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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Robin Hood Internet Gang (Open To All)
« on: November 29, 2022, 02:27:27 AM »
6pm AK Time, Scrivens Medical Labs, Chamwick, East Moreland

Scrivens Medical was what was known in the Achkaerinese business community as a "kick starter" or more specifically a "Riviere kick starter" in simple terms every year Riviere Corporation's CEO Catriona Rowan, as part of a reality tv show, invested two hundred and fifty thousand iso's into someone's new business, this also made Catriona a business partner of the silent variety. In 2020, East Morelander by birth and by parentage Princess of Nueva Ardia, Janelle Scrivens had become the first overseas winner of the show and had set up shop in Chamwick or as it had been formerly known Technology City, medical research was her game, today was a fairly big day for her firstly because she got to show off her business to her younger sister Maki Hamer but also because they were getting the keys to a house in the city, a home for them and their other two siblings essentially reconstituting their family from the four corners of Mundus. "Impressive." Maki said as Janelle showed her through one of the many research labs and then through into her office "Everything you wanted and more."
"Pretty much." Janelle said
"So got anything exciting in the works?" Maki asked
"One or two things." Janelle said, she trailed off as her computer screen displayed a green clad figure with a bow and arrow - being familiar with Achkaerinese popular culture and its enjoyment of superhero shows, films and comics Janelle could have been forgiven for at a glance identifying the figure as the Green Arrow but as the archer fired an arrow that seemed to sink into the company logo on her screen and a scroll unfurled any notion of this being a bit of fun on the part of her staff vanished, the chilling message on the scroll.

We are the Robin Hood Gang. We have control of your networks and can access all your research. If you want them back and our word not to pass them on click on the link below and transfer us $25million.

Maki was around to Janelle's side of the desk within seconds "That's not good." she said, getting her phone out to make a call "How damaging?"
"If this is true... very." Janelle said "A fair amount of what we do here is related to disease research. We've got stuff we're going public with that's just potentially been compromised, and that's not the worst of it."
"What is?" Maki asked
"You can't develop cures or treatments without first researching the ill." Janelle said "If they've got access to the research then they've got access to detailed analysis and mapping of certain things. This could be very messy."

Serenity wasn't a top class cook by any stretch of the imagination but she was solid enough to make sure she and her girls ate right, it was the foundation of the Marble Palace  the place was a home first and place of governance second, so here she was ear buds in, music playing, moving around the kitchen sorting dinner out. As she worked she smiled a little for a very long time the two longstanding files on the Uppsala books had been the Andean Genocide, courtesy of all the appeals and counter appeals, and the Cultist Genocide the latter now being the only one remaining of the two, it felt like an ending, like a resolution to have cleared the Andean Genocide off the list once and for all... well almost the specter of Charles Ofdensen now hung over them, though for once it wasn't menacing, not an executioners hand wielding the blade, well at least as far as Serenity was concerned, he was up to something that was for sure but this time there was a sort of logical progression to the machination, it was more of a chess game this time and that meant it could be extrapolated, it could be countered, it could be beaten.

Washing her hands as the meal cooked she grinned a little it had a nice feel about it, the evening, it was important that tonight was about the trio of Anselmo's she'd for one night push Charles out of the equation, there was plenty of time to handle that part later on. When the chorus of timers beeped she went to work plating up the meal, nothing to fancy just her daughters favourite spicy meatballs, a meal that had it's own charm and there was a nice lemon cheesecake for later. With dinner plated she poured herself a glass of lemonade "Dinner's ready." she called before sipping her drink.

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: November 22, 2022, 01:25:51 AM »


By David Woods: Political Correspondent

The Government is to provide "at least one solar panel per building" across the nation. The measure announced by Energy Minister Maggie Anderson (pictured above) forms the latest step on the road map laid out by the Green Energy Transition Act 2014. In announcing the step the Minister said "Mr Speaker when this chamber passed the
  Green Energy Transition Act we did so by unanimous vote, a rare thing for our country. Today we inform the Senate that the Government will be supplying at least one solar panel for every home, school, place of worship, office block, shop and so on, in short at least one solar panel per building nationwide, an important step as we continue to move away from fossil fuels. The plan we have in place and that this House approved is a multi string bow and this along with the recently announced space based solar power station is the first string of that bow, we're under no illusions, this is a marathon it is not a sprint but it is one we intend to complete."


