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Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Robin Hood Internet Gang (Open To All)
« Last post by Achkaerin on November 29, 2022, 02:27:27 AM »
6pm AK Time, Scrivens Medical Labs, Chamwick, East Moreland

Scrivens Medical was what was known in the Achkaerinese business community as a "kick starter" or more specifically a "Riviere kick starter" in simple terms every year Riviere Corporation's CEO Catriona Rowan, as part of a reality tv show, invested two hundred and fifty thousand iso's into someone's new business, this also made Catriona a business partner of the silent variety. In 2020, East Morelander by birth and by parentage Princess of Nueva Ardia, Janelle Scrivens had become the first overseas winner of the show and had set up shop in Chamwick or as it had been formerly known Technology City, medical research was her game, today was a fairly big day for her firstly because she got to show off her business to her younger sister Maki Hamer but also because they were getting the keys to a house in the city, a home for them and their other two siblings essentially reconstituting their family from the four corners of Mundus. "Impressive." Maki said as Janelle showed her through one of the many research labs and then through into her office "Everything you wanted and more."
"Pretty much." Janelle said
"So got anything exciting in the works?" Maki asked
"One or two things." Janelle said, she trailed off as her computer screen displayed a green clad figure with a bow and arrow - being familiar with Achkaerinese popular culture and its enjoyment of superhero shows, films and comics Janelle could have been forgiven for at a glance identifying the figure as the Green Arrow but as the archer fired an arrow that seemed to sink into the company logo on her screen and a scroll unfurled any notion of this being a bit of fun on the part of her staff vanished, the chilling message on the scroll.

We are the Robin Hood Gang. We have control of your networks and can access all your research. If you want them back and our word not to pass them on click on the link below and transfer us $25million.

Maki was around to Janelle's side of the desk within seconds "That's not good." she said, getting her phone out to make a call "How damaging?"
"If this is true... very." Janelle said "A fair amount of what we do here is related to disease research. We've got stuff we're going public with that's just potentially been compromised, and that's not the worst of it."
"What is?" Maki asked
"You can't develop cures or treatments without first researching the ill." Janelle said "If they've got access to the research then they've got access to detailed analysis and mapping of certain things. This could be very messy."
Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Robin Hood Internet Gang (Open To All)
« Last post by Daitō on November 28, 2022, 10:02:02 AM »
10:00 PM — Yamato Semiconductor Manufacturing Headquarters, Toyokawa Science Park, Toyokawa, Ashina Prefecture

   Roughly around the same time as similar incidents were ongoing, the Yamato Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's IT department had been put into action, responding to a potential threat to the company. Owing to the company's size, being one of the largest independent semiconductor foundries on the planet, it was imperative that a response be formulated as soon as humanly possible. A few facilities reported being locked out of their computers, with a graphic of a, quote, "green clad figure firing an arrow across the screen." Said arrow was reported to have appeared to have embedded itself in the side of the screen, with a scroll unfurling from the arrow with a message which read,
   "We are the Robin Hood Gang. We have control of your networks. If you want them back and our silence click on the link below and transfer us ¥2.4 billion ($30 million)"
   Naturally, the first course of action had been to isolate the infected computers, for which there were many. By one of the systems administrators on duty at the time, one Ichirō Sonoyama's count, it was somewhere around 4,000 separate devices which had been isolated, grinding many foundries across the nation and in a few other countries to a halt. It was bad. Very bad. There was no denying it, and "Ichi", as his friends called him, knew that it was going to be a long couple of weeks. As he was the team's supervisor for the night, it was his duty to notify the proper authorities of what was going on, which was, simply put, an absolute pain. Just his luck, tonight of all nights, when he was getting ready to go on that vacation with the wife and kids on Sunday, this had to happen.

12:36 AM

   Two hours, thirty-six minutes, and forty-nine seconds. That was how long he had been on the line with the National Police Agency's cybercrimes division, and evidently, he hadn't been the only one. YSMC wasn't the only company hit, and rumor had it that it wasn't just targeting Daitōjin-run businesses either. No. It was worldwide, and part of him got the feeling that whatever this was, it was only just beginning. As he stepped out of his office, he saw that many of his staff were waiting for him, which frankly rather annoyed him. This was a major security breach, and they were just standing around? Unless they had finished what tasks they could before the next shift-change, they had no business waiting for him.

