Author Topic: City revitalization (Samantra and Chistopol)  (Read 209 times)

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City revitalization (Samantra and Chistopol)
« on: March 13, 2022, 01:33:31 PM »
To: The local government of Tartu, the kingdom of Chistopol
From: Talya Samarin, CEO of Umarov Real Estate Trust

I am writing of behalf of Umarov Real Estate Trust, a company specialized in real estate that has a long history of successful investments in the Holy Kingdom of Samantra. The company board has authorized a new strategy focusing on diversification by investing in markets aboard and as such we would like to invest in the city of Tartu.

Your kingdom has been a shield in the face of Soviet aggression that allowed nations such as my own to live in freedom something that our history books never fail to mention. Our research department has informed me of the infrastructure issues the city faces because of the legacy of the Soviet occupation one of them being the packed and inadequate living condition in the Soviet built apartment blocks. We therefore decided to invest 100 million roubles/USD in building a real estate project designed to address the needs of the people of Tartu.

I have attacked to the email the design ideas of a neighborhood developed over 2 hectares of land which provide 15 thousand square meters of office space, 63 thousand square meters of living space in 850 apartments, underground parking and over 6 thousand square meters of green space. The tallest building will have 20 floors (aside from the ground floor). We will be self-financing the project and we seek that once completed to rent it out. 5% of the living space will be rented out for free indefinitely to needy families as per company policy.

We believe the project will be a benefit to the community you represent and we seek your assistance in finding a suitable piece of land to buy for the project as well as to inquire to any specific regulations or restrictions that we should be aware of.

I look forward to your reply.   

Talya Samarin, CEO of Umarov Real Estate Trust

OOC: I am not looking for a meeting, just a reply.

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Re: City revitalization (Samantra and Chistopol)
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2022, 10:02:47 PM »

On the edges of Tartu sit a number of Soviet era industrial complexes. Many of these are now lying in ruins such as ones in a suburb known as Brenzak. These are known as brown-field sites as their soil may contain small, but treatable, amounts of ground pollution. Currently sites such as Brenzak are being made avaliable to developers for a range of projects. This particular site fufils the criteria that you request and was once used for a metal recylcing facility and various associated storage areas, as such the ground pollution is more ash related and can relatively easily be removed. We propose to transfer the land to Umarov on the following conditions.

1) All thoroughfares such as pavements, roads and paths are accessible to the general public and shall remain classified as public property.

2) Prior to construction assessors from our Environmental Ministry must pronounce the site as clear of damaging pollutants.

3) At least 15% of appartments must fulfil our criteria as "affordable housing". Under Chistopol policy any housing project of over 300 dwellings must contain at least 15% of them which are sold or rented at no more than 80% of the average house price within 10km. So for example the current average house price in the region is $900 per square meter. Building regulations state that a two bedroom property must be a minimum of 66 square meters (typical set up 20 sq metre living room, 2 x 12 sq metre bedrooms and a 12 sq metre kitchen, 10 square meter bathroom.). The typical market value in Tartu is $59,500, to fulfil this criteria the appartment would need to sell for $47,520,

Should you still be interested in the project then your teams may begin ground work at your earliest convenience.