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The Free Theocracy of Kaitaine
« on: April 17, 2021, 10:26:54 PM »

National Anthem:-Child of Erin (Unofficial)
Motto:- I will face my fear.


At some point, thought to be in the early 2nd Century AD, a group of Celts arrived on the shores of what is present day Kataine. They were guided by a female religious leader who believed that all religions had misunderstood God/Gods and that a new path, known as the Golden Path, had to be searched for. Her small band of followers established a religious outpost that over the centuries grew as more and more people flocked to join them. The Bene Gesserit faith believes that the true nature of God/Gods is hidden from human consciousness and only through education and discipline can we hope to rediscover it. As such the Bene Gesserit created an all female Sisterhood to undertake this work, it came to dominate Kaitaine culture and in 1267 a popular rebellion against a ruling King, lead by the Bene Gesserits military arm known as the Truthsayers was successful. They imposed a theocracy upon the nation which was willingly accepted, as in truth all that changed was a religious representative was in charge rather than an heriditory King, who was actually controlled by the Bene Gesserit anyway.

The Bene Gesserit faith also believes that because much of mankinds knowledge of God/Gods is unknown we must prepare for some unrevealed future tragedy, as such it is believed a supreme being known as the Kwisatz Haderach. This man shall lead the whole of humanity against a threat that would wipe out all life in the world, once successful he would reveal a new set of laws to humanity to lead them into a paradise upon Mundus and ensure each person a place in the afterlife.

The Bene Gesserit faith believes that four families have been granted special insight into the Gods powers, these families are known as the Four Holy Houses and are the Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrino and Fremen families. The Bene Gesserit faith seeks to help these families realise their potential and bring about the creation of the Kwisatz Haderach. To do this the Bene Gesserit leadership has controlled the bloodlines of these families through inter-marriage in an attempt to breed a more godlike individual.

In the 1800's however this Theocratic nation was invaded by the Communists of the now long disappeared USR. They successfully took over the nation however the Sisterhood smuggled many key indivdiuals out to Ui Cenneslaig and Cantabria because of their Celtic culture, others went to nearby Achkaerin while some were taken to obscurity in Aosta. The faith worked to ensure these families were successful in order to ensure the faith could continue in secret across much of Mundus. In 2017 a young girl fulfilled several propehcies and was named the faith's Reverend Mother and soon after a rebellion in Kaitaine began. In April 2021 the rebels had secured much of Western Kaitaine and a series of talks known as the "Tartu Accords" effectively gave the Bene Gesserit a homeland once again.

Government Type:- Constitutional Theocracy
Population:- Currently around 8 million in the Theocracy.
Capital City:- Seitch (population 200,000)
Currency:- Melange
GDP per Capita:- $9,000
Unemployment Rate:- $10,000

Main Industries:- TBD, economy will be heavily reliant on arrangements with those members of the dispora essentially funding the nations economy.

Ethnicity:- 80% Celt, 20% Other

Languages:- Gaelic is the official language however Russian is also heavily spoken as are Aostan and Achkaerin.

Religions:- Bene Gesserit is the official faith however as that essentially believes all religions are simply "misunderstandings" of the Bene Gesserit faith and that all faiths contain "Truths" no faith is outlawed.

Average Life Expectancy Men -67 years / Women - 71 years

Head of State:- Reverend Mother Erin McGregor
Name of Legislative Body:- The Council of the Riders.

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Re: The Free Theocracy of Kaitaine
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2021, 10:32:44 PM »

 Abortion: Illegal except when Mothers health in danger or approved by the Sisterhood.

Adultery: No Legal stance

Affirmative action: No.

Age of consent: 16 years.

Age of majority: 18 years.

Artificial insemination: Legal with approval of the Sisterhood

Assisted suicide: Legal, traditionally those who felt they were of no use to society anymore would simply walk off into the desert.

Basic liberties: Freedom of conscience,  freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the right to own private property.

Bestiality: Illegal.

Birth control: Legal

Childcare: TBD

Concealed carry: TBD

Death penalty: TBD

Divorce: Only with consent of the Sisterhood

Drinking age: 18

Driving age: 17

Education: Compulsary until 18 for males and females.

Equal pay for equal work: Yes

Felony disenfranchisement: Yes.

Flag desecration: TBD

Gambling age: 18

Gun purchase age: TBD

Human cloning: TBD

In vitro fertilization: Legal

Marriageable age: All marriages need approval of the Sisterhood.

Military conscription: No.

Minimum wage: TBD

Parental leave: TBD

Polygamy: Illegal, however the Sisterhood use a system similar to Concubines to expand Holy Families gene pools

Pornography: Legal at age 18

Prostitution: TBD

Race: Racial discrimination is prohibited in all areas of life.

Same-sex marriage: Not recognised as the faith believe marriage is about continuing bloodlines, however no stance on homosexuality exists.

School leaving age: 18 years.

Sex reassignment surgery: TBD

Sexually transmitted diseases: TBD

Smoking age: 16.

State religion: Bene Gesserit, no restrictions in place on other faiths.

Stem cell research: Permitted

Taxation: Sliding scale income tax.

Torture: Illegal

Trial by jury: TBD

Universal healthcare: Free at point of use for all but non-essential medical treatments (E.g cosmetic surgery is not given for free)

Voting age: 18

Women's rights: Full equality

Working age: 14 years of age (part time/ family business) 18 years of age (full time)

Working week: The standard work week is 40 hours.

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Re: The Free Theocracy of Kaitaine
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2021, 11:08:05 PM »

The Tartu Accords saw the Reverend Mother put in place an agreement for a Provisional Government to be put in place until a more permenant form of government will be put in place.

The Provisional Government will be formed of 10 Individuals.

1. The Reverend Mother Erin McGregor
2. Nathanial Corrino
3. Jamie Atriedes
4. Bryce Harkonnen
5. Achilles Fremen
6. Ruth Hipkiss
7. Elected Truthsayer
8. Elected Missionara Protectiva
9. Elected Honored Matres
10. Elected Mother

Until a formal agreement on how the government will work is made this Council will vote on all matters requiring attention. Any ties will be determined by the Reverend Mother.

The Provisional Government will aim to create a fully elected chamber known as the Council of the Sands by the end of June.