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Welcome to our new home
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:55:15 PM »
Fellow Orderians,

Once again we'd like to thank you for your patience, support and understanding over the past couple of days. Being locked out of the forum has obviously been challenging for all of us, knowing the many hundreds of hours and thousands of words we have each invested into the site.

Achkaerin, Beatrice, Dave and myself have been working extensively over the past few days to find a suitable and proper solution to the issues we have faced. We'd like to thank Hobbes, Guy, Fratt, Lak [etc etc] for their support and help during this period.

We have decided to move to a new forum - hosted by myself but ensuring that regular backups are made so that, should I go rogue, we will not lose our posts, topics and members. We will also be changing forum software, from Zetaboards to SimpleMachines. This is a widely-used free software with a wide-range of themes and modifications, which we will endeavour to implement in the coming weeks, months and years.

We understand that there will be a learning curve, but it will not be steep. Yes, there are differences. But there is plenty of guidance available online, and we will be releasing our own advice later. In the long-term we are sure you'll come to appreciate and enjoy using the forum as much as you did before the storm.

We have yet to reach a decision on the NationStates page - it is our aim to have our access to it restored, but if this is not possible then we have a backup in place. More information will be released when appropriate.

Once again we'd like to thank you for your patience, and hope that the Independent Order has many years left in her.


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