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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Plot To Destroy Rokkenjiman Democracy
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The corridors of Coral Rift prison were nothing new to Gary Newton though this was perhaps the most unusual visit he'd ever made to the facility, making his way to the visiting room she sat down and waited a few moments before a guard opened the door and brought in Sumire Abruscato, Rokkenjiman nobility, former Imperial Councillor, former Mentor of Toshikawa and now if the theories were right just another sacrificed piece in whatever game was being played. "Ms Abruscato." Gary said slowly "Have a seat."
"Lieutenant" Sumire said "Why does my counsel want to see me?"
"I'm authorized to offer you a deal." Gary said, it had been a hell of a conversation to have with Lt Foster but the situation being what it was she had agreed to it, "We need information about something we believe you know about."
"And in exchange?" Sumire asked
"You get moved to a lower risk prison, somewhere with more privileges." Gary said "And that's just for starters." he put a piece of paper in front of Sumire "All spelled out for you."
"What do you want to know?" Sumire asked

"On the 20th of January 2007, Beatrice Anselmo underwent a medical procedure at Pyrena to repair an internal bleed in her uterus resulting from a recent miscarriage." Gary said "Footage of that surgery shows that the doctors involved not only repaired the bleed but without good reason harvested Beatrice's eggs. The implication of that is the same as was the case fifteen years earlier, to create a 'break glass in case of emergency' heir. But while in the case of Kyoko it was done with noble intentions, not so in this instance this time it was with malicious intent. I think this is another thing chalked up to the group of conspirators you're part of." he took a moment to look straight at her "Are you the birth mother to this other Anselmo? Yes or no."
"Yes." Sumire said after a moment
"Give me a name." Gary said
"Kikyo Hase, she was born on the Abruscato estate, I was 'ill' for a few months of 2007, two Anausa agents that Charles had in his pocket took her and moved to Jenka -Jenkinson." Sumire said "The agents pose as her parents and I assume have done their job of grooming her for the throne."
"Why?" Gary asked
"To correct a near sixty year old wrong." Sumire said "At least that's what Charles told me."
"What wrong?" Gary asked
"I never heard the full story." Sumire said "Look I'm not a vindictive person, and despite what people may think I never acted with ill intent as an Imperial Councillor or as Beatrice's friend, that was all genuine not duplicitous, my job was done the moment the birth happened. You can't offer me absolution I know that but I'll point you to what you don't know." she took a breath "The child of Tairo."
"Thank you." Gary said "I want all that in a statement."

The study at the Marble Palace was a little fuller than usual as the latest meeting on this took place Serenity was present, with every intention of running back to the hospital once it was over, around the room the various advisors and officers sat and stood and then Gary walked in.
"Please tell me you've got a name Lieutenant." Serenity said
"I have Kikyo Hase." Gary said "Had a quick bit of research done she attends Vicheshire School in Jenka-Jenkinson, sixteen years old."
"She's also the girl who just got invited along with her class to the Youth Diet in Rokkenjima." Nettie said
"Rowe's moving his pieces." Serenity said
"There was something else." Gary said "Sumire says this is about a sixty year old wrong and pointed us at the child of Tairo whatever that means."
"It's not a what it's a who." Peter said
"You know what it means?" Nettie asked

"Yes." Peter said going over to a whiteboard that sat in the room and drawing up the Anselmo family tree "This is what we usually think of, work it backwards you have Asuna, Lucius and Kikyo going up to Beatrice married to Alex and Kyoko as a sibling and then up again to Cecelia and Kichiro and of course biologically myself. That's the main branch, then if we do Euphy's branch you have her and you go up to her parents Usagi and Aaron, then on Evanthe's side you have Evanthe and you go up to her parents Mieko and Madara."
"Do we know where Sophia fits in to this yet?" Serenity asked
"Yes we do." Maddy said "Based on DNA comparison and further testing we believe Sophia is Evanthe's daughter."
"Wow." Serenity said "She was born in late 2001... the picture."
"Yep." Peter said putting Sophia's name on the tree "And we know that Emerson's the father because there's no way in heck you forget a younger Emerson Ravenswood spending the night of the Constellation Ball in Wyvern Castle and then sharing looks with Evanthe over breakfast."
"No one tells them yet." Nettie said
"Exactly now that's what we normally think about when we go at the Anselmo family tree." Peter said "But Cecelia, Usagi and Mieko are sisters if you go back a further generation you get the then exiled Empress Kikyou." he took a breath as he drew the line and put that name up. "Now watch what happens when I put the birth years up for those three sisters." he put 1970 next to Usagi, 1966 next to Cecelia and 1964 next to Mieko.

