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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Birth of the Monarchy -Open RP
« on: January 19, 2022, 09:28:32 PM »
It had been a long, very long few hours aboard the INS Intrepid and other Achkaerinese vessels searching for the Morelander, no luck there yet but the net tightened with each strikeout, as far as the game of hide and seek went there was only one end to it. Lucas, Carmen and Lance were looking over the map of the area. "We've come up empty handed in these sectors." Lance said pointing out the island areas.
"Commander?" Lucas asked looking at Carmen
"I doubt he's slipped out of the net." Carmen said "The only place he can hide is in this island chain."
"So where?" Lucas asked
"Further south." Carmen said "We assumed he was going to hit and run, we assumed an escape posture, but if he's never planned on running, he'd be a whole lot closer than we think... close enough to strike."
"We head south." Lucas said "What about Kaiju?"
"We're on the lookout for any water nomad settlements, testing and vaccinating is underway and we don't have a ground zero." Lance said
"We need to find that." Lucas said
"I'll have some jets fly the nomad migration routes." Lance said
"Good." Lucas said

In Valtheim the virus's return was on the mind as well but it was the implications that bothered Peter, there existed no rational explanation for how the Kaiju virus could have originated in Safraen and then traveled the distance to the Alucard. However Lodjan corruption combined with Koslov presented a credible narrative as to the reverse, Lodjan bioweapon presumably sold or handed over to one of the more extreme criminal elements in Safraen which would confirm the theory that what happened in Safraen was born of criminal intent and not natural evolution. Quietly Peter had 'requested unofficially' that the MDI reopen the investigation into that incident, but meanwhile he couldn't shake the feeling that this crisis was entering its next stage, what move would be made next? How would things develop? An awful lot depended on whether Leopold would stop or not and Peter didn't much like the sound of that.

Sporting Hub / Re: Stardust Cup 2022 - OOC Sign ups
« on: January 19, 2022, 02:10:35 PM »
Team: Legacy Team
Car: Aura XX-K
Drivers: 4 To be confirmed

Team: Dawnbreaker
Car: Valkyrie (produced with assistance of Nekown Motors)
1. Charlotte Youngson
2. Timothy Cunningham
3. Toby Solo

Team: ASA Racing
Car: Meridian H2
Drivers: 3 to be confirmed

I am closing sign ups for this on Saturday

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: January 16, 2022, 05:15:29 PM »


By David Woods: Politics Correspondent

Traditionally the first Emperor's questions after the festive season is a more lighthearted affair, questions in previous years have included "Will the Emperor share what gift his granddaughter gave him for Life Day?" however this time there was a far more serious tone to the affair, the reason? Questions focused around the situation in the Kyne. The Emperor answered questions virtually for the first time, this being due to bad weather preventing him flying home from Gowu yesterday. When asked what he thought about the situation in the Kyne the Emperor said:

"It's a simple yet complex situation, we can't have signatory nations blatantly tearing up that which they have signed whenever it's convenient for them to do so. To advocate for that, to permit that is to undermine the integrity of international law. In terms of the question - do the Iwi breach the Fair Seas Concordat, the answer is unequivocally yes they do, why? Because the reason for the Iwi to board the vessel does not exist under the FSC, that's the legal issue at the root of this. But the incident happened in 2017 so quite why when there are far more concerning situations occurring on Mundus we have this escalation in the Kyne I don't know, I can understand Rokkenjima wanting to ensure compliance with the FSC and they have that right, just as any signatory does but this does feel like the wrong tool for the job. Now let's turn to the issue that motivates this behaviour - the Iwi seeking out those who committed crimes against them during the Seleucid occupation, this is the Iwi's right, they have a right to justice, they have a right to hold those that wronged them accountable whether in their courts or before the established CNN Tribunal. We're at a point where correct application of law is rightly or wrongly, real or perceived obstructing what is viewed as right. So rather than continue to escalate the situation and potentially revisit this situation should it happen again, perhaps we should take the alternative route. With this in mind we will be tabling an amendment to the FSC in the coming days that we hope will reassure Rokkenjima that they can stand Operation Typhoon down by removing the possibility of a repeat performance of the 2017 incident from the equation and also give the Iwi the ability to pursue Justice without breaching the document."

Even though there was no sign of the Inquisition, Anja was still being very very careful as she perused the various market stalls, making sure to avoid the gazes of any passing stormtroopers she just didn't know how much information had been relayed across space. She still had the knowledge that her old master was now her pursuer, they'd been lucky so far but with Ruves hunting her she would have to throw out everything she knew, she'd have to start to think differently, to start seeing the whole board from another angle. Then of course there was the holocron, that was one heck of mystery but did she really have to worry about it? She'd decided to take it to Krant to help Gav deliver it to someone there and if that was who she suspected then it would be in safe hands, but part of her wanted to know what the mystery was all about. Looking around the marketplace she noted the various shoppers and customers and then her eyes landed on a human, female with blonde hair and brown eyes. Anja's eyes widened as this human walked, very briskly, over to her and hugged her.

