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Sporting Hub / Kvinne Cup 2021
« on: Today at 12:24:46 AM »
Kvinne Cup 2021

The Kvinne Cup is an international tournament for tennis female players held in Amvkhar, Federal Union of Jugland.

Top seeds:
  • Elizabeth Turner (Tytor)
  • Bertha Petersen (Jugland)
  • Alice Walby (Achkaerin)
  • Michelle Kingman (Tytor)
  • Irene Therkildsen (FOA)
  • Christa Lorentzen (FOA)
  • Melody Cartwright (Achkaerin)
  • Walhafryda Henie (Jugland)
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Diplomacy and Events / A Toxic Cloud
« on: May 21, 2021, 10:52:51 PM »
OOC: Anyone is free to participate, you may contact me if you need further information/background. However, it could take a few posts to reach present-day.

Southern eastern Jugland, late December

"The enemy has started to retreat from the city, sir!", captain Tellefsen said. "The fighting has been reduced to the southwestern district, as well as those positions along the forest".

"Excellent", Major Knudtson said. "They shouldn't be able to resist much longer.

"Considering the flow of activity between these two positions", Lieutenant Quisling argued, "they must be connected somehow".

"It makes sense", Knudtson replied. "Do you believe there may be some tunnels running through the hill and forests".

"That could be the case, sir", Tellefsen answered. "It wouldn't be the first time, we saw similar things nearby Hernstadt".

"In that case", Knudtson said, "I'll immediately ask for fire on that area to the Air Force".

"Prepare your men", Knudtson told Tellefsen, "we should be able to launch a final attack soon".

"This will be likely the last action of this war", he continued, "let's hope we don't suffer many casualties".

Two hours later, all was over. Captain Quisling descended from his jeep. The town couldn't be seen from there. There were only a few wooden buildings, in which seemed to be an old farm. He could observe about two dozens of enemies, knelt and disarmed now, guarded by Juglander soldiers. He realized that many of them were just teenagers.

"Captain!", a soldier said. "The enemy has surrendered...".

"Good job", the captain replied. "What's the issue then?".

"There seems to be something strange...", the soldier insisted. "In that stable, maybe we should wait for help".

"What happened?", Quisling insisted.

"It seems to be an infirmary", a second soldier explained. "However, it looks and smells like a pigpen...Most of the patients are dead, but given the state of those alive, we did not dare to move them".

"What do you mean?, Quisling asked. "Where is that infirmary?".

"That old stable, sir", the soldier replied.

"Alright", Quisling said, "let's take a look".

"Yes, sir", the soldier replied.

They approached the stable. With the help of a second soldier, they started to open the wooden door.

"Don't open that!", a prisoner screamed. "Don't dare to open it!"

"Silence!", one soldier replied. However, as soon as they door as opened, they felt wrapped in an alive and moving cloud.

"What the...", Quisling exclaimed. "Disgusting!", he added when he realized what was those annoying things, while shaking them from his arms and body.

Diplomacy and Events / A Crowned Island (Open RP)
« on: May 15, 2021, 02:16:27 PM »

Private communication

As you probably know, the state assembly of the State of Emrta, elected by the people of Emrta and under the powers and rights granted by the constitution of the Federal Union of Jugland, after recovered the self-government that it was lost in 1901, has decided to restore the Charter of Amvkhar (1849), incorporated in the State Constitution of the State of Emrta, which was recently approved and ratified by both the legislative bodies -both state and federal- as well as the people of Emrta through a referendum.

Therefore I announce, as Governor of Emrta, under the Article 14 of the state constitution of the State of Emrta, the proclamation of the Grand-Duchy of Emrta, as a constituent member state of the Federal Union of Jugland. For that reason, I invite you to attend, to the ceremony of proclamation of the first constitutional ruler of our state. We hope that this modest ceremony, which will be held in the state assembly and a subsequent dinner in the Varselgodt Palace, where the original Charter of Amvkhar was signed 172 years ago, which we hope that will symbolize a new promising future of unity and reconciliation for our people in both Emrta and the Federal Union of Jugland as a whole.

For any other information or communication on this issue, you can address both to my Office and the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Union of Jugland.