"Hang on a minute that would mean..." Nettie said
"That by convention Mieko not Cecelia should have taken the crown?" Peter asked "Yes."
"Why didn't she?" Nettie said
"Because it was decided otherwise, but that's only half the story." Peter said "Anyone want to ask the other obvious question?"
"Madara." Sakura said "Is a Rokkenjiman name."
"Yes, but Evanthe isn't entirely of Rokkenjiman heritage." Peter said
"I get the implication but what's that got to do with the child of Tairo?" Serenity asked
"I assume Alex has had time to look that up by now." Peter said looking at where Alexandria Savage otherwise known as Alex was sitting looking at her tablet.

"Mieko Anselmo is the child of Tairo" Alex said "Damn this is ancient, in 1964 Kikyou Anselmo visited what was then called Daito, on the return trip her yacht was boarded by what were at the time believed to be pirates but were later discovered to be Toshikawan militia I'll give you one guess which clan."
"Nekhaga." Serenity said
"Bingo." Alex said "Anyway the Toshikawan's subdued the crew and took the yacht and Kikyou to the nearest Rokkenjiman military port which at the time was Tairo. What the Toshikawan's didn't know was that Naoko Ryoma the companion soul to Kikyou got off a distress call to Autumn Wood Fort in Gowu, the ship was tracked to Tairo and a Justicar team sent in with Achkaerin Special Forces in support... The Justicars bribed the port commander to release Kikyou but this was four days later and in that time..."
"Kikyou had given birth to Mieko." Peter said "Officially Kikyou gave birth on the return trip, the Federal Republic were knee deep in Kusan at the time they weren't going to risk a war with us."
"Why did the Toshikawan's even do that?" Sakura asked
"We didn't know that for another thirty years." Esme said "The 1960's were the very beginning of what would eventually become the Bute movement, they were hoping that delivering Kikyou to the Federal Republic would get the Republic's support in terms of Gowu, the Bute element viewing that as Toshikawan soil which of course it isn't. That all came out at the Cherry-Lotus negotiations."

"I get it." Serenity said "Mieko is born on Rokkenjiman soil, she's pure blood, she's the blessed of Islnya according to the standard Yuna would set. By all accounts she should have been next on the throne so what happened?"
"The implication around Evanthe happened." Peter said "And it couldn't have happened at a worse time."
"Around the time that Mieko became pregnant in 1984 Kikyou fell quite seriously ill, Mieko was still traumatised from her ordeal so Cecelia was making the decisions, just after Evanthe was born Kikyou died but Mieko was still traumatised it wasn't clear if she'd ever recover so the Grand Maester made a decision and Cecelia was proclaimed as the monarch."
"And over time all that trauma, all that hatred turned to resentment." Nettie said "But she died in 2004."
"And we thought Cecelia died in 1997." Serenity said
"The question is where's she been?" Peter said
"That doesn't matter." Serenity said "But we can probably guess where she'll turn up."
"Kusan." Alex said "Rowe's angling for a fight, he's pushing hard for it and that's the trap. Kusan's innocent and when that gets discovered Asuna's either going to break if she hasn't already or she'll be forced out."
"Exactly." Serenity said "Push the button repeatedly, push it hard enough and it doesn't matter that the international community is saying 'no proof of complicity' because payback is expected and Rokkenjima will eventually demand it."
"And the Diet can vote for it." Nettie said "It would basically be a motion calling for action but Asuna can't ignore it she'd be hugely unpopular if she did. It only needs a fabricated smoking gun."