"I thought you were dead." the new human said
"I could say the same." Anja said "Well until a few weeks ago at least."
"What are you doing here?" the other human asked
"Long story." Anja said "Want to swap?"
"Later." the other human said

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Atlas Recovery
« on: January 14, 2022, 06:05:11 PM »
The INS Sharingan wasn't travelling all that quickly, it was a fairly routine voyage for the crew of the destroyer. Yuki was on the bridge standing at what the Achkaerinese military called 'the chessboard' it was basically a table with a touch screen display and computer built into the top of it, with Jordan aboard ship she turned her attention to the next matter she had to think about "CORAL eta?" she asked
"Ten minutes." came the reply
"Once CORAL's aboard ship have their team come up." Yuki said smiling a little as her XO Commander Beckett stepped onto the bridge
"Mr Rayne Captain." Beckett said

Yuki turned around and looked at Jordan "You don't call, you don't write, I'm starting to think it takes Revana losing some space tech to see you." she said

Diplomacy and Events / Sirius, Dusk, Sphinx, Raven
« on: January 14, 2022, 05:18:06 PM »
The language of hidden messages and double meanings was second nature to those who inhabited the world of espionage. It was somewhat unusual to see such messages communicated between Heads of State but the context of the initial message from the Pharaoh had demanded that in the response, so here at the communicated time at the communicated place was Rion Ayanami otherwise known by the callsign Raven. A name she'd deliberately chosen in reference to the Achkaerinese legend. She reached into the back of the car and picked up her sword, it was a Wakizashi style blade, a short sword katana. She normally didn't wear this unless it was for an occasion such as today, a lot of work had gone into setting up a cover for her presence, her being a Cult of Helus follower helped a little here. Strapping on her sword she covered the distance to the Sphinx and waited as the sky turned to dusk. It wasn't long before the Pharaoh's arrival.

"I'm Raven." Rion said "I understand you wish to speak about a delicate matter."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Atlas Recovery
« on: January 11, 2022, 09:41:49 PM »
Fleet Admiral David Jackson was very much the architect of Achkaerin's navy, smart and calm. He spent his days reading reports, giving updates to the relevant authorities, attending briefings, doing paperwork and spending time with family. As he stood looking out of his office window there was a knock on the door "Come." he said, the door opened and in stepped Captain Yuki Tyler who looked a little nervous, this was perceptually for her the equivalent of being summoned to the headmasters office but she wasn't aware that she'd done anything wrong.

"Captain Tyler." David said "You're familiar with Jordan Rayne?"
"I am." Yuki said blushing slightly
"He's asking for an Achkaerinese vessel to help locate where the debris of the Atlas rocket in particular the flight controller is" David said "You have the history with him, so does your crew, are you happy to do it?"
"Sounds like we need CORAL help." Yuki said "But yes I'll do it."
"Six miles off shore." David said
"Aye sir." Yuki said
"I'll set it up." David said, he'd wait until Yuki left before sending confirmation to Jordan.

Logo Placeholder

The Cross-Straits Space Exploration Agreement

The Cross Straits Space Exploration Agreement


The Parties to this agreement affirm their beliefs in the peaceful exploration of space and all discoveries thereof being for the benefit of all peoples and nations.

1. The Parties undertake to settle any dispute arising from this Agreement in which they may be involved by peaceful means, using uninvolved Cross Straits Community members to mediate if necessary.

2. In order more effectively to achieve the objectives of this Agreement, the Parties agree to maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to explore space through national space agencies and other such entity's that are not inconsistent with the principles of this Agreement.

3. The Parties will consult together at the request of one of their number to discuss matters pertaining to the exploration of space. Such meetings shall occur as soon as is possible between the appropriate persons, whether that be in person, virtually or in a hybrid format.

4. Discussions relating to occurrences of breaches of the Outer Space Standards Convention shall be delegated to the Cross Straits Treaty Organisation.

5. The Commissioner for Science and Innovation shall represent the Cross Straits Space Exploration Agreement to the Commission and shall be entitled to sit in the meetings described in article 3.

6. Any nation may apply or be invited by the members to join this Agreement. To become a Party ultimately requires a majority vote of the membership, along with any domestic ratification and/or constitutional practices of the applicant nation.

7. Nothing in this agreement shall prevent members from engaging in space exploration projects and agreements with nations outside the Community.

