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International Organisations / Re: Treaty of Unity for Alucard Nations (TUNA)
« Last post by KrisNord on January 28, 2023, 02:24:45 PM »
OOC- No idea how that got missed Nova. I would say if no one objects within 48 RL hours then we should just add Vinitsia to the organisation.
International Organisations / Re: CNN Security Meeting Jan 2023
« Last post by DaveIronside on January 28, 2023, 02:17:38 PM »
The Cenneg seemed slightly annoyed and Kelly couldn't blame them. "I've no say in decisions that high up, I would have personally cut the Rok's off at that point however that was not the case. To the best of my estimation we've had no issue arising from this beyond internal Rokkenjiman stuff and the Achkaerin forces effectively trying to manage them. Frankly I'm disappointed in the Achkaerin security forces, had Ofdensen been in East Moreland he'd have likely slipped and fell on the old 19th Century metal stairs in our prisons and sadly broke his neck, or meet with a guy called Bubba and his shank in the shower. This way we'd never be facing a situation of having a war criminal in one of the positions of government in Rokkenjima." He took stock for a moment. It seems though that we are all on the same page so far."
International Organisations / Re: Treaty of Unity for Alucard Nations (TUNA)
« Last post by Nova on January 28, 2023, 01:18:02 AM »

In the gracious year 2023 of the month of January the 28th,
In the name of Serenitatea Sa Prinţ Doge Augusto Tyre,
Addressed to the Member nations of the Treaty for Unity of Alucard Nations,

We would like to be offered visibility on our previous request for review of candidacy to join the Treaty for Unity of Alucard Nations, for which we submitted in 2020, yet given the timeline have not undermined our commitment to the interest it brought upon us.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: In Sebastian Cristea's Paradise (open)
« Last post by Nova on January 27, 2023, 11:38:09 PM »
Melqior would quite directly get the taste of it.

« I see » he confirmed, putting the cigare he held on the side provisorily to have a better look at his guests.

After a few seconds, he’d go on, « But… » he marked as he slides back deep in his armchair, « If I were to give you a Type 73, would you be able to use it well? ».

« Not for me, not for your enemy » started explaining Melqior, as he’d look to the ceiling, and kiss his closed hand and make a gesture upwards, as a way to mean God. « As a fellow christian, no matter the fairness of your cause, it will be your cross to bear » he expressed, « However, that is, of course none of my matter » he’d get himself back to his posture, with no questions asked, as he would observe the door opening, the server passing by delivering the drinks on the low table in-between Melqior and his guests.

The server, as he would present the drinks on the low-table, alongside put salty appetizers, discreetly made a sign on his left that Melqior could see, ignored by his guests. Sign, was to meant following identification on the surveillance cameras of the Societea de Mare Panteon, that no ties of their faces to authorities were found, and a true discussion could happen.

As the server would leave, Melqior would continue, « What means, and quantities of such means would you require? » he asked in purely materialistic terms, as he could only provide such, no training and no strategy.

« Salutations Sir » would greet the receptionist, « In what manners may I help you? ». Following the dialogue, and the unexpected, Cristea himself would be called as to handle such guest.

Letting him wait a while in the reception, as to get visibility on the identity of such person, Cristea had a bad feeling as he’d stare at him through the screen. Rapidly the identity of Mr Carroll, from his great recognition would pend upon the screen, as a controversial figure. Cristea took nonetheless the decision to greet himself the man in the reception, and see.

