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AMB Offer to Samantra
« on: July 19, 2022, 12:37:39 PM »

To: - Stas Petrov Minister for Trade, Economy and Finance

My name is Evaristo Aiolfi and I represent an organisation called Abertone Micro Banks. We are a collection of small scale lenders that offer unconventional and generally more high risk credit opportunities. Many of our projects involve giving those unable to access traditional forms of credit and banking a chance to gain credit, thus boosting their credit scores and also providing them with an opportunity to finance business projects. We work with several small scale lenders ranging from Church groups seeking to put their funds to charitable endeavours to those with savings wishing to see a return on their savings.

How we work is we receive applications from individuals generally seeking to borrow less than $30,000, our organisation checks the borrower out to ensure that the request for funds it likely to see a return. For example a young person with no credit history unable to get a loan from a traditional bank may have an excellent business plan but be unable to fund its start up as traditional banks look not at their potential but at their past. We would if satisfied the project would succeed give it our approval and then any of the microbanks associated with us may offer the funds either in part or fully. Generally a microbank will require between 7-10% interest be paid on the loan. We are able therefore to support local businesses to grow and also provide a return on our funders savings for them. This is a genuine bottom up development project.

In addition we can offer microbanking opportunities by working with communities to provide banking for those who have so far been unable to engage with traditional large scale banks. One example of a project in the Eastern Part of the Abertone Empire has seen a local AMB affiliated organisation travel around a remote local community on a weekly basis collecting funds that could then be utilised by the whole community to manage very small scale projects such as fence repairs etc. We at AMB ensure that lenders are vetted and approved prior to giving them our support.

We would like an oppurtunity to begin this work in your country. We believe that as a fellow Christian country many of our lenders utilise our service as a means of doing Gods work and supporting the poor, as such many of these lenders actively invest their interest earnings back into the community from which they came. This has seen projects such as irrigation systems built in parts of our Eastern Empire. We contact you at this time having seen large conglomerates investing in your nation. We believe such investments from economic behemoths can have a huge downside on small and start up business as they face competition that they could not dream of overcoming. This however should not stop Samantran's from aiming to be entrepreneurs and maybe launch the next great conglomerate.

With your blessing we would like to begin operations within your nation and are hopeful of a long and successful partnership between AMB, our lenders and your people.

Best Regards
Evaristo Aiolfi
Project Manager AMB
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Re: AMB Offer to Samantra
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2022, 07:25:26 PM »

Addressed to: Evaristo Aiolfi, Project Manager AMB
From: Stas Petrov Minister for Trade, Economy and Finance

   Thank you for your interest to invest in the Holy Kingdom. As Minister for Trade, Economy and Finance it is always a pleasure to see foreign companies interested to do business in Samantra but I am even more pleased when I see a company such as the one you represent, which takes into account all stakeholders interests, expanding in the Holy Kingdom.

Thanks to the values and faith our peoples share, the Empire of Abertone is a nation close to the heart of many Samantrans and I believe the public will well receive your model of business. With your permission I would like attend the opening event when you officially launch on the Samantran market.   

Please let me know if there is anything you might need in your investment process. My office is ready to provide a wide range of support to foreign investors.

May the Lord bless our two nations!

Respectfully yours,
Stas Petrov
Minister for Trade, Economy and Finance