By Amira Cotton: Business Correspondent

Stingray Enterprises is on the hunt for testing grounds for the 'Dolphin' as it's affectionately known (pictured above). The company has spent many years working on the application of Ground Effect Vehicles as a viable method of decreasing air traffic pollution, the Dolphin marks the first attempt by the company in this area as explained
 by CEO Stella Campbell: "When we exhibited the Insignia, our luxury yacht GEV, at the festival of sail a couple of years ago it was a proof of concept moment for us, proof that we'd built something that could fly and function as intended, the Dolphin is quite different to that but the principle theory is the same, what the Dolphin is is an attempt to build what amounts to a viable GEV airliner so to speak, we know it flies, we know it's functional so it's viable in that sense. What we're looking for are travel companies, governments and so on from across Mundus to let us test the Dolphin out alongside more traditional ferries, we're looking for wide variety of willing helpers because Mundus geography varies immensely and therefore the Dolphin's best environment can be more easily determined. But before the big airlines on Mundus start worrying this isn't going to spell the end for you, a journey from Valtheim to Northfort is substantively quicker by conventional aircraft however to get from Gowu to Daito for example may not be as straightforward, there are a variety of factors for us to think about."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Atlas Recovery
« on: November 16, 2022, 09:25:39 PM »
Yuki took her radio from her belt "Captain to XO." she said
"Yes boss?" Commander Beckett answered
"Send the Tempests back out swing up from south to north, let's eliminate everything up to and including the false flat." Yuki said
"Will do." Beckett said "Anything else?"
"Once the tempests are out put us right over the well." Yuki said
"You don't..." Beckett said
"It's in the search area commander." Yuki said, she cut the channel and sighed "If it's in the well get ready for a whole load of fun."

Economics and Industry / Re: Achkaerin Rifling Company
« on: November 10, 2022, 09:39:39 PM »
Name of ProductName goes here
RoleWhat does it do
CrewHow many people do you need to operate it
Weightin kg
Lengthin Meters
Widthin Meters
Heightin Meters
Speedin kph
Rangein Km
ArmamentStuff that goes bang
Other CapabilitiesCool shit it does
Costin $$$$$$$$$
BackgroundWhy the hell build this.

Economics and Industry / Re: Achkaerin Rifling Company
« on: November 10, 2022, 09:39:26 PM »
Name of ProductHellcat

RoleArmoured Patrol/Scout Vehicle
Weight3,800 kg
Speed55 mph (89 km/h) at max gross weight
Over 70 mph (113 km/h) top speed
Range480 km
ArmamentDependent on variant but it can be equipped any of the following options:
M134 Minigun
Mk 19 grenade launcher
M2 heavy machine gun
M240G/B machine gun
M249 LMG.
Missile Launcher
Other CapabilitiesArmoured
SCION Computer Interface
BackgroundFollowing the Phuebran Crisis, senior Achkaerinese military officers provided feedback that the Phuebran terrain, in particular the jungle, had provided significant obstacles to their operations, as a result the MoD requested development of a patrol vehicle for hostile terrain and so the Hellcat was conceived and developed, embodying the capabilities of more typical patrol vehicles the Hellcat is nimble, fast and does well in water.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Atlas Recovery
« on: November 10, 2022, 05:50:39 PM »
Yuki bit her lip as she looked at the new search area "If it's south of this point then it's simple to get." she tapped the map "There's a cliff edge drop north of that that makes that part of the Saltine incredibly deep to the point where we wouldn't be able to get a person down there easily and that's most of the search area. But you see here where the trench splits off into three?" she tapped the screen "We call it 'the well' it's a deep hole in the deepest part of the Saltine, we've never put anything down there. You got any way of narrowing this down or do I just send the kids back out in those Tempests?"

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Northern Relations (Ach & Mkt)
« on: November 10, 2022, 05:18:51 PM »
"As all the best programs are." Peter said "These games and their winter counterparts are festivals of sport and their legacy is year after year inspiring the next generation of athletes, the more accessible the sport the better and where better to start than at school? First contact, right Esme?"
"Yep first time I pulled on a pair of boxing gloves was in school." Esme said, she smiled "Perhaps we could look into some sort of sporting exchange or relationship, I'm sure our best would relish the chance to go toe to toe with your best, sharpen each other up a little bit."
"Two sports mad nations." Peter said "I'd be up for that."

Now alarm bells were ringing in David and Michelle's heads, having permission to search but Koizumi's comments were of concern. "Let's try that again." David said as Michelle  started to search "You were Lord High Steward from September 2017 until the position was abolished, Charles Ofdensen is already in prison at that point so he has no office from which to give or take anything, which again takes us to you having supervisory authority over the medical treatment of the Imperial family, which means either you authorised the course of drugs that led to Beatrice Anselmo's simulated Parkinson's or you know who did."

In Seaforth Julian was reading a book in the Castle Rhodes library, this wasn't somewhere he'd been able to spend a lot of time despite now being in the family, he put the book down and smiled as his wife Harper Rhodes walked in. "You're not going to like this." Harper said
"What is it?" Julian asked
"The day you're interested in is when Beatrice visited Evanthe and Joshua here." Harper said "I took a look in Joshua's journals subject of discussion - an international viceregent."
"Of course." Julian said "An odd decision at the time but also an outside variable, a safeguard." there was something else that came into his mind as he understood Rion's concern but he'd deal with that if became pertinent.

Serenity giggled "How's your Lloyd Webber?" She asked as she shooed Beatrice up the stairs before going to find Asuna and Lucius "Five minutes." she said washing her hands before setting to work on the food. She wasn't about to let Beatrice dwell on Charles... well not yet at least, tonight was more important than that it was a reunion and that was something meant to be joyful not frightful. She sighed "Asuna relax already will you? She's the same as always, just need to get her spark back."