"I just had a rather disturbing thought." Peter said looking out of the study window "What if the reason Rowe knows Kusan is innocent is because he is guilty?"
"As in he orchestrated the Pyrettania..." Esme said "If that's true..."
"How?" Sakura asked
"There's one other plant." Serenity said "Nemphis."
"But opportunity?" Mark Sharpe the national security advisor said
"There is one." Peter said "Sobernakht's little uprising, Achkaerinese forces fought a running battle in and around the Nemphis compound, they could have stolen it then and delivered it. That could have been the whole point of the exercise."
"But when would they have made contact to set that up?" Nettie asked "We'd have known we were in country."
"In the middle of the Clysperi civil war Rokkenjima offered aid." Mark said "Which we declined because the situation was in hand but it's not beyond the realms they put people in anyway."
"Rowe's not the type to leave things to chance." Nettie said

"No he's not." Serenity said with a hint of anger in her voice before walking over to the whiteboard "Me and Euphy recently started reading the Harry Potter books to the girls in the Chamber of Secrets just before Harry fights the Basilisk there's a moment where the form of Riddle uses a wand and writes his name." she wrote TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE on the whiteboard "Which is an anagram of..." she wrote I AM LORD VOLDERMORT underneath the name
"So?" Sakura asked
"So what happens to this?" Serenity asked she wrote RAMOSE on the whiteboard "If you flip the M and do the same thing you get..." she wrote A S ROWE underneath Ramose "A.S Rowe, Alex Sebastian Rowe."
"Vanity." Nettie said "Could it be that simple?"
"It makes sense Ramose hasn't been heard from in a long time, no one's ever seen him, no one's ever met him, the guy may not look like Rowe but one rogue Anausa for appearance purposes and Rowe as the voice?" Mark asked
"Who does this guy think he is Palpatine?" Kumiko asked
"Apparently." Serenity said "But if that is true then you all know what it means he is responsible for, and if it is true then we will have him for it."

"So how do we stop him?" Alex asked "Because he's making his move."
"We've got just a few days." Serenity said "Alex you bring Rion up to speed, Kikyo is her ball neither Rowe nor any of his people get to her first, that plane does not fly direct to Pyrettania."
"Understood." Alex said
"Sakura you're going to Clysperis." Serenity said "We'll get some soldiers to provide an escort, go and see Sobernakht, cut him a deal and see what he gives you."
"Ok." Sakura said
"I'll go and see Emerson and Evanthe." Peter said "It should be me who tells them, Mieko was distant and cold when Evanthe was growing up and I'm the closest thing she's got to a father."
"Agreed." Serenity said "Kumiko you get onto the admiralty I've got a special job for them."
"I'll get them on the line." Kumiko said
"We take away Rowe's leverage, we neutralise the threat, let's get it done." Serenity said

As the room cleared it left only Serenity with Gary and Nell Foster, after having a drink of water Serenity looked at them "Ok." she said "Let's talk about what Kado found."
"It doesn't change anything." Nell said "All those records were sought in discovery and handed over in 2017 in the run up to trial, it's highly convenient for something new to turn up even more so because it says what it says. And even if the court let it in the date on the order is March 25th 2016, so Beatrice is still liable for the atrocities committed between February 14th and March 25th and she's already got the lightest possible sentence and then some."
"And if we're honest that order isn't the most interesting bit of what Kado found." Gary said "It's all the nonsense orders. Why have Beatrice sign them?"
"Go on." Serenity said
"We think and it's a leap." Nell said "That it's about source material specifically Beatrice's signature. She needs to sign things because she's Empress and the functioning of Government in Rokkenjima required it... but if she's got the awareness to recognise the events around her and react by for example giving that countermand order would you as Charles or Lucius Stanley put that which is critical in front of her?"

Serenity smiled when she saw what Nell was getting at "This can't come from our end and it can't involve your department." Serenity said
"It won't." Gary said "We've set a meeting for Elecktra Hope."
"SHIELD Law?" Serenity asked "I'll get Kyoko there. Let's get Lucius Stanley spinning."

At the Imperial Palace in Rokkenjima Kayleigh walked into Henry Cole's office "Don't ask me why just trust me." she said putting a piece of paper on the table "That needs to be the flight crew for the Imperial Ryusei going to pick up those kids from Jenka-Jenkinson in a few days." the two names were Achkaerinese military. Rowe was making his move so Kayleigh knew that there was no way that Rion was prepared to allow that plane outside of their control.