Yours sincerely
Amalberaht Oppegard
Office of the Governor of the State of Emrta, Federal Union of Jugland

OOC: Anyone who has realistic grounds to be invited, is welcomed to participate. The event will likely start on Thursday.

Diplomacy and Events / Red Nightfall along the Alucard
« on: April 17, 2021, 08:27:32 PM »

Message to the Folkerepublik Řst Albion (Private communication)

Our parliamentary group was invited to participate in the "Caravan of Change", which involves NGOs, human rights campaigners, and progressive social movements from several countries, and which will visit several northern and eastern Albion nations during the month of April, including your own.

We would be grateful if a delegation from our parliamentary group were able to meet with representatives of your government, as well as the Marxist-Marcussism Party, as we are highly interested to know from first hand the innovative political system established in the F.O.A. and the advances your people has experienced and led in the last decades.

Your sincerely, brotherly greetings,

Albrekt Thorstvedt, Chairman of the Workers Democratic Party
Workers Democracy parliamentary group
National Assembly, Federal Union of Jugland

Press Offices / Jugland's Department of Foreign Affairs
« on: April 10, 2021, 04:46:45 PM »
Federal Union of Jugland

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Note: Only recommended to post your messages her if they are a direct reply/commentary to any public statement published in this thread.

Sporting Hub / Jugland Sports Network (OOC Signups)
« on: March 01, 2021, 08:24:50 PM »
Jugland Sports Network, Media Center

Jugland Sports Network (JSNN) is an enterntainment group based in Jugland. The company, established in 2009 and relaunched in late 2020, operates as both a promoter of sport events and a media group which owns several sporting magazines and websites.

OOC explanation: Announcements from Jugland's sport events will be posted in this thread, in case anyone is interested to join. Read the last(s) post(s) for more (updated) information.

List of events: [TBD]

Diplomacy and Events / Crossing the Illuminic (Jugland, East Moreland)
« on: February 28, 2021, 12:12:55 AM »

From the Federal Union of Jugland

A message from the Office of the National Council - Private communication

The Federal Union of Jugland would be interested to improve and advance the current existing relation between our nation. Although during the last century the economical and social flow between our country and Alba Karinya was not as large as it was in the past, we recognize the leading and important role that East Moreland plays in both Alba Karinya and the international community.

For that reason, we communicate that we will be willing to send a delegation to your country, in the date that would suit better your government, to improve our diplomatic standing, clarify our differences in both bilateral and international affairs -if there were any-, and explore cooperation in the fields of trade, diplomacy, security, and cultural affairs, between others.

For such occasion, we would gladly receive any suggestion or indication you may offer.

Yours sincerely,
Office of the National Council
Federal Union of Jugland

Character Guides / ABC of Jugland
« on: January 03, 2021, 12:09:02 PM »
ABC of Jugland

Who's Who in the Federal Union of Jugland (Character Guide)