« Domnule, bună dimineața ! » greeted in a loud manner Cristea, towards Carroll, as he extended his hand in a warm and almost patriarchal manner, showing the best stereotype of himself. « What pleasure brings you to la Societea de Mare Panteon? ».
International Organisations / Re: CNN Security Meeting Jan 2023
« Last post by KrisNord on January 27, 2023, 10:53:20 PM »
Assumpta MacDhuibhshíthe was more of a career politician than the others but her whole family had served in the Cenneg Armed Forces and she had spent nearly 20 years sat on various military connected committees so was not a stranger to classified briefings. She'd even served as King Finley's Minister of Defence for three years at one point. "Ui Cenneslaig have a bit more of a complex problem. We are members of the Assembly of Ardia. This means we have some connections to Rokkenjima however only in certain spheres, we have to share criminal intelligence, but nothing more. As such we can I believe comply with your request." She placed the folder down. "I would though like to ask why this matter of a compromised Rokkenjiman intelligence network wasn't brought to the CNN before this?"
Diplomacy and Events / Re: The final coronation of Empress Zuri
« Last post by Nova on January 27, 2023, 10:47:41 PM »
Sabrina quite enjoyed the show! Finally, something worthy of her indiscretion, that’s sad the Catholic Church wouldn’t stand such spectacle nor would get inspired from such for its own ceremonies and rituals.

Cinca would always keep her conservative look, as if she was annoyed, at least in Sabrina’s eyes.

As the guests were left for themselves for half an hour, Sabrina would enjoy of such to greet this time in more than a simple look of the eyes, Đurađ, so recently met for the first time within their warm welcome.

« Your Majesty, what a pleasant parution of your person » she expressed, bitting her lips, giving her hand to the monarch to be kissed in proper vinitsian courtesy traditions.

« Your Majesty » she’d acknowledge and greet Jožica, more respectfully and in a dry manner. After all, she wanted her man, or his attention better be said.

Following a trivial exchange, Sabrina would turn towards Kārlis, someone for which she had a tremendous personal admiration.

« Your Majesty… » she’d greet, followed by Cinca who’d bow. « It is an honour to meet a legend such as you » she complimented honestly, « Your fight against communists invaders… Your reforms, truly an admirable life, a testimony to the love of your people that few can ever claim to have accomplished in History » she noted, « As a fellow football fan, I trust you enjoyed the last world cup organized in my home, and hope that we may share further by a common game, who knows one day ».
Diplomacy and Events / Re: West and East Albion meet (Drenovia & Vinitsìa)
« Last post by Nova on January 27, 2023, 10:46:33 PM »
Sabrina was amused at the familiarity that Đurađ expressed towards the legendary King Kārlis, as he seems to know quite well the man himself, which she had read about in History books with his legendary fight and reforms.

« Please, tell me more about King Kārlis the fourth » she requested, advancing forward her chest on her seat, getting most interested into him.

Later, over the question of Đurađ of interest of trade that his subjects could await coming from Vinitsìa, Sabrina would go on « Mafias » she said in a joking manner.

« We do have plenty of those to track down… A merciless field for training police officers » rectified Cinca, not finding such funny.

« Yes… Yes… You know exactly like in those movies, but thankfully the Drenovian Union does not have to suffer from such while we do, but it is a fight we shall never abandon » she rectified. « Anyway, if your police officers were to need a rough place to train, they know where now » ended in an amusing tone Sabrina, before pursuing this time seriously on the question, « I am pleased to say that our artists, in the field of fashion do wonders, the same for our farmers and producers that know how to keep our traditions alive, in the way to create a noble wine, or even a simple thing such as breeding beefs in a proper manner… » she’d orient towards gastronomy. « Our chocolate too, is quite terrible at making you gain weight » she ironised, given how good it was. « We also have a talent for inefficiency when coming to ship building » she added amused at the fiasco and scandal that was happening back home on the Infinito cruiser ship. « What shall our young ladies and boys back home await from the nation of a thousand islands? » she asked Đurađ, turning back his question.

Sabrina liked to have such light, almost childish innocent manner of speaking her mind, even if it wasn’t diplomatically correct and she was openly showing the weaknesses of Vinitsìa much to Cinca’s more conservative and political attitude. But she knew what she was doing, at least that is what her father thought. Honesty and transparency, true authenticity being her domain of predilection.

Following such, another most intriguing part opened itself: local gastronomy. At the first words of Jožica, over the importance of forest and basically ecology in Sabrina’s limited perspective, she feared to eat vegetarian crude food like she could see in some “trendy” restaurants. She was most pleased to find out to be wrong.