International News Networks / Re: Free Mundus
« on: November 08, 2022, 03:29:47 PM »

an opinion piece by Crown Princess Serenity Azurewind of the Holy Empire of Achkaerin

The Marseilles crisis of 2015 will go down in history as a successfully resolved incident by members of the international community, that put an end to the terrorist threat posed by the Sorority of Materna, the success of the various operations involved is all the more remarkable when the litany of failings surrounding the incident is considered - I won't list all of them as that is not the focus of this article but we're looking at lack of communication, empty promises and a failure of leadership right at the top of the international coalition force. The success therefore is perhaps better attributed to the resilience, adaptability and determination of the troops involved across the board rather than anything else, and the aftermath bears this out a fair amount as well consider how the Aquitaine situation was originally dealt with by some and then we come to the Troyes situation, a port city, a Marseilles city one day and Seaforthian protectorate the next, and so stood the clock in 2017.

The basis of Troyes being under Seaforthian protection, between 2015-2017, has been cited as a need to provide sanctuary for the nobility of Marseille the implication of this being that there was a threat to them posed, that might be a valid perception in December 2015 or early 2016 as tensions are typically still on a knife edge in the weeks following a crisis of this nature but beyond that point? I wouldn't agree with an assessment without proof and to date there has been no indication of any threat posed against the remaining nobles of Marseilles. However I would also question why a special case for Troyes needed to be made in that period because as per the ten point plan put in place by the then leader of the Real Marseilles and agreed to by the international community Marseilles was to all intents and purposes still under the international community at that point, the referendum on the Marseilles Constitution did not happen until late 2016 so CTOMM forces were still in country, the only outside circumstance affecting Troyes in the 2015-2017 period is that the city became sanctuary to approximately three million Seaforthian refugees following the fall. So it appears that the initial point of a Seaforthian presence is in keeping with what was agreed following the crisis.

It's important to take a moment to explain why the date of 2017 is important in this context - it goes to back to the ten point plan mentioned above, it lays out that within six months of conflict ending the Provisional Government must hold elections for the council, that this council would then elect a President and draft a constitution that would be put to the people in a referendum within a year. All of these steps occurred between December 2015 and December 2016. The year 2017 becomes important because point eight of the plan states "Once the constitution has been established all CTOMM forces to leave upon the request of the President." given that the constitution was approved by referendum in December 2016 it was very practical and understanding of President Papin to wait until mid January 2017 to make that request, practical because the time allowed for the implementation steps to be done and understanding because December is culturally speaking a very heavy month especially towards the back end of it. In any event the withdrawal of CTOMM forces happened on schedule in 2017.

The incorporation of Troyes as a protectorate is one of those decisions best described as a head scratcher, it doesn't appear to add up, certainly not in a legal sense as I find it hard to believe that the Government of Marseilles would sign away its own sovereign territory especially without a very good reason. The foundation of Seaforth's decision is the return of the former Grand Duchess of Marseilles Alys Arsenault, so accepting that as grounds for the moment I would firstly suggest that the recent arrest of Miss Arsenault would appear to satisfy the Seaforthian concerns, I would then secondly ask a simple question - Alys Arsenault is wanted for crimes covered by both the Uppsala Convention and the Historical Crimes Treaty, why wasn't she arrested in 2018 when she turned up in Troyes? Surely she should have been, but it matters not for if she truly be the basis of the 'Troyes problem' then her arrest surely makes the continued need for protectorate status unneeded. Mundus is full of nations that have championed international law and norms, we've seen how they've stood their ground through crisis after crisis, how they've championed self determination time and time again, so why are the people in Troyes denied this? A lot of blood was shed to free Marseilles from the Sorority of Materna, I don't believe the people of Troyes assisted that effort to trade Sorority terror for rule by a foreign power. Alys Arsenault sits in custody while things are worked out in regards to any extradition, the stated basis for Troyes as a protectorate territory of Seaforth no longer appears to hold, now is the time for the people of that city to have their say on their future, so that this question can finally be resolved one way or the other.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Transition
« on: November 07, 2022, 10:51:05 PM »
It wasn't often that Serenity blushed, the last time had been on a makeshift basketball court a few years ago but here she was blushing again. "There's not much that your cousin and I have in common but we do have a habit of having conversations with dead people, Beatrice gets visits from Josiah... me? I see Isaac." she took a slight breath and glanced at Euphy "You know what I hear him saying in my head? Find someone, be happy, move on. Easier said than done." she smiled slightly "And I absolutely suck at this part..." she sucked in a breath, it was amusing wasn't it? She'd stared down several notable tyrants and dictators at the negotiation table with a courage and confidence that was unshakeable and where was that now? "But would you want to go out with me?"

