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OOC Socialisation / Ben Pounamu
« on: January 18, 2024, 10:42:35 PM »
I'm sorry to bring sad news to the region. I got news yesterday evening that Ben Pounamu (BenOfTheIwi) has passed away. He's suffered with heart complications since catching Covid a few years back and sadly was taken into hospital on Monday in Auckland, NZ. I was privileged to know Ben in RL as were many of the Nottingham contingent. I know since Covid he had become less active here due to his ill health and many of the newer members will not really know him but he helped create some interesting memories here including getting a head of state to strip naked. Ben will be missed.

Diplomacy and Events / Dealing in Death
« on: December 10, 2023, 05:14:13 PM »
"It is an abomination that you would consider such a thing." The Commander of The Order of Oak, Pero Zorić, voiced his concern. King Đurađ merely sat back in his chair as the various leaderships of the seven Holy Order discussed what he had brought them here to discuss.

"Don't be so wet Pero." Davor Grgić, the leader of the Huntsman's Order responded. "The nature and manner of execution was never important. Just the fact that their remains are given back to Druantia. Now so long as His Majesty can ensure that then I would not object to his suggestion." There were various other nods around the room.

"By giving our consent to this" Pero retorted, "we are allowing the worship of a false God." He was turning red in the face.

"You're showing your stupidity Pero" Davor shook his head. "If Druantia destroyed all Gods how can any be false, they simply don't exist. Its therefore not our problem that these people don't appreciate the folly of their actions. If this helps us gain some manner of access to their nation and therefore allows some chance to extend our programmes there then we are doing Druantia's work. Plus the idea may actually act as a deterrent for some."

The King very much doubted that but was growing bored of this theological wrangling. "Gentleman....and lady." He nodded an apology to Mila Pavlović who was the Commander of the only Order that was all female, the Order of Krešimira. "we have begun going in circles. I have other meetings today and while I do not need your approval on any matter you all know only too well on matters that may be influenced by our faith I have always consulted with you all. So please let me call a vote and then we can all be about our business." Pero would have liked the conversation to continue but he was well aware that he was likely to be on the losing side and so perhaps it was best to allow the vote to end his rear guard action and the King do what he would probably have done regardless of Pero's words. The King called for the vote, "Those for.....against...." he counted the raised hands then stood. "5-2 in favour.....I thank you all for your time and wish you well for the rest of the day. May the God guide you and keep you."

The others stood and each, speaking over each other, gave a blessing to the King while bowing and watched him leave. Đurađ was pleased with how it had gone, he actually had expected it to be more even, or that he'd actually be on the receiving end of their disapproval but with Zdeslav Pavić of his own order having the need for a favour of his own and the others often falling into line behind the senior of the orders he was perhaps guilty of having lacked confidence. He walked back to his office two doors down past Ewe, one of three clerks who manned his office. "Ewe please contact the ambassador from Eboracum I have an offer for him. Its no hurry but if we can squeeze him in first thing tomorrow morning that would be appreciated."

"Of course your Majesty" Ewe pulled a folder from the top draw of her desk and flicked the alphabetically coded cards down the side to find the Heptarchy. "Good Morning, this is Knight Ewe Modalik of the Order of Krešimira, I'm clerk to His Majesty King Đurađ and would like to arrange for the ambassador to attend the Palace to speak with the King on a matter he wishes to discuss...........thanks wonderful......8 am for breakfast if the Ambassador is free........excellent I shall let the King know, he'll be delighted. Goodbye."

Diplomacy and Events / A Request to the CNN - Public
« on: July 24, 2023, 11:29:28 AM »

To the Members of the CNN

Having seen your press release this morning about a humanitarian operation in the Matildas. As this is likely to impact issues surrounding the "Rainbow Route" through the Krimeon we would like to ask the CNN ships enroute to the Commonwealth of the Unfied Iwi to also aid in monitoring shipping in this region. In addition we are capable of sending a variety of civilian and merchant shopping to aid in the situation and as such would like to ask that the CNN keep this under their supervision. We look forward to working alongside you should this matter be accepted.

May The Gods Watch Over You and the Seas Be Calm

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles.


Following the previous few days of hostile exchanges within the Rokkenjiman Sea and the apparent confusion between the nations of Daito and Rokkenjima we are urging both nations to seek a peaceful resolution. With this in mind I suggest that we follow the schedule.

1. All forces retire to positions held at the commencement of the conflict.

2. No aircraft shall approach within 10km of internationally recognised boundaries as established by the FSC

3. Bakkermayan Armed Forces shall pick up a representative party consisting of no more than five members from each nations government. These two parties shall be taken to Edwinstowe where discussions shall commence on a lasting end to the hostilities.

4. Should no agreement be reached accomodation shall be provided in Edwinstowe until talks are either exhausted or the situation resolved.

5. Security shall be provided by members of the Bakkermayan Armed Forces.

6. Any attempt to interfere with the other delegation shall be considered an attack upon Bakkermaya.

We hope these conditions are agreeable.

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles

International Organisations / Assembly of Ardia - Admission Debate Daito
« on: February 09, 2023, 09:07:10 PM »

Following the issues raised by Heyra and Rokkenjima on the admission of The Empire of Daitō. I believe that we must follow through with Article 8 of the Charter for the Assembly.

Quote from: Article 8
Section 8 - Membership

1. Any nation with territory on the continent of Ardia may apply for membership so long as they are willing to accept all aspects of the charter in full.

2. Upon receipt of a written application any member may oppose membership of the applicant.

3. Should opposition be registered both parties will be invited to make a presentation to the Assembly. The opposing party must make their presentation first allowing the applicant to address concerns. There shall then be a debate which the applicant is permitted to participate in. A vote will then be taken with a majority decision being required for membership.

As such I am inviting the three nations to make their cases. In terms of organising this process, I believe for the first time in the organisations history, I would invite a representative for Heyra and then Rokkenjima to present a speech, not longer than 10 minutes to outline their reasons for rejecting the application of Daito. Once both nations have presented their case then of course it will be open for a representative of Daito to make a counter agruement. The floor should then be opened to other members to voice their opinions and ask questions. Once this process has reached its end then a vote should be taken to determine Daito's membership of the organisation.

In order to be transparant currently the Six Dukedoms of Bakkermaya intend to vote to admit Daito. We believe that they are an important part of the framework of Ardia's geopolitical network and while we believe Daito has sometimes clashed with their continental neighbours none of those matters at hand are based on our continent. We however will allow the presentations to convince us in either direction.

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles

OOC- We need a procedure, I figure this works. So if Nova or Beatrice want to post their arguement then we can kick start this. 

Economics and Industry / A Request for Boat Power
« on: September 06, 2022, 09:57:07 PM »

To:- Professor Jozef Thibaun, Head of the AES

As you may have heard the Drenovian Navy is acquiring a new design of aviation equipped vessel. The design requires nuclear power and as such we would like to invite AES to tender for the construction of this propulsion system. We would appreciate you meeting with us to discuss the arrangement.

