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SMF 2.1 Upgrade
« on: September 20, 2022, 04:21:35 PM »
Hi all,

This a follow-up to:

As a few months have passed, I am providing an update on the forum 'upgradeability' - the majority of mods are not supported in SMF 2.1, although some have been replaced. It's unlikely these will be updated, and therefore a discussion will take place with Pyrena

Spoiler: Mods supported/replaced • show

Remove Last Edit - compatible
Misc Anti Spam - not supported, replaced (mostly) by built-in functionality
Menu Editor lite - not supported, functionality replaced by
Custom BBCodes Manager - supported
Ohara YouTube Embed  - not supported, replaced by
Expanding & Collapsing Spoiler Tag - not supported, replaced by

Spoiler: Mods not supported • show

SVG as image - not supported, no patch coming (low need)
Label for banned members   - not supported, patch coming (low need)
MPAAP - Modify Posts At Anytime Permission - not supported (not required)
Footnotes - not supported
Auto Respond - not supported, would lose tio_helper
Cloudflare IP Referral Support - not supported, not a major issue


One of the fun things we get to decide is...what should our default theme be! Unfortunately the theme library is a There is a question about whether we keep the current principally dark theme, which I thing (if can be done tastefully) should continue.

I therefore suggest if we wished to go ahead with the upgrade:
Primary theme:
Looks quite nice, will test to see if I can replace the purple with yellow (or orange)

Secondary themes:
- Default
- blindspot

Key decisions
- Are we happy with the proposal on the primary and secondary themes?
- Are we happy to proceed with an update without the auto reply bot?
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