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: November 07, 2022, 09:24:57 PM »


By Roisin Shaughnessy: Chief Correspondent

The former Empress of Rokkenjima, Beatrice Anselmo, has been back in court for the latest hearing concerning her conduct related to the Andean Genocide. The charges against her pertain to her failure to enforce the Uppsala Convention, a charge that has been the subject of "legal ping pong" according to one analyst and has seen all manner of things occur, this latest installment was the result of medical discoveries invalidating the longstanding position that the former Empress was suffering from a mental illness, rather that she was taking medication that simulated the symptoms. The outcome of the hearing did not see the length of the sentence change, however the life sentence is now to be served under house arrest. Speaking after the hearing Achkaerin's representative to the CAC, Major Kaitlin Parker, said "It's now hoped that the back and forth over this particular aspect of the Andean Genocide is finally concluded. The focus of the CAC has always been on bringing to justice those who have breached the Convention's provisions and we are relentless in that pursuit whether it be the Marseilles crisis, the Cult of Helus Genocide, the Andean Genocide or any conflict since its inception."

The saga of the Andean Genocide however seems destined to continue for a little longer at least as Charles Foster Ofdensen's legal team, within hours of the conclusion of the day's proceedings, filed their own intention to appeal his conviction.

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022 - Awards Ceremony
« on: November 07, 2022, 05:54:39 PM »
Queens Foundation Awards Ceremony 2022

Charlotte Youngson Chair of the Queen's Foundation

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, once again we come together tonight to recognize, pay tribute to and honour the achievements of the people of Mundus across a variety of fields, this has been quite the year we've seen new international treaties crafted, records tumble, voices of the past heard as their stories are told and advances that push us towards the future both here on Mundus and out in the ocean of the stars beyond our world. So without further ado I present the winners of the Queen's Foundation Awards 2022."

Queen's Foundation Award for Chemistry
Riviere Corporation - for the development of the Sand Battery

Queen's Foundation Award for Physics
Dr Klaus Ragner - for the development of the "pistol shrimp method" in nuclear fusion research

Queen's Foundation Award for Physiology and Medicine
Dr Thomas Campbell and Osman Tech - For the creation of "micro-brains"

Queen's Foundation Award for Literature and Journalism
Phoebe Wolfe - for compiling the first encyclopedia of Achkaerinese patriotic, religious and folk songs.

Queen's Foundation Award for Peace
King David of East Moreland - for putting in place a framework to halt conflicts over historic crimes and bring perpetrators to justice

(Special Citation - While the award for peace is given to King David, as per the Queen's Foundation charter in the case of sole nominees, the Foundation does also commend the efforts of Queen Atalanta of Cassiopeia, King Piripi of the Iwi, King Karlis of Chistopol and Head Gothi Stein Ulfsson in this endeavour) 

Queen's Foundation Award for Economics
Robin Joo - for efforts to ensure no one goes unclothed through expanding their business across multiple nations

Queen's Foundation Award for Engineering
Team Dawnbreaker - for the development of the Electrobreaker and taking the record for an electric powered aircraft

Queen's Foundation Award for Archaeology and Anthropology
Valentin Zima - for mapping, recording, digitising and recreating the Temple of the Goddess in Lodja

Queen's Foundation Award for Mathematics
Magan Gabeyre - For the proof that the E8 lattice provides the densest packing of identical spheres in 8 dimensions, and further contributions to related extremal problems and interpolation problems in Fourier analysis.

Queen's Foundation Award for Climate
TUNA - for continued efforts in rendering the Alucard plastic free.

OOC Explanation - Awards made firstly based on votes and nominations, for any fields without nominees I've then gone looking through RP for potential winners, in the event there's nothing that fits the time frame I've used rl plus a randomly generated name - assume NPC nations for these (this year it's a Zimalian mathematician)

Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
« on: November 07, 2022, 04:18:46 PM »

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Atlas Recovery
« on: November 05, 2022, 01:55:42 AM »
Yuki walked into the hangar, two cups of coffee in her hand, she'd always been told she walked in a very light footed way so walking up on the unsuspecting Jordan was child's play. She'd spent the intervening time going over the charts and theorising how to do this if what they were looking for were in various different locations. She placed a coffee in front of Jordan, just loudly enough to get him to start.

"Get that down you." Yuki said perching on the edge of the workbench "And I'm still a little mad at you so no homemade cookies." there was a momentary giggle as Jordan pouted a little, Yuki sipped her coffee and smiled "So what does all this salvage tell you? Apart from Revana needs to stop losing space things so you can come and see me."

Convention Centre / Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2022
« on: November 04, 2022, 03:11:14 PM »
Votes for awards with more than one nomination are now up.

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022 - Physics Vote
« on: November 04, 2022, 03:08:38 PM »
Name of Nominee:- Martin Dawson
Field Nominated in: Physics or Engineering
Reason for Nomination: The creation of the Space Canon is in our view a significant achievement in reducing both the cost financially and environmentally of space exploration. While so far we have seen only a handful of tests completed by SmartWar the design and concept are incredibly innovative. It is our belief that winning this award is not only justified but will go a long way to help boost the outcomes of this project.

