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Ocotecal State

The Ocotecal State, (Itutre:Alaxinaq yi'Tecalese) is a country located in northeastern Ardia. It borders the Commonwealth of Unified Iwi to the north; the Realm of Cassiopia to the East; the Federal Republic of Jiayuan to the west; and the Majestic Empire of Lijiang to the south. Along with the autonomous state of Cantabria, Ocotecal is the only other known country in Ardia to be landlocked. Ocotecal has an estimated population of 47.1 million people. The Capital city is Ojbal located in the south-eastern Oropovo valley.

 Ocotecal is sometimes referred to as the land of a thousand rivers named so after the Rojaxi basin which encompasses much of the country’s territory. Originating from highlands and draining into the Noho Te Atua lake in the north, the Rojaxi river and its various tributaries sprawl across the majority of the country leading to a culture and society based around the rivers. The Rojaxi also feeds the greater Iuitl forest, a rainforest that encompasses most the countries territory, historically hampering domestic development. The Oropovo valley lying in the south east of the country is a more stable region and is believed to be the original homeland of the Tecalese people before they spread across the Rojaxi. The Oropovo valley remains the most developed region of the country. Due to the nature of teh Rojaxi basin and the Iutil forest, much of the interior of Ocotecal is loosely governed garnering a notorious reputation as a refuge for unsavory characters, organizations, and exiles to hide away in.
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