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Just Another Blue Milk Run - A Star Wars Legends RP (IC Thread)

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Just Another Blue Milk Run
A Star Wars Legends RP

A shadow has fallen across the galaxy.  For sixteen years, the
GALACTIC EMPIRE has ruled trillions of beings with an iron fist.
Resistance movements have formed, fought, and failed, as the
Empire continues to consolidate its grasp on power.

Through the efforts of the INQUISITORIUS, the Empire's most
deadly enforcers, the Jedi Order, guardians of the old Republic,
have been driven to virtual extinction.  One by one, remaining
vestiges of the Republic are being swept away.

In this atmosphere of oppression, some scattered bright spots
of relative freedom remain, though even there the Empire's
spies are always present.  On one of these, NAR SHADDAA, a
small group of unlikely heroes congregates...

For a spaceport watering hole, the Cluster was very run down.  Granted, this being Nar Shaddaa, this was pretty much par for the course.  The main bar stank of alcohol and other intoxicants, and the noise level was a fairly typical dull roar.  The patrons weren't much better; sentients from almost every line of work, legitimate or otherwise, milled about, nursing drinks and generally looking as shady as they behaved.  It was into this den of thieves that Tien Thun walked, synthleather jacket gleaming, DL-18 blaster pistol displayed prominently on his hip.  The Nikto bouncer grunted at him as he entered the establishment, his droid, Threebie, following close behind.

«Cantina + patrons = potentially dangerous // Tien = sure cantina safe?» Threebie whistled at Tien.

"Yes, Threebie," Tien replied, amused, "I'm sure the cantina is safe."

«Threebie = worried // Tien = worried too?» Threebie whistled again, clearly not satisfied.

"No, I'm not," Tien said, "Stop worrying so much.  I've been here loads of times; you know that."

Threebie didn't respond, which Tien took to mean that she'd at least begrudgingly accepted his reassurances for the time being.  Of course, the almost neurotic little droid was bound to start worrying again real soon.  Smiling to himself at the eccentricities of his mechanical companion, Tien selected a recently vacated table, sat down, and waved over a battered old serving droid so as to order a Corellian ale.  As he nursed his drink, he watched the crowd, picking out a couple of Humans who looked somehow out of the ordinary.  Each appeared to be part of that hazily-defined underclass of hired guns, but at the same time there was something... different... about them.  Tien couldn't quite put his finger on it.

No matter.  Tien took another sip of ale and let his mind start to wander.

There were few things that Anja Jonew could enjoy these days, few things that made her happy, she certainly wouldn't have expected to find anything of the sort on the smugglers moon but on a moon full of smugglers, thieves and refugees - the very definition of a home of the desperate there were a lot of people who liked a good game of Dejarik and that was a game that Anja excelled at and it was one of the things that reminded her of happier times. She cupped her chin as she looked across the circular board  towards her opponent, an Iridonian regular of the Cluster, and smiled as he contemplated his move. After a few moments the Iridonian moved his Kintan Strider and took Anja's K'lor'slug, it was a wooden set not one of the fancy holo imager ones. Anja raised an eyebrow and moved her Ng'ok piece right next to her opponents strider.

"Got me again." The Iridonian said smiling.
"You're getting better." Anja said "You just need to see the whole board."
"Well I'll learn." The Iridonian said "Next time I'll beat you."
"We'll see." Anja said

The Iridonian left and Anja grinned as she relaxed in the seat she was sat in. It brought back memories of a happier time, back when she'd been a Jedi Padawan her master a man by the name Ruves Aljand, a good man if slightly eccentric at times, had spent a lot of Anja's studies on games like Dejarik, she'd only just been starting out on her Force studies when it had all changed a day that none who'd survived would ever forget, for years the Jedi been fighting a war on behalf of the Republic leading the clone armies into battle but while they'd been like the pieces on the Dejarik board what they'd never conceived was that the two players of the game were in fact one and the same. She sighed again and sipped on her drink, her mind drifted back a few years.

Sixteen Years Earlier, the day of Order 66

It was just another day in space the fleet of Republic vessels was heading on its way to the Mid Rim, the war was reportedly almost over. Count Dooku was defeated and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi had tracked General Grievous down, the war could be over in a matter of hours. Aboard the fleet's flagship Anja and her master were sparring with their lightsabre's her cyan blade clashed with her master's orange one. Like most Jedi Ruves wore the typical white under layer and the brown robe over the top, by comparison Anja wore the same underlayer but a red robe lined with black.

"You're rushing." Ruves said before sweeping Anja's feet from under her and landing her on her back. "Don't leave yourself open." he took a step back as Anja got back to her feet "Don't react." the man said as they began to spar again "Trust the Force, let it guide you, anticipate my next move." Anja could only try and gradually she started to feel something and was able to at least do some of what Ruves was saying but then both of them took a sudden step back.

"I felt it to." Anja said "A disturbance in the Force."
"That was no ordinary disturbance." Ruves said "It felt like the entire Galaxy cried out."
"But why?" Anja said as the doors to the room hissed open and in stepped some clone troopers, the two Jedi could feel the intentions coming their way and readied themselves, as the clones opened fire Ruves moved forwards deflecting the blaster fire and shielding his young apprentice, it was all Anja could do to watch her back and she wasn't that skilled yet, when the fight was over they looked at each other.

