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Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022 - Awards Ceremony
« on: November 07, 2022, 05:54:39 PM »
Queens Foundation Awards Ceremony 2022

Charlotte Youngson Chair of the Queen's Foundation

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, once again we come together tonight to recognize, pay tribute to and honour the achievements of the people of Mundus across a variety of fields, this has been quite the year we've seen new international treaties crafted, records tumble, voices of the past heard as their stories are told and advances that push us towards the future both here on Mundus and out in the ocean of the stars beyond our world. So without further ado I present the winners of the Queen's Foundation Awards 2022."

Queen's Foundation Award for Chemistry
Riviere Corporation - for the development of the Sand Battery

Queen's Foundation Award for Physics
Dr Klaus Ragner - for the development of the "pistol shrimp method" in nuclear fusion research

Queen's Foundation Award for Physiology and Medicine
Dr Thomas Campbell and Osman Tech - For the creation of "micro-brains"

Queen's Foundation Award for Literature and Journalism
Phoebe Wolfe - for compiling the first encyclopedia of Achkaerinese patriotic, religious and folk songs.

Queen's Foundation Award for Peace
King David of East Moreland - for putting in place a framework to halt conflicts over historic crimes and bring perpetrators to justice

(Special Citation - While the award for peace is given to King David, as per the Queen's Foundation charter in the case of sole nominees, the Foundation does also commend the efforts of Queen Atalanta of Cassiopeia, King Piripi of the Iwi, King Karlis of Chistopol and Head Gothi Stein Ulfsson in this endeavour) 

Queen's Foundation Award for Economics
Robin Joo - for efforts to ensure no one goes unclothed through expanding their business across multiple nations

Queen's Foundation Award for Engineering
Team Dawnbreaker - for the development of the Electrobreaker and taking the record for an electric powered aircraft

Queen's Foundation Award for Archaeology and Anthropology
Valentin Zima - for mapping, recording, digitising and recreating the Temple of the Goddess in Lodja

Queen's Foundation Award for Mathematics
Magan Gabeyre - For the proof that the E8 lattice provides the densest packing of identical spheres in 8 dimensions, and further contributions to related extremal problems and interpolation problems in Fourier analysis.

Queen's Foundation Award for Climate
TUNA - for continued efforts in rendering the Alucard plastic free.

OOC Explanation - Awards made firstly based on votes and nominations, for any fields without nominees I've then gone looking through RP for potential winners, in the event there's nothing that fits the time frame I've used rl plus a randomly generated name - assume NPC nations for these (this year it's a Zimalian mathematician)

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022 - Physics Vote
« on: November 04, 2022, 03:08:38 PM »
Name of Nominee:- Martin Dawson
Field Nominated in: Physics or Engineering
Reason for Nomination: The creation of the Space Canon is in our view a significant achievement in reducing both the cost financially and environmentally of space exploration. While so far we have seen only a handful of tests completed by SmartWar the design and concept are incredibly innovative. It is our belief that winning this award is not only justified but will go a long way to help boost the outcomes of this project.

Name of Nominee:- Dr. Klaus Ragner
Field Nominated In:- Physics
Reason for Nomination: The Illumic Shores Technological Institute (ISTI) have been a leading institute in the development of nuclear energy. While their countryman have come close to igniting plasma in experiments over the last 12 months the process inspired by pistol shirmp has been the most innovative I have seen in recent years. Should they be able to perfect the process we could see a new generation of cheap and accessable energy being developed. I believe that Dr.Ragner and his team are more than worthy of this years prize.

OCC - Voting open for 72 hours

Name of Nominee: Dr Thomas Campbell and OsmanTech
Field Nominated in: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: We wish to nominate Dr.Campbell and his team for their work creating "micro-brains". The advances made by his team have allowed significant progress to be made in the study of conditions such as dementia and alzheimers. It is our hope that in the coming years their work could lead to cures for these terrible conditions.

Name of Nominee: Dr. Ekstrom
Field of Nomination: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Dr. Ekstrom and her team were responsible this year for discovering a new ecosystem in Hygelac. Having first discovered a subterranian waterway beneath the ice the team found a non destructive way to access this. During their study they found several new species of creatures similar to shrimp. The study of these creatures will lead to a greater understanding of how our planets life has adapted to some of the harshest climates on Mundus

Name of Nominee: Peter Simod
Field of Nomination: Physiology and Medicine
Reason for Nomination: Mr. Simod and his team at ZDS have always been rather innovative with their use of manipulating things from nature. The ability to genetically engineer a thread made from milk of goats is an extremely interesting process that may lead to further processes that yield results for the benefit of all mankind.

OOC - Voting open 72 hours

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022 - Peace Vote
« on: November 04, 2022, 02:52:29 PM »
Name of Nominee: King David of East Moreland
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Putting in place a framework to halt conflicts over historic crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.

Supporting Letter: In its history Mundus has a bloody heritage. There are still countless criminals at large from decades of conflict that pre-dates the Uppsala Convention. In June 2022 His Majesty King David completed the formation of the Historic Crimes Treaty. A piece of diplomacy that not only prevents the prospect of nations taking matters into their own hand but promotes international co-operation on investigation and education of these past crimes.

The Kingdom of Altona therefore wishes to nominate His Majesty King David for a Queen's Foundation Award.

King Rutger of Altona.

Name of Nominee: King David of East Moreland
Field Nominated in: Peace
Reason for Nomination: Working towards a fair and open referendum designed to halt tensions between Celtic nations

Supporting Letter: While many nations across the world took the recent referendum in Eigg as a situation to take sides the Kingdom of East Moreland were the nation to suggest a pathway forward that it is hoped will one day ensure independence for the Kingdom of Eigg in such a manner as friendships with the Federation can be maintained. While this is a work in progress it is clearly worthy of recognition.

Best Regards

Queen Aoife of Eigg

OOC Note: As King David is icly the sole nominee this is essentially a vote on the reason it is awarded (as he wins it either way), the poll says "The Authors of the Historical Crimes Treaty" that is the Altona nomination, it is written like that to make a clear distinction but also because should the HCT nominee win the Queen's would out of fairness recognise the efforts of the other four people concerned in that although the award would as per the Foundations rules go solely to the nominee.

Voting open for 72 hours

Office of the Chancellory / Z Day Notice
« on: October 30, 2022, 10:22:13 PM »
It's that time of year where for a handful of days Nationstates regions turn into apocalyptic tv drama/movies as nations battle zombie hordes. This is called Z Day.

If you participate in the event (and it's a bit of fun so I encourage it) please when accessing Zombie control on your nations page choose to research a cure, after a certain amount of time "cure missiles " (or similar named thing) will become available for your use, fire these at other nations in the region we work by largest population to smallest as NS ranking is determined by survivor numbers. It is important to cure nations participating in the curing so that they can continue to do so.

For the duration of the Z Day event the NS regions borders will be closed and we will use the RMB as the means of communication.

Convention Centre / Queen's Foundation Awards 2022
« on: October 10, 2022, 05:55:47 PM »

The Queen's Foundation Awards (otherwise known as the Queen's Medals), are a set of awards granted to people each year in acknowledgement of their accomplishments across a variety of different fields, are once more upon us. This year we intend to award prizes for accomplishments in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Physiology and Medicine, Literature or Journalism, Peace, Economics, Engineering, Archaeology and Anthropology, Mathematics and Climate Science (OOC - this essentially combines various RL awards together). Nominations will be open until the 31st of October with the winners being announced on the 5th of November at a reception hosted by Queen's College of the University of Artaxia.

We look forward to another celebration of humankind's accomplishments.

Charlotte Youngson
Chair of the Queen's Foundation

OOC Explanation

Ok this is essentially modelled on the Nobel Prizes. You can nominate any of your own characters, someone else's character, or even an international organisation if you can justify it in any of the fields. There are some rules regarding nominations explained below. All I ask is that people be reasonable, this is intended as a fun RP event not a competition. Also, on the principle of every prize being awarded on the night I will award prizes without nominations myself.