  • The Holy Empire of Achkaerin
  • The First Empire of Rokkenjima
  • The Empire of Daito
  • The Kingdom of Tytor
  • The Monarchy of Novincia

With 5/7 votes in favour the CSSEA is established.

OOC - topic and amendments will be done shortly

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Akasha and Peter
« on: January 11, 2022, 04:12:44 PM »
"Yes it does" Peter said waiting respectfully for Akasha to take her seat before he pulled out a chair for Renee and seated her first and then proceeded to take his own seat. A few minutes of chit chat later Anezaki, beaming from ear to ear, along with Becky stepped into the room leading a line of waiters.
"Your Majesty's, Royal Highness's, ladies and gentlemen." Anezaki said "Dinner tonight is roast venison with rosemary roast potatoes and vegetables, dessert prepared by my daughter is a traditional lemon cheesecake with ice cream. I hope you enjoy it."

Peter smiled and looked across at Akasha "I guess I would call this a taste of my home." he said

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Khemnen-Valthiem Line
« on: January 10, 2022, 11:15:27 PM »

Pharaoh Akasha

One of the things I most enjoyed when I hosted your father those years ago was on an afternoon when we swapped what might be called folk tales, myths or legends. I don't quite recall the business we were supposed to be discussing that day but we just talked about these stories. Of particular interest to him was an old Achkaerinese legend, that says "The Empire will not fall as long as the brave raven watches over the fox." to him this was surprising, Achkaerin the new world, the more modern world still being somewhat superstitious like that? The stories I liked discussing from your culture were of the Sphinx's and the riddles they posed for travelers, the secrets they protected.

Your relationship with Heydar, such as it is, reminds me of the story of Percival and Hermione, legends say they were travelers who arrived separately in the great city of Mara, they both found work, in fact they found the same work - hunting and slaying the beasts that threatened the city, they were friends until Percival's greed led to a rift between them so damaging was the rift that Hermione, after many pleas to Percival, left Mara. About a month later a Chimaera threatened the city, burning down farms and poisoning the populace. Percival faced the creature and was no match until he was joined by Hermione who had returned upon hearing news of the creature. Despite their disagreements they were there for each other when it mattered. This story is a particular favourite of my daughter's and she's recently likened it to Achkaerinese-Clysperi relations, I think perhaps you should consider the moral of this story in relation to your relationship with Heydar before anything rash occur.

Emperor Peter Azurewind

Press Offices / Re: Achkaerinese Press Office
« on: January 10, 2022, 08:00:46 PM »

Statement on Centralian Developments

The Achkaerinese Government notes its concern around events in Centralia. The Round Table Conference[1] has been convened and options in response to what is unfolding are being explored. With immediate effect the Achkaerinese government is advising against all travel to Centralia and is advising Achkaerinese citizens presently in Centralia to make arrangements to leave as soon as possible, we will be keeping the Achkaerinese embassy open as long as it is safe to do so and will have staff available to address concerns.
 1. OOC - assume COBRA equivalent

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: January 10, 2022, 06:15:06 PM »


By Penny Noble: Defence Correspondent

McKinlay Naval Solutions have put the first Specula Class (pictured above) into testing, the class is intended to replace the Valiant Class and build on the capabilities of the Dragon Class. If testing proves successful the navy is expected to order four of the vessels. When asked for details on the Specula Class's capabilities a spokesperson for McKinlay Naval Solutions said "It is not company policy to comment on the specific capabilities of our products in public, however the foundation of this class is to retain the mission and capabilities of the Valiant class while also building in a defensive capacity that will ensure a greater level of protection from threats."

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: January 09, 2022, 10:18:22 PM »


By Kimberly Thorn: Science and Technology Correspondent

The Achkaerin Space Agency has launched the Oracle Space Telescope. The Telescope, which will succeed the Theia Space Telescope, has successfully been deployed in Mundus orbit and will now make the journey to the Lagrange point, where it will deploy. Oracle will be capable of seeing a greater range of and further than any previous telescope of its type. Speaking following the launch Director of Flight Operations Nicola Fernley said "We're really happy that the launch has gone well but we're not out of the woods yet, the hardest part of Oracle's mission is getting the telescope into the correct position, once it's there then we can start peering out at the final frontier. We have quite the bucket list of things to see when we get that far as well."

As far as the Cross Straits operation on the SPETNAZ station goes Ms Fernley said "We don't have an Achkaerinese astronaut involved in this due to logistical constraints. Our involvement in this operation is focused on ground based liaising with our counterparts in Rokkenjima, Daito and Tytor as we seek to plan ahead the future of that station, hopefully beginning with renaming it."

OOC Socialisation / Re: Fleshing out Samantra's secondaries
« on: January 09, 2022, 01:44:41 PM »
The answer to both of the geographic questions is Rodina, particularly around Rodina's coastal area.

