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Emperor Orion had brought quite the Large Entourage along the the Audience after the meeting. Aside from Albrecht and his Aunt, there was Augustin and causing surprise among the Press home, there was Prince Sebastian, two Classmates of Sebastian, and one of their Teachers.

"So, we talked about this?" Orion glanced them over: "And Augustin, no petting. Yes i know. But no. He isn't a Rabbit. And don't try to get Rhiannon to do so."

"Yeeees." Augustin groaned, glancing over to Sebastians Classmates with a cheecky grin: "Whatever it is Augustin, no." Albrecht chimed in, all the while Adelheid chuckled: "Let's be honest, knowing Rhiannon if she is anywhere near you won't stop her anyway."

Sebastian had brought his Violin, looking nervously at Orion: "What if this wont work?" who gave the oldest of his nephews a strong Pat on the Shoulder, even though he was barely a couple centimeters taller and went to the same school:

"Even if, we have those two with us. You won't summon something this big anyway."

King Finley had left the Audience room as Orion moved in first, wearing his Purple Toga and golden wreath:

"Congratulations King David, and Queen Stasya." he smiled, before sighing: "I'd wish i was just here for pleasantries, but i am rather sure you heard the Rumors..."

Albrecht took out an Envelope with Printouts, clearing them out onto a Table: "You can see Pictures from some Months ago. I'm sure you heard of this incident - people claiming to have seen a literal dragon for some mere minutes descending onto the City."

From odd angles and Far away, the Pictures where put to see: "That is. This is the Second incident. And it wasn't all there is to this." He took a second envelope, and held it too David: "Please don't let Rhiannon see that. It's our Investigators Pictures from some Students mauled by a Were-Creature. A Were Rat to be Precise. Bullets jumped off it's skin like they where water dropplets. As you can see, it was stabbed to death with pieces of a silvered mirror in the end."

"And that Dragon was rather real." Orion chimed in: "It tried to summon itself to Mundus, with the Help of his Son who used Sebastian's innate Abilities."

The Teacher raised his hand: "Well, one of his Sons." as his skin hardened to scales and turned to Bronze color. He easily grew two Decimeter in size, formed a maw and kneeled down, his tail trailing behind him: "I'm sorry since i am only a Dragon Born, and not a full dragon."

"No one would call you 'only' a Dragon Born, Lord Epoch." Adelheid added, chuckling: "My designers are very keen on making clothes for you. You present an unseen challenge. Same goes for those two." She nodded to the other students: "Your Turn."

"If i may." Orion chimed in: "This is Korosuya and Shippai of the Eternal Legion..."

The two of them snapped their Fingers and knelt next to the Dragonborn. The Girl turned into a Sort of anthropomorphic Tiger, with stripped fur across her Face, and elongated Paws like fingers, with the Boy becoming a Bunny, Patches of Orange and Black on his Fur and two Large Ears flopping over his face, he quickly moved to the side.

Augustin had a visible hard time not trying to go over to the two.

"They are my classmates, not Pets." Sebastian hissed, nodding to Orion, as he walked up to the king: "If you'd allow. I'd summon the last Attende." with the back of his bow, where he had installed a small sharp edge, Sebastian cut his own hand, bleeding some drops of his blood onto the Violin before playing the Melody of the Christian Gloria in Exclesis Deo.

The room Lights up bright, for a Brief moment Blindingly so, as now a Tall man with waving long silver Hair and Pointed ears in a White Robe stood in the middle of the Room, slowly unfolding Six white Wings from his Back:

"Your Majesty, if i may Introduce myself. I am Cassiel, Arch Angel of Time. And i am most certain Helus and the other Gods of Mundus are about to wake up soon. Chronos has already arrived in Uburzis."


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