The Rules

1) The reason for the nomination (I.e. what the nominee has done) must have happened between the 27th of October 2021 and the 31st of October 2022 - i.e. the period between last years nominations closing and this years nominations closing.

2) The reason must be a completed RP event - for example if the SSC Honeybadger was nominated then it must have achieved the speed record and not still be being constructed. This also means it must be something on the forum. The nomination period is deliberately long to give everyone the opportunity to complete RP's that may be relevant.

3) The reason must be feasible (within the RP rules) - self explanatory.

4) The Queen's Foundation reserves the right to reject a nomination should it deem it to be inappropriate.

The Nomination Form

Please fill out the following form to nominate for a prize

Code: [Select]
Name of Nominee: (Link to character profile if they have one desired but not essential, do include titles)
Field Nominated in: Chemistry/Physics/Physiology and Medicine/Literature and Journalism/Peace/Economics/Engineering/Archaeology and Anthropology/Mathematics/Climate - Delete as Appropriate
Reason for Nomination: What have they done to earn the nomination?
Supporting Letter: Why you (the person nominating) think they should be given the award, signed by the person doing the nominating (must not be the nominee and you can nominate someone from another nation).

If anyone has questions get in touch with me on discord or PM.

Diplomacy and Events / Northern Relations (Ach & Mkt)
« on: August 15, 2022, 10:11:26 PM »

To: The Leadership of Mktvartvelo

Despite both our nations belonging to what I fondly call the 'Northern Ocean Neighbourhood' we appear to lack formal relations, this is something I'd like to rectify with a view to building a strong friendship between our peoples. As is my tradition at this time of year I'm attending several Mundus Games events, so if a meeting were to be of interest to you I would request it occur in Azavrelia if on your soil, though I am happy to host a delegation of your choosing in my homeland.


Emperor Peter Azurewind

International Organisations / The Abrahamic Declaration
« on: July 13, 2022, 04:47:11 PM »
The Abrahamic Declaration

The Abrahamic Declaration is a document authored by representatives of nations and organisations that follow the Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) it was created in June 2022. The document is intended to run as a 'counter' to the Mundus Convention of Universal Rights. It can be signed by nations, religious denominations, NGO's etc.

Aware that mankind has been given a special responsibility on Mundus by The Almighty

Recognising the importance of humanity being granted rights by the Almighty

Understanding that it is an individuals duty to not infringe on those rights of others

The organisations and nations that have signed this document recognise and are committed to the following.

1. All humanity, regardless of what faith they follow, are part of one family. An individual should not face discrimination on the basis of race, colour, language, belief, sex, religion, political affiliation, social status or other considerations.

2. Life is a God-given gift and the right to life is guaranteed to every human being. It is the duty of individuals, societies and states to safeguard this right against any violation, and it is prohibited to take away life except for a just legal reason.

3. It is forbidden to resort to any means which could result in the genocidal annihilation of mankind.

4. It is the duty of individuals, societies and states to preserve life wherever possible.

5.  Safety from bodily harm is a guaranteed right. It is the duty of the state to safeguard it, and it is prohibited to breach it without a just legal reason.

6. All should be done to avoid armed conflict except if it is in a just cause of self -defence or stopping either corruption, tyranny, discrimination or oppression

a) In the event of the use of force and in case of armed conflict, it is not permissible to kill non-belligerents such as old men, women and children. The wounded and the sick shall have the right to medical treatment; and prisoners of war shall have the right to be fed, sheltered and clothed. It is prohibited to mutilate or dismember dead bodies. It is required to exchange prisoners of war and to arrange visits or reunions of families separated by circumstances of war.

b)  It is prohibited to deliberately cut down trees, to destroy crops or livestock, to destroy the enemy's civilian buildings and installations by shelling, blasting or any other means.

7. Every human being is entitled to human sanctity and the protection of one's good name and honour during one's life and after one's death.

8. The state and the society shall protect one's body and burial place from desecration regardless of faith.

9. The family is the foundation of society, and marriage is the basis of making a family.

a) Men and women have the right to marriage, and no restrictions stemming from race, colour or nationality shall prevent them from exercising this right.

b) The society and the State shall remove all obstacles to marriage and facilitate it, and shall protect the family and safeguard its welfare.

10. Woman is equal to man in human dignity, and has her own rights to enjoy as well as duties to perform.

11.  As of the moment of birth, every child has rights due from the parents, the society and the state to be accorded proper nursing, education and material, hygienic and moral care. Both the unborn and the mother must be safeguarded and accorded special care.

12. Parents and those in such like capacity have the right to choose the type of education they desire for their children, provided they take into consideration the interest and future of the children in accordance with ethical values.

13. The seeking of knowledge is an obligation and provision of education is the duty of the society and the State. The State shall ensure the availability of ways and means to acquire education and shall guarantee its diversity in the interest of the society so as to enable Man to be acquainted with God and uncover the secrets of the Universe for the benefit of mankind.

14. Every human being has a right to receive both religious and worldly education from the various institutions of teaching, education and guidance, including the family, the school, the university, the media, etc., and in such an integrated and balanced manner that would develop human personality, strengthen Man's faith in their God and promote Man's respect to and defence of both rights and obligations.

15. Both parents are entitled to certain rights from their children, and relatives are entitled to rights from their kin.

16. It is prohibited to exercise any form of pressure on a person or to exploit their poverty or ignorance in order to force them to change their religion to another religion or to atheism.

17. Human beings are born free, and no one has the right to take away this freedom without just legal cause.

18.  Colonialism of all types is totally prohibited. Peoples suffering from colonialism have the full right to freedom and self-determination. It is the duty of all States peoples to support the struggle of colonized peoples for the liquidation of all forms of and occupation, and all States and peoples have the right to preserve their independent identity and control over their wealth and natural resources.

19. Every person shall have the right, within the framework of the law, to free movement and to select their place of residence whether within or outside his country and if persecuted, is entitled to seek asylum in another country.

20. The country of refuge shall be obliged to provide protection to the asylum-seeker until their safety has been attained, unless asylum is motivated by committing an act regarded by the host state as a crime.

21 a) Work is a right guaranteed by the State and the Society for each person with capability to work. Everyone shall be free to choose the work that suits them best and which serves their interests as well as those of the society.

b)  The employee shall have the right to enjoy safety and security as well as all other social guarantees. They may not be assigned work beyond his capacity nor shall they be subjected to compulsion or exploited or harmed in any way.

c) They shall be entitled - without any discrimination between males and females - to fair wages for their work without delay, as well as to the holidays allowances and promotions which they deserve.

d) On their part a worker shall be required to be dedicated and meticulous in their work. Should workers and employers disagree on any matter, the State shall intervene to settle the dispute and have the grievances redressed, the rights confirmed and justice enforced without bias.

e) Everyone shall have the right to earn a legitimate living without monopolization, deceit or causing harm to oneself or to others.

22. Everyone shall have the right to own property acquired in a legitimate way, and shall be entitled to the rights of ownership without prejudice to oneself, others or the society in general. Expropriation is not permissible except for requirements of public interest and upon payment of prompt and fair compensation.  Confiscation and seizure of property is prohibited except for a necessity dictated by law.

23. Everyone shall have the right to enjoy the fruits of his scientific, literary, artistic or technical labour of which they are the author; and they shall have the right to the protection of their moral and material interests stemming therefrom, provided it is not contrary to the principles of the law of the land.

24.  Everyone shall have the right to live in a clean environment, away from vice and moral corruption, that would favour a healthy ethical development of his person and it is incumbent upon the State and society in general to afford that right.

25.  Everyone shall have the right to critical medical and vital social care, and to all public amenities provided by society and the State within the limits of their available resources. Individuals are expected to contribute to society and the State, according to their ability and as prescribed by law, for those services.

26. The States shall ensure the right of the individual to a earn decent living that may enable him to meet his requirements and those of his dependents, including food, clothing, housing, education, medical care and all other basic needs.

27. Everyone shall have the right to privacy in the conduct of his private affairs, in his home, among his family, with regard to his property and his relationships. It is not permitted to spy on him, to place him under surveillance or to besmirch his good name. The State shall protect him from arbitrary interference.

