Author Topic: An old partnership (Besarian-Sokić)  (Read 166 times)

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An old partnership (Besarian-Sokić)
« on: April 26, 2022, 09:19:18 AM »
- 2022/04/26
From: Natacha Sokić,
To: Lord Besarian Ivanov,


My Lord, I keenly remember our meeting more than 5 years ago, in which an opportunity emerged for us two to benefit from. Your sponsorship into lodjain economic context allowed me to strengthen my base, and do what the Sokić Consolidation is now. A group present in 7 countries with more than half a million employees. Your experience and talents are immense and incredibly valuable, I do remember our first talks as if those were yesterday. That is why, as to honour your engagement and from what I can see as a regrettable change of management at the service of the Queen, I’d be delighted to propose you in addition to your present duties a position on the Sokić Consolidation, giving proper attributes to your prestige alongside salary with minimum work. This would be in the perspective to allow us, to continue working together more closely and in a more efficient matter as to better optimise our interests into the Queendom of Lodja with your deep knowledge and connections.

In hope of a positive answer,
Sincerely yours,
- Sokić
Republica Senină Vinitsìa
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