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Ríocht na Cantabria
« on: August 06, 2020, 05:22:51 PM »
OOC- This is a nation under the claim of Ui Cenneslaig. At present in 12 years time the son of King Finley (Prince Keane) marries the Princess of Cantabria meaning when King Finley dies Cantabria and Ui Cenneslaig become one Kingdom. However should something happen in the meantime the nations will naturally merge. 

Ríocht na Cantabria

Motto:-By valour and exertion
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem


A Kingdom that in the 13th Century became part of the Cenneg Kingdom. This situation persisted until the 1500's when the then King of Ui Cenneslaig lost the land to an uprising. In the late 1500's the new Kingdom of Cantabria and the Cenneg came to an agreement recognising each others existence and then since the 1600's the two Kingdoms have become firmer friends. MORE TO FOLLOW

Government Type:- Autocratic Monarchy
Population:-:- 11,627,234
Capital City:- Abertawe (1,679,342
Demonym:- Cantabrians


Currency:- The Pund
GDP per Capita:- $21,932
Unemployment Rate:- 3.3%
Main Industries:- Agriculture, Telecommunications, Brewing, Heavy Manufacturing Machinary


Ethnicity:- 70% Celtic, 20% Gael, 10% other
Languages:- Gaelic
Religions:- Celtic Paganism (60%) Celtic Christian (35%) Other (5%)
Average Life Expectancy:- 75 years


Head of State:- King Comeigen (medically incapable and so Queen Cait rules as Regent)
Head of Government:- The Tywysog - Richard Gowan
Name of Legislative Body:- The Dáil