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The Kingdom of Palanka Nadu
« on: January 14, 2018, 07:05:36 PM »
Kingdom of Palanka Nadu
පලන්කා රාජධානිය (Sinhala)
Palankā Rājadhāniya
பால்கன் இராச்சியம் (Tamil)
Pālkaṉ Irācciyam

Motto:- We plow the fruitful land
National Anthem:- Mother Palanka


Palanka Nadu, officially known as the Kingdom of Palanka Nadu, is a unitary sovereign state located off the coast of North East Albion. Palanka Nadu has a population of 26 million an an area of AMOUNT sq km. It's capital and largest city is Kolumpa. Other major cities include CITY 2, CITY 3, and CITY 4. Palanka Nadu is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. The King still holds vast powers and he may dismiss any Prime Minister and dissolve Parliament. Their is a history of the military getting involved in civilian governance of the nation through coups and other actions. Palanka Nadu's state religion is Kaumuism, and the official languages are Sinhala and Tamil.

Government Type:- Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Population:-:- 26,000,000
Capital City:- Kolumpa (1,800,000)
Demonym:- Palankar


Currency:- Palankan Tankam
GDP per Capita:- $7,800
Unemployment Rate:- 13.2%
Main Industries:- What does your nation make money from.


Ethnicity:- Sinhala, Tamil
Languages:- Sinhala, Tamil
Religions:- Kaumuism (state religion)
Average Life Expectancy:- 76 years


Head of State:- King Lansakara XXVI
Head of Government:- State Chief Thimira Jayatilleke
Name of Legislative Body:- Visva Sabhava
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