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The Kingdom of Chistopol
« on: July 22, 2020, 06:11:23 PM »

Motto:- Freedom or Death
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem


Chistopol was is located in Eastern Aranye with a small coastline on the Rodinian Sea (name disputed by Chistopol) and a larger coastline on the Karifan Ocean. The earliest signs of human habitation in the area dates back to around the time of 10,000 BC and has been continually populated throughout History. The nation though did not appear in its current manner until sometime in the early 10th Century when various smaller Kingdoms were conquered by a single monarch, Bendiks I. The nation was ruled as an absolute monarchy until the 1500s when a rebellion in the North saw King Andrus II issue a proclamation (at sword point) that a charter granting landowners certain rights and limiting the King's power over taxation and military conscription This established the Chamber of the Nobles. This charter was again amended in 1743 following growing fears of another rebellion this time by peasant farmers. As a result King Bendiks VI issued a proclamation granting peasants more rights and giving them representation before the crown thus creating the Chamber of the People.

In 1932 however the nation experienced a series of political assassinations by the National Workers Party which saw King Viktor II killed survived only by his three month old son Prince Kārlis. The nation descended into chaos and troops from Rodina and Kaitaine invaded imposing a Communist government on the people. Members of the Royal Armed Forces in hiding however began a guerilla war and the Communist government lead by former National Workers Party leader Ott Ilves carried out heavy reprisals. Through the late 1950's however the Royal Army began to become more organised and as a single unit began to make inroads into removing the Communist threat. In 1957 the ceremonial town of Arsk was liberated and troops crowned the now 25 year old Kārlis as King Kārlis IV. The new King fought through the remaining years of the war as well as trying to bring order to the liberated parts of the nation. In 1966 King Kārlis IV and his forces had removed the Communists from the nation, however as it became inevitable that the Communists would be defeated they removed much heavy machinery from industry and destroyed fields. The scorched earth policy and the 30 or so year occupation of the Communists saw around 42million people die.

Since 1966 King Kārlis IV implemented a series of reforms diluting the power of the monarchy and implementing deeper and deeper democracy within the nation.

Government Type:- Constitutional Monarchy
Population:-:- 142,746,843 as of 2018 Census
Capital City:- Tartu (3,765,394 as of 2018 Census)
Demonym:- Chistopolian


Currency:- Lev
GDP per Capita:- $14,893
Unemployment Rate:- 3.8%
Main Industries:- Food Production, Engineering, Electronics, Wood and Wood products,Textiles; Information Technology, Telecommunications


Ethnicity:- 80% Russian, 10% Celtic, 10% Other
Languages:- Officially only Russian, enclaves around the nation speak Gaelic.
Religions:- 34% Dievas, 25% Triglav, 20% Dodola, 10% Bene Gesserit 11% various other faiths.
Average Life Expectancy:- 73 years.


Head of State:-  King Kārlis IV
Head of Government:- First Minister Darijus Laine
Name of Legislative Body:- Chamber of the People
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Re: The Kingdom of Chistopol
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Re: The Kingdom of Chistopol
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The People of Chistopol follow a trio of religions that are all interconnected. In total 79% of Chirstopolians follow these religions.

The origins of the faiths are all pretty much similar. There is the belief that The Sun and Moon are deities and that these gave birth to three space dwelling children called Dievas, Triglav and Dodola, these are known as the Descendants. After some time however the Sun and Moon believed their children needed a home other than space and so created Mundus. Once upon Mundus these children were given their own families to raise and colonise the planet. Over time the formed their own tribes and established their own rules for how best life on Mundus should be governed. Followers of all three religions respect and honour all of the three Descendants however believe that the rules drawn up by one are the perfect way of living and so venerate that one above the others.

Who are they?They are the eldest child of the Sun and Moon. They were created with all the powers of their parents however Triglav and Dodola were created only to keep him company. It was Dievas that created the first humans to do his bidding.

He resides in the sky protecting us from the worlds beyond and watching over us.
The 2nd child of the Sun and Moon. They are a God with three faces. It is believed by followers of Triglav that this meant he could always watch over his siblings and mankind making him a Guardian of humanity. As he has three faces he is also more wise than the others making him the most powerful.The only daughter of the Sun and Moon. She is the mother of all humanity having been impregnated by each of her brothers. To this day all humans are created by Dodola who uses her milk to give strength and life to babies allowing them to develop in the womb. She is closely connected to the forests where it is said she roams to this day.
PriesthoodThe Dievasian Order train all Priests who may be male and female.

The Order is presided over by The Bard of Dievas
The priesthood of Triglav is all male.

The Priesthood is presided over by the Triorcle.
The Priesthood is all female.

