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It is the 41st Millenium, and Mankind dies upon the stars. It has been a millennium since the Emperor, Master of Mankind, was betrayed and struck down by his favourite son, the Primarch Horus. Since then the Imperium of Man has been beset on all sides by various foes, only surviving through its fanaticism to the Emperor. The vastness of the galaxy and the Imperium allows there to be many different cultures and battles, allowing for a great variety of wars, tales and men.
OOC- Im trying to create a 40k RP, but Im not sure how start it. If youd like to create an open RP with characters, (for example a negotiation for trade goods between two different Imperial planets, a group of Space Marines purging a Space Hulk, an Ork drag race or even a group of guardsmen defending a vital area from an overwhelming swarm of Tyranids) you can try that, because I sure have no idea where to start. Alternatively you could just create profiles and short stories for various battles and factions.

OOC - adjusted this for an OOC thread.

My advice would be to generate an initial scenario within the universe maybe have something of value on a planet that the different factions all seek to obtain, or something mysterious happens somewhere, a battle rages on the frontier etc. That gives a starting point. Now it's been a while but I do have a fair bit of knowledge of the 40K universe so I'm happy to come up with that starting point.

For a suggestion, I'd like to throw in a Genstealer Cult uprising in the depths of an underhive, meaning the Arbites have to deal with them.


If you would like to take part in the suggested 40k rp, please note interest and a character you would like to play

--- Code: ---Name-
Rank/organisation- (you don't have to fill this one in)
Brief Description-
--- End code ---
if you want to cooperate with existing players to create character relationships, feel free.

Once/if we have 5 or more people we can begin. (it would be greet if anyone who wanted to take part could submit it by the 20th of August.)

This will hopefully work as a squad style RP in purging/investigating the underhives for Genestealer cultists, for numerous factions. You could also be a Genestealer trying to stop others from interfering etc.

Oh and the enemies, the genestealer cults:
GW model page

what the setting will be like

More clarifications:
This is happening on a hive world
Preferably no OP psykers
No stupidly strong guns
Any other queries ping me on discord
Any other alternatives or things you would like please let me know


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