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Factbook of Solace
« on: April 15, 2021, 09:44:48 PM »
Your Nation: Solace

Motto:- Progress, Power, Peace through Science & Technology

National Anthem:- Solace


History Of Solace
The country of Solace first came to existence around 4000 years back when Sanat ethnicity
people decided to settle down in the vast unmarked green lands of down south, full of forest
and wild lives not far away from the shores of the deep blue
Panna Ocean.

Government Type:- Democratic Republic with Meritocratic Technocracy The Government is run by People's representatives which are elected
through voting by the adult population holding minimum required scores in IQ Assessment
and quantifiable Emotional intelligence Assessment.

The Basic Structure of the The Government
Federal State

Legislative: Solace House of State Representatives
Executive: Council Head, Council of Ministers
Judicial: Supreme Court, State Courts

Important Ministries-
The Ministry of Home Affairs
The Ministry of Defence
The Ministry of Education
The Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Health and Welfare
The Ministry of Science and Technology
The Ministry of External Affairs
The Ministry of Commerce and Business
The Ministry of Law and Justice
The Ministry of Agriculture
The Ministry of Infrastructure
The Ministry of Natural Resources
The Ministry of Crisis & Disaster Management

Population:-:- 15.2 million

Male: 52 %

Female: 47.99 %
Intersexuals: 0.01%

Capital City:- Azure (3.5 million )

Demonym:- Sanat


Mixed Economy

Currency:- Suwarna

1 Suwarna = 2.1 USD

GDP per Capita:- In USD- 30,000.3 USD

Unemployment Rate:- 2.5

Main Industries:- Biotechnology industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Defence technology, Shipping industry, International ports.


Languages:-Sanat, English


Average Life Expectancy:- 82 years (Male: 80 years- Females: 84 years)

Head of State:- Adwiti Raj
Head of Government:- Manek Mitres
Name of Legislative Body:- Solace House of Representatives.
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