   With a sigh, Ichi said "Okay, first of all, what do you think you're doing, just standing around?" before, sensing that they were there hoping for an update from the NPA, adding "As for the call, the NPA's rather swamped right now. We aren't the only ones getting hit, if I were to guess, Aishi[1], Zayasu, and a couple other heavy hitters got attacked as well. They'll be sending a few officers down around, say, 6-7:00, but until then, we're to follow standard protocol."

   The next step was to identify and shut down what was termed "patient zero"—essentially, the source of the infection. That meant going through every open encrypted file one-by-one and taking note of which users had accessed them before and during the attack. It was a solid bet that a single user which had access to a large number of open files at the time would be the source of the infection, at which point, their account would be suspended immediately so as to mitigate the risks of further infection. This was going to be a most time-consuming task, so part of the team would be assigned to it for the time being while everyone else would be assigned to the forensic investigation of the attack. Well, everyone who was actually capable, anyways. It was time to call in the big guns.

 1. Abbreviation of the Aizawa-Shinoda Corporation, a major aerospace firm in Daitō.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Robin Hood Internet Gang (Open To All)
« Last post by Eskdale on November 27, 2022, 09:54:33 PM »
5pm Papcastle Riverfront Hospital

As the panda made its escape in East Moreland the screens of Caroline Austin, the CEO of the Riverfront Hospital flickered. "Bloody IT" she cursed as she instinctively tapped the screen despite it being of no use. They'd been experiencing blackouts as the private health care provider switched computer providers. Caroline had been promised that it would be a seemless switch over but it had been anything but. Everyday they'd had glitches and around a quarter of the nursing staff had found that their access to the network had been revoked leading to mayhem as the new IT team had to double rush the fix. Now as her wifi connection dropped out again she cursed and headed down to the basement where the IT department was based.

"Can we get the wifi back on, I've supposed to have a meeting on skype with a drugs company in five minutes and you're making me look like I'm running a joke." She scowled. She had become a regular visitor to the basement over the last week and then she was on the phone to the IT companies CEO who while always apologetic never seemed able to make things better. She was reassured that the problem would be fixed and so made her way up to her office once more. The elevator she was riding in stopped briefly as the lights flickered "Millions of pounds down the toilet and they can't even make the lifts run." she cursed as the short lived panic of the feezing elevator subsided. She made her way to the office and unlocked the computer, everything seemed to be working just fine and with just enough time to make a quick coffee. The almond milk from her private fridge was just being stirred in when the beeping computer informed her that the skype meeting about some new pain relief drug was about to begin. She took her seat and ensured everything was set up before clicking to begin the meeting. "Hi Bryan" she began as they greeted each other. For five minutes they discussed the new drug and how it compared to what they were already using. Suddenly the screen flickered and went black, despite the empty screen she could still hear Bryan. For a good few minutes there was a back and forth of "Are you there?" between the two of them before the voice disappeared.

She was about to pick up the phone to yell at the guys in the IT department when she heard a noise from the desktop and noticed a green clad figure on the screen. An arrow twanged and flew across the screen seemingly embedding itself in the side of the screen. Slowly a scroll wrapped around the arrow seemed to unfurl and carried a message.


We are the Robin Hood Gang. We have control of your networks and can access all the files in your records. If you want them back and our silence click on the link below and transfer us $20million.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Robin Hood Internet Gang (Open To All)
« Last post by Pandect on November 27, 2022, 09:09:08 PM »
Big Chief Iasion Asztalos leant back in his chair and let the international dispatch fall to his desk. He looked across at an aide.