28. A private residence is inviolable in all cases. It will not be entered without permission from its inhabitants or in any unlawful manner, nor shall it be demolished or confiscated and its dwellers evicted.

29. All individuals are equal before the law, without distinction between the ruler and the ruled. The right to resort to justice is guaranteed to everyone. A defendant is innocent until his guilt is proven in a fast trial in which he shall be given all the guarantees of defence.

30. It is not permitted without legitimate reason to arrest an individual, or restrict their freedom, to exile or to punish them. It is not permitted to subject them to physical or psychological torture or to any form of maltreatment, cruelty or indignity. Nor is it permitted to subject an individual to medical or scientific experiments without their consent or at the risk of their health or of their life. Nor is it permitted to promulgate emergency laws that would provide executive authority for such actions.

31. Taking hostages under any form or for any purpose is expressly forbidden.

32a) Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such manner as would not be contrary to the principles of good order.

b) Everyone shall have the right to advocate what is right, and propagate what is good, and warn against what is wrong and evil according to the norms of society.

c) Information is a vital necessity to society. It may not be exploited or misused in such a way as may violate sanctities and the dignity of others, undermine moral and ethical Values or disintegrate, corrupt or harm society or weaken its faith.

d) It is not permitted to excite nationalistic or doctrinal hatred or to do anything that may be an incitement to any form or racial discrimination.

33. Authority is a trust; and abuse or malicious exploitation thereof is explicitly prohibited, in order to guarantee fundamental human rights.

34. Everyone shall have the right to participate, directly or indirectly in the administration of his country's public affairs. He shall also have the right to assume public office in accordance with the provisions of the law.

35. Should an individual believe the nation in which they reside is not fulfilling these obligations they may, without prejudice, test this belief in front of a judge who shall give a ruling to the best of their ability.


Emir Sulaiman Samar El-Amin of Rayyu
Patriarch Alexy of Samantra
Emperor Malachi of Kodima
Consul Dr. Adebola Kamau of Kermah
King Basil of Nis
Emperor Marco IX of Abertone

Vignettes / OOC - Archaeology suggestions
« on: July 11, 2022, 12:03:34 AM »
Ok so my favourite vignettes to write are my Melanie Bell stories found here, because I've had her focusing on the Earagon stuff over the last few months I don't have her next thing planned, so for something a little different and because she's all about the mysteries of Mundus I'm going to take suggestions as to what she might go looking for, missing relics, what mystery she solves etc, just give me some details about what it is.

Diplomacy and Events / Edelweiss Charity Dinner 2022 (Open to All)
« on: July 07, 2022, 11:36:37 PM »

The Orchestra Theatre was probably one of the more weird and wonderful buildings in Achkaerin to look at from an architectural point of view, it wasn't the biggest theatre, it certainly wasn't the most renowned both of those titles likely belonged to the national theatre in the centre of Valtheim, by comparison the Orchestra Theatre sat just outside the city of Valkyria, it was home to the Achkaerin Youth Theatre and the Achkaerin Youth Orchestra so it was a key part of the artistic scene for the youngsters and perhaps it was fitting, with all of that in mind, that this theatre was to play host to the annual charity dinner at the start of the Edelweiss Classical Music Festival. The honour of hosting the evenings events fell to Phoebe Wolfe, the Queen of Songs, she walked through the crowd of patrons, music lovers and even the odd ambassador, it was an invitation that was made each year because as much as the night was about the charities for whom money would be raised for this year but it was always a decent opportunity for people to play catch up and talk, as a result some of the political establishment were hanging around as well.

OOC - Anyone can turn up, I generally consider Ach to have embassy's with everyone so even a local ambassador can turn up.

While most of Mundus, had at least going off of initial reactions, been busy celebrating the discovery or rather unveiling of Princess Kyoko the mood in Valtheim was without question very different, there was an air of fury about the place, the high ranking intelligence figures, the advisors and even the Emperor himself were all trying to figure out the answer to a question - how had this happened? How had this information got leaked? Nettie Taylor, who herself had only had possession of all the facts for a few hours, stepped into the study of the Marble Palace and found Peter perched on the edge of his desk talking to the head of Achkaerinese Intelligence Sally Barkley
"INIS think it was the Anausa." Nettie said
"So they've followed a different set of instructions but still built the same model." Peter said "Who the hell leaked this?"
"I don't know." Sally said "It was a tight circle."
"It's Charles I know it's Charles." Serenity said coming into the room "Only person with an axe to grind."
"So if he knows how does he know?" Peter asked
"There was one Rokkenjiman apart from Cecelia who knew." Sally said "Akane Fujimoto"
"Cecelia's Lucinda." Peter said "I remember her, she had a lot of intelligence responsibilities in those days."
"Charles was Cecelia's inside man, Iso's to Shillings Akane was the liaison." Serenity said, Peter sighed and looked across at Nettie
"You'd better get Evanthe, Kyoko, Emerson and the rest of the circle on a plane up here." the Emperor said "The time has come the fox said to talk of many things, of skies and seas - and the oaths we took - of Emperor's and Queens, of the promises made and the secrets long kept."

In Pyrena the Viceregent Emerson Ravenswood walked into Evanthe's study and put a sealed letter on the desk "Much I wish I could say that's the booking for a weekend away somewhere it isn't." he said "We've been summoned to Valtheim, you, me, Kyoko, Cecelia, Yuriko and Cole junior." he smiled at Evanthe's expression the last time an Achkaerinese Monarch had 'summoned' the Rokkenjiman one had been during the 'great schism' "That's not in Peter's hand it's in Cecelia's, it advises you and the others to go. It's what's called a break glass in case of emergency letter. We can be in the air within two hours."

Sporting Hub / Mundus Games 2022 - OOC/Sign Up
« on: June 20, 2022, 03:44:54 PM »
Mundus Games 2022

It's that time of year again- our version of the Olympic Games is back for its Ninth outing, as always there have been a few minor tweaks to the event list with some new events added, I'm also once again foregoing group stages in various competitions to simplify things. Bidding information is included in this post for anyone interested in hosting, if no one bids for hosting then you're all coming to Valtheim.

Bidding information

The bidding process requires nations wishing to host to submit requested information, what information is dependent on the event in question. There will be a deadline set for bid submissions in the case of the Mundus Games this is the 6th of July any bids entered after that date will not be considered unless the vote has not opened. As you can probably guess from that sentence once bidding closes there will be a vote conducted. By vote this will be in the form of a post in this topic and the format of that vote will be explained at the time as it depends on the number of bids received.

So with that in mind the following is the criteria for Mundus Games Bids:
  • A list of venues for the events- you are expected to include the capacity of these venues and the athletics stadium must have a minimum capacity of 80,000 (please make sure to include which events are going where)
  • Name of the Main TV Rights Holder (For example EMTV)
  • Plans for the Athletes Village (just an image will do with a brief explanation)
  • Importantly a written letter signed by a ranking member of your government stating a) that they will provide safe venues and protective services for all athletes and staff no matter which nation they hail from. (No refusing entry to a nation or holding people prisoner because you don't get along in RP with their nation) and b) explaining the legacy of the games in your nation (what will the venues be used for afterwards, will there be a focus on the next generation of athletes? etc) This is the selling aspect of the bid

Everyone is advised that the last bullet point is quite important as it involves something akin to the Olympic Truce.

Also as the controller of the Mundus Games Committee (our IOC) I reserve the right to refuse a bid should there be a legitimate IC reason to do so, e.g we wouldn't be having this in a country in the middle of a civil war. I would like to remind everyone that if they believe there to be a legitimate IC reason to question a bid they may do so icly, just please do it in a separate thread.

As a word of advice to any prospective bidder do bear in mind that you will require multiple stadia for events such as football and cricket. And please check that every event is covered.

As usual competing nations will have the opportunity to choose disciplines to specialize in that is those headings in YELLOW, you are permitted three specialisms. You may also suggest the addition of an event if you wish but please remember these are the summer games (so no snowboarding). Also this is just the event list I have not yet worked out the schedule.

