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Queen's Foundation Awards 2022 - Awards Ceremony
« on: November 07, 2022, 05:54:39 PM »
Queens Foundation Awards Ceremony 2022

Charlotte Youngson Chair of the Queen's Foundation

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, once again we come together tonight to recognize, pay tribute to and honour the achievements of the people of Mundus across a variety of fields, this has been quite the year we've seen new international treaties crafted, records tumble, voices of the past heard as their stories are told and advances that push us towards the future both here on Mundus and out in the ocean of the stars beyond our world. So without further ado I present the winners of the Queen's Foundation Awards 2022."

Queen's Foundation Award for Chemistry
Riviere Corporation - for the development of the Sand Battery

Queen's Foundation Award for Physics
Dr Klaus Ragner - for the development of the "pistol shrimp method" in nuclear fusion research

Queen's Foundation Award for Physiology and Medicine
Dr Thomas Campbell and Osman Tech - For the creation of "micro-brains"

Queen's Foundation Award for Literature and Journalism
Phoebe Wolfe - for compiling the first encyclopedia of Achkaerinese patriotic, religious and folk songs.

Queen's Foundation Award for Peace
King David of East Moreland - for putting in place a framework to halt conflicts over historic crimes and bring perpetrators to justice

(Special Citation - While the award for peace is given to King David, as per the Queen's Foundation charter in the case of sole nominees, the Foundation does also commend the efforts of Queen Atalanta of Cassiopeia, King Piripi of the Iwi, King Karlis of Chistopol and Head Gothi Stein Ulfsson in this endeavour) 

Queen's Foundation Award for Economics
Robin Joo - for efforts to ensure no one goes unclothed through expanding their business across multiple nations

Queen's Foundation Award for Engineering
Team Dawnbreaker - for the development of the Electrobreaker and taking the record for an electric powered aircraft

Queen's Foundation Award for Archaeology and Anthropology
Valentin Zima - for mapping, recording, digitising and recreating the Temple of the Goddess in Lodja

Queen's Foundation Award for Mathematics
Magan Gabeyre - For the proof that the E8 lattice provides the densest packing of identical spheres in 8 dimensions, and further contributions to related extremal problems and interpolation problems in Fourier analysis.

Queen's Foundation Award for Climate
TUNA - for continued efforts in rendering the Alucard plastic free.

OOC Explanation - Awards made firstly based on votes and nominations, for any fields without nominees I've then gone looking through RP for potential winners, in the event there's nothing that fits the time frame I've used rl plus a randomly generated name - assume NPC nations for these (this year it's a Zimalian mathematician)