« Dang » could only express Sabrina at the smells.

« That sounds quite… Delicious » said in a pleasant tone Cinca.

« Thought could make a regime in Drenovia, but I don’t mind the opposite » would add on Sabrina, loving specially the looking of the cooked onions, « And the Game in a Bucket do sounds like a wonder » given the incredible smell that was emanated from it. « Now I’ll have to patron the opening of a restaurant in our capital city » addressed Sabrina to Cinca, as to make her take a note to remind. Vinitsians being most fonds of the “race to the stars” for the best restaurants, were equally inclined to great variety of tastes and cultures in such, making, specially given the number of tourists, the perspective of a restaurant a sound project.
International News Networks / The Infinito financial abyss
« Last post by Nova on January 27, 2023, 10:45:59 PM »

Salutări ascultătorilor noștri. We are in the gracious year 2023 of His, of the month of January the 27th. Yet again, the Infinito, a destroyer that is finally a cruiser, program that was of 4,8 billions USD for 4 units to finally end up with a cost of 6,3 billions USD for only 1 unit, is making appear itself on the front page. Effectively, the ship accepted in active duty back in December 2020, which should originally have been in late 2016 with 3 sister-ships, is going to know upgrades after 2 years active service. With a budget of 40 millions USD unlocked for such upgrade, that shall see the installation of 4 hypersonic missiles tubes as to add to the already heavy armement of the ship. Even if such finance seems like a drop in comparaison to its original massive budget, it is without forgetting that this will only accentuate the state’s deficit alongside La Guardia depriorisation of upgrades so much needed of other equipments. While in comparaison the 30 years old Viespe-class corvettes perfectly fill their duties and do the vast majority of the missions required by La Guardia, while having a cost, even when adjusted to inflation, of 1,1 billion USD, therefore almost a sixth of the Infinito class.

Such numbers have sparked outrage, as even the simple operating costs of the Infinito are outrageous. Out of the five families, defense never have been headed by any, resulting in a necessary consensus required for any decision over La Guardia. Leading to accountability being disseminated and the Senate taking the blame on the issue.

Protests are to be set in Vinitsìa City the coming 29th January, as grand resentment among the population is created while discussions over potential tax increases as to fill the deficit and growing debt of the state have been in the Senate’s debates.
International Organisations / Re: CNN Security Meeting Jan 2023
« Last post by Libby on January 27, 2023, 10:28:21 PM »
Martin Voronin had served four Queens now and seen both the old sorry state of the Lodjian military and now the still not perfect but steadily improving military of today. He had been happy to be appointed to the CNN as the Voronin family were first generation Patricians, his own military service triggering the families promotion in the ranks so to speak. He took the time to read the documents and examine the folders. "I am concerned that it's taken this long to bring such a thing to our attention. It would obviously have influenced our dealings with Rokkenjima, however I would note that our treaty with them is a trade based one. Not something that ties us to any intelligence sharing so we do not have the need to extricate ourselves from anything. With their limited connections via the Cross Straits we have little to concern ourselves about even being connected in a round about way. I am sure when she sees my recommendation to support this Her Majesty will give her support."
International News Networks / Re: Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation (RBC)
« Last post by Beatrice on January 27, 2023, 10:05:47 PM »

Premier Ofdensen Addresses The Empire

"Today we start our journey together, one which will see Rokkenjima reclaim her rightful place in Mundus, and bring her the vindication she is so justly due."

After forming a coalition government with the Green Party Charles Foster Ofdensen addressed the People of Rokkenjima. His remarks are as follows:

"My fellow countrymen,

I wished to thank you for the trust and faith you have placed in both myself and the Centre Party to right the course which our glorious Empire finds itself upon. Years ago I served as Vicegerent to Empress Saisei, I served in many positions but I always did so in the hopes that I could be a faithful, dutiful servant to you, the Rokkenjiman People. I have traveled throughout Mundus and, let me tell you, there is not one nation which compares to ours; none so excellent, none so wonderful, our beloved Rokkenjima truly is without peers. Whilst some may try to imitate us, as our neighbours to the west, and others seek to undermine us at every turn, such as our northwestern neighbours, they equally stand in the shadow of Pyrettania. They cannot ever hope to compare to what our Empire is, what our People have accomplished, so they seek to emulate us or throw dirt at us, hoping to drag us down so that we're just as unremarkable as they are. Whilst the Crown has become ignorant to these slights against our nation and our name, I have been keeping receipts and can promise you today that the current state of circumstances will stand not one day longer.