Best Wishes

King Đurađ IV

Roleplay Moderator's Office / Notice of RP Mod LOA
« on: June 28, 2022, 08:46:15 PM »
In two weeks time I'll be away for at least a month, maybe two.

As a result I think we need to sort out a stand in RP Mod, I nominate Dave and I suggest if he accepts it that he keep the job.

Roleplay Moderator's Office / RP mod note on Rokkenjima-Heyra
« on: June 04, 2022, 10:01:57 PM »
Having spoken at length on Discord I think it important to make a public statement to clarify a few things especially for newer people.

Some time ago a military base hosted in Heyra utilised by Rokkenjima, known as QAMB, (Queen A???? Military Base) was disputed and in their evacuation Rokkenjima destroyed parts of the base and equipment that could not be evacuated. This caused environmental damage to Heyra which Rokkenjima are to compensate for. Meanwhile no casualties were inflicted. In recent days a spat between Nova and Beatrice has caused this to be dragged up. As far as everyone should be concerned the canon as stated above exists.

The issue we are having, and as discord has clearly stated, is that both parties clearly do not get along OOC and are trying to one up each other and several other members are being dragged into this. This came to a head this morning over a retconned post which upset several members as they had already taken time responding to this. This is the latest in a string of retcons that many of us feel is done after what Markus described as like beta test feedback on Discord.

As RP Mod I know find myself in the middle of it. There is no easy solution that isn't going to annoy someone. Members are fed up of retcons and changes to canon, members are fed up of having posts changed to fit whatever mood is happening that hour. We all put time and effort into thinking up posts and writing them. Be respectful to the community and don't be constantly changing things.

To Nova and Beatrice I think it best that for the time being you ignore each other as frankly most of the region are distancing themselves from this RP. The QAMB stuff stays canon and Beatrice needs to stop retconning things. 

Diplomacy and Events / Rus Empire Proposal
« on: April 19, 2022, 09:52:28 PM »
Around 600 BC various tribes in the modern day region of Vanora began to have various conflicts. In the midst of this the Rus emerged victorious and began to either directly conquer the territory of the other tribes or have them pay tribute to them. By the time of 200 BC however the Rus tribe was facing various uprisings from within their fledgling Empire and began fortifying their frontier in the West as they began an expansion in the East. In 63BC the Rus had found themselves effectively pushed out their ancestoral landsinto the North of modern day Kodima and Waddan. With the climate of Waddan not suitable for the argicultureal norms the Rus desired they began pushing East until reaching the wide rivers of Southern Rodina. This by the end of the 1st Century AD saw them capable of sailing up the rivers and reaching the Rodina Sea from where they could spread their influence across the whole of that region.

After reaching the sea some intrepid Rus headed South in a fleet and largely lost contact with the Rus homeland. This group ended up founding new Rus based territories in the area of modernday Lodja.

The Rus in the traditional homeland were able to use the desert as a means of seperating themselves from what was the traditional homeland and they began to forge a flourishing new Empire. This Empire ebbed and flowed as various groups from East Aranye tried to oppose the Rus. In addition the occasional dynastic rivalries within the Empire saw its last incarnation begin to struggle to stay together in the late 1600's. As the various cities of the Rodinan Sea region began to modernise, thanks to big changes in argicultural technology various new political idelogies began and this saw the Empire reduced as more and more land saw various leaders take advantage of the weakening position of the Emperor as fuedal systems began to no longer be feasable as people placed less significance on land. It was when the first parts of Communism began in the 1760's that the Emperor finally lost the last control as Communism began to spread through the area first in Rodina and then elsewhere.

The Hall of Justice / Complaint against the GC
« on: February 27, 2022, 11:02:37 AM »
It is my belief that the Grand Chancellor has acted outside the rules set out by the Constitution.

The Constitution clearly states in 2e

(2) The Grand Chancellor shall be responsible for: Inducting, by means of Writ, members of the region into the Regional Nobility;

However currently Nova is suspended from his title of nobility which I believe is outside he power of the Grand Chancellor as no provision exists in the Constitution for removal of titles of nobility.  Having brought this to the attention of the Grand Chancellor I was told that she was "not without means"

Spoiler: Screen grab • show

Having asked several times for a reference from the orders constitution or any other rule that gives her the authority to suspend his title of nobility I have not been provided with one.

As an aside sadly this also will apply to Gadshack's removal but frankly thats one I would 200% support.


Diplomacy and Events / MAEA Request to Lijiang
« on: January 03, 2022, 10:44:42 PM »
To:- His Imperial Majesty Dragon-Emperor Tielin II

It is my understanding that following a pause in work to allow for an archaeological excavation to take place at the site of your future nuclear power plant at Wenchangzhen 1 work will recommence shortly. During your talks with several nations at the opening of a cultural museum you agreed to an inspection by a representative from MAEA so long as they came from Nya Aland. With this in mind we would like to request that our organisations President, Dr.Ulf Gren, and his team be permitted to visit and inspect. While I understand that the agreement was for Alanders to carry out the inspection I would very much like to accompany him. As the organisations Chief of Staff I am responsible for much of the day to day administration and as such I believe I would be able to help the President manage his visit effectively so as to minimise disruption. I understand you are well within your rights to refuse me this request but I am hopeful of finding you amenable. 

May The Gods Watch Over You and Your Nation Know Peace
Duchess Anna Davison
Chief of staff at the MAEA

Diplomacy and Events / A 500 Year Old Birthday Party
« on: December 19, 2021, 02:10:42 AM »
The Book of Krešimira

Krešimira was the daughter of a Lead Swordsman   with The Order of Oak in the late 15th Century and was named for the lover of the God Druantia, mother of the demi-God Florijan. With the Drenovians having recovered their mainland home just a 100 years earlier they had discovered many of their sacred forests destroyed, burnt to the ground and turned into farmland or in some cases even chopped down and turned into boats. Krešimira was just 12 years old when she recieved her first inspiration from the God Druantia. She was out one day gathering mushrooms with her loyal dog Miro when she walked into a glade where the God was sat in contemplation of the world. At first mistaking the God for a wild animal she readied her small bow. Without looking up from his peaceful contemplation Druantia spoke without sound. "Lovely girl your bow is not needed here." and with that the string of her bow disappeared.

Miro began to bark and stood between the girl and the God but with a wave of his hand Druantia calmed the hound who lay down before him having recognised the God as the creator of all things. Druantia stood from his contemplations and crossed to pet the now subdued dog who seemed elated at the divine attention. Krešimira knelt her head bowed. "Forgive me God of Creation. I thought you a wild thing."

Druantia sat crossed legged before the young girl who trembled with fear of retribution from the God but she should have had no fear. With a gentle hand Druantia raised the girls head. "There is no such thing as wild things. All of creation is how I intend it to be. What you perceive as wild is just your lack of knowledge. As my beautiful forest lessens all creatures fear. Those who love the forest and its ways shall not have anything to fear from my creations."

