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Remembering The Great Crisis
« on: August 26, 2023, 01:24:06 AM »

Fellow Orderians,

Six years ago our region faced a crisis none of us could have predicted and, I believe, in those moments we saw the very best of our community be highlighted. As access to administrative features and the forums themselves became walled off to us action was taken, those regions we share ties with sprung into action on our behalf, and while today we have new forums we thankfully can look back to our former home which contains a collective trove of the contributions of members of the Independent Order. I remember discovering that something was amiss and those moments were both confusing and overwhelming. Things certainly could have gone worse yet we came together, we persevered together and now, six years later, the Independent Order is still here. Sure we may not be in our original region, weíve migrated to new forums (which, looking at Tapatalk, we likely would have at some point anyway) but there has been one constant: our community and each and every person who makes it what it is; regions can be replaced, forums too, but itís the community that makes the Order what it is regardless of the bits of code which made it possible for us to come together.

As Achkaerin, CGJ, DaveIronside, hobbes, the Orderian community and myself worked through those difficult moments, making decisions as the situation developed, we were assisted by Guy, Fratt, Lak and many more from regions beyond our own in the search for answers and solutions. It was utterly gut-wrenching when the prospect of so much of our history, the many contributions from those past and present, possibly being lost to us forever. I am thankful that proved not to be the case and, today, we have greater access to our former forums than ever before, a move I do thank Avakael for implementing.

There are few things I did so long ago that I still do to this day but, to be honest, I donít think I could imagine where I would be without this community. Who would think that a text-based game with relatively limited features would bring people from around the world together in the way NationStates has? I know I didnít think my participation on NationStates nor the Order itself would have as lasting of an impact as it has; I wouldnít have had the chance to know the many good people Iíve had the chance to by being here if I didnít, nor the opportunities to craft stories and share compelling tales, some which have been told on a scale nearing a decade now. The events which occurred six years ago proved that what makes this all work is the community weíve all had a hand in building, and it reminds me that care and attention are required to safeguard what we have built together.

In some ways my words echo what I said six years ago:

I also wish to assure you that the Order does not stand alone as it faces this situation, nor does this action signify the 'end' of the Independent Order. So long as we remain united in spirit and cause the Independent Order cannot be extinguished. As I have said on our regional Discord this is a challenge which we are meeting head-on, and one which will result in an Order which is stronger, wiser, and more capable as it moves forward. We are all concerned for the countless contributions Orderians, past and present, have made, however, such concern must be met responsibly; let us not jump to conclusion and engage in speculation as we approach this great challenge.

We didnít quite know what to expect that day, nor in the days which followed if I'm to be honest. To be sure there was uncertainty, but I donít remember an atmosphere of defeat ever setting in upon us. We met the situation with determination and grace and now, six years later, in just over a monthís time we stand ready to celebrate our tenth anniversary together. Iíve seen regions fall apart before over much less than what we faced on that day and Iím proud of the many efforts which saw that the Crisis of 2017 was not the end of the Independent Order, but a moment which brought us all together and made us even more determined to protect our region and community, to see that it would have the strength to continue for many more years to come.

Iím a bit sentimental about the Order, I still remember my first major RP which found the Empress herself catch the eye of a certain Dartfordian Prince which launched not only a franchise in Mundus which even the Borlanders sought copies of, but a friendship which extends across transmissions lines, an ocean, and time-zones. Itís not just the stories which bring us together but the connections we make beyond them, none of which would have been possible without the Independent Order. Weíve all a responsibility to take care of the Order, to weigh the words we say and share, as well as the environment we create, as I feel so long as we take good care of the Order it will continue to take good care of us. Whether itís to write for fun, to relieve stress from elsewhere, or to enjoy time with the community (even I am guilty of not considering the big picture at times) we've all got to pitch in and invest in the vibrancy and success of this community we share. Complacency, at times, is to be expected, weíre creatures of comfort and habit after all, but at the same time once in a while we need to refocus and take the time and care to protect that which we value.

Even approaching the ten year mark, one decade (it certainly makes me feel somewhat old!) Iím confident that our best years are still ahead of us. Just as everyone else here Iím committed to seeing that anything I can do for the Order, Iíve got a few ideas Iím pursuing currently but their success will depend on us all, we all would. To those who have been with us for years thank you, to those who are newer, thank you as well. I look forward to the next ten years alongside you all, and to making each tomorrow just a bit brighter; whether thatís for the Order itself, sharing a laugh on the Discord especially when itís most needed, or simply enjoying well-written stories (which is what weíre all here for) I wouldnít share it with any other group. Thank you all for the memories, and to those that will most certainly follow.

Six years ago we faced our greatest challenge, one which posed enough of a threat to bring the Order to a premature end, and in those moments we didn't panic; we stood together. We didn't balk at the challenge before us, we didn't lash out, and we never gave up to ensure that the Order survived those most threatening of days. We approached that challenge and contributed our capabilities and efforts to our recovery, and we stood through each moment in defiance of the circumstances.

I am confident we shall stand for many more years to come.

Thank you all for your time and all that you contribute. Youíre all appreciated, and our region wouldn't be the same without you.

Beatrice Anselmo
Grand Chancellor of the Independent Order
Empress of the First Empire of Rokkenjima

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