Finally I am not simply assuming everyone competes in everything but I am instead letting you determine which events you enter however please note that some events have a set number of people involved and some have a minimum number, these are generally team events and are indicated. Also please remember when determining your team size what the size of your nation is and how sporty they are.

Event List

All events apply to men and women unless specified otherwise, and all relay events are one relay team per nation. Team events are also one team per nation.

Athletics and Field

3000m steeplechase
110m hurdles (Men)
100m hurdles (Women)
4x400m relay
4x100m relay
Heptathlon (Women)
Decathlon (Men)
Pentathlon (men and women)

Triathlon (ind and team) (team is 4 athletes in a mixed relay)
Cross Country (ind and team) (four athletes is assumed)

Hammer Throw
High Jump
Long Jump
Triple Jump
Pole Vault


50m (free, back, breast, fly)
100m (free, back, breast, fly)
200m (free, back, breast, fly)
400m (free, back, breast, fly)
800m (free)
1500m (free)
200m indiv medley
400m indiv medley
800m indiv medley
4x100m medley relay
4x200m medley relay

10k open water swim

Synchronized Swimming
Water Polo (15 athletes per squad)


Menís 56, 62, 69, 77, 85, 94, 105, over 105kg
Womenís 48, 53, 58, 63, 69, 75, over 75kg


Single Sculls
Double Sculls
Quad Sculls
Coxless Pairs
Coxless Fours
Coxed Eights
Lightweight Pairs
Lightweight Fours


Menís solo- RSX, Laser, Finn
Menís Team- 470, Star, 49er
Womenís solo- RSX, Laser
Womenís Team- 470, E6
Surfing - mens ind, womens ind, team (team is mixed 3 surfers)


Individual and Team all around competition (six athletes per team will be assumed)
Menís disciplines, Rings, Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar
Womenís disciplines, Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars,

Ind Menís Rings, Vault, Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, High Bar
Ind Womenís Floor, Vault, Balance Beam, Uneven Bars

Ind Womenís Rhythmic Gymnastics (Ball, Hoop, Ribbon, Clubs, Rope)
Womenís all around (team and ind)

Trampolining (ind and team)
Trampolining Pairs

Tumbling (ind and team)


Kendo (ind and team (team is 3 athletes))


3M Platform (indiv and pair)
5M Platform (indiv and pair)
10M Platform (indiv and pair)


Individual Pursuit
Individual Sprint
Team Pursuit (four riders per team)
Team Sprint (three riders per team for men, two riders per team for women)
Individual Scratch Race
Individual Elimination Race
Individual Points Race
Individual Flying Lap
Individual 1km Time Trial
Madison (two rider event)

Road Race (maximum of six riders per team)
Time Trial
Mountain Bike (Cross Country)

Motocross (Mixed ind and team)


Recurve Individual
Recurve Team (three archers per team)
Horseback Archery - Circuit, Cross Country, Cross Country Relay, Time Attack


Menís 49, 52, 56, 60, 64, 69, 75, 81, 91, over 91kg
Womenís 51, 60, 75kg


Menís 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, 100, over 100kg
Womenís 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, 78, over 78kg


Menís 58, 68, 80, over 80kg
Womenís 49, 57, 67, over 67kg


Menís 58, 68, 80, over 80kg
Womenís 49, 57, 67, over 67kg

Mixed Martial Arts

Mens and womens individual events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight

Medieval Mixed Martial Arts

Mens and womens individual events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight
Duo events at lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight
Fortress Battle (teams of 20 in a capture the flag styled contest)
Mens and womens sword dancing with one or two blades (sword version of kata as seen in the RL olympics)

Football (squad size of 23 players)

Basketball (squad size of 20 players)

Rugby Sevens (squad size of 16 players)

Handball (squad size of 18 players)

Netball (women only, squad size of 14 players)

Cricket (T20 Format)

Ball and Stick Games

Hockey (squad size of 23 players)
Baseball (squad size of 20 players)


Beach Volleyball

Racket Sports


Mixed Doubles


Mixed Doubles


All Equestrian events are mixed i.e. men and women compete against each other

Dressage (ind and team)
Cross Country (ind and team)
Showjumping (ind and team)
Three Day Eventing (four riders per team)
Polo (12 riders per squad)
Mens Jousting
Womens Jousting


Rifle- 10m, 50m prone, 50 m three positions
Pistol- 10m, 25m, 25m rapid fire, 50m
Shotgun- trap, double trap, skeet



Cue Sports


Rock Climbing

Individual Rockclimbing


Individual Chess

Sign Up Information

Again this year we're using google sheets to create the Database as far as I understand it I believe you should be able to add in your athlete information without needing to sign into a google account, if for whatever reason you can't add yours in post it below and I'll get it added. I have already put Achkaerin's information in there to give people an idea of when numbers are entered and when yes/no isn't. If you aren't entering an event please enter either a zero or no into the cell or leave the cell blank.

Also remember to include your nations three specialist disciplines in the sign up post you do.

Sporting Hub / Rugby World Cup 2022 - IC
« on: May 23, 2022, 02:59:46 PM »
Rugby World Cups 2022: Vaguzia

Insert fancy opening ceremony here

Men's Standings

Women's Standings

Lord Chief Justice's Office / The Ban List
« on: April 15, 2022, 09:51:01 PM »
Below is the list of those people who are banned from the region:

Gadshack - For Harrassment of several members and attempted destruction of the region.

Banaria - For harrassment of several members and cyberstalking several members.

Non Fiction / The Chorus of Life
« on: April 12, 2022, 04:14:24 PM »
The Chorus of Life is written by Phoebe Wolfe, the youngest Queen of Songs in the history of the Cult of Namis, the book contains the words, music and history of Achkaerinese songs from the national anthem and provincial anthems to the favourites of the Edelweiss festival and folk songs. Song has long been a popular medium in Achkaerin, typically seen on Footlights Avenue where the home of Musical Theatre is or in the concert halls across the nation but before we had songs telling of how fictional characters wrestled with many things, we had songs that tell of what happened in ages gone by.

Diplomacy and Events / The Transition
« on: April 12, 2022, 01:42:55 PM »
There had been days that Emerson Ravenswood had started to doubt they'd ever get to this point, throughout his time as Viceregent he had had two significant responsibilities the first had been why the then Empress Beatrice had appointed him - to clean house, he was the outsider, he was the new broom and more importantly he was someone that could be vouched for as being free from the taint that had hung over Pyrena and as someone who wasn't going to mince his words. Cleaning house had been where Emerson had wielded the sledgehammer, the Anausa had been removed from their role as protectors of the throne, the Imperial Council had been entirely reconstructed, not to be the Empress's rubber stamp but to hold her accountable and to make sure her actions were credible. The second had been a responsibility that was equally important and one that Emerson had been preparing for from day one - to prepare the path for Asuna to take the throne, some might wonder why he'd been thinking about it even back when Beatrice had been on the throne the answer was simple enough, like most people who'd analysed it he'd understood the implications brought on by the 2018 Imperial Address, from that point Beatrice's days on the throne had been numbered, some hadn't wanted to admit it but it was the truth. From that point on Emerson, Evanthe and the Imperial Council had been building the foundations for Asuna's reign that remained ongoing alongside the day to day work that went on in Pyrena but they were now at a point where the word 'transition' was the watch word, the process itself would be lengthy but to even be considering it was a victory in itself for Emerson.

The process, journey or whatever people wanted to call it had two focuses - the first was orientated around Pyrena, the building of Asuna's platform, her support pillar and that was where Gregory McKenna came in, just an Imperial Liaison but it was just about the worst kept secret in Pyrena that McKenna was going to be Asuna's viceregent, this first prong was about getting ahead of the game, years ahead. Emerson made his way to Evanthe's study "She touches down in ten minutes and Gregory's here in five." he said "You ready to start this ball rolling?"