The Centre Party, working with our Green partners, have a most ambitious agenda which will serve as a much overdue reminder for such foreigners that this level of disrespect does not come without consequence. While I have my disagreements with the Crown the idea of a foreigner coming to our Courts to seek prosecution against the Sovereign is most laughable and insulting; the gall of Cassiopeia is truly beyond compare. Our record in the fields of forwarding a clean environment for the whole of Mundus is well known, as is our contributions to a more sustainable future. My Government will be exploring all possible actions we can take in response to these slights, to hold Cassiopeia fully accountable, and I will report to you once we have a plan of action before us.

We must also ensure that, domestically, we are ensuring that future generations are well prepared to be productive members of Rokkenjiman society. I will be enacting a new, Rokkenjima-first educational program which will showcase the highlights of Rokkenjiman history, the progressive steps our nation has taken which have shaped Mundus for the better, and ensure that only those educators who ensure that Rokkenjiman students are enriched through patriotic courses are credited to teach in our schools. The age of an apologist Rokkenjima is behind us, and it is prudent that we start by ensuring that our children know there is never, under any circumstances, any reason why any Rokkenjiman should apologise to a foreigner. Many of them should in fact be thanking us, from the shores of the Illumic to the shores of Albion and beyond, for without a determined Rokkenjima many of them would be living in the chains of servitude today.

We must also ensure that Rokkenjiman allies are on the same page as us, that they truly share our values, and support a world view which is based on the international laws and norms we worked so hard to effect. We must see that the MCUR, not the Abrahamic Declaration, perseveres as the guarantor of rights. We must see that nuclear security is gained through MAEA, and that those who operate outside of its scope are isolated and brought to task for their reckless actions. We must see that the CTO has an effective successor, that the trend of regionalism and alliances such as the CNN aren't left to set the tone for the international order. We must support sovereignty over a Morelander scheme for global domination, and must counter Morelander attempts to exert their influence where it is not desired or needed.

We need to look inward as well, as in the absence of a democratically elected leader we now see an Achkaerinese foreigner in charge of our foreign policy. I held the position of Vicegerent before, and to grant such a position to a foreign national was an irresponsible dereliction of duty by the Saisei Empress.  My Government will represent an effective check on the influence of Valtheim in Pyrettania; together, you and I, we will see that Rokkenjiman policy is enacted because it benefits Rokkenjimans, not because it pleases the likes of Emperor Peter and Crown Princess Serenity. Today, with your vote, we began a partnership that will see all these issues settled, once and for all. Together we have declared a new independence day, and a day where not one Rokkenjiman need apologize for being Rokkenjiman. We are the city on the hill, we are the force that inspires hope in hearts across Mundus, and I'm here to tell you that you don't need to apologize for that; I say embrace it, embrace your excellence, our excellence, and let's show the world around us the path to peace, tranquility and a better Mundus for all without worrying about offending foreigners who don't know any better."

The Growth of the Centre Party is a Danger to Rokkenjiman Democracy, Even Lacking a Majority

An opinión article by George von Stein

The country of Rokkenjima is a fair one in both political and social freedoms. It enjoys freedom of speech, belief, religion and ideology, as well as the right to pick who one is ruled by. However, writes George von Stein, the growth of Ofdensen’s Centre party is a threat to all those Rokkenjiman values.