There's not much in the way of details as it never really got fleshed out, but what I'm planning on this is that it's a monotheistic faith.

OOC Socialisation / Re: Fleshing out Samantra's secondaries
« on: January 08, 2022, 11:53:12 PM »
Just going to throw this in as these nations are around Rodina's area - you have the Earagon genocide I believe that got set around the mid 90's but the point is you could have refugee communities from that in these secondaries (I'm doing a fair bit of work on this in Melanie Bell's next adventure so thought it was worth mentioning)

Press Offices / Re: Achkaerinese Press Office
« on: January 08, 2022, 10:02:15 PM »

Statement on Lodja

The Emperor, Royal Family and Government offer their most heartfelt condolences to the people of Lodja on the death of their monarch Queen Klara, she was a young, vibrant and committed woman who sought the best for her people. During her reign she oversaw amendments to the Mundus Convention of Universal Rights and further established Lodja's place among the community of nations with a passionate and common sense voice. She will be sorely missed by many.

We also pass on our best wishes to Queen Nataliya, in our opinion she now forms the legitimate government of Lodja. Achkaerinese operations associated with the crisis in Lodja will continue now as they have up to this point, Leopold Hamsik is advised to end this crisis now and return the HDMS Morelander to the Lodjan authorities. If he does not choose to do this then he should be under no illusions he will be found and he will be held to account for his actions.

In relation to the crisis in Lodja it is unfortunate that we must now issue a shipping advisory to vessels traversing the Central Alucard Island chain, in the course of search operations a water nomad settlement was discovered with the inhabitants suffering from symptoms associated with the Kaiju virus, we believe this to be the chemical compound T-76-S that went missing from a laboratory in Gaia some years ago. We advise shipping to take appropriate precautions in regards to this.

Touchdown for the Ace of Staves seemed routine enough, at least as far as Anja could tell though there was nothing routine about this trip, it had been hard to miss the TIE fighters on their descent, so the Empire was here as well. There were going to be very few planets this rag tag crew were going to be safe. But despite that knowledge Anja's awareness of the puzzle of Krant and what that meant kept her hopeful. However Anja knew she couldn't afford to be complacent, even if the Empire wasn't hunting Jedi here that didn't mean they didn't have a list of people to be on the lookout for her and other fugitives, she also knew it was highly likely that sooner or later the Empire would have a galaxy wide alert out for their ship. She barely got out of the cockpit before something through the Force hit her, a familiar presence but not one she'd felt in a long time.

"If four hours is how long we need to be here for appearances sake we better make use of the time." Anja said "Take on supplies, stock up for a journey and so on."

Diplomacy and Events / Armitage Opinion (to Rokk)
« on: January 05, 2022, 12:08:26 AM »
OOC - I'm told by Beatrice that the request for this wasn't retconned.

Legal Opinion in the Matter of Inquiry into Conduct in Relation to the Fair Seas Concordat


1. The giver of this opinion is Melanie Armitage I am a commander in the Achkaerinese Navy, I have served in the navy for twenty five years, twenty of which have been in the JAG Corp. Of those twenty years sixteen were as counsel and the last eight have been as a judge, I am the serving Achkaerinese judge in the Uppsala Covention Court, my law degree is from the University of Dovah and I am a graduate of the Judicial College in Valtheim.

2. This legal opinion does not, nor should be interpreted as, constituting a legal judgement it is one individual's opinion based on an analysis of relevant legal material.

3. This Legal Opinion pertains to the legality of actions undertaken by the Commonwealth of the Unified Iwi in relation to the Fair Seas Concordat and was requested by the First Empire of Rokkenjima.

The Incident

4. The incident that this opinion concerns itself with is the arrest at sea of Lt Col Gamal of the Royal Seleucid army on the 4th of July 2017[1]. The arrest occurred aboard the Corinth Cruise ship, a Mercian flagged vessel[2]. Eyewitness testimony describes a helicopter landing on deck at night, a small team of armed men sweeping the ship and arresting Lt Col Gamal on the charges of crimes against humanity. The incident occurred in international waters.

The Law

5. If attempting to apply the Fair Seas Concordat[3] to the incident we must look at Article 110 section which states:

Article 110
Right of visit

1. Except where acts of interference derive from powers conferred by
treaty, a warship which encounters on the high seas a foreign ship, other than
a ship entitled to complete immunity in accordance with articles 95 and 96,
is not justified in boarding it unless there is reasonable ground for suspecting
(a) the ship is engaged in piracy;
(b) the ship is engaged in the slave trade;
(c) the ship is engaged in unauthorized broadcasting and the flag
State of the warship has jurisdiction under article 109;
(d) the ship is without nationality; or
(e) though flying a foreign flag or refusing to show its flag, the ship
is, in reality, of the same nationality as the warship.

