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The Hive World of Tetris Dominus is located in the Tetris system. It is a planet utterly infested by humanity, being home to several gigantic Hive Cities, each containing billions of human souls. One such Hive is Dominus Alpha.
In the upper spires of the Hives lies the rich and the privileged, men and women so used to lives and comfort that the souls which toil and starve below them on a daily basis are as alien as the Necrons or Orks.
Below them lies the majority of the Hive's citizens. Here men and women live and die working the many factories, producing mankind's weapons against the xenos, Heretic and Daemon, all without ever seeing the sky.
Below them, are the underhives, where those at the bottom of society dwell and die. Slums stretch into the distance, gangs wage bloody war and men lie dying. This is where the scum of humanity best breeds.

160 years, a small detachment of the Adeptus Astartes force, the Deathwatch, aided by Inquisitor Aeolus, landed on Tetris Dominus and delved into Dominus Alpha, following a rumour suggesting that a genestealer cult had wormed its way into society. They were never heard of again.

Now new rumours have emerged, prompting investigation by the forces of the local PDF.
An Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus and their retinue have come to find out what happened to the late Inquisitor Aeolus.
A tech Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus has been alerted to the situation and travelled there.

OOC-making a change, since i realised the minor difficulty of getting enemies and interactions, I'll be controlling all npcs. If you chaps could start moving your characters around I can start doing interactions.

Captain Geois, leader of Hive Dominus Alpha Adeptus Arbites teams leant against some crates, sucking a pipe. Besides him stood Valius Merin and his assigned squad of PDF troops. They were waiting for a dropship to arrive. They has stood there for a good 10 minutes, apparently the valkyrie their “guests” were arriving in had a faulty engine or something, and was travelling at barely its full speed. He was just glad it wasn’t him who had supplied the Inquisitor and the Tech Priest the ship. The Administratum would have ol’ Robert’s hide most likely.

He puffed some more on his pipe, before nudging Merin and remarking off handedly, “So, what do you think they’ll be like, the Inquisitor and Tech Priest I mean. I’ve some Tech Priests have gone full mechanical y’know, no organic bits left.”
OOC- the Tech Priest and Inquisitor will be arriving shortly, currently its only an Arbite and the Colonel.

Admiral Taiwanpenguin:
The Colonel chuckled darkly, his arms crossed, hellpistol at his side, lasgun on his back. "Pray we have a good one. Inquisition has a nasty habit of executing those who serve under or beside them in my experience. Good ones will give us medals for a job well done, the nasty ones will downright purge us all upon finishing the mission. Tech-priest is probably some Mars technician or analyst. Just stay out of their way and don't get on their bad side- you want your gun to work, after all." He looked towards the men under his command, the PDF squad nervously shuffling about. If they had been in his old regiment, he'd have had given them a few lasguns than the autoguns they carried...

"In any case, just keep your wits about you. I wish I could've obtained a few krak grenades for whatever we're doing, but no matter."

He turned back to his men, half-facing his arbites colleague as he instucted his men to go over their equipment a final time.

Geois grunted in acknowledgement, motioning for his squad of Arbites to also check their equipment. He opened his mouth to say something, but the roaring sounds of engines filled the hangar, cutting him off, as a Valkyrie soared into the hangar. Geois stiffened hurriedly knocking the tobacco out his pipe behind a crate and stowing in the holster where his bolt pistol was suppose to be. He frantically indicated his squad to stand at attention, as the doors of the Valkyrie opened, and the Inquisitor walked out, followed by the Tech Priest.

OOC-Tech Priest and Inquisitor has arrived


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