To first look at why the Centre Party is a threat we must look first at its leader, Charles Ofdensen. Duke of Pyrettania, Lord High Steward, Secretary General of the CTO, Viceregent and more, Ofdensen maintains an impressive CV. However, it all came down for him when he was convicted for his role in the Andean genocide, and though he was later cleared of his convictions (an issue of great contention among some circle), his insider reputation (that is, his reputation among the internal government of Rokkenjima) never quite recovered. It made any chance of him holding a respectable position in the Rokkenjiman state impossible, unless he could force his way into government. Thus he set his sights on the Centre Party.

The Centre Party was, pre-Ofdensen, mild and inoffensive. Arguing for fiscal responsibility and reasonable management of state and economy, the Centre Party was, as the name describes it, in the centre of politics. Ofdensen changed all of that. His entrance into the party and eventual seizure of it sparked a hitherto unseen change in the partie’s politics. It went from a reasonable, centrist party, with the offensiveness of a wet piece of tissue to what it is now: a right-wing populist party, bent on subverting the democratic process of Rokkenjima.

But what does that actually mean? It is easy to throw buzzwords around, to call Ofdensen a fascist, a communist or a reactionary, but what is he really? The most accurate thing to call him would be a simple populist. Ofdensen has no political ideology himself. He will say whatever will get him elected, and what he believes will get him elected is divisive and controversial takes on all aspects of Rokkenjiman society, from immigration to fiscal policy to government to foreign relations. If there’s a controversial take on Rokkenjiman politics, Ofdensen has likely voiced it. And this is exactly what makes him so dangerous. Ofdensen is a talented speaker, his relatively rapid return to power after his conviction is a testament to that. Every time he opens his mouth, he makes unreasonable ideas seem practical, obvious and simple. He mainstreams fringe ideas, pushing Rokkenjima dangerously close to the right.

But, some of my critics will inevitably cry out, how on Earth can he be a danger, he didn’t even manage to win a majority! And whilst that may be true, he managed to form a government. Now the people are looking to him to deliver his promises of a national revival to Rokkenjima, and if he fails to deliver he will be booted out of power once again. Ofdensen is no fool, he realises that. This is his do or die moment. And as the old saying goes, a cornered snake is when it is the most dangerous. If he fails to achieve his policies, and he feels the noose of public opinion tighten around his neck on the gallows of democracy, he will no doubt consider a coup, revolution or otherwise seizure of power to secure his dominance in Rokkenjiman society. Whilst it is doubtful whether Ofdensen will follow this consideration, the fact the possibility exists shows the danger of putting such a man in power. A Ofdensen government is a better concept than it is an actual practical solution to the nation’s problems, he needed this term to consolidate power legally, and as he failed to gain a majority government, any attempts to pull this off will fail. Ofdensen will not win reelection. He will realise this once the polls shift as the Rokkenjiman people wake up to the very real possibility that he wasn’t all he hyped himself up to be.

In addition to all the domestic implications of Ofdensen’s control, there are also the foreign implications. Ofdensen, simply put, establishes a bad precedent. Populist opportunistic war criminals forming or taking control of radical parties who are not afraid to sprout insurrectionist and reactionary rhetoric is not something the free nations of the world want to see popping up. This issue is impounded by the fact that, to put it bluntly, Rokkenjima is a hegemon. Where Rokkenjima goes, the world often follows not too long after. If Rokkenjima, a classic source of stability for the Mundus, were to fall to Ofdensen, the floodgates would be opened. It would be like knocking out a supporting wall and watching the roof cave in.

However, my critics may cry again, you fear monger and cry and weep about this threat you’ve outlined, yet sit in your armchair, proposing no solution. So I shall address these concerns. The Rokkenjiman political system is one of fine checks and balances, moderated by the stabilising and deradicalising influence of the Anselmos. In there, in faith to the system established by our ancestors, lies the path out. The Imperial Family, seeing any risk of power grabs or the subversion of democracy must take action to remove him, legally. And that includes dissolving the diet and calling new elections if it becomes necessary to save Rokkenjiman democracy. A radical move, sure, but one that may have to be taken in radical times.

This article was written by the GeoPolitik Research Group on the request of the Rokkenjima Broadcasting Corporation and may not represent their views.
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