For the purposes of explanation the status afforded by articles 95 and 96 refers to jurisdictional immunity for the ship from all states save its own if it be either a warship or a vessel on government non-commercial service. The Corinth is neither of these therefore the immunities do not apply. The article lists the grounds under which the Iwi would be justified in boarding the Corinth and none of them would appear to apply in these circumstances, the Corinth was not engaged in piracy, was not engaged in the slave trade, was not engaged in unauthorised broadcasting, was not without nationality and was not attempting to conceal its identity by flying a false flag.

6. Therefore in response to the question "Do the actions of the Iwi in respect of this incident breach the Fair Seas Concordat?" the answer is yes, this being due to omission of arrest from article 110.

Consideration of the Status of Relations Between the Iwi and Royal Seleucid

7. Despite the answer given in paragraph 6, there must be due consideration of the status of relations between the Commonwealth of the Unified Iwi and the Emirate of Royal Seleucid. The two nations were recognised as at war with each other, there exists no peace treaty between the two nations, there exists no declaration of a cessation of hostilities between the two sides, there is sufficient basis to contend that a state of war continues to exist between the two nations. This is important because the methods employed in war, and sometimes in peace time, are omitted from the Fair Seas Concordat as attempting to apply the law of peace time to war is similar to attempting to apply the rules of Association Football to a game of Rugby.

8. If it is accepted that a state of war persists between the nations of the Iwi and Royal Seleucid then there is a method under some conventions of warfare at sea[4] for the Iwi action to be understood in this instance we would consider:

Section VI : Capture of neutral merchant vessels and goods

146. Neutral merchant vessels are subject to capture outside neutral waters if they are engaged in any of the activities referred to in paragraph 67 or if it is determined as a result of visit and search or by other means, that they:

(a) are carrying contraband;

(b) are on a voyage especially undertaken with a view to the transport of individual passengers who are
embodied in the armed forces of the enemy;

(c) are operating directly under enemy control, orders, charter, employment or direction;

(d) present irregular or fraudulent documents, lack necessary documents, or destroy, deface or conceal

(e) are violating regulations established by a belligerent within the immediate area of naval operations; or

(f) are breaching or attempting to breach a blockade.

For the purposes of the above, the Corinth does constitute a merchant vessel, part b of the article is highlighted - while likely not applicable to the letter in the circumstances, the spirit of the quoted article would appear to be that enemy combatants aboard neutral zones are grounds to capture the said neutral vessel, one must then question the reason of that being a ground presumably that is to effect the capture of the enemy combatant(s) by the warship. Taking such a line of thought would mean that the Iwi action is not inconsistent with conventions and guidance for conduct during naval warfare at sea and therefore would make the action of the Iwi to be within accepted norms for the circumstances.


9. The right or wrong of the Iwi's action in this case ultimately depends on whether or not a state of war between the Iwi and Royal Seleucid is considered to have existed on the 4th of July 2017, the lack of a peace treaty or any formal notice of hostilities ceasing suggests that a state of war did exist and as outlined in paragraph the action of the Iwi falls spiritually within an acceptable norm.


Commander Melanie Armitage
 1. OOC - I believe the name Gamal has been used as a substitution for Phillips in reference to this previously, date as per the then Mercia news report
 2. We've always operated a policy of nations no longer on the map as being "somewhere out there" so I believe this would still be a Mercian vessel despite the subsequent replacing of Mercia with RS in the Iwi history narrative

TV Shows / Re: The Steele Lectures
« on: January 03, 2022, 09:23:21 PM »

"Marrying War and Peace in the Laws of the Sea" by Admiral Lucas Harper, Jan 2022

"Good evening, tonights lecture was written before recent events in the Kyne took place and I'm aware that based on my topic for this lecture people will be curious of my opinion, so I will touch on recent events later. It's an honour to be invited to give a Steele Lecture. I am Lucas Harper, I'm a serving admiral in the Achkaerinese Navy, I have commanded warships for nearly twenty six years, both in peace time and during times of war and crisis. Tonight I hope to communicate through some of my personal experience how we marry war and peace time in respect of the Law of the Sea when the methodology employed is so different. There are many concepts to initially consider, the Law of the Sea as embodied in the Fair Seas Concordat is a treaty negotiated by political figures, I'm not a politician I'm an officer with a responsibility for the safety of my crew and there are plenty of means I have at my disposal to do that, the end goal is to be able to take sensible steps to protect those we're responsible while staying true to the FSC.