Name of Nominee:- Dr. Klaus Ragner
Field Nominated In:- Physics
Reason for Nomination: The Illumic Shores Technological Institute (ISTI) have been a leading institute in the development of nuclear energy. While their countryman have come close to igniting plasma in experiments over the last 12 months the process inspired by pistol shirmp has been the most innovative I have seen in recent years. Should they be able to perfect the process we could see a new generation of cheap and accessable energy being developed. I believe that Dr.Ragner and his team are more than worthy of this years prize.

OCC - Voting open for 72 hours

Name of Nominee: Dr Thomas Campbell and OsmanTech
Field Nominated in: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: We wish to nominate Dr.Campbell and his team for their work creating "micro-brains". The advances made by his team have allowed significant progress to be made in the study of conditions such as dementia and alzheimers. It is our hope that in the coming years their work could lead to cures for these terrible conditions.

Name of Nominee: Dr. Ekstrom
Field of Nomination: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Dr. Ekstrom and her team were responsible this year for discovering a new ecosystem in Hygelac. Having first discovered a subterranian waterway beneath the ice the team found a non destructive way to access this. During their study they found several new species of creatures similar to shrimp. The study of these creatures will lead to a greater understanding of how our planets life has adapted to some of the harshest climates on Mundus

Name of Nominee: Peter Simod
Field of Nomination: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Mr. Simod and his team at ZDS have always been rather innovative with their use of manipulating things from nature. The ability to genetically engineer a thread made from milk of goats is an extremely interesting process that may lead to further processes that yield results for the benefit of all mankind.

OOC - Voting open 72 hours

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022 - Peace Vote
« on: November 04, 2022, 02:52:29 PM »
Name of Nominee: King David of East Moreland
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Putting in place a framework to halt conflicts over historic crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.

Supporting Letter: In its history Mundus has a bloody heritage. There are still countless criminals at large from decades of conflict that pre-dates the Uppsala Convention. In June 2022 His Majesty King David completed the formation of the Historic Crimes Treaty. A piece of diplomacy that not only prevents the prospect of nations taking matters into their own hand but promotes international co-operation on investigation and education of these past crimes.

The Kingdom of Altona therefore wishes to nominate His Majesty King David for a Queen's Foundation Award.

King Rutger of Altona.

Name of Nominee: King David of East Moreland
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Working towards a fair and open referendum designed to halt tensions between Celtic nations

Supporting Letter: While many nations across the world took the recent referendum in Eigg as a situation to take sides the Kingdom of East Moreland were the nation to suggest a pathway forward that it is hoped will one day ensure independence for the Kingdom of Eigg in such a manner as friendships with the Federation can be maintained. While this is a work in progress it is clearly worthy of recognition.

Best Regards

Queen Aoife of Eigg

OOC Note: As King David is icly the sole nominee this is essentially a vote on the reason it is awarded (as he wins it either way), the poll says "The Authors of the Historical Crimes Treaty" that is the Altona nomination, it is written like that to make a clear distinction but also because should the HCT nominee win the Queen's would out of fairness recognise the efforts of the other four people concerned in that although the award would as per the Foundations rules go solely to the nominee.

Voting open for 72 hours

Office of the Chancellory / Z Day Notice
« on: October 30, 2022, 10:22:13 PM »
It's that time of year where for a handful of days Nationstates regions turn into apocalyptic tv drama/movies as nations battle zombie hordes. This is called Z Day.

If you participate in the event (and it's a bit of fun so I encourage it) please when accessing Zombie control on your nations page choose to research a cure, after a certain amount of time "cure missiles " (or similar named thing) will become available for your use, fire these at other nations in the region we work by largest population to smallest as NS ranking is determined by survivor numbers. It is important to cure nations participating in the curing so that they can continue to do so.

For the duration of the Z Day event the NS regions borders will be closed and we will use the RMB as the means of communication.

Convention Centre / Re: Queen's Foundation Awards 2022
« on: October 30, 2022, 01:18:32 AM »
Final 24 hours for nominations.

Diplomacy and Events / Re: Northern Relations (Ach & Mkt)
« on: October 23, 2022, 07:50:27 PM »
"I'll mention it to Mr Bauer." Peter said, referencing the President of the Achkaerinese FA as a moment later his attention was drawn to the athletes coming out.
"She's in the final heat." Esme said watching the first group of heptathletes step onto the track for the hurdles.
"Ok." Peter said, he'd have inquired as to how Serenity had been training but he knew how much trouble that would get him in. But there wasn't much he could do at this point. "This is the first time in a while that I've actually been able to see the Games as a spectator rather than a competitor, quite the experience I must say. Is there anyone from our hosts that I should be looking out for in terms of athletes?"

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
« on: October 23, 2022, 05:59:52 PM »


By Roisin Shaughnessy: Chief Correspondent

The notion of a stop and search snowballing through multiple offences is nothing new for police officers across Mundus, today it proved true for the Achkaerinese military a routine stop of a vessel resulted in the arrest of Alys Arsenault, the former Grand Duchess of Marseilles. In a statement a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said: "Earlier this morning the INS Pegasus, operating as part of ongoing efforts to combat slavery, human trafficking and smuggling stopped a vessel. In the course of the subsequent search thirty people being trafficked were freed. One of these thirty was during processing confirmed to be Alys Arsenault, the traffickers were carrying a false identity passport for Ms Arsenault and we have no reason as yet to believe that the traffickers were aware of her real identity. With the confirmation of Ms Arsenault's identity the existing international arrest warrant for her was executed. The Diplomatic Office has been in contact with the Governments of Marseilles and Aquitaine notifying them of this."