In Jenka-Jenkinson Maki Hamer, picked up her phone "Yes Rion?" she asked
"Correct me if I'm wrong but you're half siblings go to Vicheshire School?" Rion asked
"Yes, Sora's in her final year there and Colton's a couple back." Maki said "Why?"
"Kikyo Hase." Rion said "Know anything about her?"
"She just took over as Student Council President, succeeding Sora actually I think Colton's in her form." Maki said
"She just managed to get her social studies people a flight on the Rokkenjiman Imperial Ryusei to attend the Youth Diet in a few days time." Rion said "But here's the complication she's the lost Anselmo, she's Rowe's endgame."
"What do you want me to do?" Maki asked
"Get yourself on that plane." Rion said
"I'm listed as a chaperone with the school so that's not a problem." Maki said
"I'm getting Miku down there as well." Rion said "Kayleigh's liaising with Cole, we're getting control of the plane and going to beat Rowe to the punch. Only risk factor is Kikyo's parents, they're likely rogue Anausa so if they're on the plane watch yourself."
"Understood." Maki said

With the phone calls to Kayleigh and Maki done that only left one problem for Rion to deal with and it was something Kado could do. She wasn't doorstepping his office, no she was doorstepping his apartment. "We need to talk." she said quietly when he opened the door and let her in, once they were in the main room she looked at him "In a few days there's an Imperial Ryusei bringing a group of children over from Jenka-Jenkinson for the Youth Diet. On the day of that flight I need you to find a way or reason to shut down Arovia Air Traffic Control, don't ask me for details just know this is the future of Rokkenjima right here right now. You cannot risk using the INIS, because we cannot flag this, but if you can do that then it will mean that Brianna Azurewind ATC in Gowu takes over Arovia's remit during the outage and that is what we need to happen. Are you up for it?"
Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Socialite's Thread
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It was to be a hectic few days for Stasya, get over to Niameck, do the fashion shows, come back to East Moreland for the Feast of Helus and now head back to Neu Urburzis. She was releaved to have the luxurious royal plane at her disposal. She woke early and found her husband had woken up to. As she sat on the edge of the bed preparing to raise she felt David take hold of her from behind. "You could always just stay here" he said giving a gentle pull to encourage her to stay in bed.

"I could but then I'd not get there and that would mean East Moreland wouldn't be very punctual, and you wouldn't want that would you now" she said in mock of his hatred of ever being late. She did though allow him to pull her back and once she was lying back on the bed he wrapped her up and kissed her. "Look I'm going to have to go" she said as she brushed hair away from her face. "But we've a free weekend when I get back so how about you, me, my family villa on Iskor and that black bikini you like" she teased.

"I've a better idea" David said as he kissed her again. "The island, me, you but no bikini" she returned his kiss but then wriggled free and hopped out of bed leaving her husband lying there.

"Deal" she said with a wink as she disappeared to get ready. Despite being invited David wouldn't be going to Niameck, although he was always smartly dressed and stylish he had little interest in fashion beyond that of the tailors stores close to Embassy Row. Beside following the recent good news about the Borlanders the King would no doubt be busy and so was content to let the Queen and her friends enjoy the revallries such an event no doubt carried.

The flight saw a start to such a thing, with Jasmina Danilov and there friend Arina Pasternak having visited Northfort for the feast they would accompany her to the party.

They arrived with each of them looking forward to an evening of high class partying. Stasya had opted to wear the red dress her protegee Zari had created for their fashion show. Jasmina meanwhile had a classic black dress with Arina opting for a white busniess style suit. "Grab a drink and behave....for now" Stasya informed her friends as she spotted Adelheid and headed over. "Amazing weeks so far." She said as they hugged, "I hope the past few days have been OK, just unfortunate timing with the Feast back home and all that." She explained, she wondered if she should mention the news of Barrens demise but figured neither of them were too concerned about politics. "I must say that Princess Rhiannon will be thrilled to hear this has been a success, I know she'd very proud of her friend Augustin, hopefully next year we can have her come here. She needs to learn that gym wear is not the future" she grinned. "I hopefully have a few surprises for you lined up" She said eagerly linking arms with the Princess and introducing her to the two Lodjain friends she'd brought with her. "Ah, the first is right on cue." She said waving to the smartly suited man across the room. "Princess Adelheid allow me to introduce my vassal"  Stasya said the word ironically "Prince Bartholemew of Semelberg" she embraced the young man.