So a good starting point is perhaps to look at the maritime history of Mundus. The notions of freedom of navigation, of innocent passage didn't just spring up in 2013 when the FSC was put together they've existed for a very very long time, the FSC simply puts them into an international treaty, but they've been around for a while you can find references to the practice as far back in time as the twelfth century in relation to the journey of the Knights Hospitalier from Vanora to Seaforth, but it's not really a concern until we look at when it is challenged by the actions of others. In the main here we're talking about measures employed in a time of war in particular 'exclusion zones'. Let's be clear what an 'exclusion zone' is - it is a declared zone where in the flag state conducts military activity and wherein it usually endangers the safety of foreign vessels entering into it. One of the first examples of this kind of zone can be seen in the Fushiri Wars of the early 1700's, where Peninsular forces declared much of the Rokkenjiman Sea as such a zone with the apparent intent of keeping non combatants away from the war. Now such a zone was enforced with relative ease because the nations that would have been affected by it were the belligerents in that instance. Fast forward to the Great War and you have the Ardian Empire declaring much of the Krimeon as one of these zones, in that instance self defence was cited. The problem with such zones historically is that theory and practice don't line up a fair amount of the time, when you engage in warfare at sea you have three groups of vessels - friendly vessels, enemy vessels and neutral vessels the theoretical intent of an 'exclusion zone' is to keep the neutrals out thus allowing a war to be fought without endangering the non combatant but this doesn't work because it comes down to geography, if you declare an exclusion zone in the western area of the Kyne you are drastically hindering the passage of merchant shipping which has knock on effects for businesses. You also have an unfortunate tendency on the part of the belligerent to target indiscriminately any vessel in such a zone. So we have clear issues with what rules govern naval conduct in a war situation. Ye

So the question becomes how do we marry the war time practices with the peace time practices? In 2002 I reported to the Senate's Defence Committee a guide as it were on this the very question. My ambition was to present a way to guide officers during war time in their obligations, mindful of history the guide[1] included a list of recommendations to apply to 'Exclusion zones' firstly that the same body of law applies both inside and outside the zone - therefore if the FSC applies outside the zone it applies inside the zone which is a common sense point, secondly the extent, location and duration of the zone and the measures imposed shall not exceed what is strictly required by military necessity and the principles of proportionality, if declaring a zone for protection it need only extend a distance from the vessel to be able to say that a threat can be responded to and not in that instance a large swathe of ocean, thirdly due regard shall be given to the rights of neutral States to legitimate uses of the seas is self explanatory, fourthly necessary safe passage through the zone for neutral vessels and aircraft shall be provided where the geographical extent of the zone significantly impedes free and safe access to the ports and coasts of a neutral State and in other cases where normal navigation routes are affected, except where military requirements do not permit, again this is self explanatory and falls within the principles of the FSC. Fifth and finally the commencement, duration, location and extent of the zone, as well as the restrictions imposed, shall be publicly declared and appropriately notified. Again this is common sense if you don't announce a zone you can't be surprised when people don't comply through unawareness. These are reasonable steps that states seeking to establish such a zone can easily take.

I said I'd touch briefly on the current Kyne situation and here I go. Based on what I've just said Rokkenjima very nearly complies with the reasonable steps they just fall short at the last hurdle. However again I stress that this guide has no legal foundation it is at this point advisory, perhaps one day it will, who knows. Rokkenjima may choose to come visit me next time I get some shore leave and discuss this further, maybe we'll see international attempt to institute similar guidelines alongside the FSC because these measures are always going to be on the table, what needs to happen is establish an understanding of how they are to be implemented in a manner that inconveniences as few neutral nations as possible. But I would say this if you were to use this guide to establish justification for an 'exclusion zone' you would also be agreeing with a document that would arguably and I stress the word arguably justify the action taken by the Iwi that prompted this whole affair. For just as you cannot impose war time law on peace time law you cannot impose peace time law on war time law. There must be a marriage of the two achieved through balance. Thank you."

TV Shows / The Steele Lectures
« on: January 03, 2022, 04:13:04 PM »

The Steele Lectures

Named after Doctor Donna Steele (Achkaerin's representative to the CETO), the Steele Lectures are explorations of thought, explanations of theory or events and discussions of ideas that don't find themselves in news reports, broadcast on television across Mundus. Taking something of a lecture format in the main though other formats have been used the Steele Conversations aim to inform and inspire people across Mundus.

OOC - A rip off/variation of the Dimbleby Lecture, I'm going to try for about one a month and see how it goes.