Until the darkness of night began to fall the young girl had questions for the God. He sat and patiently answered them all content to sit in his forest and gentle stroke Miro who dozed on his lap. "You must return home." The God instructed and the girl dutifully did so. Upon arriving home she told the tale to her father who at first did not believe her but the more the young girl spoke the more a knowledge of the God far beyond that she had ever demonstrated spilled forth. Her father was so shocked her confided in the leader of his Order and soon his daughter was taken to speak with the Commander of the Household for the Order of Oak he too was amazed at her deep knowledge far beyond her age. The Order of Oak returned to the spot where she had questioned the God in hopes of finding him but he was nowhere to be seen.

Two years later Krešimira was gathering firewood and as the God had told her "For everything you take from me you must give something to me." and after she picked up the last stick into her wicker basket she knelt and took from a pouch on her belt a small acorn and planted it in an open space among the woods. "My God and maker. Thank you for the wood I take to keep us warm. I give to you this acorn so it may grow into a mighty tree." The sound of footsteps behind made her turn with caution and there in his splendor stood the God. Krešimira knelt and bowed before him.

"For everything you take from me you must give something to me." The God said without making a sound. "I told you for everything you take. The God looked at the wicker basket, "And I see many things but only one acorn" The God saw the young girl begin reaching towards her belt pouch. Frantically she counted and seemed disappointed having only ten acorns yet a great many sticks. The girl was disappointed ten sticks would not be sufficient for the night ahead.

"But My God if for each berry, each twig or each fruit we take we give something we shall never be free to live a life." She gasped realising she had been arguing with the God who now just laughed.

"As you are my favourite for you are pretty, loyal and remind me of my own beloved Krešimira I shall relent. For each kind of thing you take then you must return something to me." Krešimira nodded that she would and having spent more time with the God in the woods she returned home and placed her wicker basket of firewood next to the fire as she spoke to her father of her meeting. Through the dark and cold night it seemed no matter how much wood they put on the fire the basket never emptied and even months later the basket was still filled to the brim. Never again did the girl have to pick firewood from the forest.

At the age of 16 Krešimira was destined to marry a young Knight from her fathers Order. As was expected the bride to be made her way into the woods to gather flowers to weave into her hair and as she left her offering of seeds the soundless voice of the God came to her. My dear Krešimira I have a gift for you for your wedding The girl as always knelt and lowered her head as a bow was placed at her feet. "The bow must be used only to provide food for your family. It shall never miss and will always be true. Krešimira thanked the God for the gift and much to her surprise it took no strength to draw back the string. Six months later the bow proved its worth. With a cold snow covering the land it was hard to find game and the plants of the woods were dying. Armed with her bow she and her husband headed out to find food. Sighting a deer they whispered a prayer and Krešimira's husband tried to use her bow despite being a man of considerable strength he could not even move the bow however handing it to his wife she did so with no strain. The arrow flew from the string and killed the deer ensuring the family would have food. Krešimira planted an oak in the blood of the deer and prayed with thanks to the God. Within seconds a mighty oak sprang forth from the ground.

For thirty years Krešimira lived and hunted in the woods, she raised four fine children, three boys who followed their father into the Order of Oak and a girl called Lana who was so full of grace she became a forth wife of a King of Drenovia. Soon after he daughters marriage however her husband died and now being alone in the woods she felt lonely. It was then that the final meeting with her God happened. "Krešimira you are never alone in these woods. Every creature knows you and as I do shall love you. Each step you take through our glades flowers shall spring from, each rock you touch shall sprout moss and at your desire trees shall grow. You have work" Picking up her bow and with her new hunting pup in tow she ventured out into the woods planting seeds and saplings, tending to flowers and marvelling at the beauty. For ten years she was missing but as her daughter became ill she appeared, she had not aged nor had her pup. She brought with her herbs and flowers and dismissing the medics of various Orders she tended to her daughter herself. As if a miracle the Queen recovered but there was a price. The God had taught her all she needed to know but her grand-daughter, also named Krešimira, must wander with her grand-mother for ten years. The two Krešimira's headed into the woodland the next day and were never again. On the 11th year since their disappearance an expedition was sent to search for them.

Krešimira's grandson, Prince Oran was part of this expedition and in 1522 he reached where the Royal Forest should have ended according to all their maps and charts. For a further week he rode through woods of fresh growth and wonderous beauty until discovering a small shack in the woods. Two women dressed in huntress attire were busy at work. "Grandmother....sister" he called and the two looked up with smiles. "For the last year we have searched for you because you did not come home."

"I am home" both women said in unison. "Our work is here, our life is here. We must grow back these woods and bring life. This is work only a woman can do. The God has given us this mission." They both refused to leave and after a few days Prince Oran returned home. He gathered together a group of women who had heard the tale and wished to help the two Krešimira's and he lead them back to the spot only to discover the woodland home had gone and in its place a stone on which in inscription was written.

"The God Druantia has in his wisdom given women the ability to bring about life. Three Krešimira's have dedicated themselves to my work. The first Krešimira was my heart. The second Krešimira was my joy and the third Krešimira my truimph. Remember well these women's ways and follow in their steps." Having seen the inscription Prince Oran ordered the women to build a Forest Temple over it and upon returning home persuaded his father to give permission for the inscription's instruction to be followed. Thus was the Order of Krešimira begun with 20 women living and working in the Sacred Woods.

The Shrine of Krešimira
Order of Krešimira's HQ


The year 2022 marks the quincentennial anniversary of the foundation of Order of Krešimira. In Drenovia the various Holy Order dedicated to the service of the God Druantia are central to our life, culture and traditions and the Order of Krešimira is the only one which permits women to be a member, in fact only women may join this Order.

The celebrations on the 3rd of January will be a nationwide celebration focused on commemorating the service to the nation and faith by members of this Order. This shall include a huge parade, a medal giving ceremony and for members of that order a significant conference on reforestation. As part of the celebration a musical concert will take place and also a orienteering event. For these two social occasions we invite female only acts from across Mundus to perform as well as inviting teams from nations militaries to enter the orienteering (again must be all women). For our reforestation conference we welcome nations wishing to send delegates.

We hope you will join our Order in celebration

Queen Jožica of the Glades
Legate of the Order of Krešimira

International Organisations / TUNA - Cobble Field Proposal
« on: September 26, 2021, 07:53:49 PM »
Following the revelation of the Morelanders having constructed a makeshift airfield in the Alucard Island Chain we are presented an interesting oppurtunity to acquire the airfield following the conclusion of their activity. With this in mind I propose the following.

1. We establish the TUNA Aviation Facility on the island. Each member wishing to be part of the facility is granted an equal share of the facility and also agrees to an equal share of its up keep.

2. TUNA AF will be used for the following purposes.

a) The Establishment of a Search and Rescue station.
b) The establishment of a floating school for the Water Nomads.
c) A reclaimation station for vessels undertaking the plastic clean up project in the Alucard.
d) Consideration for scientific based projects requiring specialist aviation needs.

3. TUNA AF shall appoint a facility officer who shall be responsible for the safe operation of activities. This shall be determined by vote of co-operating members.

4. TUNA AF shall employ a staff as required for safe operations. These will be funded equally by those involved.

5. Should any nation not joining at the initial stage wish to join at a later date they shall be permitted to do so but will be charged a one off fee in order to compensate for work carried out to that date.