List of main and secondary characters
(by order of appearance)
NameAgeProfessionPolitical affiliationNotesStatusMore info
King Khrym I    1974    Monarch / Royal family   NoneKing Khrym ruled the Kingdom of Jugland from 2014 to 2020   ActiveExiled in Achkaerin
Princess Mildgyd1987    Royal family   NoneRoyal Princess from the House of Welhaven-Goltzam  ActiveInner Jugland (Vignettes)
Hekneby-Ostraat, Redsamlina1984   Nobility NoneMarried to King Khrym's cousin, the late Duke of OslanderActive-
Midtvedt, Lars   1974    Politics   National Democratic Party    Military leader of the National Army during the civil war, member of the National Council   ActiveSecretary of National Security
Skouen, Johannes    1962    Politician   National Democratic PartyMP, Member of the National Council   ActiveSecretary of Transport, Energy and Communications
Engelsaas, Eadwald   1949    Armed Forces / Politics   Reform MovementPresident of the Provisional Government, 2020-2021   ActiveChairman of the Federal Committee for Security and National Defense
Kvalheim, Burkhardt   1959    Armed Forces / Politics   Reform MovementMinister of Foreign Affairs, 2020-2021; President of the National Council (2021-)   ActiveSecretary of Foreign Affairs
Nygaard, Grimwaldyna  1984    Politician  Federal Democratic PartyMember of the National Council and co-chairman of the Federal Democratic Party ActiveSecretary of Justice and Federal Affairs
Astrup-Wassmo, Gottwyna Waldys   1970   Clergy   NoneSupreme Priestess of the Order of WerdenActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Albyna  .   Clergy   None.   ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Astrid  .   Clergy   None.   ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Roza   .   Clergy   None.   ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Unna   .   Clergy  None.   ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Lovenskold, Hildegard   .   Clergy  None.   ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Njerve, Asketyll Leutwyn                 1970  Armed Forces             None/UnknownArmed Forces (1982-2020),  Director of the Federal Information Agency (2021-)
ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Skagestad, Mannwald   .   Politician   Reform MovementGovernor of Vantarr (2020-2021)...   ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Haugen, Theudbald Anthonsen1969   Doctor   NoneDoctor at the Orkdalane Military Hospital ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Sigivald  .   Armed ForcesNone.   ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Amalric   .   Armed ForcesNoneBorn in Isoldmark  ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Vaaler, Lamprecht  1991 Armed Forces / DiplomatNone / UnknownJuglander ambassador to Fleur since 2021ActiveFleur-Jugland meeting
Skram, Heimarr1966 NobilityNone / UnknownHe works as Princess Mildgyd's personal assistantActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignette)
Soltstad, Gerulf1955 PoliticianSolidarity and ConvergenceMember of Emrta's state assemblyActiveInner Jugland (Vignettes)
Mikelsen, Jo Ragna  1984  EmployeeNone / UnknownGerulf Solstad's personal secretaryActiveInner Jugland (Vignettes)
Okern, Odilia1980EmployeeNone / UnknownHousekeeper for the Welhaven-Goltzam since 2016ActiveInner Jugland (Vignettes)
Tordenskjold, Hraban1944BusinessUnknownOwned of a controversial publishing houseActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Meyn, Waramund1955Writer and activistUnknownFormer intelligence analyst, he is better known for writing books and literature about religion and ufologyActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Herbjornsrud, Gerhilda Ewa1978PoliticsFreedom PartyShe is the widow of Ragnbjorg Herbbjornsrud, founder of the Freedom PartyActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Larsen, Goldric1974Armed Forces / ActivismFreedom PartyHe joined the armed forces in the 2000s, until 2019ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes) / Inner Jugland (Vignettes)
Dedichen, Hermann 1971  PoliticianFreedom PartyMember of the National AssemblyActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes) / Inner Jugland (Vignettes)
Moen, Erwyn1970JournalistFreedom party (allegedly)He has published several books on religion and spiritualitStatusInner Jugland (Vignettes)
Hexum, Giselmund  1976  Armed ForcesNoneLieutenant in the Royal Armed Forces, Deputy Minister of Homeland (2020-2021)  ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Alvestrand, Mannwald1978  Business / PoliticsNational Democratic PartyFounder of Skjolda Security IndustriesActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes) / Skjolda Inc.
Aalien, Horsarr Wulfgang  1970  Armed ForcesReform MovementMinistry of Defense (2020-2021)ActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Tandberg, Germund1983Armed ForcesUnknownHe participated in the March insurrection. Currently in prisonActiveInner Jugland (Vignettes)
Garborg, Germund  1962 JudiciaryNone / UnknownFederal Attourney GeneralActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Kjaerstad, Hramnberaht  1980 Armed Forces and JudiciaryUnknownJoined the Department of Justice on April 2021, heading the Albrektberg First DistrictActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Zapffe, Albyna1990JudiciaryNoneA prosecutor from AlbrektbergActiveThe Soul of Jugland (Vignettes)
Oppegard, Amalberaht1954PoliticianAutonomous Movement for EmrtaGovernor of the Grand-Duchy of EmrtaActiveInner Jugland (Vignettes)
Behn, Hughardt1969   Politician   Reform MovementDeputy Minister of Defense (September 2020-February 2021)   ActiveA Toxic Cloud
Tellefsen, A.  .   Armed Forces  None / UnknownCaptain in the Juglander armed forces   ActiveA Toxic Cloud
Knudson, W..Armed ForcesNone / UnknownMajor in the Juglander armed forcesActiveA Toxic Cloud
Quisling, M..Armed ForcesNone / UnknownCaptain in the Juglander armed forcesActiveA Toxic Cloud
Fosse, B.1962DoctorNone / UnknownAn experienced doctor at the Gronthap hospital, southeastern JuglandActiveA Toxic Cloud
Burgten, Deorwyna1979DoctorNone / UnknownShe works at the Gronthap hospital.ActiveA Toxic Cloud
Leonhardsen, Gerhnod1966ScientistNone / UnknownHe works at the Sandberg Center for Health Research and ControlActiveA Toxic Cloud
Skanke, Rosemund1984EmployeeNone / UnknownShe works at the Sandberg Center for Health Research and Control since late 2020ActiveA Toxic Cloud
Karlsrud, Fryda1988  ScientistNone / UnknownShe works at the Sandberg Center for Health Research and Control as a forensic surgeonActiveA Toxic Cloud
Hagerod, Wydukind1971ScientistNone / UnknownExpert on biological medicine at the Sandberg Center for Health Research and ControlActiveA Toxic Cloud
Rekdal, Ewald1979   ScientistNone / UnknownChemist working for the Ministry of Defense since 2018ActiveA Toxic Cloud
Kragmann, M. .Armed ForcesReform MovementMilitary official with the rank of MajorActiveA Toxic Cloud
Amundsen, Berahtrand1958Armed Forces / PoliticianReform MovementMinister of Defense (September 2020-February 2021)   ActiveA Toxic Cloud
Harelde, Aldwin1990Armed ForcesNone / UnknownAir Force pilotActiveA Toxic Cloud