The Priesthood is presided over by the Maiden of the Forest.
RitualsAt sunrise a member of the Household will face the raising sun and give prayers of greeting. At midday prayers are offered directly to Dievas and at sunset prayers to greet the Moon.

On Fridays the family pray together at Temple. It is expected that the family bring with them each week some gift to Dievas.
The faithful pray three times a day usually at the key meals of the day breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The faithful make an offering on Fridays at Temple which must come in three parts, usually people offer a plant of some sort, something from an animal and something the family have made.
People are not told how often they have to pray. Prayers are usually offered in the outdoors and it is common for each town or village to have groves of trees where ribbons are tied to branches as part of prayer.

At four set times a year unmarried women dress in outfits made of natural materials such as leaves, grasses etc and dance through the streets singing sacred songs.
Views of MarriageMarriage is between one man and one woman for life.

Divorce is seen as going against the will of the God.
Texts state that Triglav took a wife for each face. Therefore male polygomy is allowed by the faith but with a maximum of three wives.Marriage should happen at a young age and is for life between one man and one woman.
Views of AbortionLife begins from the moment of conception.

Abortion is not sanctioned by the Bard of Dievas unless not having an abortion would leave a family without a mother.
Abortion is permitted only on two conditions. The first is if it would take a mother away from her family to continue the pregnancy. The second is if the child was conceived outside of marriage. Life begins at conception however abortion is permitted if it would mean the family would lose their mother.
Views on DrugsDrugs that occur naturally are permitted. Moderation is expected

Drugs that occur naturally are permitted. Moderation is expectedDrugs that occur naturally are permitted. Moderation is expected.
Views on DietNoneAt certain points of the year different species are banned from being consumed. Wildlife is a gift from nature and therefore only animals from places blessed by the Maiden of the Forest should be consumed. Wild game must be taken only on certain days of the year and blessed. All oceans have been blessed.
Views on "After-Life"Upon death Dievas determines whether you have been worthy of living. If you are you go to a Paradise, if not you are totally destroyed. The faces of Triglav are each connected to either good, evil or forgiveness. Upon death Triglav's face examine the soul of the dead and the face that recognises them best "claims" them. If good claims you then you go to paradise, if evil claims them then your soul is destroyed if forgiveness claims you then you are given a 2nd chance. You only get two chances.Should you live a good life you are taken to a woodland paradise to live forever with mythical spirits who help the Goddess. Evil doers are consigned to running through an endless forest being chased by wolves who daily rip you apart only for you to be whole the next day.
Views on Gender & SexualityThere are two genders.

Hetrosexuality is the normal way of living. Members of the LGBT have been corrupted by evil.
There are only two genders.

Hetrosexuality is seen as the normal way of living but the LGBT are people who shall be forgiven by Triglav so must be treated with kindness.
There is only two genders.

The Goddess creates us all and makes no mistakes. If you are therefore LGBT it is because the Goddess had a reason for you being so. LGBT individuals are therefore accepted by the faith.
SymbolsTBDA mask with three faces.
A pine tree.

A faceless dancing woman dressed in branches

Holy BookThe Virtue Code - A set of rules given to humanity by DievasThe Tri-Orcale. A series of three booksThe Book of the Forest. A Set of rules for how we must treat Mundus.

They also believe in following as closely as possible the Tri-Oracle and the Virtue Code.

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Re: The Kingdom of Chistopol
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Drugs LawDrugs are put into three groups.
Group A - Any substance with 100% natural ingredients with only "mechanical processing" - Fully allowed once over the age of 18 so long as the company have a production licence.
Group B - Any substance with mostly natural ingredients - Fully allowed once over the age of 18 so long as the company have a production licence and it is consumed on a licenced venue.
Group C - Any substance with mostly synthetic ingredients - Banned and carries a minimum jail term of 5 years for possession.
Same Sex Marriage   Marriage is only permitted between one man and one woman. While members of the Triglav faith believe in male polygomy the law only recognises the first wife as legal. The government takes no action over members of the Triglav faith practicing Polygomy however.
EducationEducation is free between the ages of 4 and 18.
Students take a test at age 16. Failing grades in Maths and Russian means you must resit annually until a minimum grade achieved.
All students must study Russian, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Literature and History until the age of 16.
Students study four years of Gaelic. Students may not study a foreign language until they have taken Gaelic.
Property Ownership   All citizens are allowed to buy and own property without limitations.
Government may purchase private property for construction projects with compensation being determined by a judge.
Voting   All citizens over the age of 18 may vote.
ProstitutionPermitted only in strictly controlled brothels by licenced prostitues
Freedom of the PressPrivate ownership of the press. There is a government operated media outlet however this is expected to be neutral.
Freedom of MovementNo restrictions of people's movement within the nation. Passports issued to all citizens without criminal records.
AbortionOnly permitted if the pregnancy would damage the mothers health.
Health CareFree at the point of use paid for by taxation.
No gender reassignment procedures carried out on the national health service.
Gun LawsAnyone over the age of 18 who has completed a gun safety course may own any number of firearms. It is illegal to not store firearms securely at home. Should for example a child take their parents gun the parent can be charged for any crime committed with that weapon as well as the perpetrator. In public an individual may carry any firearm so long as it is not visible to on lookers, as such many people carry handguns of various kinds. Some people opt to keep rifles in secure boxes in the rear of their vehicle. There are limits on the calibre of weapons permitted. 
Internet NeutralityAny individual may establish an internet provider within the nation.
Business OwnershipAny individual may establish their own business however certain industries have barriers to entry such as drug production requires a licence.
MarriagePermitted at age 18. Legally speaking monogamy is the only permitted form of marriage however no enforcement of this is undertaken for members of the Triglav faith. Only 1st wives of the Triglav faith are recognised as spouses and have rights as such.