6. Should any new TUNA member wish to join TUNA AF they may do so only with approval of a majority of existing members. If permitted they must pay membership fee in a similar manner to those in Article 5.

7. Should a member wish to leave the project they may do so at any time having given first 90 days notice. Remaining members shall see the departing members share of responsibility distributed equally among them.

8. Should TUNA AF make any operating profit it shall be shared equally between all nations.

9. TUNA AF may be used for commercial means so long as the user is not conducting any military research or operations and that the majority of TUNA AF members agree to the use.

We look forward to your suggestions.

International Organisations / SUN - Project Zarptica
« on: September 15, 2021, 08:36:57 PM »

From the 15th October 2021 the SUN countries have formed Project Zarptica.

This project will create a carrier capable multi-role fighter fit to compete alongside the current crop of fighters utilised across Mundus. The project will see co-operation between four nations from the offset but will also include inputs from nations outside SUN should it be deemed appropriate. The initial composition of the project is that the following is provided by the organisations listed below.

Airframe - Urzal Aviation (Drenovia)
General Electronics - Pearlfield (Paracambi)
Engine - Lucin (Cassiopeia)
Sensors - Pearlfield (Paracambi)
Survival Systems - Tuxfa (Chistopol)
Software -  Isoldine (Chistopol)
Avionics - Urzal Aviation (Drenovia)
Batteries - Egruk (Drenovia)
Weapons Systems -  Hera Armaments (Cassiopeia)

Diplomacy and Events / MAEA Contacting Jugland
« on: July 03, 2021, 09:38:25 PM »
To:-The Government of Jugland

Having recently seen reports in the Juglander Review that your nation is considering its future in terms of energy production it was brought to my attention that your nation is not yet a member of MAEA and that some "minor differences on organizational principles" are preventing this I would like to hold discussions with you. As the Chief of Staff of the MAEA it is my job the ensure the smooth running of the organisation and as a result I believe that with careful discussion we can find a path forward. With this in mind I would be grateful if you could find the time to meet with myself and the MAEA President Dr.Ulf Gren. I seriously believe that the MAEA would make excellent partners for Jugland in helping you develop your energy needs.

Best Regards
Duchess Anna Davison
Chief of Staff of MAEA

Diplomacy and Events / SUN Side Chat - Drenovia and Chistopol
« on: January 11, 2021, 05:39:15 PM »
The talks were over and the treaty had been signed. King Đurađ had however noticed an extra opportunity and now fully wanted to see where it would go. He sent his other delegates from the various Orders that made Drenovia there homes to engage the Chistopolian delegates in conversation except for their Crown Prince Kārlis. During the talks it had been clear that the heir to the Chistopol throne didn't exactly seem to share the First Ministers view of the world. While it was still a relatively unknown situation in Chistopol to Đurađ the fact a fellow Royal seemed to be lacking influence could be something to take advantage of. The King held his wife Jožica's hand as they approached the Crown Prince. "Your Highness"  Đurađ extended a hand, "May I introduce my wife Queen Jožica"

Still attired in the uniform of her own Order the Queen gently shook the Crown Prince's hand. "A pleasure to meet" she greeted him with a kind of expressionless face.

"I couldn't help notice that your First Minister didn't seem to support your position that strongly. I was hoping royal to royal that we may be in a position to perhaps help each other out. If our nations are to be friends then I would prefer to work with other royals and we could be in a position to help your family gain some influence back. We're a nation ourselves with a strong royal tradition. An expanding royal family and we want to escape our isolationism. Today has been the first step in that but we want more. Perhaps we can discuss you and your fathers situation back home?"

International News Networks / News From the Order
« on: November 29, 2020, 08:58:46 PM »


The Orders Naval Service has today departed three ports on the southern coast in large numbers. Reports indicate that a total of around 30 vessels have taken to the sea including both of the nations Amphibious Assault Ships which have spent the last 48 years loading vehicles at the capital Opatija. The nature of the deployment is also supported by the Air Force who have increased their activity from the Air Base on the edge of the capital. It was left to the Commander of Household for the The Order of Oak , Pero Zorić, to speak with the media saying. "Once again the Drenovian Union is facing attacks from those opposed to our very existence. Some low-lifes have seized part of our territory[1] and we have seen our neighbours Fleur begin to mass troops on the pretense of military exercises. It is clear they are attempting to send a message of their desire to take control of our sovereign and holy land and as such we will not let them take a step. We shall be ready should they seek to put our faithful to the sword."

In addition to massing troops Fleur have also offered asylum to any citizen of the Union wishing to leave. Commander Zorić explained the stance the government will take to address this. "We hold no man hostage. If anyone wishes to leave the Union they can leave, be them Christian, Muslim, Cultist or Druantian. Should anyone wish to take Fleur up on their offer then His Majesty has informed me that he will gladly provide a removal van and priority crossing of the border. I suspect though no one shall be utilising the King's very generous offer as despite our lands being the most sacred on Mundus we do not force anyone to our faith for Druantia will show them the error of their ways upon their death, we infact feel sorry for anyone foolish enough to not embrace the Forest God and you do not punish those you pity. Fleur are merely trying to stoke the international community into attacking us to make themselves feel stronger."

The Order of Oak are said to have issued a general muster as their Temples occupy much of the North of the mainland.
 1. Return to the Islands reboot

Character Guides / Drenovians
« on: November 29, 2020, 12:14:53 AM »

His Majesty King Đurađ IV
Grand Master of the Drenovian Order
Duke of Dabašnica

Born in 1986 Đurađ is the eldest of three children from the marriage of King Luca III and his first wife Queen Suya. His brother Dobroslav (b.1988) and sister Anamarija (b.1990) along with half siblings, Naida (b.1994) and Danilo (b.1997) , from his father's 2nd marriage to Queen Gabrijela form the backbone of today's royal family. Đurađ like most royals was born in the Hospital of the Drenovian Order in Opatija and was from the age of four educated in the Orders various academies.

At the age of 17 he left education and first enrolled in the nations Air Force where he served from 2003 to 2007 as a helicopter pilot before taking his skills back to the Drenovian Order where he became a member of their military branch entering with the rank of Quaster. In 2008 he married Terezija Kolarić, the daughter of the Duke of Dabašnica and the Vice Commander of the Household of the Drenovian Order. Terezija is a year younger than Đurađ.

In 2009 there was some controversey when Luca III divorced Queen Suya citing "religious irregularities" from his wife. This caused some to speculate that Đurađ and his full siblings may be disinherited from the line of succession however that was not the case, largely because the Commander of the Household of the Drenovian Order vouched for the piety of Đurađ having witnessed his devotions at the Orders HQ.

In 2010 Đurađ's wife gave birth to their first child Princess Radojka. Đurađ immediately began negotiations with the Commander of the Household of the The Order of the Forest,Ljudevit Noa Stojanović, to make an arrangement for the Princess to marry Stojanovic's son who was born just a week before the Princess. The two have concluded a marriage contract however the details are yet to be made public.