Spoiler: show
Code: [Select]
[td][b]Positions held[/b][/td][td].[/td]
[td][b]Current position[/b][/td][td].[/td]
[td][b]Political affiliation[/b][/td][td].[/td]

Vignettes / Inner Jugland
« on: December 07, 2020, 02:31:23 PM »

The Road to Emrta

Time goes by...And still, events lately seem to unleash so fast. It was, of course, like that once, when all this chaos started to hasten on our country. I suppose this was the same for everyone...obviously in different ways. I remember how everyone seemed so abstract, but reality slowly starts to reach everyone, it doesn't matter how distant our lives may seem...

"Your Royal Highness, we are arriving", Heimarr said.

"Ah yes", Mildgyd replied. "Is that black building, Heimarr? I have never seen it before".

"Yes, Ma'am", Heimarr answered. "This area was recently expanded, I believe. Many companies have established in the district in the last months. At leas that what I heard".

"I see, Heimarr", Mildgyd replied.

This city feels sometimes like a strange oasis at this complicated times. I wonder how the rest of the country feel about it.

"We have arrived", Heimarr said, while parking the car.

"Thank you", Mildgyd said as soon as Heimarr opened the door.

Economics and Industry / Skjolda Inc. - Security Industries
« on: November 10, 2020, 06:02:33 PM »

Skjolda Security Industries Inc.


Skjolda Inc. is a private security company established in Jugland in 2019. Skjolda provides security services to governments, private companies and individuals on a contractual basis. The company has a large training center in Brunnmark, Jugland, and it plans to open another three training centers in the country in the coming months. Since its founding, Skjolda Inc. has large experience as security provider including providing training and bodyguards as well as anti-narcotics operation in collaboration with law enforcement agencies in Southeasterrn Jugland.

Skjolda Inc. was established by Juglander businessman Mannwald Alvestrand. The current CEO of the company is Otto Ermen Danielssen, a retired military officer.

OOC warning - Controversies

The founder of the company, Mannwald Alvestrand, was under warrant by Juglander authorities for several years until recently, being accused of funding the National Army, the largest rebel armed faction in the Jugland civil war. Ragnar Hassel, a former Alvestrand's associate, was allegedly involved in funding the Revolutionary Liberation Front, an armed group created by former members of the National Army, which was involved in terror attacks and war crimes. However, Alvestrand denied any relation with such group. Many Skjolda Inc. employees were identified as former fighters from the National Army and other rebel groups, as well as former officers from Jugland armed forces.