By Kimberly Thorn: Science and Technology Correspondent

Team Dawnbreaker has taken their third speed record, already holding the records for fastest solar powered land vehicle and fastest human powered vehicle with vehicles named Dawnbreaker and Aerobreaker respectively. The record they took today is the record for an electric powered aircraft, taken by the Electrobreaker (pictured above), with a speed of 186 knots, beating the previous record of 182 knots. Project leader Kit Davenport spoke after the record was confirmed saying: "This was new territory for us, we weren't used to the challenges involved but we got there, everyone involved has put in a lot of good work and I guess we'll have to figure out which record we want to challenge next."


By Nick Watson: Sports Correspondent

As the Mundus Cycling season heads towards its final weeks before taking its winter break experts have not held back in their criticism of event organisers, highlighting several issues that in their opinion indicates a "concerted agenda against a rider and team for no other reason than being successful.", it has already been posted on social media that Phoenix Cycling has demanded an investigation into the conduct of the race officials at the womens Tour of Ardia and many now expect the same to occur in respect of the Avignane GP. This latest race saw Olha Mikhailov take the win and the Mundus Cycling Cup, pipping Sammy Lawson to the title. A result which has been greatly questioned as one expert put it "It's highly convenient that the second place rider in the standings wins the race and happens to have two team mates that lock out the two positions that would deny them, meanwhile the strongest team in the peloton, with the strongest rider are somehow incapable of pulling that rider to the front? Something's very fishy if you ask me. These results suggest that the team on the day rode for Zoe Carpenter which is surely a nonsense, excellent rider though she is this is not a situation where she is the lead rider." this is a point reiterated by Christopher Warrington the head of Achkaerinese cycling, who said "We'd have no issue with this if it had been fair and square but there's been a clear undercurrent in the latter part of the season to sabotage this team, we saw it at the Tour of Ardia on day two a traffic cone was thrown in front of Melanie, she crashed, got back up and was then prevented from continuing by a race official, this undoubtedly influenced the race. Then on day seven, the day we managed to get Niamh and Sammy clear in a breakaway what happened? The lead car for no good reason slows down and Niamh goes right into the back of it. And then it gets even better, Sammy only managed a single top twenty finish in that tour, which considering that she is a stage racer, an excellent climber and consistently performs well in the mountains is very odd, so we investigated her bike and found evidence of interference."

Another expert raised similar concerns saying "On consistency, reputation, performance and ability we know Phoenix Cycling is the strongest team, we know they have the strongest rider, yet they can't set up a sprint train or sit on the front of the peloton? No. And then let's consider how convenient it is that Olha Mikhailov is allowed, in a race to decide a title which multiple people could have won, break away. It's not tactically sound, it doesn't make sense and is frankly speaking nothing more than a farce."

"As we said sir we're looking for items relating to your time as Lord High Steward." David said
"As for why." Michelle said "You served as Lord High Steward between September 2017 until the post was abolished so you had oversight of Beatrice Anselmo's medical care when she was diagnosed with Parkinsons."
"Only she never had Parkinsons, so she was effectively being drugged on your watch." David said "Only question is was that with your knowledge or not?"

Serenity knew better than to make promises she couldn't keep "I can't promise that." she said "I can try but ultimately that's for another court hearing many years in the future. For now let's get you out of here." that was easier said than done given the public interest in the case and then having to get Beatrice tagged but a car parked around the back of the court building was more than suitable for Serenity to drive them away in once the various hoops had been jumped through.

Ivyfield Priory

Ivyfield Priory was one of the Royal properties that was on the 'retreat roster' as the head of the household called it, not in the middle of town, a place where members of the family could unwind. There were a few such places dotted around Achkaerin, plus one in Revana, one in East Moreland, one in Clysperis and one in Rokkenjima. This one sat about fifteen miles outside of Ivyfield, it was a reasonable sized house with spacious grounds. "Welcome to Ivyfield Priory." Serenity said as they got out of the car "It's got everything you need, your own clothes, your own space and there's an organ. There is some fine print, all visitors need to be cleared and you can't go beyond the grounds without approval. But you do get a set of keys." she smiled as she took Beatrice inside "Your bedroom's top of the stairs on the right and the living room's just through there. I did take the liberty of getting Asuna and Lucius here, so freshen up, go see your kids and I'm making dinner."

