result in more even notability of Elysium on the world stage as a key business hub as well as short terms gains in regards to the hospitality and transportation services in Elysium. In fact, on the Tamoran side, the Attica authorities have already invested a significant amount of money in infrastructure meant to better connect Elysium to Alaverdi.

We know these times are extremely turbulent ones for Mundus in general and Heyra in particular because of the tensions created by ill-advised actions of both the First Empire of Rokkenjima and its kingdom. We assure you that the Tamoran Empire remains committed to the stability of Elysium and the wider Midaranye region as well as the continual development and betterment of Tamoran - Heyran relations.

Please let me know if there is any information Your Excellency might need in order to make an informed decision in regards to the support of Tamora's joint bid.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs 


To: The Theocracy of Kaitaine
Addressed to His Excellency Ambassador Verspasian Atreides

You might perhaps be aware that the Tamoran Empire and the Emirate of Royal Seleucid have formally placed a bid to host the Mundus Games.

It is the belief of this government that hosting the Mundus games will bring benefits not just to the host nations but to all participants countries as they will have the chance to witness Tamora as it is rather than how others depict it to be.

The Tamoran Empire remains a friend of the Theocracy and we are hopeful that the Theocracy of Kaitaine would consider supporting our joint bid to host the games. We believe the Theocracy will benefit from participating at the Games in a friendly host nation as bring much joy to the small but growing Bene Gesserit community.

I look forward to your reply and any questions that you might have on the issue.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs 


To: the Second Imperial Chinese Republic

My esteemed counterpart,

I am contacting you following your recent announcement to relax immigration laws in your Imperial Republic and also the possibility to lease industrial facilities in your country.

While it is the right of every Tamoran citizen to leave and return in the Tamoran empire as they please, we nevertheless would like to arrange a meeting to discuss some aspects regarding potential emigration of Tamorans to SICR as well as the legal guarantees your government might be willing to provide in the case of Tamoran businesses are willing to invest in the excess industrial capacity of SICR.

With your permission I would like to arrange a meeting that seeks to address the items in the attached annex. Furthermore, I would also like add to the list of talks the opportunity of SICR to support the joint Tamoran-Seleucid bid to host the games.

In the hope of future cooperation I look forward to your reply.


1.   Exploratory talks about the rights available to religious minority including but not limited to the freedom of speech and association.
2.   Inquiry into the SICR legislation regarding the construction of religious buildings such as temples and mosques.
3.   Inquiry of political representation of ethnic minorities in SICR.
4.   Inquiry about the guarantees SICR could provide against nationalizations and confiscations of assets such as the ones most recently seen in Rokkenjima against Tamoran property.

OOC: I did my best to give some info regarding the agenda but keep it sufficiently vague to leave some room for talks and interpretation. Hope it’s okay.

Respectfully yours,
Alya Safavid
Head of Foreign Affairs 

Diplomacy and Events / Talks regarding Merina (Tamora and Soleimani)
« on: June 04, 2020, 04:12:51 PM »

Confidential Message

Addressed to the Republic of Soleimani, to His Excellency Executive Senator of Soleimani Ronan Minstra

I am writing following the announcement that the Republic of Soleimani is considering supporting one of the terrorist factions in the Republic of Merina. While that is of course within the right of the Soleimani Republic to do so, I believe it is not in the best interest of the Republic and I will explain below why.

Firstly, supporting a rebel faction against the government of a country creates a dangerous precedent for your Republic. Your Republic has recently known unrest between your people, often leading to tensions between the North and the South and by sending armed support to a rebel faction in Merina it invites other countries to do the same should ever, God forbid, the situation in your country escalate.

Secondly, President Nguessa has already promised to hold elections after the war is over. Would it not be in the interest of the Merinian people to support the government in its efforts to stop the terrorists and then seek to pressure him to have democratic reforms in exchange for the support his been given? The Merinan government under his leadership holds control over 50 percent of the population of Merina. Supporting factions that seek to overthrow the government will create chaos in much of the country.