"Good job we have a strict no-deal policy with terrorists here, eh," he said with an uncharacteristic grin.
"Mmm," replied the aide. "The more special services we sent in, the less terrorists there seemed to be."
Diplomacy and Events / Re: The Emperor's Visit to a Ball
« Last post by Abertone on November 27, 2022, 06:11:48 PM »
Marco felt like he was about to make some kind of flirtacious answer to the question but took a breath before the words exited his mouth. "What does the most for the Empire is my priority, we would consider a CNN arrangement but I appreciate that this could take a long period of time. In the mean time I'd like to ensure that the two of us have an understanding in place. In an ideal world I'd like to have Lodja as a prefered trading partner. We would reduce tariffs on everything that is grown or made in Lodja to a level lower than other nations, obviously if we get the same level from you. In addition we would for products pre-check that our standards for things like health and safety, welfare and legality are compatible and if so you're nation can have streamlined procedures for entering the nation, again if we get the same from you." He was doing his best to channel his inner Graziano but he also had one eye on the pretty girls dancing.
Diplomacy and Events / Re: Abertone and Hozland on tour
« Last post by Abertone on November 27, 2022, 03:33:46 PM »
Graziano was a man of deep faith and had expected to be annoyed at the Hozlanders faith but he actually believed they could find some common ground. Especially when King John began talking about supporting the existing institutions. The idea of funding support for things like colleges, museums and churches would help fluff his cousin, the Emperors, popularity as usually the folks back home loved the Catholic Church. As Consul he could naturally offer advice on such matters and so leaned over to his cousin. "It would be a good look back home if we could get a few places here to show some Abertonian connections. Helping these so called Prophets gain more Priests is a little bit of an issue but if we get more than they do passing out of this University then we are winning, also we could potentially get some of them back on the right track." He explained.

Marco nodded, "I think we could do something. It would be nice to see our clergy educated in the city where the Lord spent his final few days. It would give them an insight stronger than just studying in Abertone. We should perhaps approach the government of Varona and find a sight. Ideally I'd love one within the walls of the Old City but obviously space is at a premium here but I'm sure we can find somewhere close by. In terms of funding I would want it to be just the two of us, no corporations or outside bodies as I believe if we are doing something Holy then we shouldn't allow questions be asked of the donors. Do you think this is acceptable."
International News Networks / Re: Juglander Review
« Last post by paralipomena on November 27, 2022, 09:34:59 AM »

Juglander Review

First same-sex marriages held in Mktvartvelo

A couple from Sachkhumi, became the first same-sex wedding officiated under the Order of Simartlea in the Unitary State of Mktvartvelo. While the details about the wedding remain private, it was described as a traditional ceremony according to an acquaintance of the couple. The first same-sex marriage was between two woman in Azavrelia, in a civil marriage, officiated two weeks earlier.

Same-sex marriage became a reality after the National Assembly passed the Fairness and Equality Act a few months ago. However, Mktvartvelo's Supreme Court that same-sex marriage was not constitutionally available, even in the form of civil marriages, for male same-sex couples.

The decision, which was regarded as highly controversial, has divided both the general population and the LGBT community in Mktvartvelo, between those who see it as a first step toward the right decision or a violation of the principle of equality for all.

"We're saddened by the ruling and we will continue to fight until marriage is a right for everyone, independently of their religion or gender", Temur Keburia, a veteran LGBT activist declared. "The fight toward both equality and freedom for everyone and toward to a truly secular state will be more inseparable than ever". While a minority in the community has called to reject to get married before full gender equality in the issue is achieved, as an act of protest, many female couples are preparing to officialize their couples in either civil or religious ceremonies.

Support for same-sex marriage has risen to a 52% according to a recent poll. On the other hand, opposition for same-sex marriage has been decreased from 39% to 14%, while those agreeing with the Supreme Court decision registered a 31%.

Despite this, many in the LGBT community, despite the first same-sex marriages being officiated, there will be still a long way before the community could break the barriers of discrimination they still face in the country. As a large majority of marriages in Mktvartvelo, particularly those who belong to the Order of Simartlea, are arranged marriages, not every family is likely to embrace the new legislation, forcing young women to break with their families in many cases.

Character Guides / The Esk
« Last post by Eskdale on November 26, 2022, 11:46:49 PM »

Her Royal Majesty Queen Diane IV

1984 - Diane was born in Howtown. Her mother was the 2nd daughter of the Duke of Blackbeck (Queen Madeline) and King Walter II.

1989 - Diane was enrolled in the Westlinton School for Girls. A boarding school for students aged between 5-18. Diane was however not a boarder.