"Ma'am" the Prince said with a bow to each. "Princess Adelheid thank you for allowing us to attend such a wonderful event. I know that High Princess....I mean Queen Stasya, is keen for Semelberg to get some recognition away from home and I know I could do with some days away from the business of the Charterlands." He explained with a deep exhale, since Stasya had essentially said her family would bankroll the mini-principality he had found himself also drafted into the Charterlands governing system and probably never worked so hard in his life.

"I'm trying to line him and Ariana up" Stasya whispered to Adelheid as they moved away after talking to the Prince, "Unless of course you fancy a crack or are you still pining for that Makar?" She asked.
Convention Centre / Re: Niameck Fashion Week 2024 - Showthread
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The Pelafashion Show

While the first two shows of the festival where more about pushing boundaries of fashion and sending messages the Pelafashion show would at its heart be a promotion. The brand was as much now a vehicle to allow the Pelagiya family, and by extension the East Moreland royal family to support various good causes and so there was a need to shift product and that meant bringing eyes to what they were doing.

The show was set up with two large grandstands either side on a long white catwalk with a large video screen at one end and a circular looped walkway that surrounded a kind of small stage area. As the crowd got settled there was a goody bag on the seat of each person. A pair of Pelagiya sunglasses, some lip balm, a brochure for the various good causes Pelagiya had supported over the past twelve months and a pair of drinks pouches, one of gin and tonic, the other of bucks fizz along with a variety of various sachets of fragrances. Once everyone was settled the show began to be fired up. First the room went dark with the only light coming from the screen. "YOU HAVE DONE THESE DEEDS" The screen pronounced and then as music played a montage of the various projects Pelafashion projects ranging from kids getting involved in art, the Global Childbirth Initiative and then students preparing for the show here today. The last minute or so focused on a single student, "Zari" kept flashing up next to the smiling face of a small girl with a pixie hair cut and bright blue eyes. It was clear she was someone important but to those outside the company it meant little. Then the screen went dark, plunging the room into darkness. A spotlight hit the circular stage at the opposite end of the runway and a plume of smoke masked the Morelander musician Frank Turner and his backing band ascending to be stood in the centre of the circle. As soon as the stage hand was sure the stage had been locked in place he gave Frank the nod and the musician sprang into the first song of the show. At the far end of the stage where the video screen was a spotlight snapped on revealing Queen Stasya stood in a figure hugging long red dress, a lengthy split from ankle to hip on one side. From the waist it formed a diamond over her torso finishing high around her neck. A kind of white fur quarter length coat finished off the look. With the poise and elegance of a seasoned model she stood for a moment before the screen behind her turned white and again the name "Zari" appeared. The Queen held out a hand and the young girl featured in the video walked out dressed in a simple black pair of trousers and t-shirt. The Queen took her hand and together they walked down the length of the runway Zari looking much more awkward than the Queen but she knew this was her moment. Her contempories at Pelafashion had voted her the best designer from among their number and so her collection was getting a VIP treatment. The Queen walked the loop around the band and escorted Zari to a seat on a kind of throne that had been set up among the other designers all of whom clapper her into her seat as the youngster blushed. The Queen took off the white fur coat and tossed it to Zari before purposely striding back to the screen just as a 2nd model strode out, this time it was Lodja's Chief Lady in Waiting Jasmina Danilov. The Queen had called in several favours and while the show featured many well known models there was the odd cameo. The first collection of Zari's featured more elegant partywear from the company and once done Frank Turner descended back into the depths of the understage. The video screen kicked on again as this time it showed the words "WORLDS COLLIDE"

The music stage fizzed as the stage ascended again, this time Biffy Clyro in place. Back stage there was frantic changing going on and even a clanging of metal. The video finished with the flags of East Moreland and Lodja side by side and this time it was the famed actress Krista Rosendahl-Sunbrek who stepped out. She was wearing a mini skirt made out of chain mail with a long elegant tailed style short jacket above it. The cuffs of the jacket also trimmed in chain mail, she carried a Norse Axe casually on her shoulder. The band played once more as the various models walked down the runway and back off each outfit inspired by some aspect of each nation the Queen considered home. There was though a hitch backstage. The Queen was due to go on again but the string on her corset made of swords was sticking. The stage manager was frantically trying to tie and untie knots but in the nick of time Stasya was sent back on. As she exited the lights again went dark and a new video played.