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Re: The Kingdom of Chistopol
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Like many political parties in the nation they existed before the occupation by the Communists however as the Chistopol National Party. When the Communists took over the nation a large number of the party were rounded up and executed within the first few days while the remainder went into hiding and began establishing militia units.

Following the end of the War of Independence the parties first order of business was to change its name as the Communist occupation had used the title Chistopol National People's Party and the members did not want to sound too familiar. The party has stood for attempts to promote what it describes as "The shared values of the folk faith" meaning that they believe they are tied very closely to the values promoted by the three native faiths however they are often accused of leaning to far on connections to the Dievasian Order. They believe that while the nation should remain a monarchy however the power of the monarch should be reduced to a simple final check and balance with its main duty being ceremonial. The Party also believe in the idea of reducing the impact of government on daily life leaving most decisions up to the individual and keeping taxation as low as possible in order to maintain "the advancement of Chistopol". In terms of foreign affairs they believe in the ideas of free trade but not free movement of people. They also believe that a values based foreign policy is important and largely see the idea of monarchies as being an important potential partner, largely because this is as far from anti-communist as you could imagine.

The party is currently the largest in the Chamber of the People and is headed by Darijus Laine who is First Minister.


Founded in 1902 the party focused on removing the power of the monarch and giving people a wider variety of rights. In 1902 for example the party began pushing for voting ages to be dropped from 30 to 18 and largely lead the successful campaign. When the Communists took over they largely disappeared as most had rural seats. The parties leader at this time was Meelis Mägi who formed an assassination unit in the militia responsible for successfully taking out 22 members of the Chistopol National People's Party. Sadly Mägi was killed in a firefight just four days before the liberation of the capital.

When the party reformed they based their values on removing what they see as "Bias Laws promoting discrimination" for example they wish to see polygamy legalised, abortion made easier to access and the legalisation of all drugs. They believe the monarchy should now exist only as a ceremonial part of the nation as it served as a symbol for freedom against the Communists. The party also believe that there should be a formal seperation between all religion and government. They also wish to remove the Chamber of the Nobles and replace it with a randomly selected People's Congress.

The party is currently lead by Jaagup Pärn


A party dedicated entirely to the promotion and protection of Dievasian faith. The party only came into existence after the War of Independence however it is widely known that a lot of its founders had contributed massively to the war effort as part of the Dievasian Order. The Dievasian Party sets as a qualifier for being a candidate in elections that the individual has graduated from an institute of learning run by the Dievasian Order. The Party doctrine is as you would expect guided by the nations largest faith and it seeks to not just promote these values but protect institutes such as Dievasian from government control. With only 34 % of the nation following their faith the party know it is unlikely to ever see power however it does have a reasonable hardcore following which means it can often gain influence within the government.

The current leader of the Party is Margareeta Koppel


During the War of Independence many of the members of this faction fought against the Communists however hoped to secure a future with no monarchy. Despite having seen the power of the monarchy reduced to being almost non existant the Party still believe that the monarchy have too many privledges and too much control and should be removed all together. They campaign regularly for the use of royal land or its redistribution to the general public. Additionally they believe royal assets should be seized and invested on behalf of the people of the nation. They criticise the idea of the nation forming relationships with other monarchies unless they follow a similar system to Chistopol.