"What was that about?" Anja asked
"Questions later." Ruves said "For now we have to get out of here, we have to get off the ship and find out what's going on."

Anja sighed, the rest of that memory was of crawling her way through the vents of the ship to the hangar and escaping with an ARC-71 starfighter, astromech droid by the name of C-9 in tow, with her master in a separate fighter they'd made their way to Dantooine first and had seen the holo images of Palpatine's speech to the Senate brandishing the Jedi traitors, that had really sent the message home the Jedi, the most recognisible people in the galaxy now had to disappear, go into hiding to survive and not only that but to preserve their teachings. They'd moved around from planet to planet trying to hide but then the game had changed - the Inquisitorius, the Empire's hunters had entered the equation, pursuing Jedi who had survived the purge they'd chased Anja and her master from system to system eventually they'd managed to kill Ruves but Anja had escaped that encounter and that had been how she'd come to Nar Shadaa but even here in Hutt Space she couldn't walk around as a Jedi, she'd needed to reinvent herself and that was what she'd done turning herself into a bounty hunter, getting into the good graces of the local Hutt, making credits, living not in an apartment on Coruscant or her dorm room at the Jedi Temple, not even her childhood home of Onderon but here among people who would likely sell her out in a heartbeat if they knew who she was.

It wasn't all bad though, she'd made a few friends out here, a group of war orphans young kids from different races all fleeing the Empire as the grip tightened, she spent time each day with the kids when she was on the planet and not chasing someone around. She narrowed her eyes slightly, something suddenly felt different. The Inquisitorius? No they wouldn't have come this far, then if not them what was it?

Eliot Argo tapped his first against the ground. He was sitting at a table by himself, a cup of some sweet, pale green drink clenched in one hand. His helmet lay next to his elbow, revealing his short brown hair, and awkward eyes.

Around him, aliens of all descriptions drank together, making him feel sick to be counted among their presence. He had been waiting for a friend to arrive, a short man of limited intelligence, who apparently had a job he could offer him. He had been waiting for him for almost two hours now, and he had to accept that he was unlikely to turn up.

He took a sip of the drink, the sickly strength going down his throat as he swallowed it. He leaned back in his chair, suddenly feeling exhausted as the sedative nature of the drink came through and the exhaustiveness of this long trip he had taken for nothing hit him like a truck.

He got up, slightly shaky, and made to head out the bar, looking for a place to stay the night. His hand accidentally caught the glass, sending it flying off the table. He swore as it broke, sending bits of glass everywhere.

Tien tensed slightly at the sudden sound of smashing glass -- whatever he'd said to Threebie, this place made him a little jumpy -- but relaxed again when he determined where the sound had come from.  Just the male Human.  Or, well, the one he thought was male; Tien had a hard time telling the difference with Humans.  Anyway, the Human Tien chose to think of as male looked drunk.  He (she? they? it?) swore, evidently at the broken cup.  Tien thought that was a bit unnecessary; the Cluster's service droids would clean it up without much trouble.  Eh.

Tien decided to look for the other Human he'd noticed, the one he'd decided was female, whom he had lost track of.  He'd last seen her (it? ...whatever) in the company of a Zabrak, who was now over by the bar, chatting with a Selonian -- an unusual sight this far from the Corellian Sector, but not the Human he was looking for.  But where...?  No, wait, there she was, still in the same spot, which was odd, since he'd been sure he'd looked there already.  He couldn't tell for certain from this distance, but it looked like she was sitting with a dejarik set in front of her, and a solid one at that.  Hmph.  Child's play.  Sabacc was a far better game.

Speaking of which, there was a sabacc room back behind the bar.  Tien hadn't had a good game in ages.  He glanced again at each of the two Humans he'd decided were... special.  Yes, the male was definitely at least a little inebriated; easy credits there.  The female, though... she looked like she might actually give him a run for his money; if not, well, easy credits there too.  With that happy thought, Tien polished off his ale and stood up, gesturing at Threebie to follow him.

In that moment, several things happened at once.

Very loudly.

Anja was still relaxing when what looked to be a human rushed into the Cluster, breathless, judging from the looks of him he was a traveler of some sort maybe a merchant, possibly even worse than that, as he entered the club the man tripped and something spherical rolled its way seemingly unnoticed to most to where Anja stood as soon as it rolled against her boot she sucked in a breath, this was something she hadn't felt in a few years. Next group of four stormtroopers led by a man dressed in black walked in. It wasn't unheard of for the Empire to operate in Hutt space but it was rare however the Inquisitorious insignia on the leaders uniform was enough for Anja to read what was going on, she used her foot to roll the sphere under the seat she was sat on.

"This is Inquisition business." the leader of the group said picking up the merchant's satchel and looking through it before turning back to the man who was now on his feet having been hauled up by two of the stormtroopers "Where is it?" there was no response from the man "Where is the heretical relic?"


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