This time it was all of the Isle of Iskor showing its beautiful sandy beaches, the lush green forests and people having fun. "ISKOR STYLE", the chords of Grace Potter, one of the Queens favourite bands played as the singer and her band ascended to the stage. This time it was King David's cousin Princess Lily who was first out, the tall cousin was wearing a smart pair of khaki shorts and a bright blue v shaped tie top. Next it was Duchess Anna Davidson of Bakkermaya wearing a kind of floral pattern sarong dress and an insanely large brimmed hat. The final walk of the show though was Queen Stasya again, this time in a black swimsuit with a flag bearing her coat of arms printed on it. As she walked backstage each of the models who had walked reappeared wearing their favourite outfit from the show along with the musicians. They lined the stage, took a bow and the the Queen returned with sixteen people following her wearing plain white t-shirts and black jeans. The Queen had a microphone. "Ladies and Gentleman, esteemed guests. We hope you enjoyed our 2024 showcase. Tomorrow these 16 wonderful teenagers will be hosting a pop up store in the plaza near the opera house. This is your chance to not just be part of 2024 fashion week but to create the stars of 2025. They are the future of our wonderful industry. For tonight though its time to go get a glass of bubbles and enjoy the Pelafashion After Party with each of these wonderful artists playing even more for us. See you there."
"I agree." Isabella said slowly "If we're pursuing a Jiayuan-ASDN deal then that's something that can be supported however I agree with Mr Ferraro that any deal cannot be a copy and paste of the ASDN's existing commitments, it must be different and would from our end have to be something that the membership of the ASDN is agreeable with."
Press Offices / Re: Press Office of Social Media
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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Khemnen-Valthiem Line
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I am dispatching shipments of aid to Kalasin, some of which are via tankers and will be accompanied by an escort of the Royal Clysperi Navy. Our naval vessels will stop at the extent of Kalasin's territorial waters and will await the unloading of the tankers before escorting them back to Clysperi waters.

I remain concerned that election results have not been verified by a party which has not taken part in military operations in Kalasin, and look to you to reassure those concerns as well as joining me in a push for a cross-Aranye association to ensure that incursions by foreign powers to our continent are not necessary in the future.

Please relay my best to Peter as he continues his recovery.

Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re, Sovereign of Sovereigns, Divine of Appearance, Beloved of Amun, Chosen of Ra, Lord of the Three Lands, Ruler of Justice like Ra, High Priest of Every Temple, the Eye of Horus, Satisfied is the heart of Ra.
Vignettes / Re: The Castle On The Hill
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Location: Pyrena Castle, Residential Suite
Time: 1:53 AST

"Usually when such news is reported you break out of your shell, have a celebratory drink, yet today on the announcement of the death of one of Mundus' most prolific terrorists you find yourself sullen? It's hard to understand you at times, Luci," Beatrice sighed as she enjoyed a toast with Alex, which prompted Lucinda to rise from her seat and punch the television, incidentally where David's face had been prior to turning into an abstract art piece. "Luci!" Beatrice shouted with some confusion before being allowed to continue. "It's so easy for you, isn't it, to celebrate the death of the man who saw Asuna made it home safely? Did you sit down with him, did you see the plans he had for the Principality, did you sit in a tube with crying children and uncertain parents as all manner of uncertainty flew above your heads? "You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him," a quote you would find yourself to agree with, yes?" she asked pointedly, to which Beatrice nodded.

"Tell me what possibly a pygmy hedgehog, Baxter was his name, do for Kyle, let alone anyone beyond being yet another mouth to feed and water? Yet he couldn't bear the thought of him being homeless. You know me, I have little appreciation for pets as they're unpredictable and inflict their own emotions upon you, I digress though. Unlike you I saw his humanity, I saw the other side of the civil war you cast our lot in, and perhaps the world is celebrating the death of a terrorist because people like you, the Achkaerinese, the Dartfordians and every other nation accepted the Ironside narrative of the conflict without doing their due diligence. So no," she said as she turned her head to the broken television, "I will not be celebrating this death, but I will buy you a new television, sorry," she said as she rose to leave the room, stopping as she turned the door knob.