The second prong was happening not in Pyrena but up in the frozen north, this was about preparing Asuna in a manner that didn't seem to undermine Evanthe, in truth the Crown Princess needed experience and probably needed to develop a fair bit as well. So a fair bit of talking and taking advantage of the Network of Crowns provisions had led to this Asuna coming to Achkaerin for her higher education years, educationally speaking her first year was going to be sixth form based which would ensure she had the qualifying grades to get into university which would of course be what the other years would be about. Of course there was far more to it this was about the future Emerson and Evanthe could get Gregory and Rokkenjima ready but that was only half the equation, the other half was about prepping Asuna herself and perhaps there was an element of fate, irony or humour to it that this landed at the door of Crown Princess Serenity.    It was a well thought out idea, Asuna could accompany Serenity on her official duties and see how Serenity did it which would in turn build up her own experience, plus it would go some way to establishing a relationship between the two after all they were both going to be the rulers of their respective countries. There was a further intrigue, though perhaps not unexpected, that Asuna was bringing Euphemia with her.

Serenity leaned against her car, not one of her supercar collection in this instance but her school run car, and glanced at the clock on her phone they'd have touched down by now, so provided they didn't find themselves having to comply with a customs spot check she shouldn't be waiting that much longer.

Sporting Hub / Rugby World Cup 2022 - OOC Sign Ups
« on: April 09, 2022, 05:43:37 PM »
Rugby World Cup 2022

Back for the seventh time is the Mundus Rugby World Cup (which is most likely the most hotly contested trophy on Mundus). Last tournament saw Lodja win their first World Cup defeating Vaguzia in the final, will the plucky underdogs triumph again? And who will triumph in the inaugural Women's World Cup?

Ok serious stuff, as per the usual sports sign ups state in this thread if you want to enter your nation into this - all hosting bids to be posted by the 19th of April please, following which there'll be a vote for hosting which I'll explain if one is needed. The full explanation of the bidding process is below. If no one bids we're going to an NPC nation. Remember the host is hosting both the mens and womens tournaments.

Bidding Process

The bidding process requires nations wishing to host to submit requested information, what information is dependent on the event in question. There will be a deadline set for bid submissions. any bids entered after that date will not be considered unless the vote has not opened. As you can probably guess from that sentence once bidding closes there will be a vote conducted by vote this will not be in the form of a poll but in the form of a post in this topic (this is to ensure fairness of the vote). Importantly I want to make clear that as I for the purposes of sport effectively play the governing bodies (in this instance Mundus International Rugby Confederation or MIRC) and I generally assume everyone to be a member, nations can protest bids, but please if doing so make it about something not just 'my nation does not like the bidding nation'. Also I reserve the right to invalidate a hosting bid if it would place competitors at risk  which I generally take to mean nowhere where there is a civil war or large scale civil unrest.

So with that in mind the following is the criteria for the Rugby World Cup bids
  • A minimum list of eight stadia- you are expected to include the capacity of these venues at least one stadium must have a minimum capacity of 80,000 (for the final) and at least two must have capacity's of 70,000
  • Name of the Main TV Rights Holder (For example Tytorian News Service or EMTV)
  • Information relating to accommodation for teams and supporters.
  • Importantly a written letter signed by a ranking member of your government stating that they will provide safe venues and protective services for all athletes and staff no matter which nation they hail from. (No refusing entry to a nation or holding people prisoner because you don't get along in RP with their nation).

Also a word of advice to those wishing to host. It has been brought to my attention that we've had an awful lot of "Image Parade Bids" of late i.e. bids which amount to venue pictures and a fairly generic letter. Therefore I strongly encourage all those who wish to host this competition to "Sell" their nations in terms of why they are the best host for it and to think about the legacy factor i.e. what will the lasting impact of your nation hosting the tournament be?

Final note I am limiting the number of tournaments to 32 nations if we get more than 32 nations then a qualification round will need to be held which I will explain if we get far. The participants shall be listed here.

Mens Participants

1) Achkaerin
2) Vaguzia
3) Samantra
4) East Moreland
5) Ruasliabh
6) Fed Dal Riata & K Eigg
7) Nis
8) Jugland
9) Djabidjan
10) Mktvartvelo
11) Ui Cenneslaig
12) Iwi
13) Daito
14) Halych
15) Tytor
16) Floodwater

Womens Participants

1) Achkaerin
2) Vaguzia
3) East Moreland
4) Ruasliabh
5) Fed Dal Riata & K Eigg
6) Jugland
7) Mktvartvelo
8) Ui Cenneslaig
9) Cantabria
10) Daito
11) Halych
12) Tytor
13) Floodwater
14) Iwi
15) Nis
16) Seaforth

Convention Centre / Gowu Fashion Show 2022 (Open RP)
« on: March 23, 2022, 01:57:13 PM »
OOC - anyone can feel free to participate in this

The buzz around Artisan House was familiar, the complex played host to several annual events, among them a political party conference, an art show, a couple of dances and of course the current focus the Gowu Fashion Show. It wasn't a huge political event but it was a networking opportunity, the exhibition stands were a whole lot closer to mini shops than pop up stands, the stages were being given their final polish and the odd final briefing was happening. For Aiika Riko this was one of her favourite annual engagements, mainly because she didn't need to think too much about politics and could instead focus on being someone interested in fashion, she was curious to see what the new trends and innovations were as she perused the exhibition space.

The job of hosting the show, like the majority of international events in Gowu, fell to the Chief Councillor Xiaoling Tsu, she sipped on a glass of lemonade as she circulated around talking to the guests, making a point to look for those she didn't already know. She also had the small matter of opening proceedings to take care of, as the background chatter died down Xiaoling smiled.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Gowu fashion show, I look forward to being challenged, wowed, dazzled, enticed to buy something. But most of all I look forward to joining with all of you in celebrating the wonder and innovation of the fashion industry." she said "Now please have fun."

Diplomacy and Events / RP Event #1 - Dark Waters
« on: February 28, 2022, 07:50:41 PM »
The Ocean's Blessing was an old, albeit sizable, oil tanker, flying under the Nueva Ardian flag and operated by the Andino Oil Company, not an oil giant when compared to companies operating within OPEN but as an independent one it was decent enough. It was just another routine run from the Kyne oil fields back to port in Nueva Ardia, it was a journey that the ship had made many, many times it was probably the type off journey that her Captain Juan Enrique could make with his eyes closed, but here on this dark and moonless night something was about to go very very wrong, the ship suddenly shook, in about as violent a manner as possible, to Juan the noise reminded him of his military experience it was nearly explosive and he was convinced something in the ship had given way. But whatever had happened the ship was no longer moving. Juan picked up the radio, set the channel and sent his distress call

"Mayday mayday this is the tanker Ocean's Blessing in distress, require urgent assistance"

It was only when a passing cruise ship came by a couple of hours later and rescued the crew of the stricken tanker that Juan's worst fears were realised, with the sun up he could see what had happened, he could see his ship run aground on some sort of reef, he could see the damage to her, he could see the steady stream of oil gushing out like blood from a wound and perhaps worse he could see cruise ship passengers standing on the deck taking photos and video on their smartphones and tablets, this would likely be around Mundus before he had the chance to talk to his boss.

OOC Note - I think you all should have some understanding of what is going on (If not get hold of me by PM or on discord). Consider these events a good excuse to practice your story telling skills. Feel free to work with other players to have intertwining stories, etc. The goal of this event is not to "win" or to make yourself immune to the issue at hand, but to do the best quality roleplaying you can. Those who do the best quality roleplaying will earn an RP reward, I'm not sure what it will be yet but I'll figure it out.

Have fun.

Spoiler: Map • show

red circle is location of vessel, black circle is approximate size of spill, the latter is likely not accurate at this point in the rp due it being made quickly on ms paint.

Sporting Hub / Keepton 2022 (Winter Games IC)
« on: February 24, 2022, 10:12:58 PM »

As soon as any visitors arrived at Keepton's International Airport they were greeted by the mascot of the games, everywhere you looked in the airport terminal you saw Stoffel, some dressed as speed skaters, some with ski's. Children visiting with families often ended up having their photo taken with the people dressed as mascots. As soon as they left the terminal buses were waiting alongside taxis and mini-vans to take people to their accommodation. The city of Keepton was already a hive of activity with big screens in every park and litttle square so that people didn't need to miss any of the games. Every restaurant or bar had posters dedicated to the games. Some even had special themed menus and cocktails for the guests. As the evening began to descend attention turned to Keepton Arena which was more used to hosting rugby than anything from the winter games. While in its own right it wasn't a venue for the Games it was ideal for the opening ceremony.