1995 - Diane switched schools to the Westlinton Sports College after being identified as a prospect for athletics. She was exceptionally good at jumping events. The school was designed to be a boarding school for children aged 11-18 believed to be capable of competing at an elite level.

1998 - Diane, in keeping with royal family tradition, joined the Army Cadet Force (uniformed youth group). That year she won the High Jump for her Detachment in the age group she competed in.

2000 - Diane sat her National Academic Exams and gained an average grade of B+. She represented the nation at an Under 17's international competition and won a silver medal. She enrolled to do Advanced National Exams in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. 

2002 - Diane passed with grade A's in all her ANE's. She had sustained a hip injury during the athletics season and discovered that she was likely to have further complications if she kept competing. She determined that she would instead try and become an engineer in the military until assuming some royal duties. She also wished to travel and after some negotiating with her father who in turn negotiated with King Sven of East Moreland she enrolled on a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Royal Northfort University. She was placed in an accommodation block that students referred to as the "Palace" as it was also home to King David of East Moreland and as such was of a high security standard.

2003 - For eight months Diane and the then Prince David Ironside dated. She attended several important events with the future King. There were obvious media reports of a future marriage. In November of that year her father died and she became Queen of Eskdale. She returned to Eskdale and after attempts at a long distance relationship and the realisation that the two of them would one day have to run seperate countries the pair ended their relationship.

2004 - Diane graduated with a 2:2 in her degree having transferred to the Air Force Academy to complete it. She had been expected to obtain a much higher grade however the mixture of study and royal duties pulled her down. She had delegated many of her duties to her uncle Stephen Paget who acted as a kind of regent for her.

2005 - Diane began dating minor noble Duke Robin Stoddard. The pair meet while supporting the efforts of the Eskdale Athletic Championships.

2007 - Diane and Duke Robin get married in January. She gave birth to twins Prince Harland and Princess Jocelin.

2009 - Diane gave birth to Prince Felix.

2011 - Diane establishes the Royal Paget University.

2014 - Diane's husband is diagnosed with a terminal lung disease. Diane takes a step back from leadership allowing her younger brother Henry to be regent.

2015 - In August her husband dies.

2016- Diane resumes leadership duties.

Factbooks and Maps / Re: The Commonwealth of Eskdale
« Last post by Eskdale on November 26, 2022, 10:26:04 PM »

The Monarch of Eskdale may make law in one of two ways. They may issue a Decree which must have the support of at least two of the Three Dukes or she must have the Commonwealth Parliament approve it.

To support the day to day running of the nation the monarch has a five person council that meets twice a week as a minimum. This must be made up of the Three Dukes, or their appointed representative, the leader of the largest party within the Parliament and the leader of the 2nd largest party within the Parliament. This is supplemented by irregular meetings of a Privy Council made up of a further five members selected by the monarch and two by the leader of the biggest party in Parliament.

Parliament is elected every four years by everyone aged over 18 using two systems. The Parliament is made of 128 seats. 64 seats are selected by a first past the post system in regions of roughly equal sized populations. The remaining 64 seats are selected using a system of proportional representation. The party with the largest share of seats is then free to appoint the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is free to propose legislation to the monarch if they can get it passed by Parliament. If two of the Three Dukes support the legislation then a referendum is held if the monarch rejects it.

A cabinet exists to oversee the functions of several key departments. These Ministers are selected by the monarch giving Parliament a short list of least three candidates who can be freely selected. Parliament may then carry out investigations and interviews before selecting the Minister they wish to be appointed.
Character Guides / Re: People of the Empire of Daitō
« Last post by Daitō on November 26, 2022, 10:02:28 PM »

