Author Topic: Announcing The Orderian Revitalization Program  (Read 2397 times)

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Announcing The Orderian Revitalization Program
« on: April 16, 2020, 07:39:04 AM »

Fellow Orderians,

For the past few weeks I've been working on an effort to reforge our Regional Government into a form which will allow for our spheres of role-play and gameplay to co-exist, imposing no pressure upon those who simply wish to RP to participate in regional government and gameplay affairs whilst allowing those who do desire more in the gameplay and governance aspects to take part in them. In the pursuit of this process I also endeavored to streamline the Government of the Independent Order, allowing for an efficient Government which will best represent us at home and abroad. Tonight, I present this plan to you, so that we may discuss it and move towards its adoption.

Orderian Revitalization Program

An Outline For A Reorganized Orderian Government

Section I: Organization And Powers of the Orderian Government
The Government of the Independent Order will be reorganized as follows:
The Chancellery:
The Chancellery will continue to be comprised of the Grand Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor.
The Grand Chancellor will work with the advice and guidance of the Privy Council to direct the policies of the Order, to promote both activity and growth of the Order, and to preserve the assets and cultural treasures of the Order. The Grand Chancellor will serve as the Head of Government and Head of State, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

The Chancellery will represent the 'executive' branch of the Order's Government and will be empowered to act in the best interests of the region. The Grand Chancellor shall act, in their duties as Head of State, as the Order's chief diplomatic agent.
The Privy Council:
The Privy Council shall serve to advise the Grand Chancellor on policy and to operate the office under their purview. The Vice Chancellor shall head the Privy Council, which will be composed of the following Officers of the Order:
Lord Chief Justice
Roleplay Moderator
World Assembly Delegate
Regional Affairs Liaison
The Body Politic:
The Body Politic of the Independent Order will be an assembly comprised of all Orderians for the discussion and debate of the Order's policies, as well as a forum from which the concerns and ideas of Orderians may be presented for the consideration of the regional government.
Section II: Domestic and Foreign Policies of the Order
The Order will maintain a foreign policy of engaging with regions we may cooperate with. With this being said, the Order will not engage with diplomacy or relations with regions who exhibit extremist policies, nor will it entertain relations with regions who disrupt the peace and tranquility of other regions. It will also support the right of all regions to self-determination, while acting (when it is capable of doing so) to dissuade the attempts of other regions to disrupt the domestic tranquility of regions abroad.
Recognizing our population of players who seek only to RP, no burdens or expectations will be imposed upon them to participate in the Regional Government. Those who wish solely to RP may do so, while those who wish to take part in the governance of the region shall be able to do so.
Section III: Repeal Of Obsolete Acts and Amendments To Standing Laws

I will be conducting a review of Orderian Acts and, with the consultation of our regional officers, will determine those which are obsolete and of no further use to the Independent Order. This section will be updated once that process has been completed.

This topic is open for the consideration of any ideas which Orderians may wish to put forward for inclusion in this process. Together, I am confident we will see a year of expanding opportunities for our region as we grow in numbers, and expand our reach into other spheres of regional gameplay.

Beatrice Anselmo
Grand Chancellor of the Independent Order
Empress of the First Empire of Rokkenjima

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