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The Holy Duchy of Vanora (Historical Nation)
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Motto:- "Wisdom in All Things and From All Things Wisdom"
National Anthem:- Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory


The Holy Duchy of Vanora is regarded as the Holy Land of Mundus, the nation one of the most ancient on Mundus has a troubled past having been for a long time fought over and not only on religious grounds, it's been occupied by several powers throughout the ages including the Rus Empire (circa 586 BC - 470 BC) and the Holy Empire of Achkaerin (63 BC - 313 AD). Vanora has a complicated history with certain other nations such as the Kingdom of Abydos who according to the Christian and Jewish faiths held the Vanoran's in slavery (as per the book of Exodus). 

In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the land that present day Vanora occupies became ravaged by the Crusades risking the division of the land between powerful Lords in the aftermath however the nation of Vanora was brought into being by William Jerome a Christian knight and one of the heroes of the final defence of Jerusalem during the Crusades. Soon after however in the 15th Century the Crusader states lacked significant support and the state weakened until the majority Jewish people of the region established a nation unifying what was left.

In the 16th and 17th Centuries fearing a new wave of religious invasions a Convention of Faith was held in Jerusalem which outlined that the Duke of Vanora would permit and protect the religious sites of all three Abrahmic religions and grant pilgrims access. This effectively stopped conflict and from 1698 onwards the state has remained relatively stable thanks to the Convention of the Faith Treaty (1698).

Ever since the Convention of the Faith Treaty (1698) Vanora has operated a unique Governmental System, the Head of State - the Monarch (Duke/Duchess) is always Jewish, the Prime Minister is always either a Christian or Muslim and the Secretary of the Conference is always a from whichever faith the Prime Minister is not.

Government Type:- Constitutional Monarchy
Population:- 8,748,920
Capital City:- Jerusalem (857,752)
Demonym:- Vanorian


Currency:- The Shekel
GDP per Capita:- $36,379
Unemployment Rate:- 4.2%
Main Industries:- Oil, tourism, technology


Ethnicity:- 74.8% Vanorian, 10% Abydonian, 8.3% Achkaerinese, 1.3% Safraen, 4.6% Other
Languages:- Vanorian, Achkaerinese, Arabic, Hebrew, English
Religions:- 60% Jewish, 20% Christianity , 15% Muslim, , 4% Cult of Namis, 1% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- 83 men, 88 women


Head of State:- Duke David Aragon
Head of Government:- Prime Minister Einat Woolf
Secretary of the Conference:- Jamaal al-Shaefi
Name of Legislative Body:- Vanoran Conference
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Re: The Holy Duchy of Vanora (Historical Nation)
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Drugs LawHeavily regulated. All non-prescribed/ non-licenced medical drugs (other than tobacco and alcohol) carry heavy penalties.
Same Sex Marriage   Not recognised in any form.
EducationEducation is mandatory to age eighteen after which citizens (including those with dual citizenship who are permanent resident in Vanora) are required to serve two years national service.
Property Ownership   Everyone is entitled to own property
Voting   Vanoran Citizens aged eighteen or older are entitled to vote in Conference Representative elections.
Freedom of the PressThe Press is free to report whatever it likes however given the persisting tensions in some corners of society between the various faiths there are very strict rules on what amounts to inciting religious and racial hatred.
Freedom of MovementEveryone entering Vanora is required to have a visa and legal passport, persons are also subject to a thorough background check by the Vanoran authorities.
AbortionOnly permitted in case of danger to mother's health.
Health CareThe state supports a national health service.
Gun LawsIllegal
Internet NeutralityBalanced - the state and government stay out of the way as much as they can though they do legislate on what is and is not deemed appropriate content in regards to other existing laws such as racial hatred, stalking, harassment etc
Business OwnershipPeople may set up and own companies. All companies are subject to the various regulations and reliefs around tax.
MarriagePeople may get married at age 18 with parental consent at 16.
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Re: The Holy Duchy of Vanora (Historical Nation)
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Map of Vanora

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Re: The Holy Duchy of Vanora (Historical Nation)
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56,000 Active Soldiers / 35,000 Reservists

180 x MBT 4 Main Battle Tank
120 x MBT 2000 Main Battle Tank
200 x IFV 90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
200 x APC 7 Armoured Personnel Carrier
400 x UV 3 Utility Vehicle
200 x UV 5 Utility Vehicle
100 x UV 4 Utility Vehicle
100 x SPH 109 Self Propelled Howitzer
50 x SPH 8Self Propelled Howitzer
30 x RH-270 Multiple Launch Rocket Launcher
15 x H-159 Utility Helicopter
15 x H-160Attack Helicopter


9,500 sailors / 8,000 Reservists

3 x Mk.3 Frigate
3 x Mk.4 Corvette
8 x Mk.5 Missile Boat
6 x Mk.3 Submarine
8 x Mk.4 Patrol Boat


45 x F-39 Multi-Role Fighter
30 x F-15 Strike Fighters
2 x E-2075 AEWACS
2 x K-130 Tanker
20 x C-130 Transport Aircraft
20 x H-53 Utility Helicopter
15 x H-47 Utility Helicopter
10 x T-6 Basic Trainer
10 x T-346 Advanced Trainer/Light Fighter
4 x UAV-900 Unmanned Air Vehicle