   Hisayoshi was born in Tateyama, Tochigi Prefecture, in 1961. The son of Kiyomori and Haruka Kitabatake, he,
like many other members of the privileged Kazoku class, could trace his lineage back to the Samurai of old; his
great great-grandfather had been the last Daimyō of Kubota Domain, which existed along the coast of his home
prefecture. His grandfather on his father's side had served in the war as a colonel before retiring to a life of
politics, serving in the House of Peers from 1952 to 1976. On his mother's side, the Ikeyamada were much the
same, former samurai-turned Kazoku, however, unlike the Kitabatake, they became involved in business,
running a number of businesses, most notably the Ikeyamada Corporation, a major manufacturer of
   Hisayoshi, from an early age, wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps, becoming intensely interested in
politics. Some of his fondest memories growing up were being able to sit in on sessions of the House of Peers at
his grandfather's invitation; after all, his grandfather was most supportive of his goals and wished to cultivate
that love of politics. Something of a way of building a legacy, he figured. It was, therefore, no surprise when he,
having worked as a lawyer for some time, announced his candidacy for the House of Representatives in 1994.
   Early in his career, many saw Hisayoshi as something of a moderate, wishing to maintain the status-quo in the
country. He took after his grandfather in many regards, taking a critical stance against pork-barrel spending and
becoming a strong proponent of pan-Ardianism over the course of his first term. Towards the end of his second
term, he would be appointed as Minister for Home Affairs under Prime Minister Morihiro Obuchi, during which
time he oversaw Daitō's administrative system, elections, and police as well as managing the country's social
policy and public works programs.
   Following Prime Minister Obuchi's ousting in 2007, Hisayoshi found himself once again merely representative
of Tochigi Prefecture's second district. However, in 2008, he would successfully run to become the Speaker of the
House of Representatives, a position he would hold until 2018 when the YFD briefly lost power. During his time
as Speaker, he would become affiliated with the Seitōkyōgi—Orthodox—faction of the YFD as he became more
and more aligned with the hardline elements of the party. He would unsuccessfully contend the position of Prime
Minister twice, first in 2016 and again in 2021, shortly after regaining the position of Speaker the year prior. Now,
he stands as a challenger to Prime Minister Heishi, an opponent to the Shadow Regent, and a strong supporter of
the Emperor, believing that, perhaps, the time has come for action along the lines of the Kunan Restoration.
Having earned the respect of the people and sensing the desire to put an end to the disorder among the nation's
political scene, only time knows if and when he will act.

       Kiyomori Kitabatake (Father, 1935 - 2016)
       Haruka Kitabatake (née Ikeyamada; Mother, 1937 - 2009)
          Rin Kitabatake (née Hayaishi; Wife, 1961 - Present)
             Haruchika Kitabatake (Son, 1990 - Present)
             Fuyukichi Kitabatake (Son, 1991 - Present)
             Hiroyo Kitabatake (Daughter, 1993 - Present)
          Kimiko Akahoshi (née Kitabatake; Sister, 1963 - Present)
          Fusazane Chiyotanda (Brother-in-law, 1961 - Present)
             Haruto Chiyotanda (Nephew,
             Nanami Chiyotanda (Niece,
          Misuteru Kitabatake (Brother, 1964 - Present)
          Toshiko Kitabatake (née Ikeguchi; Sister-in-law, 1966 - Present)
             Sakurako Kitabatake (Niece, 1994 - Present)
             Miyuki Kitabatake (Niece, 1994 - Present)
       Fumihisa Kitabatake (Uncle, 1936 - 2019)
       Yaeko Kitabatake (née Sasagaki; Aunt, 1938 - Present)
          Daisaku Kitabatake (Cousin, 1964 - Present)
          Hajime Kitabatake (Cousin, 1966 - Present)
    Katsutoshi Kitabatake (Pat. Grandfather, 1907 - 1986)
    Sumire Kitabatake  (née Katabuchi; Pat. Grandmother, 1912 - 1991)
    Masanosuke Ikeyamada (Mat. Grandfather, 1909 - 2000)
    Minako Ikeyamada (née Deguchi; Mat. Grandmother, 1914 - 1981)

    Hisayoshi Kitabatake is an avid writer, being the author of numerous best-selling nonfiction books over the
course of his career.

    — Order of the Sacred Treasure, Second Class


Hisayoshi Kitabatake


16 April, 1961

Positions Held:
Tochigi Second District
(1994 - Present)
  Minister of Home Affairs
(2002 - 2007)
  Speaker of the
House of Representatives
(2008 - 2018; 2020 - Present)

Political Affiliation: YFD
JD from Gakushuin University

Speaker of the House
of Representatives

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