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Just Another Blue Milk Run - A Star Wars Legends RP (OOC/Interest Thread)


Just Another Blue Milk Run
A Star Wars Legends RP
It is three years before the Battle of Yavin.  The Galactic Empire has ruled the galaxy for over a decade and a half, clamping down on dissent from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim.  The few Jedi still living have gone to ground.  Scattered resistance movements have found themselves facing an uphill battle, struggling alone against an enemy with seemingly limitless resources.  Our story opens on Nar Shaddaa, the Smugglers' Moon, deep in the heart of Hutt Space.  Here, far from the effective jurisdiction of Imperial enforcers, but nonetheless within reach of the Empire's many spies, a motley collection of unlikely heroes congregates at one of the moon's seedier watering holes...

Just Another Blue Milk Run is set in the Legends continuity, the old expanded universe discarded by Lucasfilm on April 24, 2014.  The story takes place during the rise of the Empire, shortly before the creation of the Rebel Alliance and the true beginning of the Galactic Civil War.  Thanks to Order 66 and the sixteen years of Imperial rule since then, Jedi are scarce in the galaxy; though Nar Shaddaa may seem like the perfect place to lay low, I don't think it is realistic for more than one or maybe two Jedi to exist on the entire moon.  In addition, due to the time period (the year is 3 BBY), races that are known or believed to be extinct (such as the Rakata or the Killiks), or which have not been discovered yet (such as the Ewoks or the Nagai), should not be included.  Finally, as this is the Legends continuity, references to things in the new canon that conflict with the established setting are discouraged, though if you want to include references that don't conflict, I won't stop you -- for instance, the existence of Jakku does not conflict, while the new canon's description of Imperial-era Taris does.

To sign up, fill out the form below.  Once we have a sufficient number of characters, I'll post my own character and we'll get started.
--- Code: (Application) ---[b]Name:[/b] What is your character called?  No Solos, Organas, or Skywalkers, please.
[b]Race:[/b] To what species does your character belong?
[b]Age:[/b] How old is your character? Be realistic.
[b]Homeworld:[/b] From what planet does your character hail?
[b]Occupation:[/b] What is your character's job?
[b]Force Sensitivity:[/b] Is your character attuned to the Force?  If yes, most Force sensitives will not be aware of this.
[b]Biography:[/b] Tell us about your character.
[b]Image (optional):[/b] What does your character look like?
--- End code ---

Name: Eliot Argo
Race: Human
Age: 39
Homeworld: Darkknell
Occupation: Mercenary
Force Sensitivity: No
Biography: Argo was born on Darkknell. He was born into a wealthy family, however one day everything his family owned was stolen by a Rodian known only as Bill. Swearing vengeance, he was taken under the wing of his uncle, who taught him how to fight. He developed a deep hatred for non-humans, however had to hide it in order to find work. His deeply oppressed hatred led to him and other members of his team massacring a village of innocent wookies. Now he looks for work once again, this time weary in case someone somehow finds out about him. 
Image (optional):

Name: Anja Jonew
Race: Human
Age: 27
Homeworld: Onderon
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Force Sensitivity: Yes
Biography: Anja was an average girl, found to be sensitive to the force and taken for training as a Jedi, she studied under Master Ruves Aljand during the clone wars, she was still barely more than a youngling when Order 66 was enacted, she was with her master on a mission, they escaped the initial attack and went on the run, fleeing the Imperial Inquisition. Her master was cut down a couple of years later when she was fourteen, Anja fled to Nar Shaddaa soon after that, hoping to find sanctuary from the Inquisition there, to get by she's reinvented herself as a successful bounty hunter but stays true to the principles she was trained by.
Image (optional):

The War Orphans (assume them to be about 10 years old by human standards, anyone is free to use them in posts just don't go killing them)

Evlisa Runnaktyl- Female Echani
Salanbacca - male Wookie
Rad Zymrost - male Chandrilan (human)
Sujeth Treka - male human Mandalorian
Khym Ja - male Cathar
Tann'freetaa (goes by Tann) - female Twi'Lek
Ilem Jal - male Naboo (human)
Qisso Ruvu - female Selonian
Savon Lom - male Serrenian (human)
Aerys Cierthe- female Corellian (human)

Name: Tien Thun
Race: Sullustan
Age: 40 standard years
Homeworld: Sullust
Occupation: Merchant/smuggler
Force Sensitivity: No
Biography: As owner and captain of the MC-18 light freighter Ace of Staves, Tien Thun has seen more than his share of trouble.  Born and raised on the Sullustan homeworld of Sullust, Tien decided early in life that he wanted to venture out into the wider galaxy.  He first obtained passage off Sullust as a crew member aboard a SoroSuub bulk freighter about twenty standard years ago, but quickly tired of the drudgery there.  Tien jumped ship during a stop at Corellia five months before the Clone Wars began, won the Ace of Staves in a game of sabacc in Coronet City, and began plying the hyperlanes as a small-time free trader.  The rise of the Empire only three years later changed things for Tien; he had idolized the Jedi growing up, and was unwilling to accept Palpatine's claim that they had betrayed the Republic.  As a non-human, Tien is now considered an undesirable in the Core Worlds.  In recent years, he has decided to stick to the Outer Rim, where business is safer, if less profitable.  In part because of this, Tien has taken up smuggling, working for a variety of disreputable clients.  To make matters worse, the SoroSuub Corporation, which is now in complete political control of Sullust, has declared him a persona non grata, effectively barring him from returning home.  One of the few bright spots in his life is his technically-contraband R3-series astromech, R3-B5, which he calls Threebie.  Tien's ability to speak Basic and Huttese in addition to his native Sullustese has come in handy over the years, but he prizes most his skill at understanding droidspeak, which enables him to hold conversations with Threebie like he would anyone else.
Image (optional):

I'm going to give this until Wednesday for additional interest, and then we're getting started.

Name: Nasty Yovvo
Race: Zabrak, Nightbrother
Age: 34
Homeworld: Dathomir
Occupation: Assassin
Force Sensitivity: Somewhat, basically push pull and jump.
Biography: born and raised on Dathomir and trained as a Nightbrother, he was on the planet when the massacre of the Nightsisters happened, after the massacre he was sent by Nightsister Talzin to hunt down General Grievous and get revenge for the massacre. General Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated Grievous before Nasty Yovvo could fulfill his mission, after that he became a weapons dealer and occasional muscle for the hutts, this is a cover for his true identity. Because of his earlier job, he has seen a lot of planets, and has a lot of knowledge about different types of weapons
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