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: January 03, 2022, 04:00:01 AM »


(left) Catriona Rowan, CEO of Riviere Corporation and (right) Alexis Minette, High Priestess of the Cult of Namis

By Roisin Shaughnessy: Chief Correspondent

Her Holiness High Priestess Alexis Minette, of the Cult of Namis, visited Riviere Corporation today. The visit follows reports in Heyran press on the FPA and more recently an apparent DNA market, all to do with sustainability of the Heyran population, why is such a thing of interest? Mention of the word cloning, the High Priestess was shown around by Riviere Corporation CEO Catriona Rowan who showed Her Holiness the Corporations work in this field, following the tour Ms Rowan explained the scientific viewpoint and implications saying:

"It's important to separate what Heyran companies have done and are doing out from what may be interpreted because there's a scale to be aware of. Pre-existing Heyran program's used IVF as a basis but as Professor Dahl remarks in a lecture, there were limitations to the original proposed approach particularly around the size of the gene pool and the ramifications thereof, now it appears that Heyran law is expanding that gene pool which is a good thing because it should wind back Professor Dahl's ticking time bomb, but we're still talking about IVF which is an accepted medical practice and can be found and undergone in the vast majority of nations on Mundus and isn't viewed in a controversial way by most people, scientifically IVF was one of the most significant breakthrough moments. So there's nothing wrong with what the companies have previously done but it's when we go to the next step that things get iffy.

Genetic manipulation is where we begin to get into murky territory, the appropriate term in the context is 'designer babies' now those are two words that many a debate in this area has seen before, what we're talking about here is manipulating the DNA of the fetus so let's say you want to change the hair or eye colour - seems harmless right? And yeah I can see that, after all there's logic to that argument I can see how parents from a lower strata in Hassfurt would find this idea appealing, the chance to change the child's fate to open up their future chances by manipulating the DNA to give them blonde hair and blue eyes thereby making them an Ermwhal and I don't hold that against anyone. But this is a very slippery slope because if you can manipulate aesthetics what about other things like illnesses, mental disorders and so on? Again this sounds innocent and reasonable and arguably it is, but this is the point where hard questions are going to start to be asked not just scientifically, but ethically, morally, legally - starting with the legal side you would have to first classify the various conditions which may seem like common sense but here's where things get troublesome, take autism for example how are you going to classify that? It's a spectrum of many different conditions we might say so classifying each individually seems the reasoned conclusion but let's take Aspergers Syndrome, two things to consider there firstly most laws are mistaken in classifying it as a mental disorder when it is in fact a specific learning difficulty, the second is that no two people with it are affected in exactly the same way so there's no way of knowing how it will effect that person at the time any genetic manipulation would take place, and this is where questions around ethics and morals come in, you're changing a persons genetic makeup, if you're changing anything around their mentality especially you are most likely affecting their personality, how they see things and that runs the risk of robbing Mundus of its next great mind before they're even born, genetic manipulation of this type could deprive Mundus of advancements in many fields, if regulated properly there is merit to it however.

Cloning is probably the most complex aspect of this because here questions of legal and moral nature combine, we're no longer talking about IVF we're now talking about taking a DNA sample from somewhere and making a genetic duplicate of that. Riviere Corporation's ambition in the cloning arena is nowhere near on the scale of Nugac Enhancement's, our focus is different and on a smaller scale what we're looking into is the cloning of human organs, hearts, livers, kidneys and so on with a view for use in organ transplant, the key difference here is that to all intents and purposes the heart is a pump, the kidneys are filters and the lungs are bellows or to put it another way they're component parts. So it begs the question, let's say I was cloned the clone looks like me, it has my DNA, but here's the thing it isn't me it's something else. Is a clone intelligent? Yes if what Nugac Enhancement are saying is understood correctly the clone would be intelligent as it would seem to have the ability to learn and understand new situations and cope with them, is a clone self aware? Presumably yes the awareness of their own ego would seem certainly able to develop at the very least. Does it have consciousness? If the answer be yes which appears probable to be the case given the articles in question, then we arrive at something significantly important that must be borne in mind moving forwards, to clone one human is an achievement of huge proportions it would probably win a Queen's Foundation Award, but when you get to cloning ten, a hundred, a thousand humans that has another implication, isn't that creating a race? And people will judge on how that race is treated."

From a spiritual point of view the High Priestess said "Today I wanted to learn about what cloning involved so as to form an opinion on it. This is a very bundled up situation to comment on, IVF is an accepted practice and as Namists there is no judgement there. Where there appears to be spiritual uncertainty is also where there is scientific uncertainty. We believe that all human life is individually unique, but if I'm cloned am I still unique because there's a genetic copy of me? We're grasping in the dark for an answer there. On top of that there's the question around whether cloning a human is playing God? But the truth appears to be that the spiritual opinion can only be informed by the scientific fact should the science advance to the point of this being achieved, when we have light in the dark we will be able to make decisions in full clarity. Both science and religion are on this journey together"

"A wise Jedi Master once remarked that there's no such thing as a coincidence." Anja said as she kept her eyes firmly on the Star Destroyer, even if it wasn't the Inquisition it was still the Empire. "But yes we should keep up appearances, however let's not stay at Kothlis too long." she knew the longer they took getting to Krant the greater the chances of their being discovered were. She'd been on the run for so long that she knew better than most of the galaxy how this game was played, you ran, you kept your head down, you let life in the galaxy go on, you survived and you believed that the day would come when the Jedi would return and destroy the Sith at the heart of the Empire, order would be restored to the Galaxy and hopefully this time without perceived arrogance going with it. "Fate has a wicked sense of humour." she mused "Still if there's a chance he's alive that's useful right now in more ways than one."