A local newspaper accused Skjolda Inc. of smuggling goods and weapons abroad through a subsidiary company. The company denied such claims and Skjolda Inc. sued the newspaper for libel.

Services provided

Skjolda Inc. offers tactics and weapons training to military, government, law enforcement and security agencies. Skjolda Inc. employees are willing to travel to offer such training, as well as offering enrollment courses, from hand to hand combat, firearm shooting, and tactical and off-road driving in our Training Center.

Skjolda Inc. employees can also be hired for protection of buildings or people. Many Skjolda Inc. employees have a military background with real conflict experience.

Skjolda Inc. also offers security consulting and intelligence analyst support for companies and governments.

Skjolda Inc. also offers transportation and logistics services. This service may include the sale of weaponry and other goods not be available for government and state agencies in some cases.

If you are intersted to hire any services from Skjolda Inc., you can post below. A template and example is gived as reference below.

Spoiler: show
Name(Name of the customer - Person/Company/Organization/Government
Country(The country where the customer is based in)
Services hired(Training / Protection / Security consulting / Transport / Weaponry) You can choose several
Reason(Why do you need to hire Skjolda Inc. services?)
More info(any extra information about the customer and the services hired that you want to add)

Quote from: Example
Name: Jugland Teachers Union
Country: Jugland
Services hired: Training and Weaponry
Reason: To protect our schools
More info: We have 2,000 teachers from 200 schools

Vignettes / The Soul of Jugland
« on: October 18, 2020, 09:09:54 PM »

Rodfestnes Palace, Hernstadt

"Such a silence!", Albyna said with her voice still shivering. "Has it already ended?".

"I hope so", Roza replied. "But what does that mean now? What is going to happen?".

"Someone is approaching...", Astrid added. "I can hear the steps. They are coming closer...".

"Be calm, girls", Gottwyna said with calm but barely lively voice. "Let's just wait".

"Yes, Your Highness", the young women replied in unison.

"Captain! Captain! Come here" could be heard after the main door was knocked down and a group of armed men entered into the cellar.

"Don't worry ladies", one of the men said, "you are safe now".

"Oh", the man who just entered the room said, "could this be possible? Be careful with your language!".

"Sorry, sir", the younger man replied.

"Can you move?", the captain said. "Perfect", he continued as some of the young women nodded their head, "come with us, we have already the situation under control, we'll take you back to home as soon as possible".

Economics and Industry / Emrta Economic Forum
« on: October 15, 2020, 01:43:40 PM »

Emrta Economic Forum

The Emrta Economic Forum is an economic conference and trade show, hosted in the city of Amvkhar, Jugland, sponsored by Amvkhar local government. The event is inspired in the Albrektberg International Initiative, an annual international conference which stopped to be held in 2014.

The aim of the Emrta Economic Forum is to gather those governments, organizations, companies, and investors interested in participate in the Reconstruction, state-building, and economic development of Jugland.

You can post below if you are interested to participate directly in the reconstruction and development of the country. Just to have an idea which nations would be interested to have a closer relation to Jugland or willing to have influence. I included a template in the spoiler below to make it easier (but you may post any kind of IC official communication or statement as well if you prefer so). Thanks.  :)

Spoiler: Template • show

[quote]Name: (Name of your government/company/organization/other)]
Nation: (Name of the nation)
Interested in:(Choose those you are interested:
#1 Investing in Jugland
#2 Takeover/investing in Juglander companies
#3 Loan to Jugland government
#4 Buying Jugland government's bonds
#5 Donation to the Jugland Reconstruction Fund)
#6 Other (such as humanitarian aid, scholarships programs, etc, anything you have in mind)

(You can choose several if you wish - Specify the amount if possible)

More information: (if you would like a meeting with the government, set conditions for the offer, or any other information you'd like to provide)

Quote from: Example
Name:Bank of Independent Order
Interested in:#5 Donation to the Jugland Reconstruction Fund ($100 million)
More information:None

War and Conflict / Jugland national war
« on: November 02, 2019, 01:47:11 PM »
Note: Anyone who is willing to participate is invited to do so - I plan this RP as an open scenario with two possible outcomes (one default and an alternative one). Before doing so, though, you can write me a PM for any questions or ideas.