The crowd had been filtering in. Each of the young kids getting in had an extra stub on their ticket which allowed them to collect one of four special edition stuffed toys in the shape of Stoffel. It was a clever marketing ploy by the characters owners, the kids would probably want the others and a tidy profit should follow. Once everyone was in their seat they found a seat of 3D glasses and soon after the lights in the arena dimmed.

"HIYA!!!!" A loud voice echoed around the arena, "Here...over here." the voice seemed to follow around the stadium before on big screens around the ground the character Stoffel appeared on the screen the 3D glasses giving the impression that he was jumping out the screen. "My names Stoffel. I'm a Honeybadger and I love the snow" he declared. "I'm sooooooo happy that you accepted our invitation. I can't wait to be your friend and see some fun." A short video package played showing some of East Moreland's best known athletes in a Rocky style training montage with the cartoon character. As the video ended lights showed the centre of the arena had an ice rink in it and a skater dressed as the Honeybadger scurried across the arena floor and began to perform a flawless ice dance routine. Once it was over lights turned to the VIP box. First King David and Queen Stasya entered followed by various other VIPS including the Dragon-Emperor and Queen Dandan[1] Once the VIP's were in their seats more entertainment began. This time it was members of the Alpine Cadre from the East Moreland military with a silent precision drill demonstration that saw them form various symbols such as the Games logo, icons representing the events and carrying out intricate crossovers. With almost perfect timing as soon as the drill demonstration had taken place a flyover by a flight of fighter plans spraying a rainbow of colours passed overhead. As the last of their engine roars disappeared into the evening air the anthem of the Games rang out. "Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the athletes of the 2022 Winter Games." As joyful music played a Honeybadger Mascot dressed in the colours of the first nation entered followed by the competitors from that nation. One at a time the nations entered to reactions varying in size based on how well supported they were but even the smallest contingent got a welcoming round of applause, the largest cheer however naturally was for the East Moreland team who were headed by the Archduchess Sophie Harrison-Ironside who was carrying the nations flag proudly. Once the team had finished their lap they waited for the final teams to join them and as each team finished their lap their Honeybadger joined its comrades infront of the VIP box. Once the last one was in place it was the turn of the King to give a welcoming speech.

"I'm delighted to welcome you to East Moreland. Keepton was one of the ancient capitals of our Kingdom and I am proud that for the next few weeks at least it will be the global capital of Winter Sport. I spent many happy days in my youth in Keepton and I'm confident that the hospitality and welcome that you'll receive in this amazing city will show exactly why the games came to East Moreland. We wish each and every athlete the best of luck. We wish all spectators a joyous exprience and we look forward to you leaving us as friends. I am now delighted to declare these games open." As the King finished and the crowd applauded a sleigh appeared being pulled by two horses. In the back of the sleigh stood Carl Thatcher, the first Morelander to win a Winter Games medal and in his hand he held the Games torch. Once the sled had come to a halt he walked the steps that lead up to the VIP box where a large metallic bowl sat before the assembled guests. He bowed to King David and then having joined them from the other side a Stoffel mascot appeared. Stoffel, King David and Thatcher each gripped the torch and extended it towards the bowl. There was a red flare up as the gas ignited and flames symbolising the games began to burn. It was time for the sport to begin.

Medal Table

 1. (OOC- Anyone else with a Head of State/Government who wants to say they attended are free to assume their person did as well.)

Diplomacy and Events / An Overdue Trip (Ach and Daito)
« on: February 15, 2022, 07:10:45 PM »

To: His Highness Emperor Go-Tenshi

It has occurred to me that outside of our interactions within the CSTO and more recently cooperation between our nations respective space agencies that our nations don't hve what might be described as typical relations. I think we should perhaps remedy that, I'm due for a visit in Gowu in a few days, following which I could if it was convenient visit Daito before traveling back home, failing that we can no doubt rearrange things to fit our respective schedules.


Emperor Peter Azurewind

The morning after the World's Fair Ball Crown Princess Serenity, well technically Queen Serenity given she was in Revana, woke up in the bed that she was still over two years later so used to sharing with her late husband maybe it was being back in New Reach, being back in this room, but it was always like he was right there next to her. Sitting up in the bed she ran a hand through her hair before grinning, today had so much potential just herself, Evelyn and Akasha sat in a room or maybe hanging around the gardens if the weather was nice. What could the three of them accomplish? The thought lingered in her mind as she sat there, the chance for something that had been a long term diplomatic aim for the Achkaerinese Government was in front of her, she'd better get her game face on then. It was about an hour later that she made her way downstairs and had her usual breakfast of a blueberry muffin and on doctors orders a reasonable glass of milk. She could hear the sounds of life elsewhere in the building "One day at a time, one step at a time." Serenity muttered to herself before making her way over to the pool table that sat in part of the main living area of the Palace, it brought a smile to her face as she touched it running her hand along the wood - this was the actual pool table that had sat in the office of the CTO Secretary General during the time that she'd held the position, it was something that had become her 'thinking table' getting a cue she decided to knock some of the balls around while she waited for Evelyn and Akasha to come down.

Diplomacy and Events / Notice of Legal Action in Respect of Unite Vision
« on: February 07, 2022, 05:35:35 PM »

Achkaerin Aeronautical Development Company (AADC) hereby serves notice that it has filed a suit of libel against the media outlet Unite Vision, the case was filed in the Valkyria Provincial Court in accordance with law. We cite the following statement published on the 6th of February 2022 that says "Achkaerin is about to order a plane which technology donít even exist", we believe that this statement is false and therefore libelous, as a result of which we pursue this action against Unite Vision. We also advise Unite Vision that given further comments published on the 7th of February 2022 that further legal action is under consideration.

Harold Dunne
Senior Legal Counsel at AADC

Diplomacy and Events / A Letter From a Friend
« on: January 31, 2022, 11:54:39 PM »
With Princess Astrid in hospital, the meeting on the Centralia issue involving Government Ministers was chaired not by the Emperor but instead by Sakura Sheppard, the Emperor's niece, the meeting was being held in the Consul's offices in Liberty Hall, home of the Senate, in a period where backbench motions were being introduced by Senators and responded to by the Leader of the Senate Chamber. Sakura let out a breath "Ok the sum of the situation is that Rokkenjima and Tytor are by varying means and such sending ships into a situation which has the potential to end very badly, we don't know what's going on on the ground so we don't know the welcome any presence is going to get. No military presence in Centralian territory is going to be legal without permission of the Centralian government or in the event that there is something involving them going on, some justification i.e. a smoking gun, we don't need another Zimalia so what have you got?" Sakura asked
"Intelligence gathering on the ground is under way, we'd have liked not to be on the clock but we're there." Sally Barkley, the Director of Achkaerinese Intelligence, said "All findings are going to be collated and forwarded to the CSTO for report and action thereof. What we really need is a point of contact with the Centralian Government."
"We can help there." Richard Chambers, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said "Centralia's Patriot Party and our Patriot Party have a historic relationship, you could call them sister parties but no one would make that association now or want to because they've jumped the shark. Point is there are some people that myself and Melinda worked with back in the day who may be approachable including Vice President Bush, I can write him a letter."
"No official seal, no trace." Sally said "Bush needs to know it's from you but we don't want anyone else knowing."
"I know." Richard said

A couple of days later the letter, posted locally in Centralia and addressed for the attention of the Vice President hit the in tray, it read:

Mr Vice President,

I'm afraid I have to cancel our fishing trip that we had planned for next week, this is due to a family emergency. This is unfortunate as I was looking to seeing you and your family again and perhaps watching our daughters having a treading water rematch in the lake, I've been wondering how long they could go before the water was over their heads. I also apologise for having to let you know about this by post as it appears you can't trust the power companies in the north.