Thirdly, I would advise not to follow the rhetoric of the Republic of Fleur. Not only is there no evidence of democratic leanings in regards to the "faction" they support but it is likely that their support is almost exclusively related to ethnic or cultural reasons as that "faction" has many speakers of French, their native tongue. The Republic of Fleur puts the interests of the French speaking minority above the interests of the Merinan people.

Lastly, I would like to warn you that such a military support for the terrorists in Merina would put the Soleimani Republic in the position to aid those that fight against the Tamoran troops stationed in Merina. It would a terrible and regrettable action for a majority Muslim country to be in the position to actively support and even use its armed forces against a majority Manist country. Such a thing has no precedent in modern history and I assure you that it will lead to a split between the Islam and Manist religions that will undo the huge progress that has been achieved in recent centuries. We should be looking at the kingdoms of East Moreland, Seaforth and Bakkermaya and the immense influence they yield in no small part because, as members of the same faith, remain if not always united then at least do not raise weapons against one another. They understand that such an act, despite their differences of opinion, will divide their faith and eventually weaken them all to the betterment of their competitors.

The Soleimani Republic has the chance to improve relations with the Tamoran Empire and also help the Merinan people. We stand ready to help the Soleimani Republic to provide aid to the Merinan people in the government controlled areas. The Tamoran Empire is also willing to coordinate with the Soleimani Republic to provide help to refugee centers in Aosta and Marseilles,  provided that those governments agree to the help of course. I believe such a course of action will be not just in the interests of the Soleimani Republic but also of the Merinan people, our religions and Mundus peace.

With the hope of better future relations between in mind, I look forward to your reply.

Abbas Safavid
Emperor of Tamora

Tamora Imperial Bank – The Development Program

Tamora Imperial Bank is a privately owned bank with the sole shareholder the Church of Mani, the native religion Tamora. Thanks to the Prophet Mani and God the bank has been in continuous operation for three hundred years adhering since its beginnings to a strict ethical code that makes it sharia compliant.

Following an agreement with the Tamoran Imperial Government which provided TIB with 2 billion dinars/usd we are now opening the Development Program division which seeks to help reduce poverty, encourage ethical behavior by rejecting immoral industries, promote sustainable development and preserve the cultural heritage of the ancestors. 
In order to achieve these goals, the bank provides no interest loans to individuals, business and governments and, depending on the project, may decide to forgive part or the entire loan.


Addressed to: The New Derusmian Ministry of Foreign affairs

Your Excellency,

I am writing on the behalf of the federated kingdom of Attica, one of the component kingdoms of the Tamoran Empire. You might perhaps be aware that Heyran city of Elysium is situated within the boundaries of our kingdom and the Tamoran Empire has placed a joint bid with Royal Seleucid to host the Mundus Games. Should our bid be successful the Tamoran side will be hosted by federated kingdom of Attica.

The federated kingdom of Attica is in charge of financing and developing the infrastructure needed to host the games since the games will be hosted inside our borders. We have already made investments of close to 800 million dinars/usd in the infrastructure necessary for the games and we are planning to invest more. We however need a partner for our latest project which seeks to build a high speed rail between the Elysium and Alaverdi, the capital of the federated kingdom Attica. The distance is approx. 40 miles and we believe the project will not only help tourists for the Mundus Games who can get to Attica via Elysium and its excellent airline connections but also help the local economy as well as reduce pollution pollution.

I know the Republic of New Derusmia is one of the leading powers in the field of high speed rail and therefore I would like to approach you for the opportunity of a partnership between us. Should the Republic of New Derusmia agree to fund half the costs of the infrastructure projects estimated as 120 million dinars/usd we would in return buy two high speed trains from New Derusmia at a total price of 80 mil dinars/usd. I believe this is an opportunity that could benefit both sides since New Derusmia would gain access to a market that is closed to foreign investment and imports.

I look forward to your reply.