At the Marble Palace, Nettie walked into Peter's study just as the Emperor put the phone down. "That was Major Parker." Peter said
"It happened?" Nettie said
"Yeah Charles just filed his appeal." Peter said
"Didn't waste any time." Nettie said
"It'll be a few days before a hearing." Peter said, he sighed "How are you doing?"
"Well let's just say annoyed." Nettie said "Charles likely rigged the election that made me Premier, I can hardly claim I had a mandate of the people."
"And now we think Charles is lining a run at that up." Peter said
"Emerson's on it." Nettie said

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
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By Ariel Vilani: Gowu Correspondent

The Chief Councillor of Gowu, Xiaoling Tsu  (pictured above), has invoked the Cherry-Lotus Agreement. The Agreement which has formally existed since the end of the Toshikawan Civil War in 1986 following the battle of Gowu pass, established stability between the Achkaerinese territory and Toshikawa. In making a statement to the Gowu Assembly the Chief Councillor said "The Cherry-Lotus Agreement requires by law that the same trading conditions exist on both sides of our border to enable the passage of goods and services this having been more important since 2017, the current Shogun is a man I count as a friend, he has been a very supportive figure for my daughter and he is the man who signed the 1986 agreement. I am frankly astonished to be reading about an agreement, this EAFTA that appears to hinder this very critical foundation especially after we had to remind this same Shogun of this very point not that long ago, once again we see an avoidable set of circumstances because people didn't line things up properly."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Transition
« on: October 17, 2022, 03:23:36 PM »
"I guess you'll just have to wait and see." Serenity said giggling a little as she gently pulled Euphy to her feet "It is worth the wait though."

Serenity took Euphy through the Palace to a set of rooms that was largely a pet project of her family, opening the door revealed what could easily have been taken for a museum exhibit, the room had portraits on the wall of the monarchs of Achkaerin going back hundreds of years including Djana Azurewind, to date the sole Empress, each portrait had a plinth and glass case in front of it, atop the plinths sat a crown while each case held seven swords - the only exception being the case in front of Peter's portrait which held eight, owing to the addition of Awhaele.

"Part of the accession process for us is that upon a monarch vacating the throne the crown they wore and their swords of marque as we call them are destroyed, symbolically ending their era, what you see here are replica's of the crowns and the swords of those who've come before." Serenity said "Most of this is all tied up in a council that met thousands of years ago, but it's a nice tradition." she smiled "And of course there are stories, or to put it another way plenty more useless information you could hear about."

David and Michelle both let their hands stray to the blue pistols holstered at their waists, just a precautionary measure.

"By authority of the Crown sir I have a warrant to search the premises and secure items relating to your time as Lord High Steward." David said "Please open the door."

In Valtheim Commander Melanie Armitage was feeling like it was groundhog day, yet again she was stood in her courtroom with Serenity and Lieutenant Nell Foster stood in front of her and yet again the subject matter was Beatrice Anselmo and the Andean Genocide, Beatrice herself was sat at one of the tables.
"I want to be very clear before either of you say anything." Melanie said "That this had better be the last time that I see this matter on my docket."
"We think it will be this time ma'am." Nell said
"Let's hear it." Melanie said
"Your Honour the prosecution continues to hold as per the established and undisputed facts of the case that Beatrice Anselmo who was, by virtue of the terms of the Sakura-Umeko Accord, Commander in Chief of the Toshikawan military during the latter part of the Andean Genocide failed to discharge the responsibilities required of her under the Uppsala Convention and that as a result of that failure civilian deaths and other breaches of the Convention occurred. That was and remains the basis of the charge against her. The last hearing on this case it was argued and evidenced that the defendant was suffering from Parkinsons and so she was found guilty on grounds of diminished responsibility. It now appears that everyone involved both prosecution and defence has been misled as new evidence disclosed shows that the defendant was given drugs to simulate Parkinsons. The implication being that she was of sound mind and judgement at the time of the genocide..." she glanced at Serenity

"However neither myself or Lieutenant Foster can prove beyond reasonable doubt that Beatrice Anselmo was or was not drugged at the time." Serenity said "This inability would raise significant hurdles if this went to a judicial appeal." she took a breath "Therefore we are submitting a joint motion to the court, to put an end to this matter once and for all."
"Details?" Melanie said
"Given the new evidence we submit that the verdict of guilty on grounds of diminished responsibility be quashed and replaced with a straight guilty verdict with a life sentence." Nell said "Given the unusual nature of the circumstances at this point we submit the sentence be served under house arrest."
"Really?" Melanie said
"Your Honour Beatrice Anselmo is guilty of many things in relation to the genocide." Serenity said "But she is not a belligerent party, she is not a conspirator, she is not the guiding mind, what she is guilty of are crimes of negligence and omission. House arrest is more than suitable for her to serve her time."
"I assume you can find a place Lieutenant?" Melanie asked
"Yes Your Honour." Serenity said
"Ok subject to that provision of residence which I will stipulate must be within Achkaerinese borders I approve the motion." Melanie said "A full list of conditions will be provided to you before the end of the day. I will also be making a recommendation to Admiral Rankin that you are both given some leave. Court adjourned."

Once Melanie had walked out Serenity walked over to where Beatrice sat "It could have been a lot worse." Serenity said "Shall we get you to your new home?"