In 2012 Đurađ's step mother, Queen Gabrijela died suddenly from a short illness sending his father into a spiral of depression during which King Luca "discovered the God in his heart" as such the King believed that he was being called into religious duty and announced that he would be abdicating the throne in order to enter the Priesthood. As such on the 16th June 2012 Đurađ became the King of the nation and Grand Master of the Drenovian Order. 

On the 17th June 2012 Đurađ used his authority as King to negate the marriage contract of Jožica Franić, a young 18 year old noblewoman who had caught his eye a year before but was promised to a family as a bride to their 15 year old son. Đurađ is understood to use his authority to make the boys family important ranks within a religious order as compensation for ending the contract and allowing him to marry Jožica.

Later that year the King's first wife Terezija gave birth to their second child, Prince Karlo.

In 2017 the King welcomed the birth of his second son, his first child with Queen Jožica. The boy was named Prince Hrvoje however the child was born with some spinal deformation meaning he is unable to walk unsupported. Some have said this is punishment for the King using his powers to take Jožica away from her marriage contract.

Factbooks and Maps / The Drenovian Union (Drenova)
« on: November 28, 2020, 03:28:06 PM »

"By Salt and Steel"

The Drenovian Union is a collection of religious military orders organised into a single nation. In the 1st century AD the followers of the Forest God, Druantia, formed themselves into a single collective to protect themselves against encroachment from other settlers in South Albion. The new union of various tribes was formed under King Dorijan I who established a single system of faith for followers of Druantia. The Druantians managed to establish themselves as a strong military power ensuring their long term stability. In the 4th Century AD with the arrival of Christianity in Southern Albion the Drenovians initially forced the new faith out of their region. A unsteady stand off between Christianity and the Druantians existed until the 11th Century when during the Crusader period King Hrvoje II believed that the fact Christian military attention was being given to the "Holy Land" in Vanora and surrounding region. The move however backfired and because of King Hrvoje II's mismanagement and poor military decisions the Druantians were pushed off vast areas of land. As a result Hrvoje II was assassinated by his cousin Andro who became King and made an uneasy peace with the Vatican. During future Crusades some Druantians even went so far as joining Crusader armies as mercanaries. It was however in 1228 that King Ivica I made a similar error to Hrvoje II and the Druantians found themselves being pushed towards the sea. As a result a former Mercenary called Milorad formed the Order of the Forest inspired by his opinions of the highly effective Knights Templar. His new order made a decision to launch a campaign not against the incoming Christian invaders but against the various Nordic settlers on the islands heading South West away from their lands. This saw a large number of people spread to avoid the perceived horrors of an brutal conquest by the Christian forces who killed many as heretics for refusing to convert. Soon various other military leaders formed their own military orders similar to that of the Order of the Forest.

By 1270 there were around 15 different religious military orders connected to the God Druantia. This caused problems as soon the Orders began challenging the authority of the King as well as battling each other. As a result in 1271 King Paško Drenovia founded his own military order known as the Drenovian Order. He was able to attract to his Order many of the leading religious figures of the time who he persuaded to name him as a descendant of the God Druantia and a human woman. The newly formed Drenovian Order first turned its military arm against any unwilling to accept King Paško as their leige before beginning a military campaign to retake the mainland. King Paško however did not complete this dying of plague in 1280 however his son Tvrtko II completed the conquest by 1310.

The nation turned its attention to ensuring its lands were fiercely protected and until 1710 the various religious orders were governed by oaths of loyalty to the Monarchs. Today the Orders still exist and enforce adherence to the rules established by the Drenovian Order however each place emphasis on various aspects of the God Druantia. In total today 7 orders exist and each have a role to play in government.

Government Type:- Absolute Monarchy
Population:-:- 37,800,000
Capital City:- Opatija (5,200,000)
Demonym:- Drenovian


Currency:- Florin
GDP per Capita:- $30,000
Unemployment Rate:- 2.8%
Main Industries:- Agriculture, ship building, fishing and e-commerce


Ethnicity:- Drenovian (Slavic)
Languages:- Drenovian (Croatian)
Religions:- 95% Druantia
Average Life Expectancy:- Male 77 years Female 79 years


Head of State:- King Đurađ IV
Head of Government:- Knight Commander Ljudevit Noa Stojanović
Name of Legislative Body:- The Assembly of The Orders

Diplomacy and Events / Return to the Island
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RL island of Grímsey for reference

In the 1950's the government of Runavik had made an effort to colonise each and everyone of the multitude of islands that made up the stretch of rocks that headed South West from their mainland for about 2,000km. It was an experiment that was always going to be doomed to fail out of the hundreds of them some where barely big enough for anything more than a house or two and even where a whole village could be built the soils were usually thin and of poor quality meaning that even if crops could put down roots the harsh salty sea winds poisoned much of what grew. It therefore meant the people who did make the journey and took the chance had to rely on the dark cold seas for fish and whale along with the occasional passing sea bird, if the sea didn't take their fancy then it was about sheep and the wool trade. Needless to say the experiment died out, as time went by the children of those who did make the journey and established outposts got bored living in isolation or with the need to find husbands and wives ventured to the mainland often never to return. The life on these islands was tough even if you'd be successful however it was the lifestyle that needed youth and energy and as those on these islands had reached old age they'd either eeked out their twilight years as best they could or retired to the mainland. It meant that now some 70 years later nature was reclaiming some of these settlements which had been abandoned.

One of these islands was Vestmanna. It was towards the South West end of the island chain and had at one time been home to about 10 families who had tried to make a living from fishing and farming. They had struck lucky that the government had also determined that the island was perfect for a military communications post and that had seen them get their very own airfield, or as it was a single runway suitable for just light aircraft. As technology changed though the outpost became obsolte by the 1980's and soon the military left and weeds began to grow between cracks in the runway. Then in 2001 the last family left when Úlfur Stefánsson, his wife Sólveig and their 22 year old daughter Ásta had called it a day. They had packed up everything they owned and boarding a boat provided by the government headed for the capital of Koltur.

In the next 40 years Ásta had become a Gothi, she had worked first as someone helping build and restore shrines using the skills she had learnt living such a remote and rough childhood. As she had discovered more and more about the faith the more she had dedicated her life to the Gods until meeting her husband Sindri Ţórirsson. The pair had both been working running a retreat in the hills near Koltur where people could come and learn about the Gods and enjoy a few days of religious clensing. They'd enjoyed it but to them the world was becoming ever and ever more ungodly but thankfully about four years ago they had meet a group of likeminded people and since then Sindri and Ásta had turned their religious retreat into more of a gathering place for their friends and their needs.

Today though was an emotional day for Ásta as the small transport plane descended onto the runway. The flight over had taken several hours but there had been nothing to see out of the small windows except dark grey sea and the odd white break of a wave. It was tricky for the pilot to even see the runway as they began their approach because of the weeds and grass that had grown across it. They had considered bringing a seaplane but their pilot had told them it didn't matter as if this island wasn't suitable to land on there were a few others nearby. Ásta gripped her husbands hand tightly as they descended and the first flash of green grass could be seen outside and shortly after there was a bump as the pilot put them down on the rough runway.