Your friend,


Sporting Hub / Winter Games 2022 - OOC Sign Ups
« on: January 24, 2022, 12:42:37 AM »

For those who don't know this is the Mundus equivalent of the Winter Olympics, I try to have both the summer and winter games each year but due to my moving house and the rl circumstances over the last couple of years the Winter Games haven't happened. But now they're back for their fifth installment.

As per usual you as the RPer are in the signup going to decide which events your nation enters and how many athletes they enter. Confused well let me try and explain, take an RL country that enters the RL Winter Olympics that's similar population wise to yours and use the number of athletes they send as a guideline- for example population wise Achkaerin is slightly larger than Great Britain so I'd blatantly rip of GB's total number of athletes for my nations team size that doesn't mean I have to match the events they entered though because my nations focus may be on other areas to that of the RL nation. There is a link to the teams spreadsheet at the bottom of this post where you can enter all this information.

As per Mundus Games you may select up to three disciplines (those things in large font) for your nation to specialize in, this will increase your chances of getting medals in those disciplines but will not guarantee them (I suggest tailoring teams to the specialist disciplines you choose athlete wise)

Finally bidding information for prospective hosts is included after the list of events.

List of Events

Alpine Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing (mens and womens)
  • Super Combined (mens and womens)
  • Super G (mens and womens)
  • Slalom (mens and womens)
  • Giant Slalom (mens and womens)

  • Men's 10km Sprint
  • Women's 7.5km Sprint
  • Men's 12.5km Pursuit
  • Women's 10km Pursuit
  • Men's 20km Individual
  • Women's 15km Individual
  • Men's 15km Mass Start
  • Women's 12.5 km Mass Start
  • Men's 4 x 7.5km Relay
  • Women's 4 x 6km Relay
  • Mixed 4 x 7.5km Relay

  • Men's Two Bobsleigh
  • Women's Two Bobsleigh
  • Men's Four Bobsleigh
  • Women's Four Bobsleigh
  • Luge Singles (men and women)
  • Luge Doubles (men and women)
  • Luge Relay (four runs combining the above luge events aggregate time used to determine results)
  • Skeleton Singles (men and women)

Cross Country Skiing
  • Skiathlon (men and women)
  • Individual Sprint (men and women)
  • Men's 15km Classical
  • Women's 10km Classical
  • Men's 4 x 10km Relay
  • Women's 4 x 5km Relay
  • Team Sprint (men and women)
  • Men's 50km Mass Start
  • Women's 30km Mass Start

  • Men's Team Competition
  • Women's Team Competition
  • Mixed Pairs Competition (two players one male and one female)

Figure Skating
  • Singles (men and women)
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Mixed Ice Dancing
  • Mixed Team Event (Freestyle)

Freestyle Skiing
  • Aerials (men and women)
  • Halfpipe (men and women)
  • Moguls (men and women)
  • Ski Cross (men and women)
  • Slopestyle (men and women)

Ice Hockey
  • Men's Team Competition
  • Women's Team Competition
  • Bandy (Mens and Womens) Demo event

Nordic Combined
  • Individual Normal Hill/10km (men and women)
  • Individual Large Hill/10km (men and women)
  • Team Large Hill/ 4 x 5km (men and women)

Short Track Speed Skating
  • 500m (men and women)
  • 1000m (men and women)
  • 1500m (men and women)
  • Women's 3000m Relay
  • Men's 5000m Relay

Ski Jumping
  • Normal Hill (men and women)
  • Large Hill (men and women)
  • Team Large Hill (men and women)

Snow Boarding
  • Halfpipe (men and women)
  • Parallel Giant Slalom (men and women)
  • Parallel Slalom (men and women)
  • Slopestyle (men and women)
  • Snowboard Cross (men and women)
  • Aerials (men and women)

Speed Skating
  • 500m (men and women)
  • 1000m (men and women
  • 1500m (men and women)
  • Women's 3000m
  • 5000m (men and women)
  • Men's 10,000m
  • Team Pursuit (men and women)

Bidding Information

The bidding process requires nations wishing to host to submit requested information, what information is dependent on the event in question. There will be a deadline set for bid submissions in this case the 10th of February any bids entered after that date will not be considered unless the vote has not opened. As you can probably guess from that sentence once bidding closes there will be a vote conducted by vote this will not be in the form of a poll but in the form of a post in this topic (this is to ensure fairness of the vote)

So with that in mind the following is the criteria for the Winter Games bids
  • Information on venues- how much information you go into is up to you but a word of advice pictures are always welcome.
  • Name of the Main TV Rights Holder (For example Tytorian News Service or EMTV)
  • Information relating to the athletes village and accommodation for the media and fans.
  • Importantly a written letter signed by a ranking member of your government stating that they will provide safe venues and protective services for all athletes and staff no matter which nation they hail from. (No refusing entry to a nation or holding people prisoner because you don't get along in RP with their nation).
The last bullet point is particularly important and should be considered along the lines of the Olympic truce.

Also a point I always try to make, the host nation is responsible for starting the IC thread with an opening ceremony and also concluding the thread following the final results with a closing ceremony should they wish to do so. I'll still be putting up the results for each day etc.

And as a final incentive the host nation shall receive a small boost across the board in all disciplines they compete in due to the 'home advantage'

Code: (Signup Form) [Select]
Nation Name:
Three letter nation abbrev:
Specialist Disciplines:


Diplomacy and Events / The Trident, The Survivors and The Q (Open RP)
« on: January 23, 2022, 01:01:36 AM »
OOC - This is an open RP focused around worldbuilding the Earagon faith - a group of people mainly native to Rodina at one time but drastically reduced in number during a genocide in the mid 90's. They've been referenced a few times but never really established beyond their existence and the genocide that befell them so this is an RP that seeks to do that, anyone can jump in for a little archaeology, mystery or even conspiracy theory. If you have questions do get hold of me.

Martin Deed, a Cardinal in the Celestial Catholic Church though his roots lay in Protestantism, stood at the front of the sanctuary in his church, the great church of Santiago, most preachers tended to use the pulpit but Martin preferred to use the lectern - he found the wall of the pulpit to be symbolic of a barrier and preferred the open approach, the set text for the morning's worship was the wedding at Cana, a passage that detailed among other things, a little bit of mother and son comedy, the first miracle of Christ and in part a thing or two about purification, it being the season of the Epiphany it was all about symbolism and identity, all the hints on show whether it be the gifts of the magi or the turning of water into wine. It was a great time of the year, he smiled as he brought the act of worship to a close and headed outside to converse with his flock. What he certainly didn't expect was for Melanie Bell to have come all the way over from Elsion, she wasn't a Christian although her father had been, she was probably one of the most noted archaeologists on Mundus.

"What can I do for you Ms Bell?" Martin asked
"I need you to take a look at something." Melanie said she handed Martin several sheets of paper stapled together each showing pictures, some of jars, cups, there were ancient weapons and books, clothes and jewels and then on the last page what appeared to be a bundle of documents.
"What am I looking at?" Martin asked
"These are artifacts that turned up on an auction site in Shotska in Volhynia." Melanie said "Judging off the trident symbolism they're Earagon in origin, they could be conflict artifacts. But it's the last one I'm interested in, those papers."
"Certainly interesting." Martin said "That's a lot of Christian symbology, high offices, knightly orders, different sects and branches. I'd say this was from the Council of Celestis in the 4th century but I can't make out the writing."
"Council of Celestis is formation of the Bible, dates for Easter, Christmas and all that?" Melanie asked
"As well as certain theological points yes." Martin said

Melanie nodded, nothing was really known about the Earagon, the followers did know of didn't speak of their beliefs, they acted more as if they were protecting some great secret. Still it sounded very much like she had an auction to attend.

