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An Ardian Bargain
« on: May 09, 2022, 10:23:01 PM »
OOC: Anyone interested can reply. Note: the communications are not public but private (likely sent to those petrochemical, pharma, industrial, construction, etc...companies or corporations that may be provide such services). Therefore, the messages should not be considered public knowledge or public statement. Of course, any company from your nations that is likely to receive one or both messages may share the message with third parties.

For those interested, simply specify which message or company you're replying.

Order #1 - Message from Lejitam Operations

We are Letijam Operations Inc., a corporation based in Heyra. Our companies specializes in the production of petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals products. We have supplied dozens of companies in the Ardian continent in the last decade, but we are currently aiming to increase our activities in the field of technological and medical research, as well as expanding our suppliers. For that reason, we contact you. It would be highly appreciated if we could do business together. For the reasons mentioned, we contact you for the purpose of acquiring the following products, which we need for our industrial operations:

Bacillus anthracis
Botulinum toxin
Cyanogen bromide
Cyanogen chloride 
Diethyl parathion
Dimethyl methylphosphonate
Hydrogen fluoride
Phosphorus trichloride
Thionyl chloride
[other related substances/products may be included)

Yours sincerely,
Yeong Eun-Jung
Lejitam Operations

Order #2 - Message from Ileise Pharma Corporation

Our name is Ileise Pharma Corporation, a pharmaceutical corporation based in Heyra. One of our clients (which unfortunately we can not disclose in this message, for confidiality and contractual reasons, we hope you understand) have contacted us for the construction of a pharmaceutical plant in an Ardian country.

For that reason, we would be honoured to hire your services for the construction of an underground industrial complex, which shall include a storage building, a steel mill, and a tower for the burning of waste gas, as well as supplies related to the required automation equipment and electronic control system, for the operation of the plant. For the construction of the plant we require as well materials such as sandstone, reinforced concrete, air-purification systems protected by fire-resistant materials, and a computerized process control for automated chemical production, as well as general-purpose machine tools.

We can disclose that the aim of this project is a pharmaceutical complex associated to a aquifer system project to funnel water from aquifers from inland to coastal cities, for civilian purposes. We hope to provide more information in person.

Yours sincerely,
Jong Sung-ho
Ileise Pharma Corporation

Unitary State of Mktvartvelo      
Republic of Djabidjan                                

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Re: An Ardian Bargain
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2022, 09:29:14 AM »
- 2022/05/10
From: Elizabeth Macix, CEO of Gattaca,
To: Letijam Operations Inc.,


Gattaca is confident as to be able to address your demands and a steady supply of the list you have shared. In addition of being equally based in Heyra, allowing administrative and comprehensive easiness for our bilateral relations, we would be delighted to count you as a partner.

Quantities of your list may be supplied by our laboratories in Heyra, and shall they be needed in great quantities we shall equally be able to farm those through our annexe in East Moreland, the East Moreland Medical Manufacture, as to provide you in time and honour your needs.

I thank you for your consideration,
- Macix

- 2022/05/10
From: Destin Construction,
To: Ileise Pharma Corporation,


We have taken notice of your project and salute its ambition. While keep strict confidentiality, we are certain to be able to provide you with the necessary adjustments as to make it fully feasible and reach your defined goals. We would heavily recommend such construction to take place in the heyran State of Andea for cost reductions and administrative purposes which share a direct land border to the Unified Iwi and is open to the Mathilda Channels, the key point of Mundus trade.

We do have experience in underground facilities, which require in additional high security standing, as per our previous experiences with the company SafeD, which we’d recommend you to choose equally for cybersecurity concerns alongside the computerized process control, which is today’s number #1 threat to a company’s interests, and given our previous works together we’d be able to smoothly work together as to provide Ileise Pharma Corporation its required goals. While for the robotics part, of an automated chemical production, as well as general-purpose machine tools, we’d recommend an association with ExOrg for its great savoir-faire.

As for the financement of such project, shall you need with your client, our mother-company the Destin Investment Bank would be able to offer some advantageous plans shall you need.

Sincerely yours,
- Destin Construction
Republica Senină Vinitsìa
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