Albrektberg, Headquarters of Jugland's Royal Armed Forces

"Welcome, Sir", the young man said, "Major-General Egor Meremam arrived a few minutes ago".

"Good", General Sepp Nupekam replied. "Told him to wait in my main office. We have still two hours before the general meeting this afternoon", he added before moving toward the main hall.

"I'm glad to see you again", Sepp told Egor as soon he entered into the room, "although certainly not in such circumstances".

"Yes, Sir", Egor said. "I was just informed that our men were attacked on our way to Nasvnga".

"I know", Sepp answered. "They have denied any involvement, but nobody can believe their word anymore".

"Anyway", Egor said, "how was your meeting with His Majesty?".

"Well, I was offered the position of the Prime Minister", Sepp answered. "As you may have heard, the Prime Minister resigned this morning".

"I know very well it is not an easy task", Egor said. "Did you accept?".

"Nothing is official so far", Sepp replied indiferently, while switching on a screen. A map of the country appeared. "I recommend you to organize our forces in Nasvnga".

"It will be a honour that I didn't expect, Sir", Egor answered.

"It won't be an easy task either", Sepp said. "I have confidence and trust in your capabilities. And the monarch seems to agree, despite everything".

"In any case", Sepp continue, "we will have a lot of work to do here, before our forces are prepared to recover and move forward. Fortunately, the enemy is not likely to advance for a while".

"Indeed", Egor replied. "In some way, taking Rangingta will be a sort of punishment, as soon as we are able to organise ourselves and attack with all our force".

"While the southern provinces remain safe, we will have to face a more serious challenge in the eastern provinces", Sepp continued. "Meanwhile, the western provinces remain under our control, we have been weakened as I was forced to transfer our troops toward here and Rangingta to deter the advance of the enemy. We'll have to rely on the United League militias to keep order and defend those lands".

"Will Kepp remain here?", Egor suddenly asked.

"I had the chance of meeting him yesterday", Sepp answered. "I have told the king that Kepp would do a better service leading our forces in the west. As you may know, he has still a great confidence in him".

"That's my understanding", Egor replied. "20 days is not a long time", we have to do a lot to change the current situation".

"You can retire now", Sepp told Egor. "You have probably tired and some rest would make you good. We'll have time to discuss the situation again tomorrow".

Sepp switched the screen off and simply waited until his secretary came back.

"Call palace and confirm I will be there at 8:00 am", he told her.

"Yes, Sir", she said before leaving.


International News Networks / Juglander Review
« on: November 01, 2019, 11:53:21 AM »
Juglander Review

Juglander Review, established more than a century ago, is the oldest newspaper and magazine in Jugland.

Spoiler: show
Code: [Select]
[center][size=24pt][b]Juglander Review[/b][/size][/center]

Factbooks and Maps / Factbook of Jugland
« on: November 01, 2019, 11:24:47 AM »
Factbook of Jugland


Jugland is a nation-state in Cotf Aranye. The Kingdom of Jugland was established in the medieval ages, and it was ruled through most of his history by the House of Namnedam, established by King Merem the Brave. Except during the short-lived First Republic period (1901-1906), the monarchy endured in Jugland from ancient times to the 21th century. However, the kingdom found itself involved into a political crisis which led to the Six-Year civil War, which eventually led to the abdication of King Khrym I and the establishment of the Federal Union of Jugland after a complicated peace agreement.

The people of Jugland are largely homogeneous, with most coming from the original tribes that made up the Kingdom of Jugland centuries ago, except in the eastern and northern areas which were occupied by several rival countries, including Jugland, along several colonial settlements in coastal areas, through history. The name 'Jugland' derives from an old word in ancient Csleta language meaning "southern lands". The Csleta language (also known as Csletian) is the official language in the country, spoken by most of their inhabitants.

Government Type: Federal Republic
Head of State & Head of Government: National Council (collective head of state/government)
Population: 59,051,000
Capital City:  Midstenstadt
Demonym: Juglander
Currency: Sedr(es)
GDP per Capita: $15,101
Ethnicity: Juglander 94%; Other Coft Aranye ethnicities 5%; Others 1%
Languages: Csleta / Csletian (official language)
Religions: Order of Werden (majority religion), others

Vignettes / From Stykkaeyjar to Tavík
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:55:22 PM »

Tavík, Eyrifjorduric Federation

It had been a calm month for Lúdvik Gudmuntursson since he was replaced as President of the Republic of Narthaur by his own political heir, elected president Baldur Steinnsson. Notwithstanding, he had remained as Chairman of the National Democratic Party, although it was unclear if he was going to remain for long in that post after leaving office.