Diplomacy and Events / Sirius, Dusk, Sphinx, Raven
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The language of hidden messages and double meanings was second nature to those who inhabited the world of espionage. It was somewhat unusual to see such messages communicated between Heads of State but the context of the initial message from the Pharaoh had demanded that in the response, so here at the communicated time at the communicated place was Rion Ayanami otherwise known by the callsign Raven. A name she'd deliberately chosen in reference to the Achkaerinese legend. She reached into the back of the car and picked up her sword, it was a Wakizashi style blade, a short sword katana. She normally didn't wear this unless it was for an occasion such as today, a lot of work had gone into setting up a cover for her presence, her being a Cult of Helus follower helped a little here. Strapping on her sword she covered the distance to the Sphinx and waited as the sky turned to dusk. It wasn't long before the Pharaoh's arrival.

"I'm Raven." Rion said "I understand you wish to speak about a delicate matter."

Logo Placeholder

The Cross-Straits Space Exploration Agreement

The Cross Straits Space Exploration Agreement


The Parties to this agreement affirm their beliefs in the peaceful exploration of space and all discoveries thereof being for the benefit of all peoples and nations.

1. The Parties undertake to settle any dispute arising from this Agreement in which they may be involved by peaceful means, using uninvolved Cross Straits Community members to mediate if necessary.

2. In order more effectively to achieve the objectives of this Agreement, the Parties agree to maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to explore space through national space agencies and other such entity's that are not inconsistent with the principles of this Agreement.

3. The Parties will consult together at the request of one of their number to discuss matters pertaining to the exploration of space. Such meetings shall occur as soon as is possible between the appropriate persons, whether that be in person, virtually or in a hybrid format.

4. Discussions relating to occurrences of breaches of the Outer Space Standards Convention shall be delegated to the Cross Straits Treaty Organisation.

5. The Commissioner for Science and Innovation shall represent the Cross Straits Space Exploration Agreement to the Commission and shall be entitled to sit in the meetings described in article 3.

6. Any nation may apply or be invited by the members to join this Agreement. To become a Party ultimately requires a majority vote of the membership, along with any domestic ratification and/or constitutional practices of the applicant nation.

7. Nothing in this agreement shall prevent members from engaging in space exploration projects and agreements with nations outside the Community.

  • The Holy Empire of Achkaerin
  • The First Empire of Rokkenjima
  • The Empire of Daito
  • The Kingdom of Tytor
  • The Monarchy of Novincia

Diplomacy and Events / Armitage Opinion (to Rokk)
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OOC - I'm told by Beatrice that the request for this wasn't retconned.

Legal Opinion in the Matter of Inquiry into Conduct in Relation to the Fair Seas Concordat


1. The giver of this opinion is Melanie Armitage I am a commander in the Achkaerinese Navy, I have served in the navy for twenty five years, twenty of which have been in the JAG Corp. Of those twenty years sixteen were as counsel and the last eight have been as a judge, I am the serving Achkaerinese judge in the Uppsala Covention Court, my law degree is from the University of Dovah and I am a graduate of the Judicial College in Valtheim.

2. This legal opinion does not, nor should be interpreted as, constituting a legal judgement it is one individual's opinion based on an analysis of relevant legal material.

3. This Legal Opinion pertains to the legality of actions undertaken by the Commonwealth of the Unified Iwi in relation to the Fair Seas Concordat and was requested by the First Empire of Rokkenjima.

The Incident

4. The incident that this opinion concerns itself with is the arrest at sea of Lt Col Gamal of the Royal Seleucid army on the 4th of July 2017[1]. The arrest occurred aboard the Corinth Cruise ship, a Mercian flagged vessel[2]. Eyewitness testimony describes a helicopter landing on deck at night, a small team of armed men sweeping the ship and arresting Lt Col Gamal on the charges of crimes against humanity. The incident occurred in international waters.

The Law

5. If attempting to apply the Fair Seas Concordat[3] to the incident we must look at Article 110 section which states:

Article 110
Right of visit

1. Except where acts of interference derive from powers conferred by
treaty, a warship which encounters on the high seas a foreign ship, other than
a ship entitled to complete immunity in accordance with articles 95 and 96,
is not justified in boarding it unless there is reasonable ground for suspecting
(a) the ship is engaged in piracy;
(b) the ship is engaged in the slave trade;
(c) the ship is engaged in unauthorized broadcasting and the flag
State of the warship has jurisdiction under article 109;
(d) the ship is without nationality; or
(e) though flying a foreign flag or refusing to show its flag, the ship
is, in reality, of the same nationality as the warship.

For the purposes of explanation the status afforded by articles 95 and 96 refers to jurisdictional immunity for the ship from all states save its own if it be either a warship or a vessel on government non-commercial service. The Corinth is neither of these therefore the immunities do not apply. The article lists the grounds under which the Iwi would be justified in boarding the Corinth and none of them would appear to apply in these circumstances, the Corinth was not engaged in piracy, was not engaged in the slave trade, was not engaged in unauthorised broadcasting, was not without nationality and was not attempting to conceal its identity by flying a false flag.

6. Therefore in response to the question "Do the actions of the Iwi in respect of this incident breach the Fair Seas Concordat?" the answer is yes, this being due to omission of arrest from article 110.

Consideration of the Status of Relations Between the Iwi and Royal Seleucid

7. Despite the answer given in paragraph 6, there must be due consideration of the status of relations between the Commonwealth of the Unified Iwi and the Emirate of Royal Seleucid. The two nations were recognised as at war with each other, there exists no peace treaty between the two nations, there exists no declaration of a cessation of hostilities between the two sides, there is sufficient basis to contend that a state of war continues to exist between the two nations. This is important because the methods employed in war, and sometimes in peace time, are omitted from the Fair Seas Concordat as attempting to apply the law of peace time to war is similar to attempting to apply the rules of Association Football to a game of Rugby.

8. If it is accepted that a state of war persists between the nations of the Iwi and Royal Seleucid then there is a method under some conventions of warfare at sea[4] for the Iwi action to be understood in this instance we would consider:

Section VI : Capture of neutral merchant vessels and goods

146. Neutral merchant vessels are subject to capture outside neutral waters if they are engaged in any of the activities referred to in paragraph 67 or if it is determined as a result of visit and search or by other means, that they:

(a) are carrying contraband;

(b) are on a voyage especially undertaken with a view to the transport of individual passengers who are
embodied in the armed forces of the enemy;

(c) are operating directly under enemy control, orders, charter, employment or direction;

(d) present irregular or fraudulent documents, lack necessary documents, or destroy, deface or conceal

(e) are violating regulations established by a belligerent within the immediate area of naval operations; or

(f) are breaching or attempting to breach a blockade.

For the purposes of the above, the Corinth does constitute a merchant vessel, part b of the article is highlighted - while likely not applicable to the letter in the circumstances, the spirit of the quoted article would appear to be that enemy combatants aboard neutral vessels are grounds to capture the said neutral vessel, one must then question the reason of that being a ground presumably that is to effect the capture of the enemy combatant(s) by the warship. Taking such a line of thought would mean that the Iwi action is not inconsistent with conventions and guidance for conduct during naval warfare at sea and therefore would make the action of the Iwi to be within accepted norms for the circumstances.


9. The right or wrong of the Iwi's action in this case ultimately depends on whether or not a state of war between the Iwi and Royal Seleucid is considered to have existed on the 4th of July 2017, the lack of a peace treaty or any formal notice of hostilities ceasing suggests that a state of war did exist and as outlined in paragraph the action of the Iwi falls spiritually within an acceptable norm.


Commander Melanie Armitage
 1. OOC - I believe the name Gamal has been used as a substitution for Phillips in reference to this previously, date as per the then Mercia news report
 2. We've always operated a policy of nations no longer on the map as being "somewhere out there" so I believe this would still be a Mercian vessel despite the subsequent replacing of Mercia with RS in the Iwi history narrative

TV Shows / The Steele Lectures
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The Steele Lectures

Named after Doctor Donna Steele (Achkaerin's representative to the CETO), the Steele Lectures are explorations of thought, explanations of theory or events and discussions of ideas that don't find themselves in news reports, broadcast on television across Mundus. Taking something of a lecture format in the main though other formats have been used the Steele Conversations aim to inform and inspire people across Mundus.

OOC - A rip off/variation of the Dimbleby Lecture, I'm going to try for about one a month and see how it goes.

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