Respectfully yours,
Arpine Saroyan
Queen of Attica

Spoiler: map of the kingdoms of Tamora • show

International News Networks / Elanian Broadcasting Corporation
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Bank of Elania +0.51%;  Elanian Petroleum Company +0.26%; Opole Shipyards +0.10%; Alexandria Real Estate Equities +0.15%; Elanian Airlines Group -0.12%;  Elanian Electric Power +0.25%; Erbasu Industries +0.22%; Torun pharmaceuticals -0.32%

President Elena Marin delivered annual state of the nation address
President Elena Marin addressing the nation

“Dear citizens, the previous year was almost in every way the best year in Elania’s history. Thanks to our common efforts we have seen the standards of living increase across all citizenship levels, more Elanians are employed now than ever before. It has never been easier to find a job in Elania and that is thanks to extraordinary entrepreneurs and the government which guided them. The stock market reached a new high increasing almost 15% in 2019 showing the ever growing strength of our economy. The crisis of the late 90s is but a distant memory but one that we must never forget or we risk repeating the mistakes of the past.

The nation is also more secure than ever. Just as I have promised when I was elected, last year was the tenth consecutive year in which our armored forces received the 5% of GDP which it needed to keep the nation secure. We have also seen a reduction in overall crime thanks to the vigilant and proactive police force and the state of the art surveillance system which we have installed in the last four years. Criminals of all kinds have a tougher time than ever and I guarantee you it will only get tougher for them. 

Put more importantly, the nation is stronger. Patriotism is rising and anti-government activity is dropping. Last year’s number of births was a new record and the nation reached 50 million people. A large nation is a powerful nation and the government will continue to make every efforts sot that the nation’s number of citizens will continue to increase.

But despite these achievements the risks to our Republic remain great. Communist Kaitaine in the North continues to be a threat for our nation.  Religious extremism in Kaitaine is also on the rise and there is now the risk that a theocratic state could appear on the map. I will like to assure you that the Armed Forces are ready to intervene and protect the nation should the situation escalate. Elania will never return to communist rule or fall prey to religious extremism.

Lastly, just as I have promised, this year will mark a turning point in our foreign relations. Elania will seek to engage more on the world stage. We will seeks to form bonds of friendship with nations that share our beliefs which are best summarized in our motto “no gods or kings, only the motherland”.

Thank you for your attention and let us continue to make Elania the beacon of freedom, reason and prosperity that Mundus so desperately needs.  Let us all rise now and say together the pledge of allegiance.”

Factbooks and Maps / Republic of Elania
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Motto: No gods or kings, only the motherland


History: The country was invaded by the USR in 1920 which imposed a communist regime on the country, state atheism and Rusification of the country. During the communist years, religion was banned and believers that took part in religious rituals as well displayed publicly their religion were punished with fines/imprisonment and the Elanian language was suppressed. 

In 1990 following a weakening of the USR, the country overthrew the communist regime an installed a parliamentary democracy.
Between 1997-2000 the country experienced a massive economic downturn which saw the rise to power of the National Union Front. Since then and until today the party has increased the power of the executive branch, abolished the position of prime minister, weakened the senate, increased surveillance of the population, curbed religious freedoms (but nowhere near that of the communist regime), encouraged state control of key industries in the country, nationalized natural resources, increased military spending and increased the anti-communist rhetoric aimed at neighboring Kaitaine. 

Today: The country today is experiencing good economic growth, relative social stability and medium to high standard of living . The government is increasingly authoritarian but enjoys a large public support because of its propaganda though its education system, the relative control of the media and its economic success. The National Union Front has been ruling the country for 20 years and has been the driving force in reshaping the country from a former communist state into a more capitalist economy with a high role for the government in key industries.

Government Type:- Authoritarian Unitary Presidential Republic, elections every four years, no term limits

Population:-:- 50 million

Capital City:- Varna

Demonym:- Elanian




Currency:- Ruble (R)

GDP per Capita:- $30,000

Unemployment Rate:- 5%

Main economic sectors:- services, industry (extraction and mining, heavy industry, arms manufacturing, ship building) and agriculture



Official Language: Elanian and Slavic/Russian

 Spoken languages: 80% -Elanian, 20%- Slavic/Russian

Religions:- 75% None, 25% Christian Orthodox



Head of State and Head of Government:- President Elena Marin

Name of Legislative Body:- Senate (unicameral), one hundred members, elected every four years with no term limits. While the Senate has been increasingly losing its powers in favor of the executive branch it is not (yet) a rubber stamp parliament. It sometimes rejects legislation submitted by the President when it deems the social and political changes are too great and it fears public unrest. The senate has been dominated by the National Union Front in the last 20 years.