"Mr. Lüdvik", his secretary suddenly announced, "Mister Fannar Erlendursson has just arrived".

"Excellent", Lúdvik simply replied. "Tell him to enter immediately to enter to my office".

Lúdvik greeted Fannar Erlendursson coldy. "Glad to see you again, please sit down".

"What does it bring you to Tavík?", Lúdvik asked.

"I am coming here because we need to prepare our federal campaign, I am sure you are well aware of that. But I have other things in mine when I asked you this meeting".

"Go ahead", Lúdvik replied.

"Eiríkur Haraldursson is in your list to the assembly", Fannar bluntly said. "There are rumours that he will be a candidate to the Eyrifjorduric Council".

"I can not confirm you that, as you may understand", Lúdvik said. "But Eiríkur is an experienced diplomat. We are certainly honoured we decided to join us".

"That is what I was afraid of", Fannar replied. "Not only it is well-known that he is a Catholic, but he has been ambassador in Celestis the last decade. That's not a nomination we would approve".

"I am not sure about Eiríkur's beliefs", Lúdvik answered, "but that's not the point. I don't know him personally, but I only heard positive comments in the ministry".

"Look", Lúdvik continued after a pause. "I will be busy as well as consequence of the campaign and I will have to leave Tavík this afternoon. Next week, I will be at my home in Stykkaeyjar. Come to visit, and send any of your men, and we will discuss this and other issues in detail. There is room for a new cooperation between our parties, I can't think why that couldn't be the case".

Diplomacy and Events / In a Heavenly Mission (ES)
« on: April 23, 2018, 03:10:20 PM »

Eiríkur Haraldursson had been Eyrifjorduric ambassador in the Ecclesiastical State for the last six years. It seemed just another day until his secretary suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

"There is a call from Eyrifjorduric Council, Mr. Ambassador", she said.

"Very well, Unnar", Ambassador Eiríkur Haraldursson said. "I will reply immediately".

Eyrifjorduric Federation

To the Ecclesiastical State:

It is our will and believe that both our nations have much to offer and gain of an strengthening of our relations. We consider that it would not be a better moment that this year, now once the 50th anniversary of the year in which our states wisely decided to reestablish full diplomatic relations again. For that reason, we offer to send -if you government consider such well-meaning gesture- the first official diplomatic visit of the Eyrifjorduric Federation to the Ecclesiastical State, as soon as your government considers necessary.

We hope that an improvement on our diplomatic, economic, trade relations -and other affairs you consider necessary to discuss during such visit.

Syndur Geirrsson, President of the Eyrifjorduric Council
Eyrifjorduric Federation

Vignettes / Toward the Middle City
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Federal city of Midverslund

While Fannar and Gudmuntur had been invited at the party at Hotel Magnús, they had different plans. Their car left the central district, soon entering the Midvogur borough. The grey and small buildings of the neighborhood, including a few remaining stone constructions, contrasted with the modern central district. If it were a more gloomy day, probably the contrast could have been a bit depressing. Although it was raining, it was a rather a dull day.

"There is nothing to do there. I am glad the election is over, I couldn't stand another three weeks", Fannar said as soon as their taxi stopped in front of Dymkur Club.

They advanced through the dense smoke. As soon as one of the waiters recognized Gudmuntur, they were invited to the VIP zone, which was barely more than just a podium nearby one of the corners of the club.

"Now we have serious things to deal with", Gudmuntur said once the waitress left after bringing the two cocktails. "Let's hope there will not be surprises".

While they were talking, the alternate chill out and dark music was followed by silence. A young woman wearing unisex clothing approached the stage after her name was announced. She timidly started to play her acoustic guitar and to sing a rhythmic melody with a deep voice.