The Parties current leader is Liisu Kukk


A party that was only founded in the 1970s and was born out of concern of the "destruction of Chistopol's natural environment as collateral damage for repairing the harm done by Communism". The party place an emphasis on sustainable development of the nations countryside and protectionist policies for areas such as agriculture and fishing. The Party also would like to see ethical concerns about such factors as energy use and recycling used as a key criteria for the distribution of government projects. The party also place an emphasis on "social justice" wanting each person to be able to have equal access to health, education and legal representation along with various other key factors. The Party also promote the idea of a Universal Income for all and work hard to promote workers rights.

The Party are currently lead by Tõnis Rebane


The party were founded in the final days of the War of Independence by a group of militia officers who wanted to see the Communists punished. They formed "Revenge Units" and carried out reprisals on those suspected of having collaborated. The group however soon found themselves under pressure and several of their leaders were imprisoned. In 1971 their leader Heino Koppel entered an election for his local area and won and this saw the group see that politics was yet another way of pursuing their agenda. The party want the removal of any non native religious building in the nation as well as the removal of citizenship from anyone whose family had connections to Communism. The party promote giving the monarch more power, introduction of the death sentence for more crimes, limitations put on migration and a campaign against communists internationally be carried out. They view the Green Party as "Communists in nice hats" and want them banning.

The current leader of the party is Luule Koppel the grand-daughter of the parties first political representative Heino Koppel.

Results of the last election - Feb 2020

Chistopol Unity Party - 149 seats (54.4%)
Republican Party - 42 seats (15.3%)
Liberal Party - 29 seats (11%)
Dievasian Party - 22 seats (8%)
The Three Leopards - 18 seats (6.6%)
The Green Party - 14 seats. (5.1%)

Total Seats:- 274

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Re: The Kingdom of Chistopol
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173,623 Soldiers
68,364 Reservists
Spoiler: Equipment of the Royal Army • show

420 x MBT-72 Main Battle Tanks
382 x LBT-8 Light Battle Tank
800 x IFV-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
650 x IFV-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
280 x APC-8 Armoured Personnel Carrier
400 x APC-9 Armoured Personnel Carrier
200 x RV-6 Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
550 x AC-8Armoured Cars
950 x MV-6 Mobility Vehcile
100 x SPH-7 Self Propelled Howitzer
100 x SPH-9 Self Propelled Howitzer
110 x MLA-3 Multiple Launch Artillery System
80 x TH-20 Towed Howitzer
90 x TK-102 Tank Destroyer
50 x MAA-23 Mobile Air Artillery
50 x SAM-12 Mobile Surface to Air Missile System
50 x AH-1 Attack Helicopter
30 x UH-1 Utility Helicopter
10 x UAV-X Unmanned Air Vehicle


60,362 Airmen
27,374 Reservists

Spoiler: Royal Aviation Force Equipment • show

63 x F-3 Fantomex multi-role fighter
28 x F-14 Firedrake Fighter
20 x F-25 Fenris Interceptor
76 x F-17 Firelord Multi-Role Fighter
8 x E-50 Emplate AEWACS
60 x C-76 Caliban Transport Plane
15 x K-78 Klaw Tanker
30 x T-152 Talisman Trainer
30 x T-7 Thanos Advanced Trainer
30 x AH-58 Abyss Attack /Scout Helicopter
30 x H-47 Hardball Helicopter
30 x H-53 Hiroim Helicopter
12 x U-6 Ultron UAV


46,352 Sailors
21,322 Reservists

Spoiler: Equipment of the CRN • show

6 x Adder Class Submarine

1. Watchman
2. Morpheus
3. Robin
4. Titan
5. Nightwing
6. Firestorm

6 x Boiga Class Frigate

1. Sinestro
2. Darkseid
3. Scarecrow
4. Bane
5. Harlequin
6. Zatanna

6x Boomslang Class Destroyer

2. Raven
4. Amethyst
5. Starfire
6. Pandora

5 x Bushmaster Class Corvette

2. Deadshot
3. Telos
4. Deimos
5. Huntress

8 x Canebrake Class Fast Attack Ship

1. Arsenal
2. Midnighter
3. Enchantress
4. Vixen
5. Anarky
6. Trigon
7. Steppenwolf
8. Lucifer

5 x Cantil Class Minesweeper

2. Atlanna
3. Monitor
4. Harbinger
5. Deathstroke

2 x Cascabel Class Amphibious Assault Ship

1. Ares
2. Cheetah

1x Cobra Class Troop Landing Ship

1. King Shark

8 x Copperhead Class Patrol Boat

1. Antiope
2. Cyborg
3. Giganta
4. Black Manta
5. Pennyworth
6. Solomon
7. Zod
8. Penguin

1 x Cottonmouth Class Electronic Surveillance Ship

1. Manhunter