History / How it all began: Elenian historical archives
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The revolution.

23rd December 1989

Revolutionaries taking control of the state television

"This is Elania free state television, I repeat this is the free state television. The revolution is successful; the people have ousted the dictator. I repeat, the dictator is no more; he is now in the custody of the army which has joined the people. I repeat, the army is now on the side of the people. "

Vignettes / A Tamoran Operative in Rokkenjima
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As Zara boarded the Morelander EMAC - Heyra Airlines plane from Elysium she was nervous. It wasn’t because of security issues. She knew she had no reason to fear the Elysium authorities, after all Tamorans were doing part of the policing in Elysium and that made her feel safe. No, what she was anxious about going to Rokkenjima and doing her mission. She had the feeling she was doing something wrong and that somehow the Rokkenjimans would immediately know her intentions. 

As the plane took off for Cocytus, in Rokkejima, she tried to relax and think about she will do once she got to Rokkejima. She would be staying in the Ashinxao University campus so getting there should be the first thing she would need to do. She wondered what roommates she will have. Will they be from MidAranye? Probably not, she hoped at least it would be from friendly nations like Quintelia and Phuebra. That was also not very likely. She realized thinking about her roommates wasn’t helping her relax much.

She decided that reading was the better approach, she took her ebook reader from her purse and started reading a book about geopolitics “Destined for War: Can Tamora and the Helusian Empire Escape Thucydides's Trap?”. The book was about how Tamora’s increasing power (increasing population, expansion of its religion and increasing influence in MidAranye) would inevitable lead to war between it and the current hegemonic cartel of Mundus that would not allow Tamora to rise without a war. As much as she loved geopolitics she didn’t really feel like reading that under the current circumstances. She eventually settled to listening some music. She was a major fan and though she would never admit to herself she had a crush for Mohsen Yeganeh. His songs always made her relax no matter the circumstances and this was no exception.

Despite her fears she had no issues with customs authorities in Cocytus and mainland Rokkenjima. She raised a few eyebrows with her ethnic background as a Rokkenjiman, her hijab and her Tamoran passport but that was to be expected and she didn’t mind.     

In the train to Pyrettania she did some small talk with the other passengers. She was curious to hear their opinion about the change of Empresses that Rokkenjima had recently witnessed. As she was talking she became more aware of the issues with her Rokkenjiman language. The Rokkenjiman community in Tamora was more or less isolated culturally from the First Empire of Rokkenjima, her dialect used many words that fallen out of use in Rokkenjima and were considered archaic. She imagined she must have sounded like coming from the most backwater rural village in Rokkenjima which didn’t help her self-esteem. Even more than that, since Parthian was the lingua franca in Tamora, Rokkejiman speakers in Tamora often translated idioms from Parthian to Rokkejiman which mainland Rokkejimans had trouble understanding as she had just realized from the confused looks her interlocutors were given her. And of course her accent was different, stronger because of the Parthian influence, which made her interlocutors ask what part of Rokkenjima was she from since they did not recognize her accent.  This made her fully aware that while because of her race she didn’t feel completely at place in Tamora, Rokkenjima certainly didn’t make her feel more at home. This was a different country, with different values and while she shared a language with them that same language also reminded her she did not belong here.     

After a ride of a few hours by train and a taxi she finally reached the campus of the Ashinxao University.  She went to the information center for foreign students and addressed the person there:

“Blessed be the Proph…” she quickly stopped realizing she was in Rokkenjima and that greeting would not be appropriate like it was in Djerb “Good afternoon Madam! I am sorry to interrupt.  Would you be so kind as to help me? My name is Zara Sato, my parents are Glosa and Kayan Sato” as soon as she said that she realized she made another blunder since mentioning who her parents were was alien to Rokkenjimans but it was too late to do anything about it so she continued: ”and I have just arrived from Tamora and I am a bit lost about what to do next!” she said almost pleading.