"Welcome home Ásta" a young woman sat across from Ásta leaned forward and placed a caring hand on her knee. It was strange Ásta had loved her childhood on the island but had never really loved the island as such but suddenly she felt an overwhelming sense of emotion and began crying. Sindri instinctively took hold of his wife as she sobbed into his shoulder. There were twelve others onboard the aircraft beside Sindri and Ásta all of whom were in their early 20's. They stood patiently waiting for Ásta to stop crying as the pilot lowered the tailgate of the plane. The salty smell of the nearby sea filled the interior of the aircraft and despite their eagerness to leave and see the island the youngsters stood and waited happy to let Ásta be the first to set foot back on the island. The cockpit door opened and two others entered the fuselage, there was the pilot dressed in a flight suit with headphones around his neck and next to him in a military style uniform a bearded bald man.

"Ásta" the bald man addressed her quietly. "Ásta" he knelt down to be at the same height as her eyes, "It's time. It's time you lead your disciplnes out onto the island. Its only right you take us home." He stood and helped Ásta to her feet before watching her turn and with her husband just a step behind they made their way outside. It was as though she'd never been away except for all the extra overgrowth and the less well groomed sheep wandering the hills. They had stopped at the far end of the runway and just about 200meters away was the first of a group of stone cottages which now became Ásta's target. She walked ever quicker towards them and Sindri thought she was about to break into a jog and struggled to keep up. The youngsters followed some holding hands but all eager to see where their guide was taking them. She walked through a gap in one of the dry stone walls that through not being cared for over the last few decades had collapsed and now vegetation grew through it. She walked up to the door which was only barely still red as the sea air had stripped much of the paint off. The windows were covered with thick cobwebs and from the outside it looked like some of the roof had fallen in. She tried the door and it didn't budge clearly the lock had faired better than the wood around it. Sindri tried and had less luck.

"May I" A young man called Vilhjálmur gently moved her aside. "I think I can get us in." He set down a toolbox and set about his work which took less than 30 seconds and a metallic crack could be heard. He stood tried the door and it swung open on stiff hinges. Once he had got the door open Vilhjálmur waved a hand through the air removing a curtain of white cobwebs so that when he stepped aside Ásta could walk in. She hestitated at the threshold before plunging into the cottage she grew up in. She nearly cried again when she noticed the hole in the roof and the remains of what were clearly birds nests littering what had once been her families living room. The old item of furniture was still visible and there on the inside door was the names of the family carved. She remembered her father doing it the day they left and now her 62 year old fingers traced her fathers handy work.

"Soon we'll have this fixed." A voice said confidently. It was the bald man. Elvar Odinsson looked around and put down his rucksack in what would probably at one point been a kitchen. "How does it feel to be home?" He asked Ásta.

"This is better than home." She said wiping a few tears away. "This is the first of the Gungniröar, the reclaimation of our culture and our faith. Our Ĺlander siblings may have failed but we are made from hardier stock" she said proudly as she looked at the group of youngsters who had followed Elvar in his ambition guided by Ásta's childhood memory and steadfast faith. "You men and women, you will be the first to help us return Mundus to the Gods. Thank you." she walked round and embraced each of them. Ásta headed into what had been her bedroom and found one of the roof beams, standing on her tip toes she reached up and found the nook on top. Two of the Gungnir had come to watch what she was doing. She retrieved a small stone object and beckoned the two young women to come and look at what she had found. It was a small stone hammer of Thor, "I made this when I was eight years old because I thought it would keep evil away. When we planned to leave the island I left it here to protect the island. I think we can safely say its served its purpose." She dropped it onto the dusty stone floor and with her heel smashed it to pieces. "Its job is done, we are here now and we shall rid Runavik of all evil."

International News Networks / Runavik Media Corporation
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This morning the selection of the nations latest Thing was undertaken at the Palace of the Thing. The first stage of the process saw the outgoing Thing appoint Mathilda Ekdal as the Law-Speaker for the next six months. The 42 year old is a legal secretary and has been involved in a great many of the debates in the previous Thing and has lead moves to protect the environment of the islands as well as ensuring that health care is more easily accessible. Ekdal originally came from the Isle of Hornstrandir but moved to Koltur to pursue a legal career. She has now served in two Things, the first time at the age of 24. The new Law-Speaker said "I'm glad to be given this title and have the trust of the people. I'm looking forward to an exciting six months and hope that we can achieve a lot." Following the appointment of Ekdal the other 280 members of The Thing were selected. As usual there was immediate scrutiny of the list to see if any well known names had made it into service. Among them was prominent religious figure Gothi Ludwig Augustinsson who has written a series of books on the Odinist faith's history he will be joined on the list by 23 year old IFK Koltur goalkeeper Orvar Bergmark. It is understood that with the Mundus games on the horizon Bergmark may ask for a Presidential Exemption on the grounds that serving in The Thing may have a negative impact on his career.  It is unknown whether President Grimwal will grant this as it is a situation that has not come up before. The 2nd Thing of 2020 will now have 72 hours to report to the Palace of the Thing to be sworn in. Out of the 280 names drawn 17 are resident in Nya Aland and 3 in Lodja all of whom will be expected to arrive in Koltur in the coming days. Anyone failing to arrive will have a warrant issued for their arrest and should they enter Runavik they'd be arrested and face a fine and time in prison.

President Grimwal stood outside the Palace and addressed the outgoing Thing to thank them for their service, "As you return to your daily lives the nation thanks you for your efforts over the last six months. We wish you all the best and hope that the incoming group are capable of building upon the foundations you have created for them.  I look forward to working with Mathilda Ekdal as Law-Speaker and between us I hope we can form an agenda to see us become a nation with a brighter future. I'll be meeting with the cabinet later today to ensure they are ready to brief the incoming members of The Thing and to form the new committees. It is vital we all hit the ground running as several pieces of legislation such as the Rural Health Care Act are in the middle of their drafting and should be a priority for completion."

One of the first tasks for the new Thing will be to approve the appointment of a new Minister of Education. The former Minister, Steven Ryskim resigned a month ago to take up a role in the Ambassadorial Corps and President Grimwal wished to wait for the new Thing to be formed in order to allow them to approve the new Minister. It is expected that the President will announce his choice before the Thing are sworn in. 

Factbooks and Maps / Demarchic Republic of Runavik
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Motto:-Better Stout Heart than Sharp Sword
National Anthem:- Name of Anthem


Following some exploration and raiding of southern Albion by the Nordic peoples originating from modern day Nya Aland in the 10th Century some of the lesser sons of families realised the fertility of the islands portion of Runavik. Some of them elected to stay and the various islands formed part of the old Viking Kingdoms that made up the former Union of Nordic Peoples. Throughout the period though the wars from back home in Eastern Albion also saw a theatre in the South West. It wasn't until the early 14th Century that a King called Rasmus Storm-axe united the various islanders and even went as far as establishing a foothold on the mainland. With the death of an heirless Rasmus though people were unsure how to proceed and at a council of his advisers held a "Thing" during this meeting it was determined that every six months a Thing would take place with every settlement over a certain population represented by a "Law-giver" and a "Chieftan". The system of government evolved to represent the will of the people and now a system thought to be unique called a Demarchic Republic exists.