Economics and Industry / Re: McKinlay Naval Solutions
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Name of ProductName goes here
RoleWhat does it do
CrewHow many people do you need to fly it
Lengthin Meters
Beamin Meters
Draftin Meters
Speedin knots
Rangein Km
ArmamentStuff that goes bang
Other CapabilitiesCool shit it does
Costin $$$$$$$$$
BackgroundWhy the hell build this.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Akasha and Peter
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Once they were alone Peter and Adam were almost instantly joined by Sakura. "Where do we stand?" Peter asked quietly
"Given the state of the Clysperi military equipment we're looking at likely the biggest arms package we've ever exported plus training time." Sakura said "The training is going to be the time consumer though. May need a different framing but we know what we're doing, plus it helps that we're phasing some stuff out of our military so there's stuff there for Clysperis if Akasha's interested."
"Cerberus?" Peter asked
"Short term definitely." Adam said "Long term we'll see."
"What's Anezaki cooking?" Peter asked
"I think she's doing venison." Sakura said "You did want traditional."
"I did." Peter said
"Anything I need to worry about while we wait?" Peter asked
"Not that I'm aware of." Sakura said

Sporting Hub / Stardust Cup 2022 - OOC Sign ups
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The Stardust Cup is a 24hr motorsport endurance race, the track runs through the countryside and forests surrounding the central part of the city of Artaxia in Aelmoor province, it is an open event meaning that various different cars can be entered. The winner is decided by which car completes the furthest distance in the allotted twenty four hours.

OOC explanation - This is basically modeled on the Le Mans 24 hr race, there may be an associated event based RP to go with this, you are permitted to enter up to five teams for this for each team I need a team name, nation of origin and the car they're driving (with a wikipedia link to the car if possible), the car info is required because I may be required to sort cars (and therefore teams) into different classifications - if someone enters a VW Golf for example it wouldn't be competing against a Ferrari.


To: King David and family

I would like to extend, on behalf of myself and my family, our warmest congratulations to you on the birth of Prince Llewellyn we wish the Prince a long, happy, joyful and love filled life.

It is my honour to accept this role as Prince Llewellyn's Sword Father, I hope I can repay your faith in me by fulfilling this great duty to the best of my ability. I look forward to meeting the new Prince when appropriate to do so.

In friendship

Emperor Peter Azurewind

Press Offices / Re: Achkaerinese Press Office
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Congratulatory Statement on the East Moreland Royal Birth

Emperor Peter and his family as well as the Achkaerinese Government and nation send their congratulations to King David, Queen Stasya and Princess Rhiannon on the news of the newest addition to their family Prince Llewellyn Polonyus Ironside. The Emperor wishes the newborn Prince a long and happy life and has sent his personal congratulations to his friend King David and the King's family.


Following discussion between the respective institutions of the Achkaerinese Government, both the resolution and the charter proposed are agreed to.


Emperor Peter Azurewind

Diplomacy and Events / Re: First Annual World's Fair Ball (Open RP)
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Out in the gardens Alex was on the phone to Emperor Peter "Serenity's sitting down with Evelyn and Akasha tomorrow so we'll hopefully have foundations laid by the end of that... yes Peter I'm fine I'm just getting used to being at these things again... ok I'll talk to you tomorrow." she hung up the phone and smiled glancing up at the stars for a few moments before heading for the castle door as she approached a woman dressed as one of the servers was stepping out presumably to take a break, normally this wouldn't even register it was after all a fairly standard happening at an event like this but there was something about this one, but why? What was making her blood run cold at just the sight of a server? It took a split second but then it hit her it was the eyes, she knew those eyes, eyes she'd seen across the table so many times back in her terrorist days, stepping passed the woman Alex continued inside and once she was out of earshot got on her com radio "Erica Sciondis is on the premises." she said "Gardens. Keep it quiet."

"He is being paranoid." Nicola said "Mistakes are made easily because we're human we're not robots. I've lost track of how many miscalculations the ASA has made in developing things, but granted we've never had one like that on the launch pad. He'll spend a while going over what happened, but if he doesn't accept fault on the development side then he's lost the race to Nergal before he even gets out of the starting blocks."

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