"In the most delicate debriefing I've ever given Asuna didn't give me any inclination of maltreatment while in Kyle's company, one of his own made sure she made the trek up the road to QAMB as, how did she say it, "I looked back and he wouldn't budge until he saw the guards at the gate had me in their arms." They did that for you, with no promises of alleviating their position, knowing they'd continue to be vilified, I hope you enjoy your celebratory evening. I wish you'd have remembered the reports I sent you, perhaps your heart would be a bit softer, and I'd have the Beatrice who held East Moreland to task for assassinating a new mother instead of one who takes such pleasure in death. I've killed countless people in your name so you wouldn't know the toll I've carried to this day, in the past I celebrated such deaths to keep up appearances. But this time?" she turned the knob of the door, "I'm tired of lying to everyone and myself. It wouldn't surprise me if they broke both the letter and the spirit of the MCUR before he died, but no one will bat an eye because, "terrorist." Goodnight, Bea," she said as she left the room, leaving Beatrice and Alexander to process her words.

As she walked back to her room she met her estranged husband in the hallway. "Are you alright? You seem troubled," he said, to which Lucinda would respond with a punch to the gut before finding herself on top of him punching his face relentlessly. "I told you to leave me alone and you couldn't even do that much?" she said in between blows, only being stopped when Kado pulled her off of him. "Lucinda," he said quietly, "return to your room, now," he added when she lingered. With a tear rolling down her cheek she nodded and made her way to her room, leaving Kado to help Lucius off the floor. "She is pushing her lu..." Kado would stop him mid-sentence. "You suffered a clumsy fall, necessitating you to take a few days off from work. Do you understand me?" he asked, and when Lucius opened his mouth to offer resistance Kado made a "tsk tsk" noise. "You saw what I did to Taryō, I trust. Don't fucking trifle with me," he said as he brushed Lucius' shoulders off. "You'll be as good as new in a few days, yes?" to which Lucius simply nodded. "Good," Kado said as he turned to walk down the hallway.

Without knocking he entered Lucinda's room, "I trust that felt good," he said as he sat next to her, placing his arm around her, "I'm sure <0 is already scrubbing the footage from that camera as we speak. I know you're conflicted with this news, you saw a side of Mr. Barren none of us have seen, but we must act in ways that support the Empress in such times." Noticing Lucinda was about to speak in protest he raised his finger to her lips, "I know what you're going to say and, while you have no official standing anymore, you're bound to protect the Empress and her interests, and we both know that she has a special admiration for the Ironsides, we won't be crushing that or her ambitions to restore things between our nations. You deal with this however you need to but, as far as the Empress is concerned, you have to keep this within your heart. You try to impart upon her sympathy for Kyle and you're consigning her reign to suicide, do you understand?" to which Lucinda would over a delayed nod. "Good," he said as he stood up, "just as with Lucius you suffered a fall, so you'll be confined to your room for the next week. Do what you must in that time, process your grief, but keep your feelings to yourself. I may not have the mandate of the Rosari, but I now have purview over your previous portfolio and I will ensure that nothing derails the Empress from success. Do you understand?"

"Yes, stop repeating your questions, by the Godesses," she finally spoke. "Just had to drive the point home," Kado said as he departed.

Pharaoh Dispatches Aid To Kalasin, Pauses Diplomatic And Economic Measures

The Pharaoh added that the change in posture, which came after an exchange with the Empress of Rokkenjima, would not change the Clysperi position on the military presence in Kalasin.

Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re has overseen some 50,000 tons released from the Clysperi Supplemental Reserve consisting of a variety of foodstuffs in addition to humanitarian supplies destined for Kalasin. In addition to the material aid a fuel tanker with 600,000 barrels of a variety of fuels along with approving a financial aid package of Đ750m. "I thought on the words of the young Empress and decided that supporting a fellow Midaranye state was a natural response; we Clysperi still bear the scars of the Soviet occupation and the acts of domestic terrorism live in more recent memory. I hope that the assistance we're dispatching helps the People of Kalasin recover from this dark chapter of history more quickly than we recovered from ours."