Government Type:- Demarchic Republic (Nation elect a President every five years. There is a Parliament where every citizen over the age of 18 stands a chance of being randomly selected to serve a period of six months.
Population:-:- 37,800,000
Capital City:- Koltur (5,200,000)
Demonym:- Runaviks


Currency:- Geld
GDP per Capita:- $30,000
Unemployment Rate:- 2.8%
Main Industries:- Agriculture, ship building, fishing and e-commerce


Ethnicity:- Nordic
Languages:- Norse
Religions:- 70% Odinist 25% Lokist 5% Other
Average Life Expectancy:- Male 77 years Female 79 years


Head of State:- President Tobin Grimwal
Head of Government:- N/A
Name of Legislative Body:- The Thing

Non Fiction / Medieval MMA Rule book
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1. The Arena may be of either square, circular or octagon in shape.

2. The Arena must have a diameter of no smaller than 9.1 meters and no larger than 10 meters.

3. The Arena must be surrounded either by a series of four ropes or a wire. Whichever design is used must be capable of withstanding 200kg of impact.

4. The floor of the arena must be made of a material capable of absorbing moisture so as to prevent slips.


1. A fighter must wear armour made of either metal or leather. Their set of armour must contain the following

a) protection for both arms from shoulder to wrist.
b) protection for chest and back
c) protection from waist to knee
d) gloves
e) a helm which cover all of the head
f) eye protection

2. A fighters armour may be inspected by the referee prior to the match starting and inadequete protection may result in disqualification.

3. A fighter may equip themselves with any type of sword with a blade of longer than 30cm.

4. A fighter may elect to have a single sword or two swords. Any fighter electing to use a single sword may also carry a shield with a longest diameter of no large than 100cm.

5. A fighter must wear boots with steel toe caps.


1. A singles match is between two individuals and will consist of a series of rounds.

2. No match may go beyond three rounds of five minutes in duration excepting in event on a draw. The number of rounds and their duration may be shortened for less experienced fighters.

3. A minimum of 90 seconds rest must be given between rounds during which the fighters may recieve coaching, medical treatment, armour adjustment and hydration.

4. A fight must be umpire by a certified referee.

5. A fight may be won in the following ways.
a) Knockout - When a fallen fighter can not regain their feet within 10 seconds.
b) Technical Knockout - When a fighter can, in the view of the referee, not defend themselves
c) Submission - When a fighter verbally instructs the referee they no longer wish to continue. It is suggested fighters wishing to submit use the words "I yield". The nominated coach of a fighter may submit on their fighters behalf by throwing a towel of any colour into the ring.
d) Disarmament - Should a fighter drop their weapon and leave themselves disarmed. A fighter using a shield is classed as disarmed only if they drop both their sword and shield.
e) Medical stoppage - If in the opinion of the arena side doctor a fighter should not be allowed to continue.

6. Should a fighter fall to the floor the fight may continue so long as they are still actively able to defend themselves.

7. Fighters may only attack using any part of the body or the edge of the sword or shield.

8. Fighters may strike any part of the body above the belt and only the outside of the bodies frame below the belt (i.e outer thighs, outer calves etc)

9. Should a fight reach its scheduled time limit with no winner an extra 3 minute round may be fought. At the end of this if there is no winner a panel of judges shall determine the winner. They shall award the fighter they perceive has having been the best in a round 10 points and the other fighter 9. Should a fighter be knocked down by a blow they shall automatically lose a point for that round. The winner shall be the individual with the highest score. If scores are tied the fight shall be declared a draw.

10. A judge may order a point be deducated if they believe a fighter intentionally breaks the rules or persistently infringes.


1. A Duo match is between two individuals working in tandem against a second tandem and will consist of a series of rounds.

2. No match may go beyond three rounds of five minutes in duration excepting in event on a draw. The number of rounds and their duration may be shortened for less experienced fighters.

3. A minimum of 90 seconds rest must be given between rounds during which the fighters may recieve coaching, medical treatment, armour adjustment and hydration.

4. A fight must be umpire by a certified referee.

5. Once a fighter is defeated a 2 minute time out is given to allow them to leave the arena. This may be extended should the referee deem it medically necessary. Any fighter failing to leave the arena in that allotted time will see their team disqualified. A fight finishes when both members of a duo are eliminated.

6. A fighter may be eliminated in the following ways.
a) Knockout - When a fallen fighter can not regain their feet within 10 seconds.
b) Technical Knockout - When a fighter can, in the view of the referee, not defend themselves
c) Submission - When a fighter verbally instructs the referee they no longer wish to continue. It is suggested fighters wishing to submit use the words "I yield". The nominated coach of a fighter may submit on their fighters behalf by throwing a towel of any colour into the ring.
d) Disarmament - Should a fighter drop their weapon and leave themselves disarmed. A fighter using a shield is classed as disarmed only if they drop both their sword and shield.
e) Medical stoppage - If in the opinion of the arena side doctor a fighter should not be allowed to continue.

7. Should a fighter fall to the floor the fight may continue so long as they are still actively able to defend themselves.

8. Fighters may only attack using any part of the body or the edge of the sword or shield.

9. Fighters may strike any part of the body above the belt and only the outside of the bodies frame below the belt (i.e outer thighs, outer calves etc)

10. Should a fight reach its scheduled time limit with no winner an extra 3 minute round may be fought. At the end of this if there is no winner a panel of judges shall determine the winner. They shall award the pair they perceive has having been the best in a round 10 points and the other pair 9. Should a fighter be knocked down by a blow they shall automatically lose a point for that round. The winner shall be the duo with the highest score. If scores are tied the fight shall be declared a draw.

11. A judge may order a point be deducated if they believe a fighter intentionally breaks the rules or persistently infringes.

Sporting Hub / Progress Championship Wrestling IC
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Welcome to the HQ of Progress Championship Wrestling, Mundus' Premier Professional Wrestling promotion. Check back here for updates on the biggest matches as the worlds best compete for glory.

Championship BeltStipulationsCurrent Champion.

Open to any male member of the roster. Must be defended at every PPVVACANT

Open to any female member of the roster. Must be defended at every PPVVACANT

Open to teams of two males from the roster. Matches must involve both members of the team. Must be defended at every PPVVACANT

Open to any male member of the roster who weighs 205lbs or less. VACANT

Open to any male member of the roster. The title must be defended with a stipulation (e.g Ladder match). The champion upon winning the title selects the stipulation every defence must take place under. Must be defended at every PPVVACANT



Paul Chaos

Masked Gaijin
Cara Chaos

Sporting Hub / Progress Championship Wrestling - OOC
« on: June 10, 2020, 08:23:34 PM »
This is a bit of an experiment so people may wish to join straight off or feel free to jump in anytime.

Me and Dave are both fans of pro-wrestling, as some may know we both signed up to help out at a charity wrestling show, which  got cancelled, however Ironside kept training and is actually pretty handy despite refusing to go by the ring name Stoffel. We've seen on a few wrestling fan sites the idea of RP pro-wrestling and figured we'd give it a go. This may crash and burn massively.