Zara Sato asking for information at the center for foreign students at the Ashinxao University in Rokkenjima

Diplomacy and Events / The MidAranye Wedding: Tamora and RS (Closed)
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Preparing for the wedding

The city of Djerb began the preparations for the wedding weeks before the event. The wedding was seen as one of the most important events in Tamoran history of this century so far.  The local authorities spent hundreds of millions of dinars/USD to improve the decorations of the main boulevards and do minor renovations to landmark buildings etc.

On the security side, the imperial authorities targeted foreigners in Djerb and pressured universities and large business to send all foreigners home for two weeks covering the period of the wedding. As far as the imperial authorities were concerned, if a foreign citizen was not absolutely necessary then he should not be in Djerb during the time of the wedding. Of course, not were foreigners were the same. There were more than a hundred thousand Clysperi living in Djerb as were tens of thousands of other citizens from other MidAranye states. Djerb made exceptions for them except allowing them to continue their activities. However, those from Safraen and Socram were treated like any other foreign state and were sent home.

Lastly, in order for the Tamoran people to celebrate accordingly the wedding, the Imperial government together with federated kingdoms decreed 5 days of holyday. All this meant that Djerb was packed full in the days before the wedding as millions of Tamorans arrived from the federated kingdoms to attend the wedding. 

As soon as the results of the Merian tender were available it became clear that the Quintelian government had an interest in the affairs of Merina and were in part at least supportive of the government there.

Alya Safavid decided to arrange a call with Nora Sofia Aliena, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Quintelia, to see if they could agree to some kind of joint support for the government of Merina.

As her staff motioned to her that the secure call was ready, she picked off the phone:

“Ms. Aliena? Thank you so much for agreeing to this call on such a short notice. I will try to keep it short and therefore get to the point.

I believe you are aware of the developments in Merina since your government has also won part of the tender to provide military equipment for the Merinan government. The Tamoran government fully supports the government of Merina and is trying to help them suppress the ongoing revolt and terrorist elements that threaten the stability of the country. I would like to know what is the position of the Quintelian government on this matter and if it is interested in a potential joint support for the Merinan government?”

Diplomacy and Events / The Tamoran experience ( Tamora & San Huberto)
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Samira Hanifnejad had no diplomatic experience, she had never represented the Tamoran government in any capacity before. Yet she did represent Tamora on the world stage, or so she liked to think, by winning two consecutive Ozzie(ooc: think the rough equivalent of the RL Oscars) awards for best international film something she had to admit pleased her greatly. Yet she was fully aware that wasn’t a substitute for diplomatic experience. However, when an Ayatollah of your faith asks you to represent your country, as an deeply religious conservative Manist, she could not refuse.

“Let’s see were this goes” she said to herself before beginning to write.

Addressed to: República Popular de San Huberto

To whom is may concern,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Tamoran government to extend on invitation to visit our country. This year marks a premiere in our history as the first year when the Tamoran Empire and our close friends and allies, Royal Seleucid, have decided to make a bid to host the Mundus games and be in the spotlight for all of Mundus to see us.

Because of this the Tamoran Empire wants to help nations that so far have had little contact with Tamora and even the MidAranye region to get a chance to experience and understand Tamoran culture. It is for this reason that I would like for your government to send a cultural delegation to our country to observe and learn of our culture and to also provide their opinion on that experience. We hope the visit would be exploratory and perhaps open doors for future cooperation.

In the event that your would agree to our invitation, I have arranged and attached a flexible itinerary for the visit.
Please let me know of your decision.

Respectfully yours,
Samira Hanifnejad
Tamoran Ambassador of Culture

Proposed itinerary:
-   - visiting the great landmarks of Djerb 
-   - a free debate with university students at Djerb Imperial College on the topic of what do each of our nations bring to Mundus.
-   - a visit to the great temple of Djerb
-   - attending a cultural event in the federated kingdom of Akkar
(ooc: the itinerary might change depending on my lack of imagination)

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