Addressing concerns from the Assembly of Nomes that the Pharaoh was back-tracking Pharaoh Akasha Di-‘nh-mi-Re reiterated that the aid operation did not repeal her concerns regarding a protracted foreign military presence in Kalasin. "It's a story as old as warfare itself," the Pharaoh shrugged, "one party is attacked, they retaliate, and the mission veers from its original intent or, in other cases, politicians back home find new manners in which to expand the scope of the operations to sustain them for just a bit longer. One need only look to Marseilles and the continued presence of Seaforthian forces how many years later? It is thus natural that the Kingdom shall,  and other Cotf Aranye nations should, expect that forces of the Coalition should remain not a moment longer than required. This would include training Kalasin forces to ensure they're capable of defending a legitimate government, whilst capable of eliminating forces which would threaten Kalasin domestically or nations abroad in the future. Foreign forces should not be present five, ten or twenty years from now, and as I've highlighted this situation showcases why Cotf Aranye needs a continental association so that we may look after our own, just as we've seen happen in Alba Karinya and Ardia."

RCN Horus and a task force will aid in the shipments from Clysperis to Kalasin.

The aid operation to Kalasin will also see the longest deployment in modern history of the Royal Clysperi Navy, with RCN Horus and her associated task force safeguarding Clysperi fuel and materials as they make their way to Kalasin. "While air routes will be used for portions of the aid portions of the aid, such as fuels, will be undertaken via the use of tanker ships. The RCN will escort this portion of the aid only to the extent of Kalasin's territorial waters, after which they shall escort the emptied tankers back to Clysperi waters," the Pharaoh explained. "As most of our commercial shipping is conducted within the Great Northern Sea and associated waters, and with incidents of piracy still in living memory, ensuring the successful delivery of aid is the highest priority of the Royal Clysperi Navy. The Kingdom looks forward to providing this aid as Kalasin regains its footing in the world."
International News Networks / Re: Northfort News
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The Palace have confirmed that today King David has meet, in person, with the members of Red Legion who were responsible for the operation that killed terrorist Kyle Barren. The King meet the men of Red Legion at their units HQ in Aldfield and presented each of them with the nations highest military honour, the Kings Medal. The awarding of these four medals now mean that the King has awarded five King's Medals during his lifetime, all of them to anonymous members of Red Legion. It was also confirmed that several members of the National Intelligence Agency who had sourced the information which allowed the strike to take place have been awarded the Moreland Cross which is avaliable only the civilians who have done things considered "inspirational to Morelanders". In a statement released following the King's visit to Red Legion HQ the monarch said, "I am exceptionally proud of the Legionnaires who undertook this operation. They have demonstrated exceptional skills and courage and are an example to every member of the armed forces in terms of what a well trained and dedicated Morelander can achieve. They however are only as good as the intelligence they are given and our hats must be raised to those members of the Intelligence Agency who were able to put these men in a position to carry out their mission. This nation, and the rest of Mundus, owes everyone involved a debt of thanks."

The Palace have also confirmed that the body of Kyle Barren, the self proclaimed "King of the Borlanders", has been dropped from a naval maritime patrol aircraft into "the deep ocean" however say they will not confirm the exact location nor even the body of water. The bodies of the other Borlanders killed during the attack, another six individuals, have been similarly disposed of in unconfirmed locations. A spokesman for the High Priestess of the Cult of Helus stated, "The Cult of Helus is very clear that the deeds we do in life shall determine our place in the afterlife. I am firmly convinced that Barren and all those that follow him will have no afterlife of worth, just that they shall now know the eternal pain and torment that they have caused."

Diplomacy and Events / Re: A dragon lands in a field of chrysanthemums (Jiāyuán & Daito)
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General Secretary Tai Wenjien thought for a few seconds. He thought that perhaps it was best to stay away from trade matters while the ADSN is figuring stuff out. "Alright then, Prime Minister Konishi. We can discuss other matters. The second agenda is more in line with defence policy, more in the areas of intelligence sharing and a possible extradition treaty. Would that be a more flexible topic Prime Minister?" 
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