Here is the premiss. As you should know Pro-Wrestling looks like a sport but is scripted. Think of it as TV Drama with violence. Generally a show runs on a serious of rivalries based around championships. What we plan is to have a pool of wrestlers that a "Booker" will put into feuds aimed towards a build up towards a title match of some sort. The RP element will be people writing "Promo's" which are essentially how wrestlers hype up the rivalry. Based on the promos will generally determine the direction of matches. The RP will feature a few weeks of "House shows" which will help establish a rivalry before a "PPV" which will be where the big matches take place.

You'll need to create characters in the shape of wrestlers. We discussed whether people could use real life ones and we're not bothered if you do but obviously it may make it more difficult to be original but its up to you. To take place you'll need to sign up a character using the template below. I've done one for a famous wrestler to give you an idea of how to do it.

Name The Undertaker
Hailing From Death Valley
Height 6ft 10in
Weight 309lbs

Gimmick The personification of darkness. The Undertaker is an imposing dark figure from the depths of hell sent to gather the souls of his rivals and cast them down. He is relentless in his pursuit of his foe and takes power from the fear of others. At times he seemingly has supernatural powers to absorb punishment and turn the tables on his enemies

Signature Moves Chokeslam

Finishing Move Tombstone Piledriver

Catchphrases "Rest in Peace"

Heel/Babyface Heel

Image (optional)

Code: [Select]
[b]Name[/b] What is the wrestler called, doesn' need to be a real name
[b]Hailing From[/b] Can be anywhere even if you don't control that nation
[b]Height[/b] In ft and inches please
[b]Weight[/b] in lbs please

[b]Gimmick[/b] - Their background story and what their personality is like.

[b]Signature Moves[/b] Moves they do a lot

[b]Finishing Move[/b] How they win matches

[b]Catchphrases[/b] Things they say a lot, often tied to the gimmick

[b]Heel/Babyface[/b] Heel = bad guy      Babyface = Good guy.

[b]Image (optional)[/b] What do they look like. Big muscular guys don't automatically mean they win. You can write a description if you prefer.

Sporting Hub / Tournament of Swords.
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"Welcome to the largest Medieval MMA event in the History of Mundus. Tonight we take this sport that grew out of the heritage of the history of East Moreland and make it bigger than anyone could ever imagine. Over the course of the next few hours you will witness the best in the game go toe to toe for some of the biggest prizes in the industry. You will see one up and coming fighter walk away with a cool $1,000,000 dollars and we will crown the very first World Duo Champions. Sit down, get comfortable and prepare to crown the Champion of Swords.

Quote from: Card for the Evening

1. Tournament of Swords Quarter Final 1
Henry Solley V's Greg Jackson
Henry Solley victory in 1:03 of Rnd 2 by disarming

2. Tournament of Swords Quarter Final 2
Jack Renley V's Richard Timpson
Richard Timpson victory in 2:44 of Rnd 3 by TKO

3. Tournament of Swords Quarter Final 3
Andreas Helmann V's Rupert McCommins

4. Tournament of Swords Quarter Final 4
Bradley Henning V's Will Moxon

5. Women's World Lightweight Championship (Vacant)
Rebecca Thompson V's Penny Anne Smith

6. Tournament of Swords Semi Final 1
Winner QF 1 V's Winner QF 2

7. Tournament of Swords Semi Final 2
Winner QF 3 V's Winner QF 4

8. World Duo Championship (Vacant)
Tim Smalling & Edward Voice (EM) V's Steven Taffer & Curtis Jennings

9. Bakkermayan Womens Heavyweight Championship
Sarah Edmondson (c) V's Jade Rodriga

10. Tournament of Swords 3rd Place Match
Loser of Semi Final 1 V's Loser of Semi Final 2

11. Tournament of Swords $1,000,000 Final
Winner Semi Final 1 V's Winner Semi Final 2

MAIN EVENT - For the World Heavyweight Championship
Louis Blanche (C) V's Tom Ridge

OOC- This is a run through for a couple of semi-sport related RP's me and Dave have in mind. If this goes well we intend to branch it out to more people.

Press Offices / Press Office of The Grand Duke of Bakkermaya
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With immediate effect the Navy of the Grand Duchy are to head to the Straits of Arovium in order to be part of the Council of Albion operations. The Fleet of the Grand Duchy shall consist of the following vessels

Salmon Class Attack Sub

1. Seraph
2. Glorious
3. Cortana

Puffin Class Destroyer

1. Cthrek Goru
2. Sikanda
3. Dragnipur

Albatross Class Frigate

1. Blackfyre
2. Brightroar
3. Dark Sister

Diplomacy and Events / TUNA Debate 0001 - The Gungnir Issue
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RECOGNISING that the Gungnir present a real threat not just to Nya Aland but also to the wider region and even Mundus.

CONCERNED about the nature of the threat being presented

DETERMINED to halt the current disruption caused by the Gungnir

We, the membership of TUNA shall carry out the following.

1) In accordance with Article 4[1] of the TUNA Charter all nations shall hand over the Nya Aland information relating to the current situation.

2) In accordance with Article 4 Nya Aland are to make available to all member nations information relating to the recent satellite blackouts.

3) TUNA shall form a "Satellite Security Task Force" aimed at ensuring the future stability of satellite communications in the region.

4) TUNA shall explore a contingency plan for regional communications should the blackouts continue or worsen.

5) Member nations shall, if appropriate, place military assets on standby to aid in the ending of the current situation.

6) Following an ending of this threat TUNA nations shall examine the need/possibility of an Albion based satellite network for communication.

 1. 4. Signatory nations shall share information regarding criminal and terrorist activity so long as the sharing of that information does not endanger the nations national security.

Diplomacy and Events / Bakkermaya contacting Dragonaii
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To:-  Emperor-Admiral Jingduming von Nanjing

Having seen recent reports in the media of your nations growing concerns over the Ardian Assembly I would be grateful if you would make yourself, or an appropriate representative available for a conversation regarding this issue prior to any decision being made. I firmly believe that organisations like the Assembly are capable of achieving great things and making regions safer and more harmonious. I understand that to date the journey of the Ardian Assembly has not been smooth but I am confident that should concerns your nation hold over the Assembly be voiced a way forward can be found that put these to rest while allowing all nations to benefit from having your nation as members. Should the conversation about the Assembly not be successful I would be keen to discuss a non-assembly related relationship between our two nations.

I hope this is an acceptable request and look forward to your response.

Grand Duke Hugo Lascelles of Bakkermaya.

Diplomacy and Events / 1st Annual Conference of TUNA
« on: November 18, 2019, 10:16:20 PM »

In accordance with the charter of the Treaty for the Unity of the Nations of the Alucard (TUNA) an annual conference will take place in Walesby, Bakkermaya. The organisation has determined that this year invites will be extended beyond those of the current membership as island nations believe tha co-operation with the wider Alucard region is beneficial to all. As such the invitation will be extended to the following nations.

* Ui Cenneslaig
* Nya Aland
* Pardelinnia

It is our hope that this invitation will be accepted and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Walesby.

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