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022
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The Queen's Foundation Awards (otherwise known as the Queen's Medals), are a set of awards granted to people each year in acknowledgement of their accomplishments across a variety of different fields, are once more upon us. This year we intend to award prizes for accomplishments in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Physiology and Medicine, Literature or Journalism, Peace, Economics, Engineering, Archaeology and Anthropology, Mathematics and Climate Science (OOC - this essentially combines various RL awards together). Nominations will be open until the 31st of October with the winners being announced on the 5th of November at a reception hosted by Queen's College of the University of Artaxia.

We look forward to another celebration of humankind's accomplishments.

Charlotte Youngson
Chair of the Queen's Foundation

OOC Explanation

Ok this is essentially modelled on the Nobel Prizes. You can nominate any of your own characters, someone else's character, or even an international organisation if you can justify it in any of the fields. There are some rules regarding nominations explained below. All I ask is that people be reasonable, this is intended as a fun RP event not a competition. Also, on the principle of every prize being awarded on the night I will award prizes without nominations myself.

The Rules

1) The reason for the nomination (I.e. what the nominee has done) must have happened between the 27th of October 2021 and the 31st of October 2022 - i.e. the period between last years nominations closing and this years nominations closing.

2) The reason must be a completed RP event - for example if the SSC Honeybadger was nominated then it must have achieved the speed record and not still be being constructed. This also means it must be something on the forum. The nomination period is deliberately long to give everyone the opportunity to complete RP's that may be relevant.

3) The reason must be feasible (within the RP rules) - self explanatory.

4) The Queen's Foundation reserves the right to reject a nomination should it deem it to be inappropriate.

The Nomination Form

Please fill out the following form to nominate for a prize

Code: [Select]
Name of Nominee: (Link to character profile if they have one desired but not essential, do include titles)
Field Nominated in: Chemistry/Physics/Physiology and Medicine/Literature and Journalism/Peace/Economics/Engineering/Archaeology and Anthropology/Mathematics/Climate - Delete as Appropriate
Reason for Nomination: What have they done to earn the nomination?
Supporting Letter: Why you (the person nominating) think they should be given the award, signed by the person doing the nominating (must not be the nominee and you can nominate someone from another nation).

If anyone has questions get in touch with me on discord or PM.

International News Networks / Re: Achkaerin News Service
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By James Robson: Home Affairs Correspondent

As storms battered much of Achkaerin last night they unearthed something surprising, through a landslide caused in the vicinity of Mount Purity a stone structure was discovered, built into the rock itself, examination of the interior of the structure concluded that it is a smithy that was used by Faylen Sylfiel, a figure of Achkaerinese folklore dating to many centuries ago, a swordsmith that little is known about. Speaking from the site Doctor Donna Steele, Achkaerin's representative to the CETO, said: "We know very little about this woman beyond the era in which she lived, that she crafted many blades and that her practices were carried on by the Maiden Sister Order. We do know that each blade she forged has a name, so now we're going to see where this takes us, if we find the swords maybe we can learn more about the woman who made them."


By Kimberly Thorn: Science and Technology Correspondent

The Achkaerinese Government has announced its new energy initiative, a space based solar power station that transmits the energy to the ground by means of a beam, it sounds a little like science fiction but this is no Death Star. The theory is to use a number of satellites in Mundus orbit, outfitted with lightweight solar panels and mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto the panels, the experts involved believe that approximately 3.4 gigawatts of electricity will be generated on a satellite, this is then converted to RF microwave radiation at approximately 85% efficiency. The microwave frequency is proposed to be around 2.45GHz to be transparent to the atmosphere and moisture, while a net 2.9 GW of power is beamed to a receiving antenna at a fixed point on the ground below where it's received by an antenna. The ground antenna sends a pilot beam back up to the satellite ensuring that the correct spot is hit by the beam, this ground based antenna then converts the electromagnetic energy into direct current electricity and then through an inverter which delivers a net two gigawatts of AC power into the power grid. The angle between the solar collector and the microwave transmitter is constantly changing as Mundus rotates. Thus if the mirrors are always pointed towards the sun, the microwave beam is steered to always point at the correct location on the earth. In this way the system can deliver full power levels day and night, in all weathers, and all year round. The intensity of the microwave beam is around 240 W/m2, which is about one quarter of the intensity of mid-day sunlight. So the system cannot be used as a beam weapon, nor is it harmful to life on Mundus. The Solar Power Satellite (SPS) weighs several thousand tonnes, and the specific power in Killawatts per kg is a key parameter for estimating both the cost of hardware and its deployment into orbit. Estimates for leading SPS designs independently calculate the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) at less than 5 Iso's per MWh.

Initial estimates are that a first satellite could be operational by 2030 with the full network in place by 2040.

Map / Re: Claiming Your Spot on the Map
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New Map:


The following nations have been removed:
  • Sudmark
  • Halych & Volhiyna


The following nations have been added:
  • Dietsland
  • Mersch
  • Asphodel (as per Heyra)
  • Hozland

Zamenhuf renamed to Charterlands

Note: the next update will likely be the annual 'purge' update where long term inactives are removed so if you are aware of players who are LOA and haven't made a post in the LOA topic please let me know.

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