"Even if everything goes alright in Stykkaeyjar, I am concerned abou the situation in Tavík", Fannar said. "You should tell your brother that our future will depend if they take the city this year. I will cause use serious problems if they fail...Now let me go to the toilet".

A blue-haired woman approached the table. She had a small basket in one of ther hands. "What do you want, girl?", Gudmuntur asked.

"It is just twenty-five peningars", she said while leaving a homemade CD on the table.

"Alright", Gudmuntur gruntly replied. "You can keep the change", he added, after leaving a bill on the table and just before he put the CD inside his jacket.

International News Networks / Eyrifjorduric Review
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Eyrifjorduric Review

Eyrifjorduric Review, established in 1988, provides readers with daily updates of news from the Eyrifjorduric Federation, as well as reports on Eyrifjorduric traditions, history, culture and sports.

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Factbooks and Maps / Eyrifjorduric Federation
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Eyrifjorduric Federation | Eyrifjordurbaer Ríkjabandalag

Motto:- "It is never dark enough"
National Anthem:- "Lag af hugrakkur"


The history of Eyrifjordur, as the country is also known, began with the settlement by explorers from Albion and Alba Karinya, in the 13th century. Eyrifjordur was still uninhabited, unlike most of Coft Aranye. The country obtained independence in 1818. After the constitutional convention of 1843, a monarchy was established and the country was renamed as the Northern Kingdom. Ulrik Vandenburg, also known as Ulrik I the Wise, became King the next year and the Vandenburg Dinasty was established, and the country expanded to southern lands. After being invaded and occupied for a few years in late 19th century, Eyrifjordur regained independence in 1901, under a second dinasty. After the 1904 political crisis, the country was split and the Republic of Narthaur (originally the United States of Narthaur) was established. In 1911, King Konrad III abdicated, and the Northern Kingdom would be abolished in 1914. The Eyrifjorduric Federation would be established in 1918, unifying the Republic of Narthaur with the former territories of the Northern Kingdom, following the approval of the Constitution of Eyrifjordur in early 1918.

Since then, the Eyrifjorduric Federation has remained as a confederation of several territories, of which Narthaur (where is located the capital city of the federation) remains the largest and most populated one. The federal government is mostly on charge of trade, defense, and foreign policy, as every territory retains their own constitution, parliament, and regional government.

Government Type: Confederation
Population: 97,127,881.
Capital City: Tavik
Demonym: Eyrifjorduric
Other names: Eyrifjordur

Currency: Peningar (EyP)
GDP per Capita:  $44,121
Unemployment Rate: 4%
Main Industries: Banking, fishing, forestry, mining industry.

Languages: Eyrifjorduric (97%), Tseemeegian language (5%).
Ethnicity: Eyrifjorduric (89%), Tseemtxias people (6%), Other.
Religion: Hrothgard Church (42%), other Christian denominations (24%), Folk native religion (4%), Odinism (5%), Non-religious/Agnostic/Atheism (19%), Other.

Official name: Eyrifjorduric Federation
Capital city: Tavik
Official language: Eyrifjorduric
Recognized languages: Tseemeegian language
Type of Government: Multi-party parliamentary directorial federation
Government: Eyrifjorduric Council (federal government)
Head of State and government: Bjartur Hrafnsson, President of the Eyrifjorduric Council
Legislature: Federal Council
  • Lower House: National Assembly
  • Upper House: Senate


The Eyrifjorduric Federation consists of four states, two federal cities and one federal territory. Each member state has its individual structure for further subdivisions.

Republic of NarthaurStykkaeyjarSemi-presidential republic46,920,219
State of HöfnárblárHöfnárjavíkParliamentary republic18,454,297
Grand-Duchy of VestlandVestfellbaerConstitutional monarchy14,569,182
State of NýttgrundEskárkrókurParliamentary republic5,827,673
TavíkTavíkFederal city7,097,788
MidverslundMidverslundFederal city2,913,836
Protectorate of TsevdarsvaedyKevadaFederal territory74,769

Introductions / Hello
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After a quite long pause, I am willing to Roleplay again, so I decided to stop here for another try.  I recognized a few names, so (maybe) some of you remember me, my nation was Ndambia back then. I hope anyway we'll have some fun soon.  See you later (hopefully).  :)

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